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Nov 14th, 2019
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  1. ==The Great Attractor==
  3. chaos/aether = void nothingness - First there was Chaos, then Gaea and Eros (Earth/matter/substance/dirt and '''Desire''')
  5. cronos father of hades pluto - god of the underworld
  6. cronos father of posiedon neptune - god of the sea
  7. ---
  8. chaos father of uranus - he was responsible for the creation of the first life on Earth
  9. ---
  10. uranus father of chronos saturn - god of time
  11. ---
  12. cronos father of zues jupiter - god who controls lightning *plasmaarch.jpg
  13. Zues father of ares mars -
  14. ---
  15. CHAOS father of Gaia earth - she is the immediate parent of Uranus
  16. ---
  17. zues father of aphrodite venus - goddess of Marriage & Birth wife of zues/jupiter
  18. zues father of hermes mercury - goddess of sacrificial flame
  21. ok so we came to this dimension/plane on own free will?
  22. at one point was nothing, then chaos (big bang)
  23. created matter and desire??? funny word.
  24. does this realm only give desire? flesh desire?
  25. and thus the planets started forming
  26. uranus > saturn > jupiter > mars > earth/moon > venus > mercury > sun
  28. so was uranus here before the sun?
  29. were we here before the sun?
  30. why is there not much talk on uranus, but lots on saturn?
  31. why is there not much talk on jupiter, but lots on saturn?
  32. Saturn is light. what was gravity like before jupiter?
  33. we are energy, we can not be destroyed nor created.
  34. the great attractor call all energy.
  35. we are sound energy vibrating. we cross black holes.
  36. is this adams dream?
  37. </end>
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