MLP Season 2 Luna design critique

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  1. Luna Season 2 Design - Critique
  3. >What makes her look like a girrafe?
  4. The thick long neck. The skinny legs. The large horse snout. Just like a girrafe.
  6. >Is there a way to not make that mane and tail look like two amoebas?
  7. Just give it a defined haircut. Though you could remove the ectoplasm and membrane if you really want the effect gone that badly. Also if you want a flowing mane like Nightmare Moons then definitely remove the above.
  9. >Why are the eyes so unappealing
  10. The tight pear form is boringly shit in general, but it also doesn't allow her highlights to be seen. Not to mention the inner-eyes are too big and mostly appear off-center, compared to celestia which actually has her eye smaller to fit her small shape. The two triangle highlights could easily be seen if they just moved them higher on the crystalline circle. The inner-eye could also be tweaked by just positioning it more towards top-top/right for the pear shape. Even Rarity&Twilight have a similar pear shape, but it's more enlarged and their eyes don't try to force themselves to the bottom where it doesn't have enough space.  
  11. The shape is just too damn elongated, even celestia has it smaller. The shape should be less long and more enlarged towards the bottom to fit the eye.
  12. The eye form would be better off with some outlines/eyeliner like celestia, not necesarily that thick though. But it really just needs a new/modified shape.
  13. The eyelashes are irregular - ones thinner or longer than the other. Also her eyebrow is just too thick.
  15. >What makes the overall design such an iffy bore fest?
  16. The color palette is boring, the colors aren't vibrating, it's not exactly eyecandy. The waist is too small, she needs some meat. The horse head shape is just ugly.
  17. But truly she is suppose to be a goddess, she should have unique assets just like her sister. She needs a really interesting and well defined design representing her importance.
  18. She needs more detail on her trinkets; Her empty crown. Her shoes that used to be sparkly, and akin to crystal. The chestplate, which once again Celestia's plate has details and a better shape.
  19. Luna's wings need to be more majestic or have a mystic-like design on it. Her entire body needs to be more fit, or at least needs to be smoothly-filled like a model or acrobatic physique. Replace her eyes with NMMs or something else just as interesting, maybe even modify her ears, the head shape, the mane and tail, etc.. Alright I think I blahblahd enough about how she needs to be stronger and spiritual or mysterious, and how celestia's design is better.
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