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  7. his notary's reports. It happened by chance that certain
  8. citizens, seeing how that the women wore whatever they
  9. liked without any hindrance, and hearing of the law which
  10. had been passed and also that the new officer had arrived,
  11. went, some of them, to the Signori and said that the new
  12. officer did his work so well that never before had the
  13. women had so much liberty in their dress as at the present
  14. time. Wherefore the Signori sent for the judge and told
  15. him that they marvelled at the negligent manner in which
  16. he carried out the orders concerning the women. Messer
  17. Amerigo made answer as follows :
  19. " My lords, I have studied all my life to learn law, and
  20. now, when I thought that I knew something, I find that I
  21. know nothing. For, when seeking for those ornaments
  22. which are forbidden to your women according to the orders
  23. which ye gave me, such arguments as they brought for-
  24. ward in their defence I never before found in any law ; and
  25. from among them I should like to mention to you a few.
  26. There cometh a woman with the long peak of her hood
  27. fringed and twisted round her head ; my notary saith :
  28. ' Tell me your name, because your peak is fringed.' The
  29. good woman taketh down the peak, which is fastened to
  30. the hood with a pin, and holding it in her hand she telleth
  31. the notary that it is only a wreath. Then he goeth farther
  32. and meeteth a woman wearing many buttons in front of her
  33. dress ; he saith to her, ' Ye cannot wear those buttons,'
  34. and she answereth, * Yes, Messere, I can, for these are
  35. not buttons, they are beads, and if ye do not believe me,
  36. look at them ; they have no hanks, neither have they any
  37. button-holes.' The notary goeth to another who is wear-
  38. ing ermine, and wondereth 'What will she have to say?'
  39. ' Ye are wearing ermine,' he saith, and is about to write
  40. down her name, but the woman answereth, ' Do not put
  41. down my name, for this is not ermine, this is the fur of a
  42. suckling.' The notary asketh, 'What is this suckling?'
  43. and the woman answereth, ' It is an animal.' And my
  44. notary is stuck like an animal ! "
  46. (Here some lines are missing.)
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