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  2. 開始時
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  5. [Today's session was a complete success. The subject seemed nearly relieved to have found out he wasn't being kicked from the army but instead being transferred. Well, that's the best way I could have put it for him. Without putting a wrench in things, we explained that he does have talents that normal army grunts do not: Insight. Most of the recruits here are privileged 1st generation Iyoza born much after the war. They did not experience any violence and quite frankly, they're only here for adventure. But the Subject is different. He knows full well the consequences of intense war, and what it is to be loud in such a quiet world. He values silence, and that is a good sign. Discretion. He will know how to handle situations so far as to make sure they never flare.
  7. We concluded the rest of his psychological evaluation to....the best of our abilities. The subject wasn't entirely willing but was calm nevertheless. I blame myself for the lack of sufficient information on his past and how he feels due to me being tired. Even he noticed and asked if I was okay. Nobody ever asks me anything.
  9. Though of course like any new recruit, we have to know what he enjoys. This will be used to make sure he sticks with us and doesn't lose interest. His mind wanders a lot, it seems. Like he's out of it. The best thing to do is to find his interests and anchor him. It's very interesting. Both the subject and I love drawing. He says he isn't very good-- actually, he said he tried drawing something off a magiology book. He followed several steps from several unrelated books of magic and ended up with a horrible result. For some reason it came to life. He calls it "Bowlman." The subject promised to show me one day if I feel better.
  11. He likes (For records)
  13. -Drawing
  14. -Sitting under a tree. I assume for relaxation.
  15. -"Playing with shadows", though I do not know what he means by that. Is it literal or is it some sort of construct?
  16. -Potato chips
  17. -Me.
  19. That last one I will not take seriously. It's most likely flattery. Whatever.
  21. I've made sure to take one request by him, and that is to relocate him and his sister to a new home. I've collected the Subject's payments pending from his time as a soldier and got him a small home in Soyokari City. Nothing fancy, but when should I tell him that...he shouldn't live with his sister? She is a liability. I cannot trust the subject just yet. He may be capable of telling his sister about his work. So far as I've seen it, he hasn't mentioned work to her. He gives her money, pats her head, and gives her a little kiss on her forehead every time they meet. I interviewed Zheya to the best of my abilities today as well to see how her relationship with her brother is like to gain a different perspective on his past-- to my surprise, this girl is gifted. She cannot talk...but she relies on mental imaging. She must be a talented mage.
  23. She fondly thinks of him as a father. Says he's really good at being a dad. I can only assume it's because he practically raised her.
  24. The Subject is a bit malnurished but she isn't. Zheya showed me that Zaiek always gives her most of his food. Despite that, he retains a favorable look.
  26. He is very prone to jealousy. Though not to extremes.
  28. "His hugs are nice."
  30. Charming girl. But it's best that she lives alone. Will tell the Subject tomorrow about this living arrangement. ]
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  33. ...End of Connection...
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