BbSFM HD (PS4) - Ventus (Critical LV1) Any% Route v3.0

Nov 23rd, 2019 (edited)
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  1. Land of Departure
  2. - Orbs of Light
  4. Dwarf Woodlands
  5. - Get the Ether chest to the left, then enter the Mines
  6. - Menu: Sliding Dash -> Quick Blitz
  7. Equip Zero EXP
  8. - Moogle Shop: Sell: Quick Blitz
  9. Buy: Ether x2 (100 munny needed)
  10. - Enter Terra D-Link and use Sliding Dash to get up to the 3rd platform and immediately revert to get Mini in Find the Dwarves
  11. - Drop down and enter Fever Pitch by Strike Raid and Sliding Dash on the 1st box
  12. - Break open the 2nd box with attacks, break 3rd box with a full combo in Fever Pitch
  13. - Get the Payback Raid chest right after 3rd box, then Strike Raid + Sliding Dash to break 4th box
  14. - Strike Raid on the 5th box while waiting for the moving cart
  15. - Fever Pitch finisher on the moving cart, then lock onto the 5th box carefully and use Sliding Dash to break it
  16. - Menu: Ether -> Empty (Slot 5)
  17. Mini -> Empty (Slot 4)
  18. - Get the Ether chest to the left in Woods, then talk to Snow White in Woods to start the Escort
  19. - Hit the Flood towards the Scrapper twice and use Mini + run over them, then Strike Raid + Sliding Dash to kill the 2 Red Hot Chilis
  20. - Attack the 3rd Red Hot Chili and Scrapper, then wait half a second to enter the White Calm RC, then another half a second to use it
  21. - Use Mini in the center of 3 Floods and run over them
  22. - Run to the left side of the tree where Snow White is running and use Sliding Dash right in front of a Scrapper
  23. - When the next set of trees awaken, stand in front of Snow White for a second, then use the White Calm RC again
  24. - Use Mini on the 2 Red Hot Chilis, then use Strike Raid + Sliding Dash on the 2 Floods to finish the Escort
  25. - Go fight Mad Treant
  26. - Partially use Flame Salvo, aim for (11-12), and use a Ether x4
  27. - Once you use the 5th Partial Flame Salvo, finish it off with commands
  29. Castle of Dreams
  30. - Jump up to Cinderella's Room
  31. - Moogle Shop: Sell: Mini
  32. Buy: Sliding Dash x2 and Sleep x3 (500 munny needed)
  33. - Menu: Sliding Dash -> Aero
  34. Sliding Dash -> Empty
  35. - Enter the Mousehole, kill the 2 Floods, then quickly jump, lock-on, and use Sliding Dash
  36. - Get the Pink Thread to your left, then get the Fleeting Crystal chest below
  37. - Use the 1st Sliding Dash to the Balloon Letter chest on the table and attack towards the White Sash
  38. - Use the 2nd Sliding Dash to the White Button, get the Pink Fabric, then time to start farming D-Links
  39. - Use Snow White's D-Link to use Sleepy + Grumpy twice on the two Shoegazers, then get on the yarn ball and get a D-Link level up
  40. - You only want to farm for 3-4 Fleeting Crystals, which are only from Shoegazers
  41. - Right when you get one, immediately revert, collect nearby D-Link orbs, use Snow White's D-Link again
  42. - When you spawn the 4 Shoegazers, get off the yarn ball, use Sleepy + Grumpy to kill them, then get back on the yarn ball
  43. - When Snow White's D-Link is LV2, work on leveling up Terra's D-Link
  44. - When you re-enter the room, only use Snow White's D-Link to use Sleepy + Grumpy against nearby Shoegazers if you need more Fleetings
  45. - When Snow White and Terra's D-Links are LV2, get the White Lace on the couch
  46. - Menu: Turn Aqua's D-Link off and switch Terra's D-Link from LV2 to LV1
  47. - Refill your D-Link meter if it's not full yet and switch Terra's D-Link to LV1 before fighting Lucifer
  48. - Dodge Roll towards Lucifier once, enter Terra's D-Link, hit him once, get hit, then see where your HP is at
  49. - If your HP is past the 3rd strain of Ven's hair, hit him twice, get hit again, then spam Sonic Blade + commands and Finish
  50. - If your HP is past the 2nd strain of Ven's hair, hit him twice and immediately spam Sonic Blade + commands and Finish
  52. Enchanted Dominion
  53. - Go to Maleficent's Castle while using Sliding Dash for movement, then enter the forced fight with goons
  54. - Terra's D-Link for forced fight and spam Sonic Blade. Heal when needed.
  55. - After the 2nd warp point, get the Tornado Strike chest and get the Fleeting Crystal chest if needed in the next room
  56. - Menu: Meld: Sliding Dash + Strike Raid + Fleeting Crystal = Payback Raid (Magic Haste)
  57. Sleep -> Empty
  58. Sleep -> Empty
  59. Sleep -> Ether
  60. Balloon Letter -> Empty
  61. Equip Payback Raid (Magic Haste)
  62. - Go fight Maleficent
  63. - Immediately use a Balloon Letter and use Snow White D-Link
  64. - If she spawns on the side, get hit by her lightning bolt, then Sweet Seven when she DMs
  65. - If she spawns in the center, get hit by her swipe and use Payback Raid, then Sweet Seven when she DMs
  66. - When the Snow White D-Link runs out, use Sliding Dashes and Blizzara to finish her off
  68. Badlands
  69. - Let Vanitas kill you in 1st phase, then put him to sleep and let Mickey deal all the damage
  70. - Make sure you time your Sleeps properly and use a command if Mickey uses his RC after using Sleep
  72. Radiant Garden
  73. - Use Cinderella D-Link + Enchanted Step to upper Mandrake in Gardens and go to Front Doors for cutscene
  74. - Get the Wellspring chest below door to Trinity Armor in Gardens if you didn't get a drop
  75. - Go to Castle Town for Shop
  76. - Moogle Shop: Sell: Tornado Strike, all Binds, Sleep x3, and Payback Raid (No Ability)
  77. Buy: Fire Dash x1, Thunder x4, Magnet x5, Ignite x1, Confuse x1, and Balloon Letter x1 (2,170 munny needed)
  78. - Menu: Thunder -> Sliding Dash
  79. Thunder -> Sliding Dash
  80. Magnet -> Empty
  81. Magnet -> Empty
  82. Magnet -> Empty
  83. Magnet -> Balloon Letter
  84. Magnet -> Empty
  85. Equip High Jump
  86. - Fountain Court Unversed
  87. - Tank Toppler x1 and Blue Sea Salts x3 (Left of stairs): Magnet, Thunder, 1 aerial hit
  88. - Chrono Twister x1 and Blue Sea Salts x3 (After jumping up jet streams): Magnet, Thunder
  89. - Blue Sea Salts x4 (Next to Counter Rush chest): Magnet, Thunder
  90. - Get Counter Rush, use Mickey D-Link for double Sliding Dash movement, then revert
  91. - Chrono Twister x1 and Blue Sea Salts x3 (Near the entrance to Aqueduct): Magnet, Thunder
  92. - Menu: Meld Aero + Magnet + Fleeting Crystal = Zero Gravira (Magic Haste)
  93. Thunder + Thunder + Fleeting Crystal = Thundara (Magic Haste)
  94. Magnet + Magnet + Fleeting Crystal = Magnera (Magic Haste)
  95. Magnet + Magnet + Fleeting Crystal = Magnera (Magic Haste)
  96. Magnera -> Empty
  97. Magnera -> Empty
  98. Zero Gravira-> Empty
  99. Thundara -> Empty
  100. Thunder -> Empty
  101. Thunder -> Empty
  102. Fire Dash -> Empty
  103. - Enter Trinity Armor fight
  104. - Dodge Roll twice towards him, use Magnera x2 + Fire Dash to enter Firestorm
  105. - Use Thundara and a Thunder, dodge roll to the left 3 times and guard his charge attack
  106. - Try to use Thunders as much as possible and use Firestorm finisher to dodge the big laser, then try to dodge it normally
  107. - Once both parts die, guard or avoid the mini-lasers, then spam commands except Sliding Dash under the head
  108. - Use commands to finish it off before the fireball attack, if not, then fully use Flame Salvo or Thunderstorm finisher
  109. - Use Mickey D-Link in Fountain Court for Sliding Dash movement and go spam Magnera and Thundara in forced fight
  110. - Go see Terra, then use Mickey D-Link in Outer Gardens for Sliding Dash movement while going back to Central Square
  112. Disney Town
  113. - Enter the room right behind you to go get Superglide
  114. - Run past the 2 Floods, go right, hit the Flood that spawns twice, un-lock on + Dodge Roll foward, and jump + Magnera
  115. - Enter Cinderella D-Link, get into correct position to angle yourself really quick, jump + let yourself fall a bit, then Enchanted Step
  116. - Open Superglide chest, then talk to Pete to start Ice Cream Beat
  118. Olympus Coliseum
  119. - Magnera + Thundara spam in forced fight
  120. - Pick up the Cura chest within the left pillars if you feel like you won't have enough munny
  121. - Break the Urns Mini-Games
  122. - Menu: Meld Thunder + Thunder = Thundara
  123. Thundara -> Empty
  124. Ignite -> Empty
  125. Confuse -> Empty
  126. Equip Counter Rush and Superglide
  127. - Enter Jellyshade Ambush and spam Magnera
  129. Deep Space
  130. - Metamorphosis I - Spam Triangle while using Square to block his attacks
  131. - If you don't have a Pulsing Crystal yet, get the chest to your right, then enter forced fight
  132. - Magnera + Thundara spam in forced fight
  133. - Enter Metamorphosis II, spam Ignite behind the support pillar, then finish off with Flame Salvo
  135. Neverland
  136. - Kill the 2nd group of Unversed in Mermaid Lagoon on the way to Indian Camp with Magnera + 2 Thundaras
  137. - Magnera + Thundara on Floods, then use Snow White D-Link and spam Bashful (Warp) in forced fight
  138. - When you see the last Wild Bruiser disappear with Bashful, revert immediately!
  139. - Only pick up the Balloon Letter chest in Jungle Clearing on the way to Mermaid Lagoon if your D-Link meter isn't full!
  140. - If Magneras and Zero Gravira are not LV3, kill Unversed with Magnera + Thundaras after crossing the gap with Superglide
  141. - Menu: Meld Confuse + Zero Gravira + Pulsing Crystal = Blackout (Second Chance)
  142. Magnera + Magnera + Wellspring Crystal = Magnega (Once More)
  143. Magnega -> Empty
  144. Blackout -> Empty
  145. Balloon Letter -> Empty
  146. - Do 1 empty hit at the beginning of the fight, run up to Hook, hit him once, wait, then hit him again to knock him off
  147. - Immediately use a Ignite right after you knock him off, use Ignite again, then enter Mickey D-Link
  148. - Do 1 hit + Sliding Dash + 1 hit + Sliding Dash, get hit twice, then immediately use the finisher
  149. - Only use Balloon Letter immediately after the 1st Ignite if D-Link isn't full!
  151. Mysterious Tower
  152. - Go to Yen Sid's room
  154. World Map
  155. - Go to Keyblade Graveyard, Land of Departure, then back to Keyblade Graveyard
  157. Keyblade Graveyard
  158. - Use Superglide through Twister Trench, set the cursor on Balloon Letter, then enter Final Battles
  159. - Vanitas II
  160. - Use Flame Salvo at the beginning, then use Peter Pan D-Link while spamming Counter Rush
  161. - If you want to get the Quick Kill, get behind him after his 2nd or 3rd attack when Swordbill is ready + pause buffer
  162. - And when you see him dive, quickly jump up, lock-on, and use Swordbill to hopefully finish him off before he dives
  163. - You can also wait until he dives underground, dodge roll over him, use it when he pops up and hope that he doesn't dive once
  164. - If he gets on the Keyblade Storm again, then use Flame Salvo
  165. - Final Vanitas
  166. - Immediately use Balloon Letter at the beginning of the fight by mashing Triangle
  167. - Get hit once by his attack, immediately enter Peter Pan D-Link, immediately hit him twice to cancel the 1st attack
  168. - After cancelling his 1st attack, guard + counter, hit him once when he starts his next attack again, guard + counter, repeat
  169. - You can also single hit him and immediately guard + counter right when he teleports behind you for safety
  170. - Once the Gauge is full, use Swordbill to hopefully send him to 1 HP, then Shotlock spam once you're in Vanitas's D-Link
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