Foreverial Tiedup Urta

Nov 8th, 2018
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  1. This is a very different Urta, not the Tel'Adre guard captain Desert hopping fox nor is it the horse-dicked alcoholic from the Wet Bitch. species is Fox-morph and nationality is Tel'Adre, but of something separate and different. This Urta the furfag self-insert has become Foreverial Tiedup Urta and she was fully delitized with her organs and inside and literally her whole body changed into a permanent living bologna version with permanent living bologna organs and insides and a permanent bologna, ham and cream cheese horse-cock. nose is a permanent pastrami nose and has two permanent ham lips and two permanent bologna and ham ears. Fully wrapped like a mummy, tiedup this way to remain and always jumping around with a permanent smile on her face and a engorged permanent bologna dick spurting constantly ready to fuck all of your waifus with her permanent Bologna, ham and cream cheese horse-cock. The furry art bondage borgified version of Urta the worthless sadsack. there are other degenerate furry OC characters Fenoxo has done besides this and the salamander who cucks you. This is defanitely not the most important character in the game for some retarded reason Urta as this doesnt exist at all in that series that Fen cancelled for the TiTS money, this is in the genre of fully permanent living deli and full permanent rubbery rope bondage. This also is defanitely not the Urta who gets the most developed quest too as this doesnt happen to her either, just a different character whom becomes Foreverial Tiedup Urta
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