Sugar Rush (One Shot)

Jan 24th, 2013
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  1. >Day Sugar Rush in Equestria
  2. >Be Anon
  3. >Wake up
  4. >Squat, bathe, trim
  5. >Decide that you will stay out all day so that FlutterShutter can't bother you with mindless guessing games
  6. >You would never have relations with a pony
  7. >You head to the local bakery
  8. >Pinkie Pie is standing around by the register
  9. PP: Hey, Anon! How ya doing!?
  10. >She waves her hoof to you
  11. A: Oh, hey, Pinkie. I'm good, you?
  12. PP: I'm as fine as peach wine!
  13. >She follows her own rhyme by presenting you a glass of something peach
  14. A: Are you drinking on the job?
  15. >Pinkie looks around
  16. PP: Oh, I'm not working today
  17. A: Oh, well, that's a different story!
  18. >You take the offered glass in your hand and swig the brew
  19. >It is slightly bitter, slightly sweet, and all around peach
  20. >You admire such a fine wine from someone like Pinkie Pie
  21. A: This is pretty good. Thanks, Pinkie
  22. PP: Oh, don't thank me. I was talking to Fluttershy the other day and she said she had a whole casket just lying around because you didn't like it and she over purchased so much at the farmer's market and now she needed some coin to by a whip and 12 pounds of butter!
  23. >You barely understood a thing in that sentence
  24. A: That's nice, Pinkie
  25. >You take another sip
  26. >Pinkie brandishes her own glass now and drinks with you
  27. PP: To fun friends having fun times with friends!
  28. A: Hear, hear!
  29. >You toast with Pinkie Pie and both continue to sip
  30. >The wine seems to be headier
  31. A: Hey, Pinkie... does thish stuff taste... really peachy?
  32. >Pinkie hiccuped and let out a small laugh
  33. PP: Oh, Anon *hic*, everything'sh peachy with you
  34. >You laugh for a moment
  35. >Pinkie sure is adorable
  36. >You look to her
  37. >She looks back
  38. >Your eyes lock in place
  39. >You feel overcome with a need to be by Pinkie Pie's side
  40. >The thought of being away from her hurts you deep inside
  41. A: P-Pinkie... would... you be... my special someone?
  42. >Pinkie grins a wide, sloppy grin
  43. PP: Oh, Anon~, yesh
  44. >You can barely think straight
  45. >A thousand Pinkie Pies gallop through your mind
  46. A: I have a special someone...
  47. >Pinkie sighs
  48. PP: I have a special somep0ny
  49. >You both sigh and draw closer to each other
  50. A: Pinkie, you're so soft and cuddly-wuddly
  51. >Pinkie laughs as you stroke her mane
  52. PP: Anon, your fingers are so strong.... *sigh* I have a special somep0ny
  53. >You lose yourself in her springy mane
  54. >You pull her muzzle in and touch your lips to her own
  55. >It is a deep, passionate kiss and you feel Pinkie's broad tongue probing your mouth
  56. >The kiss breaks with a small popping sound and you stare at each other again
  57. PP: Anon, I want to be... your special somep0ny forever
  58. A: Forever?
  59. PP For-eh-ver!
  60. >Pinkie pins you by your shoulders to the hard floor
  61. >You easily fall back, too relaxed to care
  62. >She plants kisses down your face and neck as you undo your shirt buttons
  63. PP: Anon, you're so kissably sweet *giggle*
  64. >Pinkie fans your crotch with her tail
  65. A: Pinkie... Pinkie Pie, I love you...
  66. >You can't control your feelings in the slightest
  67. PP: M-me too
  68. >Your shirt slides off and your pants unfasten with extreme speed
  69. PP: You're no slowpoke when it comes to pokin'
  70. >She giggles and you laugh along
  71. >This wine, man, this fukken wine
  72. >Pinkie leans in and whispers into your ear
  73. PP: I want your foals in me... I want it so~ bad
  74. A: Anything for my special someone...
  75. >Your member stands tall as Pinkie lowers herself on you
  76. >Her body is a raging fire
  77. A: Ah... Pinkie
  78. >You move as best you can, but Pinkie has the top for now
  79. >She pistons her powerful hips onto you again and again
  80. >You can hear her thighs beating you into the wooden floor
  81. >Her mouth closes with you again
  82. >Her hot tongue and heavenly thighs send shocks throughout your body
  83. >With a few more expert thrusts, you're spilling your batter deep inside her oven
  84. PP: Oh, Ahh~, oh yes-s-s! My cookies are -so- done
  85. >Pinkie writhes in ecstasy on your lap while her sex milks you for every ounce of energy you have
  86. >By some miracle, or perhaps the wine, you are still ready for more
  87. PP: T-hat was great, Anon. Mhmm, I love you...
  88. >You grab hold of her flanks and maneuver Pinkie onto her side
  89. >The floor feels so cold under your boiling body
  90. A: Pinkie Pie... I... I need this
  91. >She smiles and sighs
  92. PP: It can't be helped
  93. >You ram her delicate, little flank for what feels like hours
  94. >Every -in- scorches you with its heat and draws you deep with its vice-like gripping
  95. >Every -out- exposes you to the cool air and makes you beg to be in again
  96. >After so long, you finally come to a powerful orgasm
  97. >You slam into your lover's raw, red flank and force more seed deep inside
  98. PP: Oh, ohh~, Anon, I love this... I love you...
  99. A: I love you... my special someone...
  100. >You collapse in exhaustion with your bodies joined tightly
  101. >You awake sometime later to the sound of sirens and you're lying on a stretcher
  102. A: W-What happened? Where am I?
  103. Medic: Sir, you fainted after being poisoned
  104. A: Poisoned? By who?
  105. M: We don't know, sir, but we do know that you ingested a large dose of Love Poison in the company of a pink filly
  106. A: Oh... OK, that sounds plausible. Wait, Pinkie Pie? Is she alright?
  107. M: She's fine, sir. -She- didn't push herself so hard
  108. >You hear a few laughs from the other medical personnel in the room
  109. >What the devil are they talking abou-
  110. >You are still naked
  111. >You smell like mare-sweat and shame
  112. A: I, uh, I'd like to keep this confidential
  113. M: We would too, however, we only got to you in time thanks to a fairly public scream of shock and terror from some patrons at the bakery. So, yeah
  114. >You'll be known far and wide in this land of Equestria as a horse-fucker now
  115. >Did you do everything you could to make sure this wouldn't happen?
  116. >You suppose not
  117. >But, alas, you take comfort in knowing that Pinkie Pie is physically safe
  118. >And you didn't even end up
  119. >Fucking Fluttershy
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