Walnut - In The Fog

Mar 11th, 2014
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  1. >It was cold in the Echo Forest were decayed trees stood with shifting shadows on the ground. The sun was high in the air, yet a fog was forming out of nowhere.
  2. >She never wanted to come here, but there was a voice that's been calling her out for the last few days ever since moving back to her hometown after 12 years of being away from it.
  3. >Nervous Amata wasn't sure she could face whatever was calling her. Wandering aimlessly within the fog Amata had no idea where she truly going, all she knew was at some point they were going to get to the heart of the forest.
  4. >Going slowly over a fallen log a voice began to echo through the forest. Hearing the voice Amata recognized it as the voice of a filly saying "You can't catch me." to somepony.
  5. >And following a unknown instinct Amata took off east in the forest towards a unknown destination with the filly voice saying "If you really want to make me happy, you'll have to try harder to play with me."
  6. >Coming to a immediate halt after arriving at her destination Amata faced a poorly rebuilt swing that was between two trees using chains that were forced into them, & a board of wood.
  8. >Staring at it, something about it looked familiar to her. Getting closer to it, she then felt uneasy as if somepony was watching her.
  9. >Looking behind her Amata saw a large creature that resembled a moth pony with large wings that draped down like a cloak on it's back, that stood on it's hindlegs, & skull face staring at her.
  10. >Hiding behind the tree the creature watched Amata from a distance before coming out, and steadily make advancenents to her.
  11. >Scared at what it was Amata took off in the forest her heart racing. Hearing the voice of the filly in the fog again this time it said "Oh you know todays my birthday, & you have a surprise for me?.".
  12. >Following her instinct again Amata ran deeper east in the forest until she came across a rotted & broken down tree house. Licking her bottom lip a memory came back to Amata about how she use to play in it with her old camera, & somepony close to her.
  14. >Then checking behind her for the creature once again she saw it once again this time without it hiding behind a tree, & it holding a small metal box.
  15. >Moving towards her a lot faster this time Amata was tired of running, but knew she really didn't want it to get near her.
  16. >Gathering all her strength for another run Amata bolted once more. Hearing the voice of the filly once more she said "Thank you. I love you for the gift, but now I have a certain gift for you. Follow me.".
  17. >Following her instincts again Amata ran instead east of the forest, but west, & ended up at the entrance of a cave with a small sign that was impaled in the ground with a crudely drawn picture of a filly moth pony with orange hai that resembled her, & the creature.
  18. >Reading it said "Keep out! Or fear Cantata.". Hearing the snap of several twigs Amata turned to see the creature staring at her with the box.
  19. > Taking no time to let the creature Amata ran inside the cave with the filly's voice echoing one last time saying "This is your home now. Nice gift I decorated myself.... I'm so sorry to say, but the reason why I did this was because I'm moving away because my parents are scared of me hanging around this forest playing with you. They think you're a imaginary friends. Don't be sad. I'll be back one day when I'm grown up, & we can be with each other again."
  20. >Running pass a small futton, and colored doodles Amata came to the end of the cave.
  22. >Turning around Amata saw the creature stand at the entrance. Taking slow steps towards her still carrying the box, it then pulled out another hoof from its side that held a lit lantern.
  23. >Having a feeling this was going to be the end, Amata dropped to her knees & curled up to a ball & started crying with the creature approaching her.
  24. >Arriving in front of Amata the creature then took out a fourth hoof that touched Amata's face. It was cold and felt full of sadness & despair. Using it the creature wiped away her tears which confused Amata.
  26. >Opening her eyes Amata faced the creature it's hollow eyes glaring at her.
  27. >Retracting its fourth hoof the creature tried to hand over the metal box it was carrying to Amata. Looking at it closely it wasn't a ordinary metal box it was a small lunch box.
  28. >Taking it out of the creatures possession she opened it, and inside found pictures of her at the swing set, the tree house, & the cave as a filly right next to the creature.
  29. >Staring at the pictures Amata's memories of everything she did in the forest with the creature as her best friend came back to her.
  30. >Crying...all Amata could do was say was "I'm so sorry.". Looking at her the creature replied in a weak voice "I waited for so long.".
  31. >"I know."
  32. "I survived this long just to see you again."
  33. >"I know."
  34. "All I want is you Amata."
  35. >"...."
  36. "I love you Amata."
  37. >"..."
  38. "And now we can be together again, right?"
  39. >"…"
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