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  1. #Vectorization for Data Visualization
  2. def vectorization(table):
  3.     #CountVectorizer will convert a collection of text documents to a matrix of token counts
  4.     #Produces a sparse representation of the counts
  5.     #Initialize
  6.     vector = CountVectorizer()
  7.     #We fit and transform the vector created
  8.     frequency_matrix = vector.fit_transform(table.tweet)
  9.     #Sum all the frequencies for each word
  10.     sum_frequencies = np.sum(frequency_matrix, axis=0)
  11.     #Now we use squeeze to remove single-dimensional entries from the shape of an array that we got from applying np.asarray to
  12.     #the sum of frequencies.
  13.     frequency = np.squeeze(np.asarray(sum_frequencies))
  14.     #Now we get into a dataframe all the frequencies and the words that they correspond to
  15.     frequency_df = pd.DataFrame([frequency], columns=vector.get_feature_names()).transpose()
  16.     return frequency_df
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