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  1. Meloettaaa> interview now
  2. 01<Checkmater> lol wut
  3. <Meloettaaa> we're interviewing all the cool kids who got drafted for spl
  4. 01<Checkmater> maybe later
  5. <Meloettaaa> its only 4 questions
  6. 01<Checkmater> alright
  7. <Meloettaaa> no I need to do this now
  8. <Meloettaaa>  How is it to get drafted for the SPL even though people were criticizing you? How are you handling the criticism?
  9. 01<Checkmater> one sec bathroom
  10. 01<Checkmater> ok back
  11. <Meloettaaa> ok,
  12. 01<Checkmater> uhh
  13. 01<Checkmater> I feel like the criticism really only helped me stand out to managers than hold me down. I mainly handle the criticism by blotting it out and relying on my staunch followers n_n
  14. <Meloettaaa> was that answer
  15. 01<Checkmater> yeah
  16. <Meloettaaa> Were you surprised when getting drafted, or did you speak with the Ruiners before?
  17. 01<Checkmater> I was expecting to get drafted, but I didn't know who. Some people actually put out my name for me to certain teams so my tryout process was simplify'ed loads by that and the criticism which made me stand out.
  18. <Meloettaaa> What do you think of the others who got drafted? Who do you personally see as the weakest Doubles opponent?
  19. 01<Checkmater> The draft probably went pretty much as expected, nothing out of the ordinary. Lots of big names that I'm excited to face. I can't really say on weakest Doubles opponent because they're all pretty strong.
  20. <Meloettaaa> How does it feel to be the only Doubles player on your team, does it apply any more pressure?
  21. 01<Checkmater> Being the only Doubles player probably means I'll just have to rely on my own building abilities that much more. I can churn out lots and lots of teams if I just don't hit a block, which I hopefully won't.
  22. <Meloettaaa> alright ty for interview
  23. 01<Checkmater> np
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