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  1. ===PRE-GAME===
  2. 1. Ideally, rotate between each kit for the group stages but in case of clash Kit 2 > Kit 3.
  3. 2. Select Preset 2 for Games 1 and 3, Preset 3 for Game 2.
  4. 3. Do not do pre-game subs unless a suspension is in place, in which case sub by condition.
  5. 4a. Preset 2 Sliders:
  6. >Counter, Short, Centre, Flexible, 4
  7. >Frontline, Middle, Aggressive, 7, 5
  8. 4b. Preset 3 Sliders:
  9. >Possession, Long, Wide, 7
  10. >Frontline, Middle, Aggressive, 5, 2
  11. 5. Turn on auto-mentalities and auto-offside trap if that's ok
  13. ===IN-GAME===
  14. If 2nd goal conceded, and 0 shots on target for /WoT/ - switch to Preset 1.
  15. If half time and < 2 shots on target for /WoT/ - switch to Preset 2/3 (2 if starting on 3, vice versa).
  16. Turn on Centring Targets if no goals for /WoT/.
  17. Substitutions at approximately 70 minutes, sub non-medals by condition.
  18. If losing at subs time, take a voluntary time out:
  19. >Turn off auto-mentalities
  20. >Go +1 if losing by <=2, otherwise +2
  21. >Turn on double memen
  22. >If on Preset 2, turn on Wing Rotation, otherwise Hug the Touchline
  24. ===SPAGHETTI===
  25. If own goal, sub defender/GK responsible (if possible) and play other team's goalhorn.
  28. ==DED==
  29. Hope for substitutions, otherwise move the injured player to the top-right/bottom-left corner of the map.
  30. If a CB, rearrange the 2 remaining CBs such that the injured CB is the missing middle one. Turn compactness to 6.
  31. If a mid-fielder, narrow the gap between the missing MF, e.g. move a DMF to the centre.
  32. If a striker, push the remaining two to the edge of the box, horizontally in line.
  33. ==RED==
  34. Same as in above sans substitutions.
  36. ===CLOSING===
  37. Just have fun and score goals.
  38. Thank you, streamer.
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