Princess Mia Amore Cumdumpster

Jun 3rd, 2015
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  1. >It's a beautiful morning in Equestria
  2. >The sun shining through your windows and onto your bedsheets warms you as you stretch out your arms
  3. >You almost immediately draw them close to your body, sighing as they brush up against your new assets
  4. >You are Cadence, newly ascended princess of love
  5. >That christening had been the greatest day of your young life
  6. >Unfortunately, it had come with some...side effects
  7. >Like your new proportions
  8. >Overnight, you'd gone from a more than ample C-cup to a full 36DDD
  9. >Of course, Celestia and Luna had been more than understanding about it all, even allowing you use of their seamstresses
  10. >You thanked whatever powers that be you hadn't reached the E-cup of Luna, or the maddening Gs of Celestia
  11. >You'd grown taller as well, putting several inches on your above average 5'10”
  12. >But over all it was nice
  13. >And the looks that all the men gave you as you walked down the streets certainly wasn't unwelcome
  14. >You'd always been an exhibitionist, loving to show off for everyone to see
  15. >Those feelings had only grown since you'd become a princess though
  16. >You take a look at your calender as you shed your clothes for a shower
  17. >A public appearance for the beginning of LoveFest was today
  18. >It was like Hearts and Hooves day, but more geared towards a younger crowd
  19. >You'd gone every year since you had turned fourteen, and now with how you were it was bound to be even more fun
  20. >As you step into the shower and let the steaming water pour over your body, thoughts come unbidden to your mind
  21. >They invariably carry you to fantasize about being in a public, co-ed shower room, body on full display for all others to see
  22. >Three men approach you, their intent plain in their eyes and on their bodies
  23. >You don't resist, in fact you meet them eagerly
  24. >Your hands slide slowly down your body as you imagine what terrible things you'd do in front of everyone around with those studs
  25. >Breathlessly taking one in your mouth, even as the other two fill your waiting ass and pussy
  26. >The lewd noises of their flesh slapping against yours, their moans filling your ears with every thrust
  27. >They'd reduce you to little more than a cocksleeve for their enjoyment, a slut with only half a brain geared totally towards cumming as many times as you can and getting fucked by everything that caught your eye
  28. >And they'd make sure to do it in front of everyone
  29. >Maybe they'd even lock you up in public, tied just perfectly so you can service as many cocks at once as possible
  30. >That last thought of debauchery pushes you over the edge and you rock your hips against your fingers, even as they grow slick
  31. >The hot water from the shower quickly washes the cum away, but the deep-seated horniness remains
  32. >In the afterglow, you don't notice the tingling about your breasts or the slight increase in weight
  33. >Your mind is blank for the moment as you revel in the overwhelming feelings, but you don't stay there for too long
  34. >After all, you think as you finish washing up and step out of the shower to dry off
  35. >Today was like, LoveFest, and anything could totally happen
  36. -
  37. >It took you nearly an hour to get dressed to go
  38. >So long that you were nearly late for the opening of the festival
  39. >It wasn't that you had nothing to wear
  40. >Just that nothing was showing enough skin for your liking
  41. >You wanted to show off your new E-cups, after all
  42. >Eventually, you made some modifications to a beautiful yellow an orange summer dress
  43. >The midriff had to go, everyone needed to see your tight, flat belly
  44. >You'd tightened the skirt around your hips, and cut the length to barely below your crotch
  45. >The top had needed to be expanded in order to make room for your now massive breasts
  46. >You cut the fabric so that it's less a top, and more a band of frilly cloth that only barely covers your nipples
  47. >Of course, you went without panties or a bra as well
  48. >Silly things just got in the way anyhow
  49. >With that all done, you started jogging down to LoveFest
  50. >After all, you needed to be sure that you weren't late for the opening ceremonies
  51. >That would look totally bad on you
  52. >Though you speed by them, you happily notice the guards' heads turn in your direction when you pass them by
  53. >It gives you a tingle as you imagine what they fantasize about doing to your body
  54. >Maybe you could ask Luna to find out later
  55. >That might be super hot
  56. >Before long, you've reached the entrance to the park where LoveFest is located
  57. >Judging by the people still lined at the gates, you've arrived just in time
  58. >The security guards let you through as soon as they recognize who you are
  59. >Your princess coronation had only been a couple days ago
  60. >You plant a kiss on the taller one's cheek as a thank you
  61. >It was a sure thing that even people at the back of the line up could feel the heat of his blush
  62. >You run over and pull yourself up onto a stage that had been set up for the festival
  63. >There, you're surprised to see both Luna and Celestia waiting in the wings
  64. >You jog over to them with a big grin on your face
  65. “Tia, Lulu! Like, what're you guys doing here?”
  66. >They smile warmly as the three of you embrace
  67. >Celestia speaks up in her matronly voice to answer you
  68. >”Well Cadence, we simply couldn't stand idly by while a newly made princess hosts such an important event. Of course we came out to see you!”
  69. >Luna jumps in straight after her sister
  70. >”As well, it's good, publicity for princesses to show their faces among the common folks. Besides that, even we need to...unwind after so much time in the castle”
  71. >You see her cheeks tint as she mentions unwinding, but you're quickly called away by the event planner
  72. >He gives you some cue cards to go from and gently pushes you out on the stage as people start crowding through the gates and piling around the area
  73. >The crowd lets out a massive cheer as you wave at them, and it sends such a pleasant tingle over your skin
  74. >As you clear your throat, the murmuring audience quiets down
  75. >You squint at the writing on the cards and try your absolute best to read them
  76. >You wanted to make Tia and Lulu proud!
  77. “H-hello Canterlot, welcome to LoveFest. A festival celebrating all different manner of lovers. We cor-- cordi--”
  78. >The crowd holds its collective breath as you stammer
  79. >Why was reading like, so hard?
  80. >With a glance over at the smiling faces of your fellow princesses, your confidence returns and you throw the cards over the crowd and shout
  81. “Welcome to LoveFest, now get lovin'!”
  82. >The crowd goes mad as you walk back towards the wings, embracing the other princesses when you arrive
  83. >”We're very proud of you, Cadence. Your first event is something that no princess ever truly forgets.”
  84. >You nod your head eagerly
  85. “Yeah, those cue cards were like, so hard to read. So I totally had to make something up on the spot! My brain is like, the best!”
  86. >The sisters grin indulgently at you
  87. >”It absolutely is, Cadence. Now, how about we go have fun?”
  88. >Again you nod, and immediately run off and leave the sisters behind
  89. >You wanted this day all to yourself
  90. >Wandering through the aisles, you find out what the 'love' part in LoveFest comes from
  91. >It seemed to be an open air sex bazaar
  92. >Canterlot certainly catered to the highest number of sex shops, as you well knew, but you never knew this was a thing!
  93. >You definitely have come sooner if you had
  94. >Most of the day is spent trying out various toys and tools for pleasure enhancement
  95. >By the late afternoon, you're a wreck
  96. >Sweating from the overstimulation, thighs dripping less from sweat and more from other fluids, and panting like a dog
  97. >A helpful booth attendant lets you know of some showers that are in the park, and you take off as fast as your pasta legs can take you
  98. >It doesn't take too long before you're basking under a hot showerhead
  99. >As you wash the sweat and juice from your body, the sound of voices catches in your ears
  100. >Peeking around the corner, you see three young men walking towards you with towels around their waists
  101. >You bite your lip as you weigh what to do
  102. >The heat from your body and heat from the shower make it such an easy choice
  103. >When the boys round the corner, you take a quick step forward and pretend to slip into the first one, catching yourself on his shoulders
  104. >You giggle as he looks down at you with a flushed face
  105. “Oopsies. I'm just like, a total klutz. Sorry about falling into you, I'll just get going now.”
  106. >You push yourself off him and find yourself in the grasp of another one, who'd slipped behind you in the moment
  107. >”Oh come now, princess. Surely royalty can make a better apology than that?”
  108. >You shudder as his grip tightens on your arms
  109. >Everything was going better than you'd hoped
  110. “Like, what did you have in mind, stud?”
  111. >He pushes you roughly onto all fours, grabbing a handful of your hair
  112. >You moan as you feel his cock press against your ass cheeks, and you push back against him
  113. >The third one slides underneath you and clenches your tits in his hands, even as the first presents himself at eye level
  114. >The one at your bottom grips your ass tightly and prods at your pucker as he speaks
  115. >”Something like this.”
  116. >He thrusts inside you, as do both of his friends
  117. >In an instant, all of your orifices are filled by thick cocks
  118. >The sensations overwhelm your mind almost instantly, clouding everything in a haze of pleasure and passion
  119. >You feel every thrust they make, every slap of their flesh against yours
  120. >From underneath you feel your nipples twist as the pace increases in your pussy
  121. >Your body tenses and shudders as you orgasm, your walls contracting around the cock mercilessly pounding you
  122. >The dick in your mouth is nearly gagging you, but the boy seems almost timid
  123. >With an incredible effort, you push yourself forward until it's in your throat
  124. >It seems to give him confidence, since he grabs your hair and starts face fucking you
  125. >It's all just too much for your already overloaded mind and you cum again
  126. >You feel all their paces increase as you do, and it's not long before their reach their limits
  127. >Hot, sticky seed spills inside your body, and you eagerly slurp down all in your mouth, even as your pussy milks what it can from the one under you
  128. >To soon, all three pull out of you and lay you on the floor before walking out of the showers
  129. >Not a minute later, the princesses come in
  130. >You try desperately to cover yourself up, but you're overtaken by a buzzing sensation over your body
  131. >Luna picks up your head and strokes your cheeks, splattered in what little cum you hadn't drank
  132. >Celestia crouches over you, smiling
  133. >”I think you're going to make a great princess of love, Cadence. And myself and Luna will be ever so happy to help you along the way.”
  134. >Yeah, princess of love
  135. >That would be like, the best
  136. >You close your eyes and pass out from exhaustion, slipping away to lewder dreams
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