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  1. Antonio is the kind of guy
  2. who likes to keep it real—in
  3. a literal sense. Seriously,
  4. he's a nonfiction
  5. enthusiast.
  6. Everybody knows Mitzi!
  7. Many an awkward meeting
  8. between two strangers has
  9. turned delightful at the
  10. mere mention of her name.
  11. Bluebear can be pushy...
  12. and maybe even a little too
  13. pushy sometimes. Luckily,
  14. her friends don't seem to
  15. trust in her advice.
  16. June's head is always in
  17. the clouds. Maybe that's
  18. why she bumps into people
  19. all the time.
  20. Goose is speedy in
  21. everything he does. He
  22. races to get out of bed in
  23. the morning! He rushes to
  24. bed early each night!
  25. Everything in between just
  26. goes by in a flash.
  27. Most of the time, Drake is
  28. either very hungry or very
  29. full. Actually...has anyone
  30. ever seen him when he's
  31. properly fed? He could be
  32. like a totally different
  33. person.
  34. Raddle wears that mask
  35. all year round, but nobody
  36. knows why. Is he a doctor?
  37. Does he have a cold? Could
  38. it be his supervillain
  39. disguise?!
  40. Phoebe definitely knows
  41. the secret to a long life...
  42. and it turns out to just be
  43. taking things slow and
  44. remembering your vitamins.
  45. Avery has the look of
  46. someone from a bygone
  47. era transplanted to modern
  48. days. It doesn't seem like
  49. his speech has caught up
  50. with the times yet, either.
  51. If you're having trouble
  52. sleeping, Vesta will always
  53. let you count her. Sure,
  54. she's only one sheep, but
  55. you can count her over
  56. and over until it works.
  57. "Never leave anything
  58. unsaid, because you never
  59. know if you'll see someone
  60. again" is his motto. But
  61. most girls wish he would
  62. leave a few things unsaid.
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