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  1. ->   ? : ?  [List available commands( same as help )]
  2.    abl
  3.       baud : abl baud <baudrate>  [Sets baudrate]
  4.       key : abl key <key code>  [Send the corresponding key]
  5.       mute : abl mute [int|user]  [Sets the internal or user mute]
  6.          get : envswitch AccountId get  [Retrieve AccountId from SystemConfiguration File]
  7.          set : envswitch AccountId set <UUID>  [Put AccountId for new Environment into SystemConfiguration File]
  8.       boseurls
  9.          set : envswitch boseurls set <BoseServerURL> <SoftwareUpdateURL>   [Put new Bose Server Urls into /mnt/nv/OverrideConfigurationEFE.xml]
  10.       newenviron
  11.          activate : envswitch newenviron activate <EnvName> <UserAccountName> <AccountPassword>   [Activate named environment on current server using named account ]
  12.          define : envswitch newenviron define <EnvName> <BoseServerURL> <SoftwareUpdateURL>   [Define a new named environment with Bose Server Urls ]
  13.          select : envswitch newenviron select <EnvName> <ServerUrl> <UserAccountName> <AccountPassword>   [Switch named environment on named account ]
  14.       swupdateurl
  15.          set : envswitch swupdateurl set <URL>  [Put new SwUpdateUrl into /mnt/nv/OverrideConfigurationEFE.xml]
  16.       testenvironments
  17.          get : envswitch testenvironments get   [Get Test Environments List from Marge]
  18.    ext
  19.       conthist : ext conthist  [list of contents]
  20.       info : ext info  [Check Track Info]
  21.       list : ext list [contentid] [start_offset] [count]  [List container of a Upnp Server]
  22.       loglevel : ext loglevel [<level>]  [Set level]
  23.       next : ext next  [Next track]
  24.       pause : ext pause  [Pause]
  25.       play : ext play [contentid] [track|folder]  [Play a track]
  26.       prev : ext prev  [Previous track]
  27.       repeat : ext repeat [on|one|off]  [Set repeat mode]
  28.       select : ext select idx  [select a stored music source]
  29.       server : ext server | ext server server_uuid  [check or set current server]
  30.       servers : ext servers  [List Upnp Servers]
  31.       shuffle : ext shuffle [on|off]  [Set shuffle mode]
  32.       sources : ext sources  [check stored music sources]
  33.       status : ext status  [Check Play Status]
  34.       stop : ext stop  [Stop]
  35.       tracks : ext tracks  [list of play_all tracks]
  36.    force_battery : force_battery  [force a battery device to be created, regardless of variant]
  37.    getpdo : getpdo <pdo_name>  [Get PDO data]
  38.    getpdosize : getpdo [<pdo_name>]  [Get PDO data size in bytes]
  39.    gpio : gpio <number> to read, gpio <number> [on | off] to set  [Read input GPIO value or set GPIO output value]
  40.    help : help  [List available commands( same as ? )]
  41.    ir : ir <cmd> [args]
  42.         echo [on|off] : echo keys to TAP as received; MUST run 'async_responses on' TAP cmd
  43.                          in order to see the output  [IR Device commands]
  44.    key : key [key_value (volume_up, volume_down, preset_1, ..., preset_6  [Simulate a key press and release]
  45.    led
  46.       apsetup : led apsetup  [Set LED for AP Setup mode]
  47.       ethernet : led ethernet connected  [Set LED for ethernet connection]
  48.       intensity : led intensity 0-100 [amber,white]  [Light LED at given intensity]
  49.       update
  50.          downloading : led update downloading  [Set LED for update downloading]
  51.          installing : led update installing  [Set LED for update installing]
  52.       wifi
  53.          connected : led wifi connected  [Set LED for wifi connected while system on]
  54.          connecting : led wifi connecting  [Set LED for wifi connecting while system on]
  55.          disconnected : led wifi disconnected  [Set LED for wifi disconnected while system on]
  56.    lightswitch
  57.       dataitems : lightswitch dataitems  [CLI command to Display LS data items]
  58.       faststatus : lightswitch faststatus  [lightswitch message to get faststatus request from Lisa eg. <lightswitch faststatus >]
  59.       getfile : lightswitch getfile <id>  [lightswitch message to get the file for an id]
  60.       getfileid : lightswitch getfielid <Text>  [CLI command to get file id for a text ]
  61.       getinfo : lightswitch getinfo  [Command to get LS ser no ,software version,  peer address,]
  62.       getstatus : lightswitch getstatus  [lightswitch message to get the status request from Lisa eg. <lightswitch getstatus atmelSoftwareVersion cc2540softVersion serialno>]
  63.       getstoredversions : lightswitch getstoredversions  [Command to get stored software versions of Atmel and CC2540]
  64.       infile : lightswitch infile <FileName>  [Command to test file download ]
  65.       nexttrack : lightswitch nexttrack command  [lightswitch message to play next track]
  66.       playpause : lightswitch playpause command  [lightswitch message to play/pause the station]
  67.       prevtrack : lightswitch prevtrack command  [lightswitch message to play prev track]
  68.       resetfiledownload : lightswitch resetfiledownload true  [CLI command to set downloadbyLS1 field as true/false.If you provide an arg(true) it will set the file downloaded as true otherwise false]
  69.       scmgostandby : lightswitch scmgostandby  [lightswitch CLI message to go scm in network standby]
  70.       selpreset : lightswitch select preset command  [lightswitch message to select prreset]
  71.       setinfo : lightswitch setinfo srno peerAddress softVersion  [Command to set LS ser no ,software version,  peer address,]
  72.       setpreset : lightswitch set preset command  [lightswitch message to set prreset]
  73.       storegbuffer : lightswitch dumpgraphics true/false true/false  [lightswitch CLI command to store graphics icon buffer into a file, pass second arg as true for COMPRESSED or false for UNCOMPRESSED]
  74.       tapcmd : lightswitch tapcmd <tap command>  [lightswitch tap command for local Radio]
  75.       updatecheck : lightswitch updatecheck true/false  [CLI command to check LS update, It need one arg if pass as false, scm will not check LS update. Default scm will check LS update]
  76.       volumechange : lightswitch volumechange  [lightswitch volume change message to increment and decrement the volume by some delta value]
  77.    local_services : local_services on  [turn on local services (persistent)]
  78.    loglevel : loglevel [<level>] or loglevel [<facility> <on|off>]  [Set level, set facility on/off (current status if no args)]
  79.    logread : logread [on | off]  [turn on logread (persistent)]
  80.       flush : logread flush <usb/fs>  [Flushes the contents of logread to USB or File System (/mnt/nv/BoseLog/)]
  81.    net
  82.       analysis : net analysis  [Perform a network analysis]
  83.    pandora
  84.       autocomplete : Pandora autocomplete [<off|on>]  [Disable/enable autocomplete search]
  85.       explain : Pandora explain  [explainTrack]
  86.       inactivity : Pandora inactivity [<time in minutes>]  [Set the inactivity timeout (in minutes)]
  87.       list
  88.          accounts : Pandora list accounts  [List the available accounts]
  89.          stations : Pandora list stations [<maximum stations>]  [List the available stations]
  90.          tracks : Pandora list tracks  [List tracks for current station]
  91.       logout : Pandora logout  [Logout]
  92.       maint : Pandora maint [<off|on>]  [Set the maintenance mode]
  93.       playstation : pandora playstation <station index>  [Play a station]
  94.       rate_enabled : Pandora rate_enabled [<true|false>]  [Set the rate enabled/allowed for the current track]
  95.       rating : Pandora rating [<DOWN|NONE|UP>]  [Set the rating for the current track]
  96.       restrict : Pandora restrict [<off|on>]  [Set the Restriced License mode]
  97.       select
  98.          account : Pandora select [<account id>]  [Select account]
  99.       skipcountreset : Pandora skipcountreset  [Reset skip count for current station]
  100.       thumbs : Pandora thumbs up[down]  [Thumbs up/down]
  101.    remote_services : remote_services on  [turn on remote services (volatile)]
  102.    rtc : rtc  [gettime, getalarm, enablealarm, disablealarm, getwk, read, settime, setalarm yyyy - mm - dd hh : mm : ss, setwk yyyy - mm - dd hh : mm : ss 1( 0 )]
  103.    scm
  104.       exp : scm exp  [scm experiments]
  105.       kill : scm kill  [kill a process]
  106.       list : scm list  [List processes scm manages]
  107.       log
  108.          purge : scm log purge  [purge scm log file]
  109.          read : scm log read  [read back scm log file]
  110.       per : scm per on|off  [turn peripherals on or off]
  111.       restart : scm restart  [restart a process if it is restartable, otherwise, kill the process]
  112.       sim
  113.          amp-fault : scm sim amp-fault  [simulate detected amp-fault condition]
  114.       sleep : scm sleep  [Go to sleep mode]
  115.       start : scm start  [start a process if it is not running, otherwise, no-op]
  116.       wakeup : scm wakeup 0|1  (0--reboot linux; 1-- resume apps)  [set scm wakeup option (experimental)]
  117.    set
  118.       master : set master <IP address>  [Performs a set master call to APServer with master IP as the address]
  119.    swupdate
  120.       abort : swupdate abort  [Abort the software update operation]
  121.       query : swupdate query  [Request the software update server status. Use 'swupdate view' to see the results]
  122.       start : swupdate start  [Start the software update operation]
  123.       view : swupdate view  [Display the current software update status]
  124.    syncout : syncout [<AM-freq> 0|1|2]
  125.             no arg. dumps present value
  126.             0 == North America
  127.             1 == Europe
  128.             2 == Asia
  129.         off - disable SYNC_OUT signal  [Sync_out signal control]
  130.    sys
  131.       auxkey : sys auxkey  [Set the aux button]
  132.       broadcast : sys broadcast  [test broadcast to external clients]
  133.          mode : sys broadcast mode  [test mode broadcast to external clients]
  134.          presets : sys broadcast presets  [send presets to external clients (both UI and Peers)]
  135.          recents : sys broadcast recents (deprecated)  [test recents broadcast to external clients]
  136.       configuration : sys configuration <XMLTag> <Value>  [Dynamically modify the current loaded configuration]
  137.       factorydefault : sys factorydefault  [Reset to Factory Default(It will remove device from Marge, clear the persistence, reset the SMSC cne settings and reboot the system)]
  138.       iconurl : sys iconurl <SoundTouch Source Type name> <url>  [Set source icon url for an STS source]
  139.       list
  140.          sources : sys list sources  [List the current sources]
  141.             pers : sys list sources  [Lists source information from datastore/persistence]
  142.       listdiscdev : sys listdiscdev  [List the devices that have been discovered by UPnP]
  143.       login : sys login pandora [<username> <password>]  [login a source (provide username/password)]
  144.       net
  145.          down : sys net down  [Simulate network down]
  146.          up : sys net up  [Simulate network up]
  147.       next : sys next  [select the next track]
  148.       notify : sys notify  [test notification to other Lisa devices]
  149.       pause : sys pause  [pause the current station]
  150.       play : sys play  [play the current station]
  151.       playpause : sys playpause  [play/pause the current station]
  152.       power : sys power  [issue the power key]
  153.       presetkey : sys presetkey [<number> p|ph] (p=press&release, ph=press&hold)  [Set a preset button]
  154.       prev : sys prev  [select the prev track]
  155.       reboot : sys reboot  [Reboot the system]
  156.       remove : sys remove type name  [Remove a source]
  157.       select : sys select type name  [Change to new source]
  158.       selectslave : sys selectslave  [Send a mesage to SysController to select the slave source]
  159.       set
  160.          language : sys set language [1-n]  [Sets the system language. Displays languages if no parameters specified]
  161.       setup : sys setup  [transition to setup state]
  162.       setupap : sys setupap <enable/disable>  [Set whether setupap mode (auto/off)]
  163.       standby : sys standby [  |lowpower|charging]  [transition to standby, low power standby or to charging standby]
  164.       stop : sys stop  [stop the current station]
  165.       syncmarge : sys syncMarge  [Sync with Marge]
  166.       timeout : sys timeout inactivity seconds|enable|disable or sys timeout onbattery seconds  [Override the default timeout for testing purpose]
  167.       ver : sys ver  [output BoseApp build version]
  168.       volume : sys volume [setvalue updateDisplay]  [set or get the system volume, enable/disable display update]
  169.          down : sys volume down [delta]  [decrease the system volume]
  170.          max : sys volume max [threshold]  [set the system volume max threshold]
  171.          min : sys volume min [threshold]  [set the system volume min threshold]
  172.          mute : sys volume mute (toggle|on|off)  [mute the system volume]
  173.          up : sys volume up [delta]  [increase the system volume]
  174.       zone : sys zone [off|on]  [Set/Get zone state]
  175.    test
  176.       senderrornotify : test sendErrorNotify  [Sends a test error notification message]
  177.    vm
  178.       btest : vm btest [picture]  [Test VM bottom pict]
  179.       btesttext : vm btesttext [text to display]  [Test VM bottom text]
  180.       ftest : vm ftest [picture]  [Test VM full pict]
  181.       lspict : vm lspict [width] [height] [picture_ID]  [Test Light Switch Pict]
  182.       lstext : vm lstext [max font] [min font] [width] [height] [text]  [Test Light Switch Text]
  183.       set
  184.          battery : vm set battery [0-100]  [Set the VM pdo battery level percentage]
  185.       test
  186.          string : vm test string <stringId>  [Test a Multi-language string on the display]
  187.       ttag
  188.          cycletime : vm ttag cycletime <time_in_milliseconds>  [Set the cycle time for displaying ttag data]
  189.       ttest : vm ttest [picture]  [Test VM top pict]
  190.    vtuner
  191.       geturls : vtuner geturls  [display current vtuner urls]
  192.       home : vtuner home  [List the home menu items.  If <printlines> is not given, then the response from vtuner server won't be printed]
  193.       inject
  194.          badtoken : vtuner inject badtoken [<number of command transactions to corrupt>]  [vtuner corrupt command request with un-encrypted token]
  195.          ipaddr : vtuner inject ipaddr [<ip address to inject>] [<number of login transactions with new ip address>]  [vtuner augment login command with alternative ip address]
  196.          logapi : vtuner inject logapi [<number of vTuner responses to send to log>]  [vtuner send dump of vTunerAPI responses to TEST_AUTO port]
  197.          naverr : vtuner inject naverr [<number of nav errors>]  [set vtuner navigation error count]
  198.          playurl : vtuner setplayurl [<play url>] [<number of set requests to modify, -1 = forever>]  [vtuner override play url returned from vtuner]
  199.          protohint : vtuner setprotohint [<ptoto hint>] [<number of set requests to modify, -1 = forever>]  [vtuner override proto hint returned from vtuner]
  200.          srchlang : vtuner inject srchlang [<ISO language code>] [<number of search requests to modify>]  [vtuner augment search request to use spelling specified by language code]
  201.       list
  202.          dir : vtuner list dir [<printlines>]  [list current vtuner directory.  If <printlines> is given, then only specified # of lines will be printed]
  203.          station : vtuner list station  [list current vtuner station info]
  204.       localebackupurl : vtuner localebackupurl [<url>]  [set or get (no argument gets) vtuner locale backup url]
  205.       localeurl : vtuner localeurl [<url>]  [set or get (no argument gets) vtuner locale primary url]
  206.       location : vtuner location  [set or get (no argument gets) vtuner location to use for the solr search]
  207.       loginbackupurl : vtuner loginbackupurl [<url>]  [set or get (no argument gets) vtuner login backup url]
  208.       loginurl : vtuner loginurl [<url>]  [set or get (no argument gets) vtuner login primary url]
  209.       logout : vtuner logout  [logout of vtuner server]
  210.       open : vtuner open <index_num>/previous [<printlines>/all]  [Open an entry of current directory, or open 'home', or open 'previous'.  If <printlines> is not given, then the response from vtuner server won't be printed]
  211.       predictivesearchurl : vtuner prectivesearchurl [<url>]  [set or get (no argument gets) vtuner predictive search primary url]
  212.       previous : vtuner previous  [List the previous menu items.]
  213.       search : vtuner search  [search vtuner stations]
  214.       searchbackupurl : vtuner searchbackupurl [<url>]  [set or get (no argument gets) vtuner search backup url]
  215.       searchurl : vtuner searchurl [<url>]  [set or get (no argument gets) vtuner search primary url]
  216.       solrsearchurl : vtuner solrsearchurl [<url>]  [set or get (no argument gets) vtuner solr search url]
  217.       status : vtuner status  [show vtuner current station playback status]
  218.       usesolrsearch : vtuner usesolrsearch  [set or get (no argument gets) vtuner flag to force use of the solr search]
  219.    webserver
  220.       clients  [Lists all connected clients via websockets]
  221.       details  [Lists all connected clients via websockets and all stats associated]
  222.       devicelist  [List all discovered devices]
  223.       reqhist  [Lists all last 100 requests]
  224.       resphist  [Lists all last 100 responses]
  225.       stats  [List all information regarding transactions going through webserver]
  226.    ws
  227.       acctmode
  228.          get : ws AcctMode get  [get AcctMode]
  229.          set : ws AcctMode set <MODE>  [set a new AcctMode]
  230.       addpreset : ws AddPreset <SOURCE> <LOCATION> <LABEL> <SOURCEACCOUNT> <PRESETID>  [NB: label may be quoted with " characters]
  231.       getdeviceinfo : ws GetDeviceInfo
  232.       getpresets : ws GetPresets  [get presets]
  233.       pairdevicewithmargeaccount : ws PairDeviceWithMargeAccount MARGEMAIL MARGEUUID PASSWORD
  234.       removepreset : ws RemovePreset <PRESETID>  [remove a preset]
  235.       renamedevice : ws RenameDevice NEWDEVICENAME
  236.       unpairdevicewithmargeaccount : ws UnPairDeviceWithMargeAccount
  237. ->
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