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  1. Im looking for a person who visit a website and copy, paste important data about their offer.
  3. Like gamling or webhosting or forex niche or binary options niche
  5. example you google: cheap cpanel webhosting
  6. then you visit hosting providers websites that google give you. example first one if is , then you visit it and then login my blog and create new blog post which will contains all important facts about their offer. What is special and unique for that company. Like you write their webhosting package names and prices. Then mention also important things like disk space(webspace), data transfer(bandwidth). Then you open their online chat and ask them if they can introduce their company and what is unique on their webhosting, how they might be different from other providers.
  8. If online chat is not available, send the question to them via support ticket or email. THeir reply paste as a text to your blog post.
  10. The result is blog post with company nyme, URL, plan names, plan prices, and detailos like disk space, data transfer and similar important details. Then also the text how provider introduced themselves/how they replied your request.
  11. Also mention payment methods they accept and mention if cpanel (webhosting control panel) is available for the clients. All this
  13. In case you do not like hosting niche, you can choose gambling or forex or binary options, depends where you have more experience. You do it similar like webhosting, only you mention important facts for the provider. Example gamling. you meantion minimum deposit, minimum withdrawal, payment methods, list of offered casino games, withdrawal terms and other similar important facts for the potential user.
  14. --
  16. If you can do this for one provider/company/website i might be willing to order this for like 100 more websites Which would be $100. But i would pay in smaller amounts.
  18. In your bids please mention that you agree my requirements, so i can buy from you.
  20. This is like a testing job. If you and i are happy, we will continue bigger job. If have questions, please contact me before bidding.
  23. $1 for one provider webpage made. Contact:
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