Pon-e Overdose

Apr 14th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. >Be Anon F. Aggot
  2. >You're a faggot that frequents the PTFG threads and their discord.
  3. >You fantasize all the different ways to alter your body and the escapism it provides.
  4. >Slowly it turns into a fetish, but you are in denial as you don't want to be compared to all those inflation furries on deviantart.
  5. >You're taking a midnight stroll where nobody is around. Only urban areas of broken concrete and dimly lit streetlights were scattered around the place.
  6. >The cool air on your skin refreshes you after a stressful day of work and your home life. It's good to be alone and left with your thoughts, just for once, pretending all your problems don't exist as you wander aimlessly in the null dark.
  8. >"Anon?"
  9. >You immediately turn your gaze to your left and distanced yourself.
  10. "Who the fuck are you? And how'd you know my name?"
  11. >The alleyway is much too dark to see through, which is strange since your eyes were pretty keen adjusting to low light.
  12. >"I've been watching you for a while now." The voice said. You immediately recognize it for a female's voice. Now that would've been promising if not for the fact that this person was stalking you.
  13. "And? What do you want from me?"
  14. >"You've been browsing the PTFG threads for a long time haven't you? I may have something in your interests to offer."
  15. >The character steps out of the shadow, the clicking of hooves step out into the streetlight. It was a unicorn. A bonafied pastel pony unicorn.
  16. >You stand there completely in shock. It she looked so real it's uncanny.
  17. >"Surprised? I've been working on this for a while now." She holds out a red bottle with her forehoof before shaking it, indicating that there were pills in it.
  19. "It can't be... you've made Pon-e?"
  20. >"Yup, and it works perfectly. Care to have a try?"
  21. "Wait, so you're just giving it to me?"
  22. >"Yeah." The mare smirked.
  23. "What's in it for you?" You crossed your arms skeptically.
  24. >"What's wrong? Is it not okay to share a discovery between another pony TF conosuir?"
  25. >You rubbed the back of your neck, not really sure what to make of this.
  26. "I don't know. I have family, a job. I got responsibilities. I can't just leave all that and become a pony-"
  27. >"You get to do magic."
  28. Immediately without hesitation you swipe the pill bottle and crack the cap off, swallowing as much as you can from the container.
  30. >"Oh dear. You shouldn't have done that Anon." She unicorn covered her mouth with a hoof.
  31. "Hmm? What do you mean-"
  32. >Suddenly you start to feel the chemicals breaking down in your body. Your skin starts to irritate as all your nerves start to burn. You start to itch all over as your skin burns a hot red. Thirst consumes your body as you scream in scorching agony, collapsing on the cold earth below you.
  33. >Approximately 20 seconds later, you feel an electromagnetic wave which travels throughout your body. Nausea effects your thoughts and stomach as you start to regurgitate blood and unfamiliar liquids on the floor. A stinging sensation fills your body, like a thousand needles are trying to escape your intestines.
  34. >30 seconds later your body is sending all your nerves into hysteria as you can't help but scream out your lungs, blood mucus and puss pouring out of your throat. You thrive in complete and utter agony as your eyes feel as if they're pushing your eye sockets wider than they can handle.
  35. >Your bones crack and disintegrates beneath your skin as it reforms within your flesh. Blood, muscles, and ligaments are all being rearranged as you're completely conscious.
  36. >Your teeth has long been fallen out, your jaw stretching forwards as your brain compresses as your cranium adjusts to its new size.
  38. >Your eyes fled to the back of your head as everything turns to white.
  39. >You wake up, covered in your own blood, puss, and puke. Your glance around you to see what's left of your body. Fallen limbs, excess bones, and your face reduced to a pile of tissue and waste.
  40. >"Oh, so you're finally awake little filly." You hear the same voice behind you.
  41. >You crane your neck behind you, seeing a much larger mare standing above you.
  42. >You look down at yourself, your new coat covered in your own blood and patches of human skin left over. Almost as if you've shedded your form.
  43. >You had four hooves and a barrel. Slowly, you move your foreleg above your head to feel a wet mane, and a small tip at the base of your skull.
  44. >You try to open your mouth, but you cough out tons of mucus clogging your throat. You breathe for the first time, taking in the rotting air of your own flesh.
  45. >"How do you feel?" The mare lowers her head, maintaining her grin from prior your transformation.
  46. "H-Hungry..." you feebly reply. Unable to move much of your body under the weight of your own exhaustion.
  47. >"Figures. Well no matter, I'll be taking care of you little filly." The mare winked mischievously. Her horn glowed blue as you feel your body now becoming weightless, floating towards the back of the mare's withers.
  48. >You instinctively held your small hooves around her large neck as much as you physically could. Your teeth gripped the base of her withers as you remained completely still. It was almost as if fell, your life would be forfeit.
  49. >You cough the remaining mucus out of your throat again as tears stream down your cheeks. You were cold, smelled horrible, and hungry. But the mare you held on tightly said she was going to provide for you.
  50. >You eyes glanced back at the mare, now walking back to the end of the alleyway, her smile glazed like frosted glass. You didn't know if you could trust her, but you don't feel as you really had a choice.
  51. >"Don't worry, Trixie will take good care of you."
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