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The Parade With The Drums #SmokyAnon

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Jan 11th, 2015
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  1. I was feeling a bit guilty because I was asked to write a little something up about Jeremy's gift to the children, "The Parade with the Drums" on his birthday and I'm just getting it out now. Hopefully it's not too late ><
  3. The reason why it's late, though, is part of the story.
  5. I went on a family trip out to the Smoky Mountains and there was no wifi or internet service. On the way there, we met up with the family of a fallen Anon brother who joined us for the weekend. It gave me time to think about what I wanted to say that hadn't already been said. "Why me?", I thought, as we sat around the fire ring drinking mango moonshine and smoking. Gazing across those ancient mountainsides, marveling at nature's ingenuity and ecology, it struck me.
  7. You see, all these people were Jeremy's gift to me - without AntiSec and Anonymous, I never would have met them. From my understanding of this, the wonderful potential and significance of this book was revealed to me. Just as Jeremy's gift of the Stratfor files ( created the ripple effect that lead to my this wonderful moment in time with loved ones, so is this gift of the book is like a shower on a pond, creating ripples throughout the world.
  9. Even the nature of how it is distributed shows the focus on community pulling together: AnonLit made the book, FreeAnons pays the shipping, and folks around the world are taking it to their libraries. Each one of these interactions serves to build community and engagement. Each one a ripple in their own right, contributing in their own manner, carrying it forward.
  11. And the message of the book? Community, mutual support, and righteous dissent. The foundations of any truly civil society. Such a wonderful message to bring to children. For the record, I made it about 3 minutes through the read through before crying. Truly an amazing project from AnonLit which carries the essence of a sorely needed culture of resistance.
  13. Here's to hoping the ripples from these droplets of love carry forth into a wave of justice for all the mistreated peoples of the world!
  15. in the valley of Tanasi,
  17. SmokyAnon
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