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  1. 17:27   Adri_66215  he might get singed for that
  2. 17:27   StarMechV   not if he dodges or surprises him
  3. 17:27   StarMechV   after all i'd imagin he'd do it in a fight where he actually wins
  4. 17:27   StarMechV   (even though ignis can just revive later)
  5. 17:27   Adri_66215  yeah
  6. 17:27       Adri_66215 did write that scene on that basis
  7. 17:27   StarMechV   besides for skoll, it'd still be worth it just to see the smug bastard seethe
  8. 17:28   Adri_66215  indeed
  9. 17:29   StarMechV   Skoll: *after blocking his attack* Oh by the way...some time ago, Audrey and I got to know eachother better, I guess I should thank you for that... -Ignis: What!? -Skoll: *smirks devilishly* And if I remember correctly...she told me it was the best night of her life.
  10. 17:29   StarMechV   -Ignis: *in demonic voice in full* I SHALL RIP YOUR ARMS AND DISEMBOWL YOU YOU INSUFFERABLE SPEC OF FECAL MATTER!
  11. 17:30   Adri_66215  lol
  12. 17:30       Adri_66215 doesn't think he'd say anything, though
  13. 17:30   StarMechV   only get really REALLY angry?
  14. 17:30   Adri_66215  I think he'd just go full on raging scream, yeah
  15. 17:30   StarMechV   aww but seeing him snap in anger is part of Skoll's fun, plus it'd distarct him from a incoming attack from the wolf boy
  16. 17:30   StarMechV   ah ok
  17. 17:31   StarMechV   i iamgine that'd really sting me
  18. 17:31   Adri_66215  hm
  19. 17:31   Adri_66215  *?
  20. 17:31   StarMechV   I mean, how this insignificant low life mutt somehow managed to do what he cannot. Claim her who is HIS to do?
  21. 17:31   StarMechV   sting him*
  22. 17:31   StarMechV   sorry
  23. 17:32   Adri_66215  oh okay
  24. 17:32   Adri_66215  but yeah
  25. 17:32   Adri_66215  he'd be really pissed
  26. 17:32   StarMechV   btw how do you iamgine his final defeat to go
  27. 17:32   StarMechV   ?
  28. 17:33   Adri_66215  I'm still trying to consider that
  29. 17:33   StarMechV   now that greg's God-thing is not a deal anymore
  30. 17:33   Adri_66215  I was kinda thinking how I was gonna do it initially
  31. 17:34   StarMechV   hm?
  32. 17:34   Adri_66215  she just stops fighting and tells him that she has to let him go
  33. 17:34   Adri_66215  and he starts to disappear
  34. 17:34   Adri_66215  kinda like what you wrote
  35. 17:35   StarMechV   ah, neat
  36. 17:35   Adri_66215  granted, I was kinda thinking of taking some aspect of the God-thing
  37. 17:35   StarMechV   she now has real people that do care for her
  38. 17:35   Adri_66215  just not actually use
  39. 17:35   StarMechV   like?
  40. 17:36   Adri_66215  just the idea that Ignis forcing himself into Audrey's mind and putting her in a coma may have the potential of creating a new God
  41. 17:36   Adri_66215  but Audrey puts a stop to it herself
  42. 17:36   StarMechV   i actually had another idea related to that actually
  43. 17:36   Adri_66215  hm?
  44. 17:36   StarMechV   i mean it kinda still works with yours but also with an extra layer
  45. 17:36   Adri_66215  what's that?
  46. 17:37   StarMechV   so i pondered. you said in the wake of all this the otherworld starts to spread in a particular world and creatures emerge, having the other heroes have to fight them, right?
  47. 17:38   StarMechV   well i pondered why'd cheryl and by extent alessa not be able to deal with that? What's keeping them otherworld to not stop beyond the boundry. Well because Ignis is breaking the rules
  48. 17:38   StarMechV   Audrey has dream powers, and dreams are part of the convergenceverse's tissue. So he is using audrey as a catalyst to basically cheat his way into otherworld control
  49. 17:39   StarMechV   after all, he is a lesser being in SH, he shouldn't be able to ascend into godhood. but if using dreams to basically cheat the system and rewrite the otherworld to obey him, he can
  50. 17:39   Adri_66215  that's kinda similar to what I was thinking, actually
  51. 17:39   StarMechV   and it's why when audrey finally lets go, the monsters are more easily defeated
  52. 17:39   StarMechV   cause without the catalyst power it up anymore, ignis's godhood influence starts to quickly vanisha nd the otherworld becomes more supressed to alessa's will
  53. 17:40   StarMechV   in very few words, Audrey is surprisingly OP in the convergenceverse
  54. 17:40   StarMechV   she just can't fully tap into that OP-ness
  55. 17:40   Adri_66215  yeah
  56. 17:40   Adri_66215  that's kind of the idea going for her
  57. 17:40   StarMechV   part of me, just to rub salt in ignis's wound, would even tie a bit of KH into it
  58. 17:41   Adri_66215  how's that?
  59. 17:41   StarMechV   ignis, who always want to be mroe than just a lesser nightmare, looks down as audrey himself calls him that
  60. 17:41   StarMechV   and finds the nightmare dream eater symbol on him
  61. 17:41   StarMechV   "no no no!!!"
  62. 17:41   StarMechV   him desperately trying to rip it off him and failing
  63. 17:41   Adri_66215  and then she repeats what Riku said
  64. 17:42   Adri_66215  "I'm what Nightmares fear!"
  65. 17:42   StarMechV   yes
  66. 17:42   StarMechV   and then it's when he starts to vanish
  67. 17:43   Adri_66215  all while screaming for Audrey to come back
  68. 17:43   StarMechV   yes
  69. 17:43   StarMechV   he has to be as desperate as possible
  70. 17:43   StarMechV   a complete reverse of how controlling and imposing he tries to be
  71. 17:44   StarMechV   his one fear is audrey himself
  72. 17:44   StarMechV   the efar of knowing she doesn't need him
  73. 17:44   Adri_66215  he just won't admit it
  74. 17:44   StarMechV   audrey herself*
  75. 17:44   StarMechV   yes
  76. 17:52   StarMechV   also thinking on it, sadly, i realize why im ok with KH chara lewding. Mostly cause they could totally be 18 and no difference'd be
  77. 17:52   StarMechV   their designs, specially KH3, feel very "ambiguously teen young adult"
  78. 17:52   Adri_66215  true
  79. 17:52   Adri_66215  I dunno, I just find it weird
  80. 17:53   Adri_66215  it's similar to the idea of lewding Ruby imo
  81. 17:53   StarMechV   it's fine, i am weird
  82. 17:53   StarMechV   so yeah, won't push it
  83. 17:53   StarMechV   unless you want
  84. 17:53   StarMechV   i'd say ruby is a bit more noticeable
  85. 17:53   StarMechV   mostly due to how childish she acts and sound
  86. 17:53   Adri_66215  true
  87. 17:54       Adri_66215 thinks it's another reason though
  88. 17:54   Adri_66215  mostly coming from my early RP days
  89. 17:54   StarMechV   ?
  90. 17:55   Adri_66215  I did lewd Sora and Kairi (mostly off-screen)...but I also lewded her with other characters
  91. 17:55   StarMechV   huh
  92. 17:56   StarMechV   wait, why'd you do that with others?
  93. 17:56   StarMechV   tbh the only one i'd ever lewd her'd be with sora
  94. 17:56   StarMechV   you know, the guy she loves?
  95. 17:56   Adri_66215  I dunno, I was just kinda putting myself in Kairi's shoes
  96. 17:56   Adri_66215  I was young and stupid
  97. 17:56   StarMechV   adri
  98. 17:57   StarMechV   everyone back then is young and stupid
  99. 17:57   StarMechV   I was wrong and stupid
  100. 17:57   StarMechV   and I still am now
  101. 17:57   StarMechV   but i am aware of it now
  102. 17:57   Adri_66215  true
  103. 17:58   StarMechV   But yeah, I don't like to lewd a character just for lewd sake
  104. 17:58   StarMechV   except if it's a character that i could see having non-ties stuff
  105. 17:58   Adri_66215  I know
  106. 17:58   StarMechV   someone like kairi'd make no sense. She'd probably only be with sora as far as im aware
  107. 17:59   StarMechV   same on why, except for just joking and Halu, Skoll'd only do it with Audrey
  108. 18:00   Adri_66215  and despite teasing from Mirei and shiptease with Korina, Kalas and Xelha would do it with each other
  109. 18:00   StarMechV   yes, the only way for that to happen it'd be with the approval of the two
  110. 18:00   Adri_66215  yeah
  111. 18:01   StarMechV   Mirei may be a tease but she isn't about to jump kalas without xelha's approval
  112. 18:01       Adri_66215 still finds that hilarious
  113. 18:01   Adri_66215  Kalas getting hit on by a humanoid space bee
  114. 18:01   StarMechV   Mirei: I may enjoy a fancy night, but I am a woman of standards. Wouldn't wish to hurt my captain or lovely xehla's relationship!
  115. 18:02   Adri_66215  Kalas: ...gee, thanks.
  116. 18:02   StarMechV   a cute space bee
  117. 18:02   StarMechV   (who I still have no idea on origin)
  118. 18:02   StarMechV   Mirei: Now if they /do/ want it, I wouldn't mind some fun between us all~ *wink*
  119. 18:03   Adri_66215  Kalas: Yeahno, out.
  120. 18:04   StarMechV   Mirei: Awww
  121. 18:04   StarMechV   Mirei: Oh well, at least I tried
  122. 18:05   StarMechV   but yeah I had a hunch your reasoning was the ol TI
  123. 18:05   StarMechV   feels like a recurrent theme
  124. 18:05   Adri_66215  it wasn't the old TI
  125. 18:05   Adri_66215  it was actually way before that
  126. 18:06   StarMechV   huh? i thought TI was the original
  127. 18:07       Adri_66215 wasn't even using Kairi in TI
  128. 18:07   StarMechV   oh
  129. 18:07   Adri_66215  I only used her after the person who was left
  130. 18:07   StarMechV   wait, then where was this?
  131. 18:07   Adri_66215  it was in an old fan forum on Tales of Symphonia
  132. 18:07   StarMechV   wow, that sounds like it was waaaaay back
  133. 18:07   StarMechV   if i never even ehard of it
  134. 18:08   Adri_66215  it was a pretty small forum
  135. 18:08   Adri_66215  but yeah, we had an RP section, one person decided to make an RP thread that was ultimately a video game crossover, and I had Kairi and tried to make her badass
  136. 18:08   Adri_66215  before she got her Keyblade, I mean
  137. 18:09   StarMechV   ah
  138. 18:10   Adri_66215  granted, there's another reason beyond just lewding her then, though
  139. 18:10   StarMechV   ?
  140. 18:10   StarMechV   harassment?
  141. 18:11   Adri_66215  in a sense, but not on her
  142. 18:11   Adri_66215  on me
  143. 18:11   StarMechV   i had the feeling
  144. 18:11   StarMechV   so you have bad experiences in general. really sad to hear
  145. 18:11   StarMechV   Thats one thing on the internet i wish didn't happen. being a girl in the internet must be rough
  146. 18:11   Adri_66215  I had her get with someone's character, even though he had a bunch of girls with him already, and when I had Kairi break it off with him, the writer had him act all upset and such
  147. 18:12   StarMechV   Gee, even I sometimes think I may be forcing a bit too much on you
  148. 18:12   StarMechV   I hope that ain't the case
  149. 18:12   Adri_66215  and when I told them in PM I wasn't comfortable with it, they threatened to leave the RP
  150. 18:12   Adri_66215  and no, you're not
  151. 18:12   StarMechV   that's good to ehar
  152. 18:12   StarMechV   but it does help me get a better picture now
  153. 18:12   Adri_66215  and the thing is, the writer was a girl too
  154. 18:12   StarMechV   thats weird
  155. 18:13   StarMechV   maybe she was way into pairings i guess
  156. 18:13   Adri_66215  she was
  157. 18:13   StarMechV   i mean im into fluff too, but that soudns ridiculous
  158. 18:13   Adri_66215  like, she only looked at things /just/ for pairings
  159. 18:13   StarMechV   a collaborative effort is soemthing made between two people. if you're jsut gonna whine when one party feels uncomfortable for it, then it stops being collaborative
  160. 18:13   Adri_66215  yeah
  161. 18:14   StarMechV   besides sure i love the ship everything, but i do it because i lvoe the characters first
  162. 18:14   StarMechV   i don't go shipping characters i dont care for about? Because i like the IP first, and ship second
  163. 18:14   Adri_66215  yes
  164. 18:14   StarMechV   But yeah, i get it now
  165. 18:15   Adri_66215  yeah, bad experiences in general
  166. 18:15   StarMechV   Can't really change that tho. So I'm fine if you're not into it for those reasons. Again, I'd only do it if you actually wanted to try out and not force you upon it
  167. 18:15   StarMechV   After all, is what i said. It's no fun if only one person wants it
  168. 18:15   Adri_66215  yeah
  169. 18:16   Adri_66215  for now, I'm good with cute scenes that don't involve either of them dying
  170. 18:16   StarMechV   whats the point of pairing two characters from different people if its not about the players cooperating together?
  171. 18:16   Adri_66215  and no I will not get over that, goddamn it Nomura
  172. 18:16   StarMechV   heh
  173. 18:16   StarMechV   audrey on the other hand...
  174. 18:17   StarMechV   XD
  175. 18:17   Adri_66215  she's free to lewd now, yeah
  176. 18:17   StarMechV   Skoll: Sometimes I wonder if you're the one who is a Faunus...
  177. 18:18   Adri_66215  Audrey: Heehee~ *kittyface*
  178. 18:19   StarMechV   Skoll: Oh har har. You sure you an't secretly hiding cat ears? you certiainly get like a goddamn one in heat! -Audrey: *tease* Are you implying I should get some? Aw, didn't thought you were into that~ -Skoll: I hate you. So much...
  179. 18:19   StarMechV   didn't think*
  180. 18:20   Adri_66215  Audrey: Maybe I should get a tail on top of that. I'm sure you wouldn't mind me wagging it in your face~
  181. 18:20   StarMechV   Skoll: T-that's not how Faunus work!!!
  182. 18:20   StarMechV   *totally not red faced*
  183. 18:21   Adri_66215  Audrey: It is now!
  184. 18:21   StarMechV   Skoll: *having that "someone shoot me" face*
  185. 18:21   Adri_66215  lol
  186. 18:22   StarMechV   their back and forth is fun to write
  187. 18:22   StarMechV   mostly cause its fun tos ee audrey's personality beyond just "Ignis' victim"
  188. 18:22   StarMechV   that was soemthing that botherme on thigns before
  189. 18:22   Adri_66215  not just being a victim
  190. 18:22   Adri_66215  being averse to sex of any kind
  191. 18:22   StarMechV   since she had very few friends and how some of his msot important conenctions were Greg, there was never anytime to show how Audrey behaived when Ignis WASN'T around
  192. 18:23   StarMechV   and I don't mean just on the sex
  193. 18:23   StarMechV   she in general ahving a personality outside of"Fearful for Ignis"
  194. 18:23   Adri_66215  true
  195. 18:23   StarMechV   i mostly focus on the sex thing cause it'd be a big development for her, but also because it shows her in a light outside of ignis
  196. 18:24   StarMechV   and shows how much liberated she can feel when he isn't dragging her down. both physically but most importantly MENTALLY
  197. 18:24   Adri_66215  yeah
  198. 18:24   StarMechV   it's why at first I see Skoll being a bit harsh and dismissive to her
  199. 18:24   StarMechV   he just assumes she is a weakling who can't do anythign at first
  200. 18:24   StarMechV   also cause at first he is very jerkish too
  201. 18:24   Adri_66215  but then he sees why she can't do anything
  202. 18:25   StarMechV   yes and decides to help her
  203. 18:25   StarMechV   and in the process of helping her he learns how fun and vivid she can be, and starts falling for her
  204. 18:25   StarMechV   she is his kairi I guess
  205. 18:25   StarMechV   his light
  206. 18:25   StarMechV   specially after the crummy life he had
  207. 18:25       Adri_66215 would compare her to Namine more, though
  208. 18:25   StarMechV   why?
  209. 18:26   Adri_66215  I dunno, the whole being more introverted thing
  210. 18:26   Adri_66215  Kairi's more outgoing
  211. 18:27   StarMechV   ah
  212. 18:28   StarMechV   i guess more kairi-ish later when she is less introverted
  213. 18:28   Adri_66215  true
  214. 18:29   Adri_66215  but yeah, in the starting point, I can see Audrey actually get pissed at Skoll
  215. 18:29   StarMechV   how?
  216. 18:29   Adri_66215  like she has enough of his shit and loses her temper
  217. 18:31   StarMechV   ah
  218. 18:32   Adri_66215  I dunno, I just imagine him saying the wrong thing to her and she gets to the point of flat out attacking him
  219. 18:32   StarMechV   makes sense given Skoll isn't really the ebst one at being honest or have good advice either
  220. 18:33   Adri_66215  and at that point, Audrey doesn't know how to deal with her temper besides bottling it up
  221. 18:35   StarMechV   yes
  222. 18:35   StarMechV   also thinking on it, i had the suspiciou there was a reason why you didn't want to mess with kairi
  223. 18:35   StarMechV   and ok with cheryl
  224. 18:36   StarMechV   just felt there had to be a second reason. now i know
  225. 18:36   Adri_66215  hm?
  226. 18:36   StarMechV   why the hm? you told me yoruself
  227. 18:36   Adri_66215  oh
  228. 18:36   StarMechV   bad experiences involving kairi
  229. 18:36   StarMechV   meanwhile Cheryl is fine cause you can disconenct those experiences
  230. 18:36   Adri_66215  I thought you meant you came to a different realization or something
  231. 18:36   StarMechV   oh no
  232. 18:36   Adri_66215  but yeah
  233. 18:37   StarMechV   i jsut wanted to jsutify why i felt inclined to ask
  234. 18:37   StarMechV   because soemthing didn't add up
  235. 18:37   StarMechV   also cause I assume poor Sean needed soemthing good in his life giving his crummy luck of parental death and burns
  236. 18:37   Adri_66215  indeed
  237. 18:38   StarMechV   HE can at elast know he gets to hang out, like and tap a cool fierce chick XD
  238. 18:38   Adri_66215  lol
  239. 18:39   StarMechV   then again, you could also say it's more she gets to tap him
  240. 18:39   StarMechV   Sean: *sinking his head on his scarf* ...w-well, she is way more...wise...on that subject
  241. 18:40   Adri_66215  Cheryl: Aw c'mon, I know you get too eager to listen.
  242. 18:47   StarMechV   Sean: *sinks more into his scarf* ...I c-can't help it with you
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