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  1. More diverse neighborhoods have lower social cohesion. Source: Diversity increases psychotic experiences. Source: Diversity increases social adversity. Source: A 10% increase in diversity doubles the chance of psychotic episodes. Source: Diversity reduces voter registration, political efficacy, charity, and number of friendships. Source: Ethnic diversity reduces happiness and quality of life. Source: Diversity reduces trust, civic participation, and civic health. Source: Ethnic diversity harms health for Hispanics and Blacks. Source: Diversity primarily hurts the dominant ethnic group. Source: Ethnic diversity reduces concern for the environment. Source: Ethnic diversity within 80 meters of a person reduces social trust. Source: Ethnic diversity directly reduces strong communities. Source: Ethnically homogeneous neighborhoods are beneficial for health. Source: In America, more diverse cities have more segregation. Source: Homogeneous polities have less crime, less civil war, and more altruism. Source: States with little diversity have more democracy, less corruption, and less inequality. Source: There is extensive evidence people prefer others who are genetically similar. Source: Borders, not multiculturalism, reduce intergroup violence. Source: Diversity reduces charity and volunteering. Source: People who live in diverse communities rather than homogenous ones are poorer and less educated. Source: Black people trust their neighbors less than do White people. Source: Spanish speakers trust their neighbors less than do English speakers. Source: Asians trust their neighbors less than do White people. Source: Ethnically diverse workplaces have lower cohesion, lower satisfaction and higher turnover. Source: Ethnic diversity reduces social trust. Source: Ethnic diversity among members of the same race reduces infrastructure quality, charity, and loan repayment. Source: Diversity of any sort makes people more likely to defect in game theoretic scenarios. Source: Homogeneous military units have less desertion than diverse units. Source: Diversity correlates with low GDP. Source: Ethnic homogeneity correlates with strong democracy. Source: Genetic diversity causes societal conflict. Source: Ethnic diversity causally decreases social cohesion. Source:
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