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dannyb21892 Oct 25th, 2017 (edited) 108 Never
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  1. Here's my game plan. I've reached my goal of top 10 in the following categories:
  2. Bug Limit
  3. MST
  4. No Wrong Warp
  5. No RBA/Wrong Warp
  6. Glitchless 100%
  8. I've been running MST for a better time than I have, but it's taking its toll as that category tends to do, so I'm gonna leave it behind for now. Next I'm going to finish a run of the new glitchless category and do a run of both All Medallions and Reverse Dungeon Order to grab top 10 in those. Once that's done, it's time to make the console switch.
  10. I had top 10 in No IM/WW on VC but I got bopped to 11th so I'm going to learn the N64 route which is 40 seconds faster (and cooler imo).
  11. The new crazy All Dungeons route is gonna come next, along with ganonless and finally 100%.
  12. I feel like I have improved a ton in the last year so I'm extremely excited to get back to hundo and see what I can do. I had a 4:36 in it last year which was 8th place at the time. Now it's 17th! Route changes aside, a bunch of people have stepped up their game, so I have to do the same.
  13. For the past few months since I stopped running glitchless I've lost about 40% of my subs and about 60% of my average viewership. I guess I understand that, I built those numbers basically entirely on glitchless streams. I can't run that forever though and while I hoped the numbers would carry over as I branched out into new things, I have to branch out regardless. Hopefully you guys will still enjoy watching :)
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