Walnut - Hollow: A Moth Pony RPG (WIP)

Jan 22nd, 2014
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  1. INTRODUCTION - The Moth & The Zebra
  3. Part 1-A
  5. >Her movements were slow, and sluggish as she started to stand back on her hooves.
  6. >Breathing heavily Hexferry couldn't believe how much of a chase the beeponies gave her after getting a fresh taste of their new type of honey.
  7. >Licking her lips, and looking around Hexferry had no idea where she ended up at after being chased. She knew she was in a deep dark rotted forest.
  8. >Trotting up to a tree that was deceased, and blackened Hexferry lifted up her hoof to feel it's rough exterior.
  9. >Pausing a thought slowly started to form in her mind where she was, but was interrupted with a loud groan that filled the air and made her squeak in fear.
  10. >Turning around Hexferry didn't see anypony around before the groan was let out again.
  11. >Thinking it was about time for her to go Hexferry took a simple hoof step forward before falling down on her face.
  12. >Lifting her face up Hexferry let out a huff of air in anger before hearing the groan again, and seeing a grey cloak from behind a tree across from her.
  13. >Getting off her ass to check it out Hexferry trotted over to the tree slowly, and taking a look behind it.
  14. >Lying down on the ground infront of her was a pony dressed in a long grey cloak.
  15. >Pausing Hexferry had no idea why a random pony would be passed out in the middle of a forest, but she knew she couldn't just leave them there
  16. >Lifting up the cloaked pony, and placing them on her shoulders Hexferry knew it was going to be a long trot back to her home.
  17. >Looking at the pony's face before trotting Hexferry could see that the pony was...
  19. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  20. Part 2-A
  22. Race: Zebra
  23. Gender: Male
  24. Ability: Wild Story Teller (This will not kick in until B Support with a party member is unlocked.)
  25. (Add on ending added.)
  27. >You felt sick as you opened up your eyes to stare at a log cabin ceiling.
  28. >Lifting yourself up and looking down you soon found yourself perfectly tucked inside a comfortable bed with imperial blue sheets.
  29. >Letting out several groans your head started to pound in pain as you tried to think about where you were, and who you were.
  30. >Coming up with no results you came to realize a large chunk of your memory was missing.
  31. >Shaking your head you then tossed the blanks on you off to the side before hopping out the bed bent on finding out where you were.
  32. >Looking around the room you were in it looked as if you were placed inside some kind of guest room with a drawer with amirror attached to it, and bed being the only furniture in it.
  33. >Trotting over to the mirror you got a good look at yourself, but found nonething of interest as you were a you zebra wearing a grey cloak.
  34. >Walking away from the mirror, and exiting the front door of the guest room you entered into a long wooden hallway that was almost barren with the exception of a beautiful painting of a young moth pony with crystal clear blue eyes, blonde mane, and dark grey coat.
  35. >Looking to the left side of the hallway you could see it lead into what appeared to be a living room ad you could see the end of a grey couch peaking around the corner.
  36. >To the right of the hallway you could see it lead down to another hallway, and most likely the entrance the house.
  37. >Wanting to find out where you were by heading outside you trotted to the right of your hallway, and down the other one to arrive at the front door of the cabin.
  38. >Opening the door up you then exited the cabin, and stepped outside onto the wooden porch of the cabin that held two white rocking chairs there, and in the middle of a clear field with a small path way that lead to a small mailbox in the distance.
  39. >Looking up the sky you could see clearly that it was afternoon as the sun held its place in the middle of the sky, and the blue skies looking like a ocean.
  40. >Stepping off the porch you then started to hear the weird sounds of a mare humming which made you look all around your location before you realized it was coming from the side of the cabin.
  41. >Trotting to the side of the cabin and peering over you could see a small tree to the side of the house with the mare from the painting you saw sitting underneath it reading a book, and humming a jolly song.
  42. >Biting the bottom of your lip you thought it was kinda weird for you to be watching the mare from a distance.
  43. >Letting out a few coughs to clear out your throat you then called out to the mare saying "Excuse me. Miss.". Which caught her attention fast.
  44. >Looking over at you the mare raised an eyebrow with an expression of shock spreading across her face as she realized you were watching her from a distance.
  45. >Closing the book and saying "Oh your awake." The mare moth pony got up from her spot, and started trotting to you casually asking if you were alright.
  46. >Pausing at the question "Are you alright?" You didn't know how to respond to that as the mare arrived in front of you. Going " Yes. I'm fine." you then tried to question her with "Who she was?", and "Where were you at?" But was instead interrupted by her asking you more questions asking "Who were you?", and "Why were you passed out in the middle of a forest.".
  47. >Saying "Um.." you had no idea to respond to the questions she threw at you as you couldn't remember your name or anything before that.
  48. >Letting out a huff of air the mare went to ask you again if you were alright, and you responding the same way before and adding on that you are having issues with your memories.
  49. >Tilting her head Hexferry then asked you "If you had any memories?", and you simply saying "No.".
  50. >Becoming quite for awhile you tried to think about your situation. You were found by a moth pony, woke up in her cabin, and from what she told you she found you passed out in a forest.
  51. >Saying "Thank you." to Hexferry for taking you back to her home, you knew it was about tine for you to go as just from the questions Hexferry asked you she knew nothing about you, and that it would be useless to hang around her.
  52. >Turning around to trot away from Hexferry you were soon stopped by her placing one of her hooves on your shoulder telling you to hold on.
  53. >Going "Uh?", and turning back to Hexferry she asked you "Where were you going?", and just shrugging & saying "To try and go find a nearby pony village to see if they know me.".
  54. >Putting on a frown Hexferry then went on to say "Well...That's kinda dangerious on your own don't you think?" , and you just shrugging again as you didn't know how dangerous it was.
  55. >Letting out a huff of air Hexferry then continued talking by saying "You have no memory, and are trying to find a nearby village without knowing where to go. That's extremely stupid thing to do without any help don't you think?".
  56. >Nodding your head you knew Hexferry was right. Then asking Hexferry if she would help you locate the nearest village so you could get out of her hair, and if could find anypony that knew you she simply replied "Sure why not. I already helped you once already Zebra.".
  57. (Congratulations Hexferry has been added into your party.)
  58. (Note: Any party member that dies in any scenario in the story will be eliminated from the story permanently)
  60. Stats:
  61. Unknown Lvl.1
  62. HP: 150/150, MP: 45/45
  63. Str: 15, Def: 7, Mag:15
  64. Item:
  65. Bronze Sword (7 Damage)
  66. Basic Burn Spell Book (5MP, 5 Damage)
  68. Hexferry Lvl.1
  69. HP: 100/100, MP: 75/75
  70. Str: 8, Def: 13, Mag: 28
  71. Item:
  72. Healers Staff (+19 HP)
  73. Hex Ferried(10MP, 25 Damage)
  75. (You can now have Support conversations with party members.) (Having support conversations with characters increases your relationship with them. You are only permitted one S support with one character.)
  76. (Support conversations are unlocked every 2 story updates.)
  77. (You can now have C Support with Hexferry.)
  79. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  80. CHAPTER 1 - Vail Village & A Moth Named Actias
  81. Part 1-B
  83. C Support Hexferry has been choosen.
  85. >Heading to Vail Village with Hexferry beside you, and the once beautiful sky going from blue to black both of you come to a stop after spotting a small wooden inn.
  86. >Thinking it would be a could idea to rest there you, and Hexferry walk in greeted by the innkeeper a old snow white moth pony who stared at you & Hexferry.
  87. >"Well this is new. Its rare to see a Zebra & Moth pony together, but I don't understand you interracial kids today." The innkeeper said to the both of you just blinking. Turning to Hexferry she held a dissatisfied look on her face from what the innkeeper said.
  88. >Yelling at the old man Hexferry simply ordered a room for you and her to stay in for the night. Paying 5 bits.
  89. >The old innkeeper instead offered her a cheaper deal for 3 bits.
  90. >Taking it Hexferry, and you were escorted down a long hallway passing several doors before arriving inside a beautiful velvet room with one bed that looked too expensive just for 3 bits.
  91. >The innkeeper putting on a smile then said "This is the room you paid for Mrs." before Hexferry interrupted him asking about your room.
  92. >Pausing the innkeeper then opened his mouth saying "This is also his room as well. You payed for the lovers suite.". Right before closing the door and locking it.
  93. >Angry Hexferry rushed to the door, and started banging on it in anger with you just watching.
  94. > After a long while of watching Hexferry continually bang on the door you set down all of your gear, and went to lie down on the soft bed.
  95. >Finally telling Hexferry to just give up you could see the anger in her eyes as she turned to you.
  96. >Then puffing out a sigh of air she went over to the bed, and just plopped down telling you to stay on your side & if you move any closer to her she will make you regret being found by her.
  97. >Complying you simply stayed on your side. But before going to sleep you thanked Hexferry for getting you a room, and traveling with you to Vail Villiage.
  98. >Turning over to face Hexferry in the bed you put on a smile towards her before she faced away from you saying "Whatever", and falling asleep. Then closing your eyes you fell asleep.
  99. >Waking up the next morning you smelt a weird honey aroma come from in front you. Opening your eyes you found Hexferry peacefully asleep on pillow you laid on.
  100. >Just looking at Hexferry she looked adorable underneath you making you blush as she started to frown in her sleep making you want to pull her closer to you, but would wake her up in the process.
  101. >Staring at Hexferry you started to wonder how she got underneath you. But cane to a realization that Hexferry moves around in her sleep as she raised up a hoof that punched you right in your face.
  103. Unknown as unlocked C Support with Hexferry.
  104. B Support can be unlocked at a later point.
  106. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  107. Part 2-B
  109. >Arriving at Vail Village which was a small town with brick homes, and wooden shops set up outside. You & Hexferry had no idea where to begin your search.
  110. >Trotting down a dirt path in the village where vendors kept trying to sell you, and Hexferry some items you started to get this weird sensation of being watched. Looking behind you however you didn't see anypony suspicious watching you.
  111. >Moving into a large crowd of moth ponies in the center of town with music playing the feeling then faded away with Hexferry stopping for no reason in front of you.
  112. >Looking left and right you could the ponies in the crowd stomp their hooves on the ground in some kind of celebration with them cheering something on, and Hexferry joining in.
  113. >Looking pass Hexferries head, and dead center you could see 6 moth ponies in some kind of dance as they were twirling about the center in public next to a band.
  114. >Pausing you had no fucking idea what was going on, and tried to budge Hexferry to go, but wouldn't move from her spot and who ignored you.
  115. >Letting out a sigh you thought it would be best to wait everything out and exited the crowd to take a seat near a neighboring bench.
  116. >Minutes then passed before the crowd finally dispersed and you looking all around for Hexferry who had disappeared. Hopping up off the bench you approached a female moth pony who was standing next to you, and Hexferry at the time to ask her if they have seen her.
  117. >In response the mare said that she saw Hexferry leave with two bee ponies, and a pony that looked like you on the opposite side of the crowd.
  118. >Hearing her say that you then asked her where did they go, and she then pointed to a bar across from where the both of you stood. Thanking her you then rushed over to the bar swinging open the front door, and closing entering a very dimly lit bar with luxurious purple seats, and wooden tables.
  119. >Looking around the bar all you saw was a mix of pony breeds sitting down drinking including a few zebras.
  120. >Approaching the bar you asked the bar keeper a old grey Pegasus if he had seen a pony like you around with two bee ponies, and a moth pony.
  121. >Nodding his head yes he said in a old worn out voice that he saw the ponies you were talking about just exit through the back to an alleyway of town.
  122. > Saying "Thank you" you then headed to the back of the bar to a wooden door where you began to hear shouting between two male voices, and Hexferry.
  123. >Bracing yourself you then went full force out the door ramming into a puff of fluff that you landed on top of.
  124. >Looking down you found yourself on top of Hexferry who held her staff between her mouth, and who had a look of anger directed at ulyou for landing on her.
  125. >Getting up off of Hexferry you quickly reached into your bag, and drew out your Bronze sword in your mouth, and faced two bee ponies who were wearing some steel armor, and steel rapiers in their mouths.
  126. >Looking behind them you could see a zebra who looked exactly like you with the exception of having red eyes.
  127. >Taking a step back one of the bee ponies said to the zebra copy cat of you "Step back our dearest heirophent. We will deal with it, and that unholy moth pony.".
  128. >Putting on a smile however the zebra that they called their Heirophent walked passed them approaching you with Hexferry squeaking at you to do something.
  129. >Freezing up as the their Heirophent got up close to your face they then leaned in, and whispered into your ear "We are here. So rot.".
  130. >And with that you started to feel your weapon begin to change in your mouth making you drop it, and jump back away from the pony as the bronze sword completely became pitch black, and the metal twisted.
  131. >Then kicking over to you the Heirophent said "This blade will serve you well. Now what are you going to do my child.?"
  132. (Congratulation you have received The Blade of The Heirophent).
  133. >Looking down at it you, you picked it up with the two bee ponies behind the Heirophent approaching you.
  134. >You now had several choices to make.
  136. (Every choice yoy make from now on except Supports gives you experience)
  138. >Stay & Fight (35000Xp) (1% Chance of winning against Lvl.59 Bee Ponies)
  139. >Yell for help. (25XP) (100% Chance)
  140. >Run Away & Leave Hexferry (0Xp) (75% Chance)(Hinders Support Conversation)
  141. >Stay and let Hexferry run away.(45Xp) (50% Chance.)(
  142. >Run away with Hexferry. (50Xp) (100% Chance)(Increases support conversation arrival.)
  144. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  145. Part 3-B
  147. The choice to run away with Hexferry has been choosen.
  149. >Holding The Blade of The Heirophent, and looking at the Zebra in front of you & the two bee ponies behind him you began to choke as your knew your odds to beat them was slim.
  150. >Then glancing over at Hexferry who was ready to fight you started to become scared if she fought, and became seriously injured.
  151. >Having your fear built up you decided to take the one action appropriate to the situation.
  152. >Turning to your side with your blade in your mouth you threw it towards the Heirophent, and the two bee guards making them jump back. (The blade landed near the exit of the alley way.)
  153. >Then casting your burn spell you shot a small fireball at the bee ponies making them roll to the side to dodge clearing a path.
  154. >Then grabbing Hexferry by her fluff you yanked he forward telling her to run, and she did with you right behind her grabbing your new blade.
  155. >Exiting out the alley you, and Hexferry took off running not looking back to see if the Bee Ponies, & Zebra gave chase.
  157. Congratulations you have gained 50 XP.
  159. LVL UP - 150 XP till next level up.
  161. Unlocks:
  162. Special Attack - Honey Drop (Requires Hexferry in party.) (Hexferry is able to swipe the enemy's weapon and use it against them.)
  164. Stats:
  165. Unknown Lvl.2
  166. HP: 156/156, MP: 75/75
  167. Str: 17, Def: 10, Mag:16
  168. Item:
  169. The Sword Of The Hierophant (10 Damage)(For every bad choice made in the story the blades power increases by 5 attack.
  170. Opens up corrupt choices in the story after B Support with a character is unlocked. Creates Rot Support Conversations within the story. Rot Support disappears upon S support.)
  171. Basic Burn Spell (5MP, 5 Damage)
  173. Hexferry Lvl.2/C-Support
  174. HP: 130/130, MP: 99/99
  175. Str: 12, Def: 20, Mag: 43
  176. Item:
  177. Healers Staff (+19 HP)
  178. Hex Ferried(10MP, 25 Damage)
  180. >Minutes passed after you, and Hexferry finally stopped running arriving inside a park stopping underneath a large oak tree that provided shading.
  181. >Out of breath you, and Hexferry were tired as you must have finally escaped the Hierophant, and the bee ponies.
  182. >Turning to Hexferry you tried to ask if she was alright, but looking her in the eyes you could see that there was anger in her eyes.
  183. >Opening her mouth Hexferry asked you why did you run away when you, and her could have taken them.But you couldn't get a word out as their was various reasons for you to run away.
  184. >Pausing for a few seconds you retaliated by asking her why did she go with the both of them.
  185. >Looking at you Hexferry simply said that she was tricked by that Zebra.
  186. >Letting out a sigh of air you now have to decide what to do in Vail Village as you still need to find out if anypony knows you.
  187. (B Support Hexferry has been unlocked.)
  188. (C Support Rot has been unlocked.)
  190. (Choices...) (A new party member will be added based on choice in the main story.)
  192. Support Choices Available:
  194. B Support Hexferry (Relationship +1)
  195. C Support Rot
  196. (All Relationships -1)
  198. Story Choices Available:
  200. Go to the Center of Town
  201. Stay in the Park
  202. Go to the Market
  204. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  205. Part 4-B
  207. B Support Hexferry has been chosen.
  209. Stay in the park has been chosen.
  211. >Letting out a huff of air you decided to stay in the park to look for a pony that knew.
  212. >Then telling Hexferry about your plans she agreed, but made the suggestion that the both of you take a break from zipping around.
  213. >Nodding at what Hexferry said you then sat down underneath the oak tree near you with Hexferry joining.
  214. >Then looking over at Hexferry you could see her pullout a small book from her bag, and immediately she her flip to a mark page & reading it.
  215. >Curious at what she was reading you slowly started tilting your head towards her trying to catch a glimpse at what the book said.
  216. >Looking over at you Hexferry asked you what was wrong. Responding "Nothing." Hexferry started giving you her angry stare that made you freeze up, and blurt out to her that you were interested in the book she was reading.
  217. >Looking down at the book, and back at you Hexferry said if you were only intrigued by the book all you had to do was ask her to let you see it.
  218. >Then hovering over the book to you, you started to read a small section of it to yourself.
  220. "Shaken from his near death experience Windshire looked over at his Unicorn love Theisos who grabbed him by his head using her hooves, and laid his head in her lap as a sign to tell him that it was okay, and his ordeal was now over."
  222. >Putting on a grin you started to chuckle at the thought of tough looking Hexferry reading these kinds of books.
  223. >Looking at you strangely Hexferry asked you what was funny. Responding to her you then made up a lie not to say you were laughing at her, but laughing at the book.
  224. >Then yanking the book away from you Hexferry started reading the same part that you read, and when she was done let out a angry squeak at you before yelling at you that part of the book was the most heart warming of it all as The Protagonist just escaped near death from his own father who tried to kill him to stop a war, and his love comforting him.
  225. >Not saying a word for awhile Hexferry turned away from, and went back to reading her book in private.
  226. >Minutes then passed by before you apologized to Hexferry for laughing at her book. Then looking over at you Hexferry accepted your apology with her trying to say something, but no words coming out her mouth.
  227. >Simply saying it was okay & you forgave her, Hexferry surprised you by grabbing you by your head using her hooves, and pulling down into her lap.
  228. >Blushing you looked up at Hexferry who had her head turned away from you saying "Here's your apology from me yelling at you over a stupid book. So don't say anything about it okay.".
  229. >Saying "Okay." you then turned away from facing Hexferry to look at the park.
  230. >Lying in Hexferry's lap and watching the park you started to feel a emotion of serenity overtake you before you fell asleep with Hexferry humming the same song when you first met her.
  232. Congratulations Unknown has unlocked B Support with Hexferry.
  233. A Support can chosen at a later point.
  235. Congratulations B Support has been reached. Wild Storyteller Perk Enabled. Alternate Endings Enabled.(Choosing Alt. Endings end the story permanently, and you will not be able to do the True Ending + Add On)
  237. Congratulations B Support has been reached. Corrupt Choices have been Unlocked.
  239. >Waking up in Hexferry's lap you then lifted up with Hexferry still reading her book.
  240. >Looking up at the sky could see it was now High Afternoon in the park, and you weren't asleep for long.
  241. >Telling Hexferry its about time for you two to go she nodded her head, and shoved her book into her bag.
  242. >Getting up off the ground you, and Hexferry began to search for somepony knowning you.
  243. >Going through 3 couples, 3 joggers, and 1 bystander you, and Hexferry didn't run into anypony that knew you.
  244. >Thinking back through your travel through Vail Village the only pony that seemed to know you was that creepy Heirophent zebra, but there was no way in hell you were going to go in search of him.
  245. >Pausing at what do now you started to have that weird feeling of being watch like when you first entered.
  246. >Turning around this time you were greeted by a mysterious green maned mare moth pony wearing a fox mask, & a sheathed katana to her side.
  247. >Whisteling to Hexferry she turned around in time to watch the mare moth somehow summon two black creatures from the ground that took on twisted forms of moth ponies.
  248. >Taking a step back you drew out The Blade of The Heirophent while Hexferry took out her staff with the masked mare moth pony staring.
  250. (Unknown has encountered ??? Moth Pony Lvl.2)
  251. (Unknown has encountered 2x Shadows Lvl.1).
  253. >Having the feeling you could take them you charged towards them with your blade.
  254. >Swinging your blade at one of the shadows you missed while the second Shadow sent out a spike from it's body that took of the top of your ear.(19 Damage)
  255. >Jumping back Hexferry then released her attack Hex Ferried swinging a large slash of air out of her staff, and at the second Shadow that attacked you(25 Damage).
  256. >Looking at the second shadow after Hexferry's attack it let out a large blood curdling scream before dissolving into black gooze.
  257. >Focusing your attention back on the first shadow you tried to attack you swung your sword at it once more cutting it in half (10 Damage).
  258. >With the Shadow you fought cut in half the upper body of it then let out a blood curtling scream before dissolving into black gooze.
  259. >Now with the two minions eliminated you focused your attention on the masked mare.
  260. >Readying your blade the masked moth then took off her mask throwing it to the side, and drew a white katana from the sheath.
  261. >Taking a breathe you & the mare moth pony charged at each other with Hexferry Ferry on stand by.
  262. >Clashing blades with each other, and coming face to face with each other you were able to get a good look at the mare, and something felt incredibly wrong.
  263. >Pushing forward against the mare using all your strength you were able to knock the mares blade out of her mouth, and allowed Hexferry to fly in & catch it.
  264. >Then holding your blade up to the disarmed mare you began to ask her who she was? Why was she following you? And what the fuck was those creatures she summoned.?
  265. >But all she did was let out a laugh before speaking in the same exact voice of the The Heirophent that you encountered earlier "You didn't travel far did you when you ran away? But you were able to defeat Actias of the Order. I wish to talk more, but I must take my leave.".
  266. >And with that you then watched some black gooze leak out the mares ears to the ground before she lost consciousness.
  267. >Dropping your blade you then tried to catch her, but failed as the mare weighed a lot more than you expected, making you fall to the ground with her on top of you.
  269. Congratulations on winning.
  270. You have gained 200xp.
  272. Items gained:
  273. 300 Equestrian Bits (Can be used at Shop Feature for goodies for party members)
  274. Healers Sword (Can deal 7 Damage, or Heal 19 HP)(Hexferry Only)
  276. Lvl Up:
  277. Unlocks:
  278. Innocent Sin(Unknown Only) (The Blade of The Heirophent Only) - Unknown is able to to create a cloud of darkness around him & his enemy to get the upper hand.
  280. Stats:
  281. Unknown Lvl.3
  282. HP: 175/175, MP: 85/85
  283. Str: 20, Def: 14, Mag:19
  284. Item:
  285. The Blade Of The Heirophent(10 Damage)(For every bad choice made in the story the blades power increases by 5 attack.)
  286. Basic Burn Spell (5MP, 5 Damage)
  288. Hexferry Lvl.3/B-Support
  289. HP: 150/150, MP:120/120
  290. Str: 14, Def: 25, Mag: 52
  291. Item:
  292. Healers Staff (+19 HP)
  293. Hex Ferried(10MP, 25 Damage)
  294. Healers Sword (Do 7 Damage, or +19 HP)
  296. You need 350xp until next level.
  298. >Crawling out from underneath the mare named Actias with the help of Hexferry you now had several options on what to do with her, and what to do now.
  300. (Choices are critical to the story later be wise in choosing.)
  302. 1)Leave the mare here by herself unconscious, and try to figure out who is The Heirophent is.
  304. 2)Take this mare to safety, and find out if she knows when she comes to.
  306. 3)Kill her for trying to kill you & Hexferry, and continue on your way.
  308. 4)Leave the mare by herself unconscious, and be on your way.
  310. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  311. Part 5-B
  313. The choice to save the mare has been chosen.
  315. (Shop is available at the end.)
  317. >Looking at over at Hexferry you knew there was no way you could leave her here, or end her life as she was somehow manipulated by that Heirophent pony, & possibly knew something about you.
  318. >Talking to Hexferry about getting the mare to safety she agreed, and the both of you lifted her up & trotted to a local inn where you rented a room to stay in.
  319. >Placing the mare down on the bed you wondered on how long she was going to be out.
  320. >Then letting out a sigh, Hexferry told you that she was going to leave to go out, and bring back something to eat.
  321. >Wanting to object at first with her going out by herself, you backed down scared at how she would react to you telling her what to do.
  322. >Then Hexferry opening the door to the room to leave, you told her to be careful which she replied with "Pffftt...Like I'm never careful." before exiting & closing the door behind her.
  323. >Minutes then passed by as you sat in the watching the sleeping mare, and the room door for Hexferry. Glancing at the sleeping mare she looked beautiful like Hexferry when you two stayed at that inn on your way to Vail Villiage the other day.
  324. >Seeing her lips move she started to say something that you couldn't make out. Leaning in closer to her lips you tried to listen to what she said, but felt the hooves of the mare wrap around your neck pulling you into the fluff of her chest.
  325. >Barely breathing inside her fluff you somehow managed to find the strength to break free from her grip that sent flying off the bed.
  326. >Landing on your bum hard you then watched the mare started to kick her right leg in the air saying outloud "Oh Master Granite...your such a old perv. Doing this to me Grand Master Tarkins Office.".
  327. >Getting tired of the mare, and her almost killing you I'm her sleep you had several choices to make...
  329. 1)Leave the room to find Hexferry to help get the mare up.
  330. 2)Wake the mare up from her perverted dream by yourself.
  331. 3)Kill her.
  332. 4)Do nothing.
  334. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  335. Part 6-B
  337. The Nips Picks Shop
  338. Unknown's Party Has 300 Equestrian Bits.
  340. Goodies Available:
  341. (More items will be unlocked as the story progress.)
  343. All Female Party Members Swim Wear - 50 Bits [All female members in the party will wear swim wear throughout the story, and it will be referenced all story.]
  344. (Hexferry for an example will wear a one piece swimsuit, and be commented on it.)
  346. All Male Party Members Swim Wear - 60 Bits
  347. [All male party members will wear swim wear] (Example: Unknown will wear swimming trunks.)
  349. Hollow: A Moth Pony RPG: Another Side Another Story - 300 Bits. (Pauses this story to play a 6 part Prequel to the main story were players play as a bee pony named William assigned to guard The Heirophent. )
  351. Hollow: A Moth Pony RPG: Heirophents Story - 7500 Bits (Pauses this story, and players are given the chance to play a 12 parter where the player plays as The Heirophent.)
  353. Hollow: A Moth Pony RPG: Character Chronicals - 10000 Bits (Players play several small stories of all the recruitable party members during their adventures 1 week before the start of the main story.)
  355. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  356. Part 7-B
  358. All Female Swim Wear has been bought & equipped: You 240 Equestrian Bits left for the next shop.
  360. Wake The Mare has been choosen.
  362. >Groaning in anger at the moth on the bed you thought it was about time to get her up.
  363. >Trotting close to her, but out of her hoof reach you started poking her in the face with your hooves, and her replying in her sleep "No Master Granite not in the face.'.
  364. >Not taking a moment to think about it, you kept poking her in the face until she started opening & closing her eyes.
  365. >Letting out a few groans she then looked at you for a moment before turning away from you in the bed saying "Oh look a Zebra inside The Temple of The Queen."
  366. >Waiting a moment..the mare then jumped out from the bed, and landed on the floor of the room perfectly. Turning to you she then tried to reach for her side where her katana had previously been before you confiscated it while she was asleep & put it in your bag.
  367. >Staring at her, & her staring at you with anger in her eyes you simply waved your hoof at her before saying "Hi".
  368. >Not taking your introduction as friendly the moth mare started yelling questions at you such as "Where am I? Who are you? Where's my weapon? Where's William? Where's my brother? And why am I not at the temple!?!".
  369. >Pausing you didn't know if she was serious in her questioning you when you held all the cards, but going along with it you said "You're at a inn. Me & my friend Hexferry are the ones kinda saved your life. Your weapons in my bag. I have zero idea who William is. I don't know anything about your brother. And I have no idea what temple you are talking about.".
  370. >Glaring at you, you were pretty sure that the moth didn't believe a single word that you said, and that if you were to look away from her just for a second she would escape out the door & you will lose your chance to get information about that Heirophent, and yourself.
  371. >Taking a few steps back you automatically thought of a crazy idea to get the mare moth to trust you.
  372. >Reaching into your bag you then pulled out her katana in its sheath, and threw it on the bed.
  373. >Glaring at the katana then you the mare raised an eyebrow at what you were doing. Carefully she trotted slowly to the bed before stopping in front of it.
  374. >Staring at the katana then you she asked what you were doing by giving her, her weapon? Letting out a sigh you replied "Trying to get you to believe in everything I say a little, and ask you a few questions.".
  375. >Looking away from you just for a few seconds she then asked you "What kind of questions?". Thinking about it there were kinda a lot of questions you had to ask her, but the one you thought to be most appropriate would be "Who was she?".
  376. >Asking that question the mare replied "I'm Actias of the Order. Older sister to Acteus the Speaker". Nodding your head you knew officially that her name was Actias. Looking you in the eyes, Actias then asked you who you were.
  377. >Not saying a word to her...for the longest time you had no name given to you by Hexferry, yourself, or anypony, you were just unknown to everypony.
  378. >Opening your mouth you went on to say "I don't remember my name, and nopony I have ever met so far knows my name so I guess don't have a name really.".
  379. >Raising an eyebrow Actias went on to apologize for asking the question without knowning you knowning your name.
  380. >Saying "It was alright" you went on to ask Actias "Where she was from? What was The Order? And who was this William she talked about?"
  381. >Relaxing her shoulders Actias sat herself down on the bed still watching you saying "Considering most ponies no longer take interest in our affairs anymore it's not surprising you don't know what The Order is.".
  382. "The Order is a large group of ponies dedicated to the teachings of the long forgotten Moth Pony Queen, and guardians to the world from the spreadment of rot after the defeat of It."
  383. >Saying "Rot?" Actias went on to say "Yes, rot. The corrupt version of life that decays, and eats whatever it comes in contact with. It once almost left the world in ruin till the Moth Queen defeated "it" the original creator of rot."
  384. >Going "Uh-huh" you started to think about your fight with Actias where she summoned those two black creatures that decayed after you killed them, and that Heirophent & how they came up to you just to say "We are here, so rot." & transforming your bronze sword into a different weapon.
  385. >Putting the information together a thought appeared in your mind that the Heirophent with the bee ponies was the creature Actias called it.
  386. >Looking at Actias who was answering your question about who William was. Actias said that William was a bee pony who she came in contact with during a investigation she was doing about the appearance rot in a forest, and that William was looking for a dear friend of his that his hive took away.
  387. >Looking down then up at Actias checking out her slender body you had to ask her what was the last thing she remembered before being woken up by you.
  388. >Thinking about it, and placing her hoof on her chin Actias said "I remember fighting some bee ponies on my way back to the temple after wishing William good luck in his search in the forest after finding some traces of rot. And then right after I got out the forest a large magical blast went off in the heart of the forest making me turn around."
  389. >"And what happened after you turned around?" You asked her.
  390. >Continuing Actias said "When I got to the center I remember running into a cloaked zebra who was unconscious on the ground.".
  391. >Then for some reason after hearing Actias said she found a unconscious zebra you felt your heart sink, and a uneasy feeling overtake you.
  392. "I then remember approaching him, and asking him if he was okay. He put on a smirk and after that nothing until you woke me up" Actias said finishing.
  393. >Trying to shake off the uneasiness from what she said Actias asked you on how you came across her, & what was she doing?
  394. >Opening your mouth you told her the truth about how she attacked you & Hexferry both in the park, and how she was able to summon two monsters out of nowhere.
  395. >Raising both her eyebrows, and putting on a expression of shock she apologized to you for attacking you, but questioned you on these creatures she summoned.
  396. >Going into detail about them Actias mouth dropped before she closed it, and she started mummering something to herself.
  397. >Then hearing some knocks come from the room you turn your head to see it open, and Hexferry walk in wearing a school swimsuit that was pressed up against her coat, and a white plastic bag full of wrapped sandwiches.
  398. >Looking at you, and Actias, Hexferry looked surprise to see Actias awake & sitting on the bed.
  399. >Trotting up to Hexferry you thanked her for personally getting the food, and asked Actias if she would like to eat.
  400. >She shook her head "yes.".
  401. >The next few minutes of eating your sandwich with Hexferry, and Actias, you explained to Hexferry everything you & Actias talked about so far including her being from a Temple that fights something known as "rot" in the world.
  402. >Finishing your food you started to wait for Hexferry and Actias to start a friendly conversation with each other, but instead was left with a awkward silence between the two.
  403. >Finishing her sandwich Actias once again apologized to you for attacking you, and Hexferry before giving you a kiss on the cheek for not killing her.
  404. >Blushing from Actias kiss Hexferry made a scrunchy face at you that made you quit blushing.
  405. >Saying it was no problem. Actias then thanked Hexferry for the sandwiches she brought back to the inn for all three of you to enjoy.
  406. >Saying "Whatever" Hexferry rolled her eyes as Actias then told you her plan of her going back to her Temple as she has been gone for a unknown amount of time, and probably have everypony there in a frenzy.
  407. >Telling her to wait you then adviced her not to go as it was going to be dark outside in a few hours, and that the roads were more dangerous at night.
  408. >Looking at you, Actias told you that you had a point, and traveling with you & Hexferry would be a lot more safer than by herself.
  409. (Actias has joined the party 3/6 slots filled.)
  410. >Going on however Actias told you that she needed to get back to the temple fast, but she was only going to leave when you're ready to leave.
  411. >Going "All right.", Hexferry then started tapping you on the shoulder asking to speak with you in the hallway.
  412. >Going with her outside the room, and into the inn's hallway with you checking her out in that school swimsuit that fit her perfectly Hexferry started to tell you about how she's getting a bad feeling from Actias, and that you were giving out your trust to her way too fast after she just attacked the both of you today.
  413. >Nodding your head, Hexferry had a point about you trusting Actias too easily, but she had already apologized about attacking you & Hexferry, and you feeling she honestly had no control over her actions you had to give her something or she wouldn't told almost everything about herself.
  414. >Staring directly into Hexferries eyes that held a look of concern you had several choices to make:
  416. 1) Tell Hexferry she's being paranoid, and that you trust Actias & all three of you will set off for The Temple tomorrow.
  418. 2)Agree with Hexferry & Stay in Vail Village a little longer to ease Hexferry into trusting Actias.
  420. 3) Hit Hexferry for pulling you out the room over trust. (-1 Hexferry Relationship)
  422. Support Choices:
  424. A-Support Hexferry
  426. B-Support Actias
  428. C-Support Rot
  430. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  431. Part 8-B
  434. B Support Actias has been chosen.
  436. Stay Awhile has been chosen.
  438. >Telling Hexferry it's getting late, & that you would stay a little an while longer in Vail Village which made her let out a sigh of relief.
  439. >Opening the room door Hexferry started to walk in before halting you, & telling you, you had to sleep outside as it would be wrong for a stallion to sleep in the same bed as two mares who they are not intimate with them
  440. >Nodding your head that made sense with Hexferry shutting the door in your face.
  441. >Going to sleep in the hallway it was about Midnight before you heard the room door swing open waking you up.
  442. >Looking up at first you thought you saw Hexferry carrying a pillow in between her hooves stand before you, but after staring at the pony for awhile you clearly saw it was Actias.
  443. >Asking her what she was doing outside the room Actias told you Hexferry talks in her sleep, & she couldn't stand that.
  444. >Then dropping the pillow next to you, & plopping down to your side you could feel Actias fluff rub against your coat. It was warm, & very comforting.
  445. >Looking at Actias being so close you started to blush. Thinking of something fast to talk about you remembered your conversation about Actias & The Order that she came from & rot the corrupt version of life.
  446. >Taking a deep you started to wonder what the hell is the corrupt version of life was, & that's when you asked Actias to define rot a little better as she called it everything you just wondered about.
  447. >Looking at you strangely Actias simply blinked at you for a few minutes before speaking.
  448. "The corrupt version of life, Unknown is death. Rot is the physical manifestation of it that can spread."
  450. >Going "oh." you should have known that in a way.
  451. >Letting out a yawn Actias then said it would be best for the both of you to retire for the night before placing her head on the pillow she brought out.
  452. >Saying "Yeah." You then followed placing your head back on the ground to fall asleep next to Actias.
  454. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  455. Part 9-B
  457. >Waking up the next morning in the middle of the inn hallway with Actias still knocked out asleep you had the strabge feeling to go out.
  458. >Quietly getting up & sneaking away you trotted out of the front desk of the inn, & outside to the side walk village with the sun slowly rising with clear skies next to it in the distance thanks to Celestia.
  460. (Unknown has left his party & equipment)
  462. New Party Status:
  464. Unknown Lvl.3
  465. HP: 175/175, MP: 85/85
  466. Str: 20, Def: 14, Mag:19
  467. Items: N/A
  469. >Considering it was still early morning, & everypony in Vail Village was now either going to sleep or waking up to open their stores you had a few choices to either:
  470. (The Choice You Pick May or May Not Result In You Obtaining A 4th Party Member)
  472. 1)Go To A Early Morning Coffee Shop.
  473. 2)Go To The Park.
  474. 3)Go To The Center Of Vail Village.
  475. 4)Wander Around The Closed Shopping District.
  476. 5)Checkout The Alleyways.
  478. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  479. Part 10-B
  481. Checkout The Alleyway has been choosen.
  483. Go To A Early Morning Coffee Place has been choosen.
  485. >With it still being early morning you had the desire to go see if anypony would be out at night would be there.
  486. >Going down the street, & pass several closed jewelry stores you finally found one alleyway to checkout.
  487. >Peering in from around its corner nopony was there. All you saw was a small narrow path with thrash cans.
  489. (This Choice results in no recruitable party members.)
  491. >Letting out a yawn, you were still kinda sleepy. Blinking your heavy eyes you then went into the nearest coffee shop that was across the street.
  492. >Being inside you were greeted by lavish brown chairs, & imperial blue draped desk for you to sit at with calm music being played on the intercom.
  493. >Going up to the front desk you were greeted by a delighted high yellow mare earth pony who spoke in a deep southern accent saying "What'cha want boy?".
  494. >Taking a second register what you wanted you said simple coffee. Going "Alright." The mare then asked you to hand over 5 Equestrian Bits.
  495. (Unknown doesn't have his equipment.)
  496. >Then saying "Shit. I don't have any on me." the mare simply apologized to you saying "No bits, No coffee.".
  497. >Letting out a sigh you then heard the sound of several bits drop to the side of you on the counter.
  498. >Cocking your head you then saw what appeared to a be a stallion moth pony with blonde hair, green eyes, red coat wearing a plain white button up shirt, black pants, blue beret next to you saying "Ill pay for the both of us."
  499. >Shaking her head "yes.", the mare yelled outloud "One special for Mocha, & average coffee for the zebra." Before trotting away from the both of you to go make the coffee.
  500. >Saying thanks Mocha simply said he couldn't let a fellow coffee drinker go deprived of coffee before going to the nearest table to sit down.
  502. You now have two choices.
  504. >Interact with Mocha.
  505. >Wait for your coffee to arrive, & leave.
  507. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  508. Part 11-B
  510. Interact with Mocha has been choosen.
  512. >Trotting away from the counter you decided to take a seat with Mocha at his table.
  513. >Staring at you for a second you were able to see Mocha quickly analyze before starting a conversation.
  514. "So what brings you all the way to Vail Village?" Mocha asked you curiously. Registering his question that was a hard one to answer as you came here to originally find somepony who knew you before getting caught up with those bee ponies, that creepy look a like of yours The Heirophent, & then Actias & returning her to her Order.
  515. >Staring at you blankly Mocha waited for a answer from you. Coming out of thought you apologized stating it's a long story that involved you running into some very colorful characters.
  516. "Colorful characters eh? Who were they?" Mocha asked prodding deeper into your reason of coming to Vail Village with a serious voice. Starting to feel uncomfortable with Mocha's questions you told him the characters were just colorful which seemed to provoke him.
  517. "I saw you & that moth pony with those elite bee pony guards, & Zebra in the alleyway pony? What were all talking about? Mocha asked aggressively. Becoming freighted a bit you then told Mocha yours & his conversation was over before hopping up.
  519. >Getting out of his seat he told you were not going anywhere until you told him what you & the bee ponies were talking about. Looking him in the eye you could tell this wasn't going to end nicely, & taking a deep breathe you sprinted jumping over the table you & Mocha sat at, & out the restarunt passing a maid moth pony you almost ran into.
  520. >Running as fast as possible you could hear that Mocha pony right behind you telling you to stop, or else. Not listening to him your instincts your main goal was to lose him & get back to Hexferry & Actias.
  521. >Jumping into a morning crowd trying to get into the market you were sure you gotten away from Mocha before being tackled to the ground.
  522. >Trying to recover the pony on top tried their hardest to put both your hooves together with the rattling of some kind of chains. Not wanting to get captured you threw one good hoof catching the pony in the jaw knocking them off of you.
  524. >Getting off the ground you looked back to see it was Mocha who you hoofed in the face making him drop some shackles. Staring at his face you could tell he was angry, & looking around you had ponies of all types staring at you two.
  525. >Asking Mocha if he really wanted to make a scene in public, he said he didn't care all he wants to know from you is why are large amount of bee ponies are leaving their hives, & going into villages & forest?
  526. >Telling him you have no idea why he called you a liar, as you were somehow connected to the bee ponies that came into Vail Village. Repeating your previous comment once again Mocha told you that was enough, & under the power of Princess Celestia & Luna you were under arrest for with holding vital information from a agent of Equestria's Internal Investigative Security Services.
  527. >Going "Uh?" you had no idea what that was you just bolted with Mocha telling you were under arrest. Running faster than ever you took a shortcut through the empty alleyways until arriving at the inn having nowhere else to go.
  528. >Going through the entrance you were once again tackled by Mocha this time with him putting the shackles on your front hooves.
  530. >Scared at what was going to happen next you looked up to see Hexferry & Actias in swimsuits staring at you & Mocha. Begging for some assistance Hexferry face hoofed herself on how you manged to get arrested before Actias stepped in quietly.
  531. >Opening her mouth Actias then said "M-Mocha?" which shocked you. Getting off of you Mocha replied "Actias? Why..What are you doing here away from The Order?".
  532. Clearing her throat Actias said "It's a long story. But why are you arresting my friend?".
  533. >Opening his mouth Mocha said "Oh? This one of your friends? Well to me he's a criminal with holding vital information about the appearance of bee ponies outside their designated hive sites. So I arrested him...". Puffing out a sigh Actias said "Mocha, Mocha, Mocha. If you wanted information about the recent bee pony activity all you have to do is come ask The Order. We all still consider you one of our top investigators."
  534. >Shaking his head "yes." in a way, Mocha told Actias he knew that in some way or another. Then asking if you were free to go Mocha glared at you before letting out a sigh saying "Sure, but only if you tell me everything you know about bee pony activity in Equestria.", having no other choice you agreed.
  536. >Freeing your hooves from the shackles Mocha helped you up being all nice now just to know what you knew about the bee ponies. Telling him everything it was somewhat a long story as Actias threw in some of her information about the bee ponies popping up near a forest she investigated because of rot being sighted there.
  538. >Saying "That's all you got." Mocha went into a deep thought mode saying several things under his breathe that you could hear "A Heirophent. A religious leader in a ceremony. Rot the physical personification of death that nearly left the world in ruin. Bee Ponies, ponies with god damn God-Complexes. Forest supposedly filled with rot?...None of this makes any sense.". Interrupting his thought Actias told Mocha if they didn't know what the bee ponies were up to now as they will reveal their intentions in time.
  539. >Putting on a frown Mocha then asked Actias what she was planning on doing after this. Glancing at you Actias said "Well I was planning on heading back to The Order with Unknown, & his partner Hexferry escorting me as it's most likely we over stayed our welcome in Vail Village with these recent brawls & you arresting Unknown.". Looking at you, Mocha then started to apologize for his actions in chasing you & arresting you as he was just doing his job.
  540. >Then trotting up to so you two could be face to face Mocha asked you if he could join you in returning Actias to the Order.
  541. >Hesitating you couldn't respond. Looking at Hexferry she held a blank expression, & looking over at Actias her expression was one of make the right choice Unknown. Mocha was a friend of Actias & former member of her Order now working Princess Luna & Celestia as a internal security agent detective pony in investigating bee ponies.
  542. >Rolling your eyes as you might regret it you then said "Sure bro." with Mocha saying "Thank you.".
  544. (Mocha has joined your party.)
  546. (Party Max hold is now 9)
  548. >Saying "No problem, moth bro." Actias raised her hoof up gently to get your attention. Asking what it is Actias then asked if you knew Mocha was a mare moth? Saying "What stupidly?" Hexferry then hoofed palmed her face at you & your failure for not being able to tell the difference between mare moths & stallion moths.
  550. Congratulations on obtaining a new party member. 1000 XP Gained. 150 Bits Gained.
  552. Level Up
  554. Mocha has learned a new skill.
  555. 5 Bullet Roulette (Mocha has a 85%% chance of performing a instant kill on a single enemy.)
  558. Stats:
  559. Unknown Lvl.5
  560. HP: 190/190, MP: 99/99
  561. Str: 24, Def: 17, Mag:20
  562. Item:
  563. The Blade Of The Heirophent(10 Damage)(For every bad choice made in the story the blades power increases by 5 attack.)
  564. Basic Burn Spell (5MP, 5 Damage)
  565. Innocent Sin (10 MP, 13 Damage causes Blindness to enemy.)
  566. Grey Cloak (Equipped)
  568. Hexferry Lvl.5/B-Support
  569. HP: 180/180, MP:145/144
  570. Str: 15, Def: 27, Mag: 53
  571. Item:
  572. Healers Staff (+19 HP)
  573. Hex Ferried(10MP, 25 Damage)
  574. Healers Sword (Do 7 Damage, or +19 HP)
  575. One Piece Dark Blue Student Swimsuit: Bought from Nips Pick Shop.(Equipped)
  577. Actias Lvl.6/C-Support
  578. HP: 210/210, MP: 100/100
  579. Str: 20, Def: 20, Mag: 20
  580. Item:
  581. Blade of the Order (10 Damage/ Instant kills rot.)
  582. Basic Thunder Spell (10 MP, 10 Damage)
  583. Basic Red & White Poke-A-Dotted Swimsuit: Bought from the Nips Pick Shop.(Equipped)
  585. Mocha Lvl.6/No-Support
  586. HP:205/205, MP:0/0
  587. Str: 55, Def: 40, Mag:5
  588. Item:
  589. EIISS Revolver (25 Damage, 6 shots till reload.)
  590. EISS Combat Knife (15 Damage)
  591. 5 Bullet Roulette (5MP, 85% chance to instant kill one enemy.)
  592. EISS Formal Wear (Equipped)
  593. EISS Blue Beret (Equipped)
  594. Light Blue Small Fluff Sized Swim Top & Skirt: Bought from Nips Pick Shop. (Refuses to wear)
  596. Choices:
  598. >You are now setting off on your adventure to return Actias to her order. You have two different routes to choose from to get there each one different, & with different characters awaiting for you. Choose carefully.
  600. Moonlight Bridge Route - Take the Moonlight Bridge to get to Actias Order. You will stop in the Town of Victua.
  602. Dust Mountain Route - Go through the mountains to get to Actias Order. You will stop in Shaggy Town.
  604. Support Choices:
  606. A-Support Hexferry
  608. B-Support Actias
  610. C-Support Mocha
  612. C-Support Rot (-1 Support from all Supports)
  614. (Support Ranks: C, B, A, S.)
  615. (Reminder: S-Support = Marriage/Clop Scene. S-Support Rot will result in Bad Ending in the end of the story. You can have only one S-support.)
  617. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  618. Part 12-B
  620. C-Support Mocha has been choosen.
  622. Dust Mountain Route has been choosen.
  624. >Having the strange feeling to hang around Mocha before you & your party left for Actias Order, you approached her in the entrance way of the inn as she stood ready to go after shoving something large in her bag.
  625. >Saying "Hey Mocha." with a smile on your face, she started to edge a away from not giving you a single look. Confused, you asked her if she was okay which she responded with a simple "Yes." avoiding any kind of facial contact with you.
  626. >Thinking Mocha was still stuck on the arresting you part even after apologizing to you, you told her it was alright as you was your fault for resisting arrest.
  627. >Shaking their head left & right, Mocha told you that wasn't the problem. Giving you a quick glance Mocha apologized to you for being rude to your act of friendliness towards her.
  629. >Opening her mouth Mocha explained to you that she wasn't usually comfortable talking to stallions who were able to see through her disguise of being a stallion as they always ended up with the stallion trying to hit on her.
  630. >Nodding your head that made since in a way, but you weren't like most stallions. Curious however on why Mocha dressed up like a stallion you asked her about it.
  631. >Raising an eyebrow Mocha gave you a blunt response "Because its a great disguise, and it keeps stallions off of me when I'm working."
  632. >Going "Okay." Your conversation with Mocha ended with you backing up, & getting ready to go.
  634. (You have learned a little bit about Mocha.)
  636. C-Support with Mocha has been achieved B-Support can be Unlocked at a later point.
  638. >Setting out with the morning sun above your heads, you & your party traveled a long dirt road from Vail Village to a fork in the road with a tiny Sign.
  639. >Written on the left side of the sign was Moonlight Bridge, & the right was Dust Mountain. Considering you were already on the way through Dust Mountain you & your party took the right path.
  640. >Hours passed with you & your party having friendly conversations about everything spotted on your route with none of you crossing paths with a single pony traveler. When night finally arrived you & your party had arrived to the entrance of Dust Mountains rocky path that lead to Shaggy Town.
  641. >Looking at the mountains with the crescent moon hanging in the air shining a bright beatiful light they were deep brown in color with white sprinkles of snow on top. The air was filled with the smell of something like pepper, that didn't cause you to sneeze.
  642. >Deciding to set up camp, Mocha pulled out from her large inventory three sleeping bags she said she bought before leaving Vail Village, while Actias & Hexferry gathered some twigs & rocks to make a campfire. Taking a second to count the sleeping bags (which were 3) you asked Mocha if she had a spare one.
  643. >Claiming the store she got it from only had 3 sleeping bags for sale she apologized, & began offering you one saying you can have hers. Feeling that was wrong to take her sleeping bag you said "No its alright Mocha." with Actias joining in saying "Why don't you just share one with one of us." while Hexferry lit the camp fire.
  645. >Glancing at Hexferry her light blue eyes sparkled within the light of the campfire. It looked liked she didn't have anything negative to say about the idea for now.
  647. >You now have three choices to sleep next to. (Note:Choice is critical because of next event. So think wisely.)
  649. 1) Sleep in Hexferry's sleeping bag with her. (Reminder she tosses in her sleep/she punched you in the face before.)
  651. 2) Sleep in Actias sleeping bag with her. (Reminder Hexferry seems a little jealous when you spend time with her.)
  653. 3) Sleep in Mocha's sleeping bag with her. (Mocha feels weird talking to stallions who know his gender.)
  655. 4) Sleep far away from the three by yourself.
  657. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  658. Part 13-B
  661. >Taking a second to think about where to sleep you then asked Actias if you could sleep in the same sleeping bag as her.
  662. >Not hesitating to answer she gladly responded to your request with "S-Sure Unknown." going "Alright." you turned back to Hexferry to see her still staring at the campfire with a frown on her face.
  663. >Trying to figure out whats putting the frown on her face you trotted up next to Hexferry with her not paying attention, and whispered into her ears asking what'r wrong. Being in deep thought Hexferry was surprised to see you next to her going "Huh?".
  664. >Reasking her what's wrong Hexferry told you nothing was wrong, and that she was worried about how long the fire was going to last. Puzzled by her concern about the fire you didn't say another word to Hexferry before she hopped up away from you and started walking away from the camp.
  665. >Confused at what she was doing you jumped up with Mocha & Actias looking at you, and caught up with Hexferry & asked her what she was doing. Looking back at you Hexferry said "What does it look like I'm doing you idiot? I'm getting more firewood.".
  666. >Putting out your lips you then went "Oh. Okay, don't travel far then." before going back to the fire with Actias & Mocha leaving Hexferry to gather firewood on her own.
  668. (Hexferry has left the party, leaving her equipment.)
  670. >Sitting around the campfire you chatted with Actias & Mocha discussing their past a litte more. It had turned out not only had both moths worked together with The Order, but had been both filly hood friends growing up with Actias little brother Acteus who from conversation with Actias was a fan of super ponies.
  672. >Becoming the first one to get tired from the talk with Actias & Mocha you decided to be the first one to hit the sack early, but before doing so you asked Actias a request to alert you when Hexferry would return as you could know that she was safe. Telling you she would alert you, you crawled into Actias sleeping bag & fell asleep.
  675. * * *
  677. >The night sky was beautiful as Hexferry sat alone next to a large pile of sticks she had gathered for her groups campfire, yet something didn't feel right in her chest area as heart stung a little a bit after Unknown asked to sleep with Actias in the same sleeping bag.
  678. >Yawning and letting her eyes drift open & close for a second Hexferry was becoming sleepy. Tossing a glance at her pile of sticks there was no way she could carry all of them back. Puffing out a sigh you started to hear some bushes rustle behind her.
  679. >Turning her back Hexferry could see a mysterious moth pony walk out from the bushes making her stand up. Getting closer to her & under the moonlight Hexferry could see that the moth was carrying a large knife in their mouth, not only that, but they were also a mare moth pony with rusty red coat & brownish-red eyes.
  680. >Thinking fast Hexferry could have sworn the only ponies out near the mountains of Shaggytown was her & her friends, and the moth showing up was nearly impossible as no pony would travel all by themselves at night. Then coming to a realization that the moth may not be alone, and that they might be traveling in a party crossed her mind.
  681. >Having paniac set in Hexferry started to think of what happened if the mare in front of her was in a group that jumped her group. Stopping not far from her the mare then looked up at the moon as it hung in the sky before letting out a long sigh and saying in a casual voice "Wow my darling was right when he said you traveled far from Vail Village, and it would take me hours singlehandedly of non-stop flying to catch up to you.".
  683. >Going "Huh?" Hexferry was confused. It was obvious from what the mare said she was after her & her party, but she came alone & it took her only hours to catch up to them. Putting their attention away from the moon the mare looked at Hexferry & began to speak in almost hostile voice saying "You're the unholy moth named Hexferry right? The one traveling with the inverse one right?".
  684. >Focusing on the words "Unholy moth.", & "the inverse one" Hexferry had no idea what the moth was talking about her being unholy as she has never done anything to be considered unholy, nor has she done anything to make her appear as if she whore'd herself out as she was a pure virgin. Nor did she know anything about the "inverse one." she was supposedly traveling with.
  685. >Raising an eyebrow the moth then raised one of her hoofs to her chin thinking moving the knife in her mouth forward & back. Finally putting her hoof down, and speaking "You have no idea what I mean by the inverse one. Well are you the Hexferry thats traveling with a zebra in a grey cloak?".
  686. >Pausing...Hexferry knew what the mare was talking about, and speaking out she asked the mare is she meant "Unknown?" which made her reply with "Thats the corny name he's going by...weird.". Taking a gulp the mare then said "Anyways...I need you to bring him to me.".
  687. >Asking why, who the mare was, and how does she know about her & Unknown the mare didn't say a word for a few seconds. Looking back up the moon Hexferry could see the mare was trying to think of her next words till looking back at her & saying "My name & title is of no importance to you., Hexy All I ask is that you bring Unknown to me, as I'm on my own mission to see him.".
  689. >Asking why it was important to see Unknown, the mare simply brandished her knife at Hexferry saying "I'm trying to do this the peaceful way Hexy. I only got a certain amount of time before I gotta get back all I want to do is see Unknown.". Knowing there was no way Hexferry was going to bring Unknown to the unknown moth in front of her Hexferry repeated her first question again asking the moth who she was.
  690. >Rolling their eyes the moth repeated what they said about not having enough time, and that Hexferry should just go get Unknown. Staring at each other for a little bit as a game to see who would break first the mare was quick to give in saying "Ugh.I don't have time for this..Hexy. I'll tell you who I am."
  691. "I am Caramel. Number I of the Followers of Rot, & The Heirophents Holy Blade.". Repeating the word "The Heirophent?" the name rang a quick bell in her head as that was the zebra Hexferry, & Unknown ran into in the back alley in Vail Village. The same one that pulled Hexferry out of the moth celebration dance to ask questions about Unknown location as he told her he could sense his presence all over her.
  692. >Going ahead and reasking her second question Hexferry asked Caramel why she wanted to see Unknown again. Putting on a grim smile, and giving Hexferry a cold look Caramel said "I want to see him so I can taste his blood. So will you bring him to me?". Becoming a little disturbed Hexferry repeated "Taste his blood?" back to Caramel who was quick to reply in saying "Yup. Listen Hexy I adore my darling Heirophent. But from what he told me his, & Unknowns rot/blood are exactly the same & I came to confirm that. But then again its not just that he also told Unknown has a lot more than him, and his is suppose to be more innocent due to his memory loss. So I came to get a taste despite orders not to come near him yet."
  694. >Reasking their question to Hexferry "So are you going to bring him to me.", Hexferry definitely wasn't to bring Unknown to Caramel as she was a psychopath, and the longer she now stayed talking to her. Backing up Hexferry readied herself to bolt.
  695. >Putting on a frown the moth spoke saying "Running won't work. I'm lot faster than you Hexy" before she bolted leaving behind all her sticks and the moth.
  697. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  698. Part 14-B
  700. >Tossing & turning in your sleep something didn't feel right. Just a few minutes ago you were relaxing peacefully in the darkness of sleep, but now you couldn't take it anymore.
  701. >Opening your eyes you found yourself face to face with a sleeping Actias who was without a doubt quite adorable. Looking up above your head in the sleeping bag you could see that the campfire had died out, and turned into ashes. Rolling around to face your back side, well what was your back side you found Mocha in a small sleeping bag next to all of your equipment knocked out cold, and next to her empty sleeping bag where Hexferry should have been sleeping peacefully at.
  702. >Rolling over back to Actias you slightly touched her to wake her up. Opening her eyes slowly she looked at you with a calm demeanor, then asking if Hexferry had come back to the camp she made an outrageous statement saying "You're such a pervert...of course you can touch my fluff.". ...Taking a moment to break away from your question for what Actias said you quickly wondered on how does touching her fluff make somepony a pervert, let alone asking to touch her fluff unless she meant ughh..stopping a moment you didn't want to think wonder about it anymore. Closing her eyes as slow she opened them Actias went back to sleep.
  703. (Actias is completely useless when sleeping.)
  704. >Having a bad feeling creep into your heart you then slowly exited the sleeping bag not to awake Actias to hear some weird thing from her again. Sneaking up to the equipment next to Mocha you pulled out Hexferries Healers Sword, & your Blade of The Heirophent before going in the direction you saw Hexferry take off in.
  705. >Spending the next hour outdoors wandering around a small forested area you located no tracks left by Hexferry. Becoming worried about where she could have went you looked up to the sky to see the moon hang above your head.
  707. >Then hearing the rustling of some bushes you immediately turned to called out Hexferries name thinking it was her, but was deeply shot to a rusty red mysterious mare carrying Hexferry by her mane with a bloody knife in her mouth out of the bushes beaten, a bloody nose, and tiny cuts on her hooves & underbelly.
  708. >Looking up at you, you met eye to eye with the mysterious moth with Hexferry letting out a defeated squeak as she most likely put a good fight against the mare. (Hexferry is severely wounded 25/180HP). Staring at the each other you could see that there was a similar evil presence you encountered before coming from her making you freeze up, & not say a word. Breathing in & out, in & out with heavy breathes you then realized what the presence coming from her was. It was the one similar to the one coming from The Heirophent when you met him in Vail Village.
  709. >Dropping Hexferry mane & letting her hit the ground hard the mysterious mare then opened her mouth saying "The resemblance to you, & my darling is uncanny. Unknown a pony born as a single being a long time ago, & didn't mean to exist until Queen Saturniidae's untimely death how sad.". Becoming a little disturb by what the moth said the thought of fear was overtaking you till Hexferry started lifting up her head yelling at you "Get out of here idiot."
  710. >Looking down at Hexferry the mysterious moth pony then raised her front hoof up, and smashed Hexferries head hard back into the ground (- 12hP, 13/180 HP, Hexferry)which made you snap out of the idea of fear to yell at her "If you do that again I'll beat the living shit out of you." which made her focus back on you.
  712. >Opening her mouth the moth said "You're probably wondering who I am right?" stopping to let out a maniacal laugh she continued saying "I am Caramel, #I of the Followers of Rot & The Heirophents Holy Blade. Unknown I came here on my own mission to get a taste of your blood.". Blinking you thought didn't hear her correctly repeating the lasting she said "My blood." she nodded her head saying "That's right I came for your blood. I want to see if it tastes just like my darling.".
  713. (Unknown has encountered LvL.75 Moth Pony Caramel - The Heirophents Holy Blade)
  714. >Turning your head left & right you didn't know if she was fucking with you or what, she wanted to taste your blood. Readying herself she then told you get ready which made you go "huh" before she disappeared out of nowhere.
  715. >Relifting her head back up Hexferry warned to run before she striked you. Drawing how your blade, Caramel appeared in front of you. Not able to dodge nor react in time she then cut your bottom right front hoof before disappearing again & reappearing back in her original spot. (Unknown is not a high enough level to keep up with Caramels speed).
  716. >Feeling dizziness kick in before dropping to your knees you asked her what she did to do. Laughing and sliding her tongue to touch where she cut you on the knife to taste your blood Caramel said "Hmm...sweets as his him. My blade is filled with Thralldom Rot one of 8 variations of rot, and without a doubt one the most lethal ones given to me by my darling Heirophent, that I am to control at will making me #I of the Followers. When this knife lands a cut a small piece of rot secretly injects itself into your cut wounds in 0.5 miliseconds without notice, and flow all the way to the brain in 1 second. From there I am then able to gain access to your nerves and control you like a puppet.", "I am also able to shut down your muscles if I wanted to, stop your heart, cause your pain nervings to go berserk & send out painful impulses throughout your body."
  718. >Calling BS on everything she said you tried to stand up, but your body wouldn't react instead you kneeled like a statue with your muscles titghtly locked into place. Smiling Caramel started to trot towards you brandishing the knife, trying to force your body to move it wouldn't.
  719. >Stopping in front of you Caramel then knelt down till she was face to face with you. Leaning in she got close to your lips, licking her own she whispered "I kinda always wanted to do this." & leaned in almost for a kiss before stopping & saying "But you two are way too different." and instead went lower holding her knife up to your neck. Pressing the sharp blade up against it you could feel the sharpness of the knife touch your soft skin closing your eyes you didn't want to see what was going to happen next.
  720. >Holding your breathe you felt the knife poke a tiny hole hole where your blood started to seep out before a large yell, and the knife disappearing from your throat. Opening your eyes you could see that it was Hexferry who had come to your rescue and who pinned Caramel to the ground and was fighting her.
  721. >Rooting Hexferry on as you couldn't do anything she then just automatically froze with a squeak. Crawling from under her Caramel was angry saying "I forgot all about you. How stupid of me not to get rid of dumb bugs like you.". Getting up she then shook herself off before slapping Hexferry down to the ground (-7HP, 6/180 HP).
  722. >Unable to control herself Caramel then struck Hexferry again, again, and again by stomping her right in front of you. Begging her to stop she ordered to shut up with Hexferry telling you that all the pain she was doing to her didn't hurt. Starting to see a neck vain come from Caramel she then made Hexferry stand up on all fours using her blades rot, and before you knew Hexferry started to lift up her left front hoof & let out blood curtling screams that destroyed your poor ears till a crack sound was made.
  724. >Seeing tears come down her face like a waterfall you just realized Caramel forced Hexferries own muscles to crush her own. Not saying a word Hexferry then fell back blacking out with Caramel relinquishing control of her, and something inside of you snapping.
  725. >Grinding your teeth and feeling a instant surged of aggressive anger over took you, you started to stand up somehow passing Caramels rot. Looking at you with both shock & amusement you grabbed Hexferries Healer Sword with your tail, & The Blade of The Heirophent in your mouth.
  726. >Then taking a deep breathe you looked at the passed out Hexferry, and you struck with unimaginable speed & strength in mid air at Caramel who simply defended herself against your barriages. Then feeling something inside you snapped again over Hexferry instead escaping staying to help you out, and throwing both your blades at her to make her move, you ditched them with unknown pores opening up on your body, & letting out black gooze leak out of you from nowhere, and letting them cover your hooves to form some claws.
  728. (Unknown is losing control of the Rot)
  730. >Moving faster you were able to catch Caramel off guard, and knock her into the air using your sharp claws where you jumped up & started zipping left & right at an alarm speed (Unknowns MP has been Completely Drained) leaving deep cuts within her skin & having her screams fill the air.
  731. >Landing, but not finished as Caramel started to fall back the blaze ooze over took your body and letting your mind became too clouded (Unknown has lost contact with all forms of ponykind. Rot is in control.), and you then warped above her & dived slamming her down to the ground releasing a large quantity of the black ooze from your body that filled the sky.
  732. >Standing tall with Caramel badly wounded with large monstrous cut marks on her the black ooze started to seep back into your body, and your mind started to clear again. Using all your strength you then trotted over to an awakening Hexferry passing yours & her blade, and dropped down to your knees and asked if she was okay. Hexferry nodded her head with tears still streaking down, and her holding in her painful scream. Hearing larges "Ugh's" come from behind you."
  733. >Looking back Caramel started to get up with the cuts and damage you inflicted on to her gone. Cocking her head at you, you simply went "Aw shit." for you had no more strength to fight back if she was to attack, but instead she smiled saying "Your blood is like his, and Wow you had me scared for moment thinking I was going to die.", taking a deep breathe Caramel then said "Unknown all of us Followers of Rot are watching you, and we know you're heading to The Order with Actias. So as a reward for beating me if you want to know anything about your past find Saturnidea's hidden tomb underneath the Grandmaster of the Orders office there will be scrolls detailing her life & your past.". Whistling Caramel then started to travel away from you & Hexferry and into the bushes of the forest until disappearing from your sight.
  735. >Pressing your head against Hexferries worn out body you then started to hear the voices of Actias & Mocha not far from you.
  736. >Feeling your eyes becoming extremely heavy you knew for some reason that you were about to fall into a temporary deep sleep.
  737. >Talking to Hexferry you then asked her to take care of things while you were out which confused her as you lost consciousness, and the world went black.
  740. (Player Control is given to Hexferry.)
  741. (Supports will be cancelled till Players regain control of Unknown, and replaced with more dialogue options.)
  743. End of Chapter One
  744. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  745. CHAPTER TWO - Shaggy Town Blues, Baby
  746. Part 1-C
  748. >You hated that fucking moth Actias for some reason as Mocha carried you on his back in the mountain path, your right hoof still completely broken from the fight with that Follower of Rot, Caramel. Seething with anger you just watched from behind as she carried all the equipment, and Unknown who was knocked out unconsciousness on her back whispering sweet nothings that you caught only small pieces of into his ear.
  749. >Grinding your teeth & placing your head on top of Mocha's EISS hat Mocha asked you if you were still in pain which you gave a immediate "No." in a angry tone back to him. The sun was barely over the horizon line as you all walked a through a small enclosed mountain pathway from your old camp after you & Unknown were found by Actias & Mocha who could hear the sound of screams in the area. Thinking about the fight & right after it you remembered how Caramel just came targeting Unknown & compared him to her "darling" Heirophent, and knew a lot about him, the order, your party members, along with that black ooze known as rot you saw come out of Unknowns entire body making him a monster.
  750. >Thinking about it some more you remembered right after the fight when Mocha started to question you about what happened, and you telling her everything & Actias expression becoming one of a pony being sent to death for treason after hearing it. You even recalled how she trotted back & forth for awhile before deciding all of you should move on & get to Shaggy Town quickly then The Order.
  751. >Biting the bottom portion of your lip something didn't sit right with Actias though Unknown was the one who dragged you into helping her return to her order, then look for somepony else who might know him
  753. >All you knew about Actias is that she fights the physical manifestation of death known as rot in her Order of moth ponies, she has a brother known as the "Acteus the Speaker" while she is known as "Actias of the Order", and that first she goes out on an mission by her Order to investigate rot in a forest full of bee ponies gets knocked unconsciousness used like a puppet by that Heirophent till you, & Unknown defeat, and the fact she & Mocha know each other very well from working in the Order.
  754. >Looking at Actias you then saw her whisper something into Unknowns ear before kissing it. Becoming a even more provoked you calmly took a breath ignore Actias "harmless acts of compassion" that act that could lead to some other things while Unknown is out to focus on Mocha Hexferry had a few questions to ask him, but considering how he's a dective trying to figure out why mass amounts of bee ponies are leaving their hives?"
  755. >You had to be wise in your choice of questions as choosing the wrong one would result in her not telling you anything.
  758. First Choice as Hexferry:
  760. >Ask Mocha if they know anything about the Followers of Rot, Rot, and a pony named Caramel.
  761. >Ask Mocha about the moth pony queen "Saturniidea.".
  762. >Ask about The Order in general.
  763. >Ask prod more into Mocha & Actias life together working in The Order before he quit.
  764. >Ask Actias to hand you your favorite book from your bag for the long ride, and try to think about everything later.
  765. >Tell Actias to quit whispering things in Unknowns ear, and trade spots with him.
  767. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  768. Part 2-C
  770. Tell Actias to quit whispering things to Unknowns ear has been chosen.
  772. >Looking up one more time instead of talking to Mocha you saw Actias whispering things to Unknowns ears once again. Listening carefully you were only able to pick up a view words such as "Your so....lucky....tonight.", but that was enough of you to quickly end whatever she was talking about yelling at her to stop.
  773. >Following your command Actias stopped, and turned looking at you confused. Stopping only a few hoof steps in front of her Mocha turned her head facing you also questioning why you made Actias stop. Clearing our your throat you told Actias you wanted to switch places with Unknown. Blinking her eyes she didn't respond before putting on a grin.
  774. (Actias has noticed something about Unknowns B-Support with Hexferry) (When regaining control of Unknown an event may happen upon approaching Actias about this after being filled in on what happened.)
  775. >Saying "Okay." Actias slowly bent down and rolled Unknown from her back onto the ground with Mocha trotting up to the side of Actias for you to throw your one good hoof around to crawl on top of her. Then trotting to the side of Unknown and bending down Mocha lifted up Unknowns hoof around her neck before lifting him all the way up, and onto her back. Telling everypony you liked how this was you all started off again. Clearing her voice Actias then asked you a question while on the path saying "Hexferry where you jealous of me whispering things to Unknown, especially considering you didn't know what they were about?".
  777. >Not giving that a response you continued with the morning sun coming into view until you all reached the exit of the tiny mountain path you all walked on till you heard the sound of roaring water, the music of a very loud orchestra playing from a very far away distance, and catching the glimpse of Shaggy Town that looked more like a city than a town.
  778. >Being quite there was no way for you to describe how beautiful it looked, but you did have to comment on how the hell were you going to do when in the city.
  780. 1) Let Mocha & Actias decide what to do.
  781. 2) Split up with Mocha taking Unknown to a inn, and Actias taking you to the hospital
  783. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  784. Part 3-C
  787. Take Unknown to an inn, and go to the hospital have been chosen.
  789. >Thinking about what you, and your group needed to do next to help Actias get back to her Order you made the suggestion for the four of you to first find a inn, and then go to the hospital to get your broken hoof looked at.
  790. >Nodding their heads in agreement Mocha, and Actias thought it was the best choice.
  792. * * *
  794. >Having an hour or so pass when you, and your party left from the mm mountain you were on to enter Shaggy Town the place was alive with all sorts of ponies dressed in grim, noble clothing. The streets were crowded with stores of various contents from festival masks to simple household items such as plates.
  796. >Having Actias carefully carry you through the crowd you came across the first inn in the large town that looked well built, large with huge steam coming from the back, and the smell of pepper coming from inside. The sign that read "Black Pepper Spa & Inn.". Taking in the smell of the pepper you sneezed on the back of Actias head without apologizing.
  797. >Saying this place is goo as any Mocha carrying Unknown was the first to enter the building with Actias, and you following behind. The entrance was a very large lounge with purplish couches, and chairs that looked like they belonged in a palace, across from you was a chocolate stallion brown moth pony with a light grey coat wearing something a black elevator attendant clothing sitting a a register counter.
  799. >Speaking the moth said. "Hi & Welcome to the Black Pepper Spa & Inn. I'm Pepperdust can I help you with anything?". Turning back to face you, and Actias, Mocha said she could handle getting the group a room, and that Actias should take you to the hospital.
  800. >Nodding your head Actias turned around, to exit the building with the two of you crossing paths with a entering customer a sand-orange, and pale red mane mare moth pony wearing a sundress, and carrying a large bag to their side.
  802. (Unknown & Mocha have left your party)
  804. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  805. Part 4-C
  808. >There was that stupid sound of buzzing coming from the outside of the inner sanction of the hive, and pressing her back against the hallway wall outside of the Queens Chamber, Caramel could no longer hear the sounds of the Queen Bee of the hive, or her Hierophant anymore.
  809. >Letting out a sigh of air she then started to believe this to be her punishment from almighty "It" for interfering with Unknown's progression in the outside world before hearing several hoof steps echo down from the right side hallway.
  810. >Focusing her attention on the approaching pony Caramel could see a shadowy figure of a mare in the darkness, but couldn't tell who it was exactly.
  811. >Getting closer, and closer, and finally a few hoof steps away from her Caramel was able to recognize it the Eye of the Hierophant, Meisa who was dressed in a open white lab coat that matched her white coat, and grey bold cut mane.
  812. >Looking at her, and then the chamber door Meisa asked in a curious voice had the Heirophant finally left the room Caramel was guarding since yesterday. Responding with a single "Nope." Meisa then smiled as Caramel knew she was going to start to have fun with her?
  813. "What is this the tenth time he decided to spend all his time with her instead of coming to a meeting with all of us, or going to a ceremony?" Meisa asked curiously.
  814. >Trying to keep her answers blunt Caramel said "I don't know." this time looking Meisa in her different colored eyes.
  815. >Opening her mouth Meisa said "The worker bee's seem fine picking up this religion quickly. It's interesting you know considering all they had to previously worship was just their queen. The soldiers are skeptical however, and the Generals are worried as the Queen is now a devout follower like you Caramel waiting hoof, and hoof on The Hierophant & his sweet words.".
  817. >Frowning Caramel didn't say a word as Meisa was just trying to get under her skin. Waiting in silence for a few seconds Meisa then opened her mouth to make another comment, but to quickly counter this & to let her have her way Caramel asked Meisa a simple question saying "You're not a follower are you Meisa?" which made her chuckle.
  818. "The only thing I follow Caramel dear is science. Until this rot & that Hierophant start to lose my interest I'll follow him. And I have a feeling this following of mine is going to last a very long time with me still studying those healing properties of rot, and its ability to turn any living organism into rot."
  819. >Quiet Caramel didn't say a word, and giggling Meisa said "Oh look at me go on rambling. Well I should get back to work now, and you back to guarding." before starting to trot off.
  820. >Getting only a few hoof steps out of her line of sight Meisa then stopped, and said "Oh, yeah! I almost forgot. Thanks to you Caramel we had another go off on their own to go see him." which made Caramel raise an eyebrow on the subject on who would be stupid enough to copy her actions especially if it was going to get on The Hierophants bad side.
  821. >"Who is it?" Caramel asked. Chuckling Meisa said "Don't worry when you come to meeting in a few hours you will know.". Rolling her eyes Caramel started to become annoyed with Meisa now before she started trotting away again saying "Well, it seems things have gotten a lot more interesting with the little heretic & friends.".
  823. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  825. Part 5-C
  828. (Player Control temporarily returned to Unknown)
  830. >Everything was quiet.
  831. >Taking a look around you found yourself in what appeared to be a destroyed temple in the middle of a forest at night, with the moon shining over your head. Trying to figure out where you were you started aimlessly wandering the forest going bush to bush in hopes you find some kind of path, or marker till you heard the sound of a mare, and rushing water.
  832. >Following the sound, and keeping close to the bushes you appeared at the base of a waterfall, and poking your head up you saw beautiful pure white moth mare with a bold cut mane standing underneath the waterfall taking a shower, and singing a beautiful song with her blue robes with gold trims, and white towel placed on a small rock not far from her.
  833. >Staring at her you started feel like you knew the moth pony on some level as she reminded you of somepony else.
  834. >Trying to think of who she reminded you of, you kept drawing a blank in your mind as if a part of your memory was yanked.
  835. >Stopping her humming, the mare then faced your direction spotting you which made you duck down repeating "Oh no."
  838. "It's alright. You can come out I'm harmless." The mare said talking with the voice of an angel.
  839. >Taking a deep breathe you had nothing to gain or lose in this moment, and trotting out of the bushes she giggled at you saying "What a strange creature you are." which made "Huh?" at her as if she has never seen a Zebra before.
  840. >Trotting closer to you, and away from her clothes she asked if you could speak which you replied with a simple "Yes." that made her stop.
  841. "Was that a roar?" She asked you before giggling. Popping your eyebrow up you tried asking her what she meant by "Was that roar?", but in response her giggling turned into pure laughter.
  842. >Taking a step towards her, and the water asking her what was so funny she didn't answer you.
  843. >Raising your hoof up you were planning on splashing a little bit of water on her till you caught a reflection of yourself in the water which made your eyes widen as you were nothing more than a black blob with two tiny white eyes.
  844. >Letting out a scream you jumped back, and landed hard on the ground with the mare stopping her laughter for a second. Looking at you strange for the a few seconds she then did the same thing landing on top of the water, except having the scream become a roar.
  846. >Taking a look your hooves, they were definitely hooves, but your reflection didn't show them as hooves it just showed you as a black blob with two white eyes.
  847. >Standing up in the water the mare looked at you with a smile, and trotting towards she made a sweet comment saying "You're a funny creature you know that." before stopping in front of you extending her hoof.
  848. "It's nice to meet you. I am Saturniidae friend of all creatures." she said to you. Reaching out your hoof, and saying "Hi" you shook hooves with Saturniidae.
  849. >Retracting her hoof, and giggling she said "I'll just take that roar as a hello.", then looking at you up & down Saturniidae asked if you were hungry, and if you would like to come home with her to get something to eat.
  850. >Quiet you didn't know what to say, or do.
  852. 1)Accept Saturniidae's offer.
  853. 2)Deny Saturniidae's offer.
  855. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  857. Part 6-C
  859. (Accept Saturniidae's offer has been chosen)
  861. >Saying "Yes." to her question a smile came across her face before backing away from you to retrieve her clothes, and towels placed on the rock.
  862. >Drying herself off real quick, and slipping on her magnificent blue robe with gold trims that tipped in the water. She then whistled for you to come
  863. >It was a large marvel buildings built into the mountain. Stunned you stopped for a second, and dropped your mouth before Saturniidae looked back at you.
  864. >Trotting towards you, you froze bit before she started to become larger. Shaking your head left & right in disbelief of what was happening you stopped, and looked down ^ witnessed your pony body gone,and was transformed into a ball of black ooze that felt weirdly natural, and made you feel calm.
  865. >Lifting out what was supposed to be your hoof out from your little black body was a tiny black stub that dripped the your ooze into the water, and crawled back into your body sending a shock through your systems.
  866. >Quiet you didn't know how to respond before being lifted all the way up by the single left hoof of Saturniidae who placed you close to her robe, and chest fluff.
  867. "Comfortable?" Saturniidae asked you with a smile. Saying "Yes." she laughed a bit before you started to hear the rapid beating of her wings, and slowly watched the water below you disappear beneath her hooves. Within a few seconds you & Saturniidae were flying pass the top of the waterfall her own dust falling from her wings, and into the sky above where strange, & a very long line of beautiful light-blue lights awaited you two.
  868. >Flapping her wings, and following the lights Saturniidae looked at you, and popping up her eyebrow she asked you a small question "What's wrong? Are you interested in the lights?".
  870. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  872. Part 7-C
  874. >Nodding your little head at her she smiled. "These lights around us are made from my extensive research in provenance of life & it's connection to magic unicorns use. You see little buddy moth ponies aren't able to create conventional magic like unicorns so we use our skills in alchemy, nature, and sometimes our own dust to create spells, & other forms of magical items."
  875. >Letting out a little sigh she continued "The things I like about my guiding lights the most are how they work. If you are a moth pony with just the tiniest amount of dust, you can flap your wings in the air releasing your dust to see the guiding lights spread around certain area's in the night sky, and follow it home to Allimonea the home of the moths. And if you're not a moth pony who just flaps their wings around where the guiding lights are placed they don't show up.". Staring at her you were amazed at Saturniidae, she was very intelligent, knew how to dress, and was cute.
  876. >Feeling the cold winds as you, & Saturniidae were following the lights you nudged a little deeper into her robe, and fluff becoming comfortable for your long flight to Allimonea.
  878. (Players control will return to Hexferry next time)
  880. Shaggy Town is about to get lit up. (Do not hover if you don't want to know) Expect a plot involving [/spoiler:lit] Sepia, Pepperdust, Amata, & Butterscotch, along with some recruitable moths. [/spoiler:lit]
  882. If guys need some information/reminders.
  884. Current Party: 4/9 Party Members
  885. Unknown Lvl.5
  886. Status: Unconscious
  887. Hp: 190/190
  888. MP:99/99
  890. Hexferry Lvl.5/B-Support
  891. HP:180/180, MP:144/144
  893. Actias Lvl.6/C-Support
  894. Hp:210/210, MP: 100/100
  896. Mocha Lvl.6/No-Support
  897. HP:205/205, MP:0/0
  899. Supports:
  900. You gain & lose supports sometimes throughout the story based on your choices.
  902. S-Support = Married. (Adds in clop scenes.)
  903. A-Support = Best Friends
  904. B-Support = Partners
  905. C-Support = Common Friends
  907. You can unlock party member on party member supports when Unknown is S-supported.
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