Xenos Hunters Session 11

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  1. antoine The sisters move their Immolators up to the gap, throwing promethium from their turrets to purify the ground outside the breach in the wall. Battle sisters climb broken defense lines to set up weapons and take aim to prevent a further incursion.
  2.         antoine The ragged guardsmen defenders fall on their backsides, sucking up air as they recover from the fierce battle only 30 odd men have survived.
  3.         Bellerophon     covers their retreat from the Razorback
  4.         Omniel  ++Hold the line, Brothers. There are more to come yet...++
  5.         Sinbad  drives about, cajoling the Sisters and Guardsman remnants to their places on the line
  6.         Sinbad  ++Orders received.++
  7.         antoine From the inside of the Rhino the cannoness stands up calls to Omniel, "We are within our lines, please drop the ramp so that we may diembark".
  8.         Bellerophon     yells orders/veiled encourgement from the gunner's position on the Razorack, pulling the Guardsmen and Sororitas into formation
  9.         Sinbad  drives about to pockets of Guardsmen while his battle-brothers work
  10.         Omniel  nods and opens up the rear hatch, covering the Sisters with the Razorback's twin lascannons.
  11.         Sinbad  "Up, up! The enemy still yet comes! Rest if you must, but rest with your guns in hand! We must defend the Emperor! Cowardice will not be tolerated!"
  12.         antoine The sisters haul the unconscious inquisitor out with them and start heading to their shrine, the cannoness turns and gives Omniel and Bellerophon a sharp salute, over her vox she send you all this. "I, Canoness Commander Isabella Chevalier of the Order of the Bloody Rose give my most sincere thanks for saving my sisters and my charge from death, you have the gratitude of The Order."
  13.         Sinbad  forms up on Omniel and Bellerophon as the Sisters withdraw to await the next wave
  14.         antoine The men split up and form small groups sheltering behind cover with their lasguns ready.
  15.         Sinbad  ++How goes the battle brothers? My ammunition and body are still in fighting condition! Are yours' as well?++
  16.         Bellerophon     ++I would enjoy a second heavy bolter up here.++
  17.         Sinbad  nods, and faces the battlefield
  18.         Omniel  ++Perfectly operational, Brother.++
  19.         Sinbad  ++It is good to hear. Then we are ready to face the xenos still.++
  20.         Sinbad  ++I shall return in a few minutes. I shall check up and down the line.++
  21.         antoine A keening screech runs across the defense lines, coming from the south.
  22.         Sinbad  "Oh no... Is there no end to the complicity of these Xenos?!"
  23.         Sinbad  revs his bike, and rockets towards the south
  24.         Bellerophon     pulls back the slide on his heavy bolter after loading in a new belt of ammunition and lets it snap unmitigated, and pans his weapon towards the sound
  25.         Sinbad  ++I shall report my findings, brothers!++
  26.         Sinbad  ++Brothers! Patriclus has reported! A flying...Hive Tyrant-like creature! But even bigger, he says!++
  27.         Omniel  ++Location, Brother?++
  28.         Sinbad  ++Our original part of the line! To the south!++
  29.         Bellerophon     ++In the air, one presumes.++
  30.         Bellerophon     says dryly
  31.         Omniel  ++Hold the line here, or move to intercept?++
  32.         Sinbad  ++We'll damn not hold the line if that creature breaks through!++
  33.         Sinbad  urges
  34.         Bellerophon     ++It will be up to us. The Guardsmen and Sororitas will hold this line.++
  35.         Sinbad  reloads his heavy bolter with a magazine of Cadmus' toxin bolts
  36.         Sinbad  ++I am ready when you are, Brothers.++
  37.         antoine Speeding down to Patriclus' position you find men fight from improvised positions, running and gunning to stay away from the massive creature. In its own majestic foul way it is impressive, with two huge wings upon its back. It has two massive talons, another set of limbs holding a pait of oversized organic swords and another two holding a ranged bio-weapon of some kind. Patriclus takes a...
  38.         antoine ...lasgun from a wounded man on the ground and stabs it through one of the last gaunts that must of advanced with the Tyrant-like creature, pulling the trigger and sending the corpse flying off into the mud. He tosses the weapon back to the wounded man before extolling his men to greater heights of bravery as he fires is puny bolt pistol in the face of the creature.
  39.         antoine As you arrive, your black livery and loudspeakers announcing youself the creature turns its head, eyes narrowing, almost like it recognizes you. Men work hard to stay away from the creature, the ones who didn't get clear seem to have been killed by some airborne toxin that surrounds the mighty xenos.
  40.         Bellerophon     points his heavy bolter at its face
  41.         =-=     antoine has changed the topic to “Sinbad, Belle, Omniel, Guardsmen, Patriclus, Tyrant-like”
  42.         Omniel  drifts the targeting reticule for the lascannons over the creature's torso calmly, already envisioning how it will fall.
  43.         Sinbad  drives over to Patriclus, then levies his heavy bolter at the beast
  44.         antoine Sinbad's shots puncture the beasts arms and torso, eliciting another screech of pain from the synapse creature.
  45.         Bellerophon     uses his autosenses and datalink to transmit coordinates to his Basilisk team, while he voxes its crew. ++This is Brother Bellerophon from Killteam Primaris. Your gun has been providing my Killteam with fire. I appreciate that. Now there is a hive tyrant, with wings in the air. I would like it dead. You have its location. Exterminate it."
  46.         Bellerophon     also shoots it a ton with his heavy bolter
  47.         antoine The first few bolts come out wildly before the weapon jams, the rate of fire being poured out of it during the battle finally causing a malfunction. The Basilisk rounds come down and explode around the tyrant, knocking it from side to side
  48.         Bellerophon     pounds his heavy bolter in a fit of rage
  49.         Omniel  swings his aim slightly to the side, aiming to clip the thing's (hopefully) lightly-armoured wings with a well-placed pair of shots.
  50.         antoine The twin shots shear through the leathery wings of the beast, plucking it from its position hovering over the trenches to bring it down to the ground with a crash of its hoofs impacting on the ground.
  51.         Sinbad  ++The beast falls to earth! Good shooting, brothers!++
  52.         Omniel  ++Only a little more.++
  53.         =-=     antoine has changed the topic to “Sinbad, Cadmus, Belle, Omniel, Guardsmen, Patriclus, Tyrant-like”
  54.         =-=     Derek58 is now known as Cadmus
  55.         antoine The guardsmen fire several volleys into the beast, managing to get a few key shots at its joints.
  56.         antoine if you didn't already read that
  57.         Cadmus  sights in on the hideous xenos and lets fly with a salvo of bolt rounds.
  58.         antoine The bolts send the creature to it's knees, the fusillade of fire punishing the creature now that its protectors lie dead around it.
  59.         antoine Patriclus takes a single shot with his plasma gun at the massive xenos, managing to score its armor and make it bleed but little else.
  60.         Sinbad  observes the damage, and gently pats Patriclus on the shoulder once
  61.         Sinbad  "I know that feel."
  62.         antoine The huge creature charges, half flapping its ruined wings to help propel it at the razorback but Omniel deftly spins the vehicle, causing the xenos to miss its crucial strike.
  63.         Sinbad  aims his bolter once again
  64.         Sinbad  "There's more than just them, beast!"
  65.         Sinbad  then lets it drift to the side, then ejects it and its backpack
  66.         Sinbad  draws his chainsword, and charges
  68.         antoine Sinbad throws a series of rapid strikes at the beast but manages to weather the blows.
  69.         Sinbad  ++It's armor...tough!++
  70.         Omniel  grits his teeth and pulls the triggers, sending two more shots lancing into it at point blank range. ++No retreat.++
  71.         antoine The lascannon shots decapitate the creature, where its head was set in now a charred stump. It slumps over, almost crushing the razorback as its huge weight impacts on the ground, shaking the ground beneath your feet.
  72.         Sinbad  continues to hack at the creature as it falls out of spite, doing little damage
  73.         antoine All across the defense lines word comes of the tyranids losing all co-ordination, what was a wave of xenos moving it concert becomes a rabble-like commotion of fiendish creatures attacking anything around them, friend and foe alike.
  74.         Cadmus  lets out a quiet sigh and thanks the Emperor and the Lion for seeing them through the day.
  75.         Cadmus  "Sound like we've severed their link to the Hive Mind."
  76.         Cadmus  *sounds
  77.         Sinbad  offers a prayer to the Emperor in thanks upon seeing the xenos hordes become disoriented, and knocks the Razorback's side
  78.         Omniel  slowly reverses the Razorback away from the corpse. ++That should improve the situation somewhat. Yes, Brother Sinbad?++
  79.         Sinbad  ++Brothers, then it seems the day at least can be one!++
  80.         Sinbad  *won
  81.         Cadmus  ++Agreed, the loyal servants of the Emperor have broken the xenos' back, as i knew we would.++
  82.         Bellerophon     slams his fist into his heavy bolter again, this time unjamming it. He scowls over the voxlink
  83.         Sinbad  drives back to recover his backpack and heavy bolter, as well as hear Patriclus' briefing
  84.         Sinbad  ++Brothers, what is to be done, as of now? Shall we continue the cleansing of the field?++
  85.         Bellerophon     ++They are not a threat that requires our attention.++
  86.         antoine ++This is Watch Captain Oeris, I just received word you just slayed the hive tyrant and the enemy is routing, well done. It will take time for the tyranids to generate another, that gives us precious time to strike back. I have received word that the dark sons strike cruiser "The Steel Trident" is making best speed towards the planet with our fleet in tow++
  87.         Cadmus  ++That is excellent news Captain.++
  88.         Omniel  ++Good to hear, Captain.++
  89.         Sinbad  listens silently in approval to the Watch Captain's information
  90.         Bellerophon     ++Good.++
  91.         Cadmus  ++How are we to strike against them sir? An assault on one of their bio ships?++ Cadmus wonders.
  92.         antoine Patriclus takes a knee in front of Sinbad.
  93.         Sinbad  scoffs upon hearing Patriclus, and offers a hand
  94.         antoine Patriclus takes Sinbad's outstretched hand and returns to his feet, bowing to the space marine.
  95.         antoine ++I intend to have the Caestus Assault Ram brought down to the planet to pick you up so you can help the boarding action proposed by the Dark Sons Captain.++
  96.         Cadmus  ++Excellent. I look forward to taking the fight right to the xenos.++ Cadmus says eagerly.
  97.         Omniel  ++It will be our pleasure to assist, Captain.++
  98.         Sinbad  rides back to the team at the Razorback, Patriclus in tow behind him
  99.         antoine ++Good, I will inform the Dark Sons Captain, I will suggest that you lead the assault. You have proven your prowess against these foul xenos.++
  100.         antoine A relief force moves in to reinforce the trenches, allowing you and the guardsmen that were defending it to retire from the battle for the day.
  101.         Cadmus  is quietly happy to be relieved, and uses the lull to relax a little before the next stage of the fight.
  102.         Sinbad  steps off the bike, and goes over to survey the tyrant's corpse for later trophy-making
  103.         Omniel  soon gets to work on the Razorback, performing some after-battle maintenance on the machine to ensure it remains in good condition.
  104.         Bellerophon     stares down his heavy bolter through the visor of his helmet
  105.         Sinbad  calls Patriclus over, and teaches him silently some greater landmarks of the corpse to read for the best ways of turning it into a prize
  106.         Sinbad  ++Can some of you help me hitch this beast to the Razorback?++
  107.         Omniel  ++Of course.++
  108.         Omniel  turns away from the vehicle for a few moments, to assist Sinbad using his servo-arm.
  109.         Sinbad  ++My thanks, Brother Techmarine.++
  110.         antoine With a few tow lines hooked into the beasts flesh it can now easily be dragged behind the razorback.
  111.         Sinbad  ++Brother Omniel, when we return to camp, I ask a boon of you. Could you examine my auger array? It has irked me lately...++
  112.         Omniel  ++Understood, Brother. It won't be a problem.++
  113.         Sinbad  ++Brother Leader Cadmus, would you want to examine the xenos leader before I turn it to flesh-refuse?++
  114.         Cadmus  ++Yes please, it could give us important insights into how the xenos operate.++
  115.         Sinbad  ++Noted. I shall turn it over to you first upon our return.++
  116.         Cadmus  also tells the men that relieve them to transport the biotank corpses to his lab when they get the chance.
  117.         Cadmus  ++My thanks.++
  118.         antoine Soon after the group returns to the barracks, the beast now mounted on a huge hover platform owned by Inquisitor Tellion, She looks over it with undisguised glee. "You have brought back the best specimen yet, Captain Oeris' comments about you were right."
  119.         Bellerophon     has removed his helmet now that the battle is over
  120.         Cadmus  "Thank you for the compliment Inquisitor. I'd like to assist you in examining it.++
  121.         Bellerophon     "Damn straight."
  122.         Sinbad  bows at the hip silently, then returns to his position
  123.         antoine "It would be my pleasure Cadmus" She motions forward several geneticists and xeno-biologists to take small samples.
  124.         Cadmus  nods and moves to transport it to the lab and begin the testing.
  125.         antoine "I will have it transported to the lab" Sinbad, I presume you wish to use some of its body as components for your work, your last gift was exquisite?"
  126.         Sinbad  drops to a knee, and removes his helmet in deference
  127.         Cadmus  (ah, ignore what i said)
  128.         Sinbad  "It repaired relations admirably. It was all thanks to you, Lady Inquisitor. I am in your debt."
  129.         antoine "Nonsense" she waves it off, "I am still indebted to you, the strides being made to defeat these beasts can be sourced to this kill-team and all of its members. I am pleased to hear you managed to smooth things over with The Order of the Bloody Rose."
  130.         Bellerophon     "It wouldn't've gone so well had the other inquisitor been conscious."
  131.         Cadmus  "Naturally we couldn't abandon them when their lander crashed so close to our position, even if he was conscious."
  132.         Sinbad  "I shall go to visit their Reverend Mother soon. The Inquisitor Hardgrave (Sinbad resists the urge to spat), had been wounded in their aircraft's landing. It was in her honor-charge to keep him unharmed... I shall make sure that she has due witness for no fault her own."
  133.         Sinbad  nods with his Brothers concerning Hardgrave
  134.         Bellerophon     "I don't imagine there will be a problem."
  135.         antoine "Yes but it was better that you saved him, than to leave him. I must admit a small amount of joy at the fact that he will be so incensed at being saved by members of the Deathwatch. Sinbad, you may come and go as you please at the lab to take what components you need."
  136.         Bellerophon     "Though if those two Thunderhawks had loitered for even a few moments to provide fire support..."
  137.         Bellerophon     unhappy faces.
  138.         Sinbad  places his hands together in thanks, and stands
  139.         antoine Inquisitor Tellion moves off after her retinue of academics back to her lab.
  140.         Cadmus  follows, eager to examine the tyrant.
  141.         Sinbad  gathers Patriclus, and heads off to the barracks to perform ablutions
  142.         Sinbad  "Brothers, Cadmus and I shall prepare for post-battle Thanksgiving for Victory. Shall you join us?"
  143.         Sinbad  *Patriclus, not Cadmus
  144.         Bellerophon     "Also made of tyranid?"
  145.         Sinbad  stares at Bellerophon quizzically
  146.         Sinbad  "You can make prayers of xenos? Sounds heretical."
  147.         Omniel  "Some prayers would be a welcome change of scenery. I may join you."
  148.         Bellerophon     "Does "Thanksgiving," not mean feast in your chapter?"
  149.         Bellerophon     returns the puzzling look
  150.         Sinbad  returns the look, only faintly realizing the cultural mistranslation
  151.         Sinbad  "It can be feasts. Holy saints feasts, I hope?"
  152.         Bellerophon     "Some are."
  153.         Bellerophon     ""Thanksgiving," is our annual feast celebrating the defeat of Hive Fleet Behemoth."
  154.         Sinbad  "I...I see. Thanksgiving on my planet is any prayer of thanks, in our vernacular. It is much more regular, but oft without as much celebration."
  155.         |<--    Cadmus has left (Quit: )
  156.         Bellerophon     "You have not lived until you have been to Thanksgiving on Ultramar."
  157.         Sinbad  "Are there many green, leafy things? Such are delicacies on my planet. Those green...things. They go by the names of "heads"... They are worth a year of a man's life on my planet to nurture, and only the nobles and merchants may afford them."
  158.         <--|    Omniel has left #xenoshunters
  159.         <--|    Sinbad has left #xenoshunters
  160.         Bellerophon     "You mean...lettuce?"
  161.         Bellerophon     "We have...lots of it."
  162.         Bellerophon     "Our planets overflow with food."
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