Woke (#1)

Dec 2nd, 2021 (edited)
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  1. You have to take a moment
  2. To understand the overlying issues
  3. That are pushed upon us
  4. Forcing us physically lower
  5. From a mental come up
  6. Sums up the daily struggles
  7. That oppress us
  8. The life of routines that depress us
  9. Prisioned by the masses
  10. Who happen to look just like us
  11. And then they try to sell us a dream
  12. That the life they allow us to have
  13. Is so precious
  14. But who is really to blame for the setbacks
  15. Fighting so hard for society’s fame
  16. Thinking that you’re so different
  17. But your desire to be accepted
  18. Makes you the same
  19. Prolific in thoughts
  20. But deficient in time
  21. How does such a “woke” generation
  22. Manage to remain so blind
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