[Action] Change regional laws

Oct 2nd, 2017
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  1. You sit at the guild's embassy infront of a heavy wooden desk piled with an organized chaos of ledgers...
  3. [Action]1. Change regional tax laws
  4. Your character will make a bureaucratic roll to change the current taxes you recieve from this region. The higher the tax the harder the challenge it is for the bureaucrat to succeed changing it.
  5. 1)Change the tax to nothing - This region will pay no taxes and gain +1 happiness
  6. 2) Set a minor tax - The residents will pay minor taxes to your guild after each turn you make
  7. 3) Set a high tax - This region will pay high taxes, yet take a penalty of -2 to happiness.
  9. [Action]2. Change migration policy
  10. Your character will make a bureaucratic roll to attempt changing the current migration policy ionto the region
  11. 1) You can change the migration policy and allow only a specific race of your choice to migrate into this region. This will cause the population growth to decrease.
  12. 2) You can also change the migration law to allow all races to migrate into this region. This will increase the population growth of this region.
  14. [Action]3 Attitude towards beggars
  15. This is not a bureaucratic roll. You can simply decide upon the policy you wish towards beggars and always succeed
  16. 1) Give them shelter - Giving shelter will cost your guild 2 gold per beggar in this region every turn. Yet for each 150gold of total donations you make(stacks every turn) your guild will regenerate 1 point of integrity. This will also increase the amount of beggars in the region.
  17. 2) Ignore the beggars - You do not take any stance against or in favor of beggars.
  18. 3) Clean the streets off beggars - Your guild will make sure to let no beggar stay in your clean streets! This policy will cost your guild 1 integrity point each turn.
  20. [Action]4. Conscription laws
  21. Your character will make a bureaucratic roll to attempt changing the conscription law in this region. The bureaucratic challenge to set mandatory conscription is high
  22. 1) Volunteers - To recruit a new member from this regino to your guild you will have to persuade a volunteer.
  23. 2) Mandatory Conscription - Characters sent to recruit from this region will always succeed even without having to make a persuasion attempt. However this region takes 2 points of penalty to happiness for having this law in effect.
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