Regidar - Mindfuck (WIP)

Apr 22nd, 2015
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  1. Post#:
  2. 22535558
  4. >be Rainbow Dash
  5. >most awesome, coolest pone in Poneville
  6. >your friends are awesome and cool, but you're just BARELY more so
  7. >well, except Fluttershy, lately
  8. >she's not being as cool as she could be
  9. >she's insisting that Discord be allowed to hang around you guys all the time
  10. >you know he's not as bad as he used to be...
  11. >but still
  12. >fuckin' DISCORD
  13. >every other one of your friends may be accepting of him to some degree, but you don't trust him
  14. >not even a little
  15. >he still screws with ponies when Fluttershy's not looking
  16. >but the second she shows up, he's goody two-hooves
  17. >currently, you're watching him from a vantage point up on a small cloud
  18. >he's screwing around the town square
  19. >bringing carts to life, turning lampposts to licorice
  20. >a group of foals seem to be enjoying his antics
  21. >you scowl
  22. "I swear to Celestia, if you touch any of those foals..."
  23. >your teeth are grinding as removes a door from a nearby home and piles the foals onto it, sending it sailing across the street like a surf board
  24. >the foals are screaming with laughter
  25. >your hooves ball tight as your spine compacts, ears flattened against your mane
  26. "Just wait until you fuck up, Discord..."
  27. >there's a loud pop, and the sensation of a cold wind blowing through you
  28. >"Fuck UP, you say?"
  30. >you squeal in horror, rolling around onto your back to see Discord lounging behind you
  31. "Wh-Where—H-How—?!"
  32. >Discord chuckled, his snaggletooth smile glinting in the sunlight
  33. >you give him a glare of utmost contempt
  34. "Seriously Discord. Get the hell outta here before I—"
  35. >"Do what, Dashie? Blind me to death with your mane?"
  36. "Hey!"
  37. >"Bitch at me until my ears bleed and I shrivel up like a scrotum in the cold?"
  38. "I'm tempted to do just tha—HEY!"
  39. >you spring from your back, landing on your hooves and crouching down.
  40. "Listen, Discord, you got another thing coming—"
  41. >Discord grinned savagely at you
  42. >"Very interesting word choice, my dear rainbow Dash."
  43. >you stare at him for a moment, before your eyes go wide, and your face goes pale
  45. "D-Discord, go away."
  46. >Discord stay where he is, lounging on his side, his head propped up with one arm
  47. >"Oh, but my dear little Dashie, it's come to my attention that you don't like me very much."
  48. >you roll your eyes
  49. "Jeez, I wonder what gave THAT away."
  50. Discord smiles a sickeningly sweet smile
  51. >a smile that seems so off and out of place on him
  52. >"And you know that just hurts me so... I want to be your friend, Dashie! Everypony else, all of your friends, are my friends..."
  53. >you scowl and turn away from him
  54. "You may have fooled the rest of them, but not me, Discord! I'm not buying it!"
  55. >you cringe as you feel his talon caress your cheek, and his paw rest on your chest
  56. >"Oh, but Rainbow Dash... I promise you, I'm not trying to sell a thing!"
  57. >that sent chills down your spine
  58. >the creep factor was off the charts
  59. "Buzz off, Discord, I'm not interested!"
  60. >hopefully, by being as blunt as possible, he'd fuck right off, and you could go back to passively hating him from the sky
  62. >Before you can zoom away as fast as possible, you feel Discord envelop you in a hug
  63. >ew
  64. >"But my dearest Dashie... don't you want to work on our relationship? The only way it'll improve is if we spend... quality time together."
  65. >you grunt, pushing your hooves against him in a vein attempt to dislodge yourself from his grip
  66. "Look, no offense, but your version of 'quality time' is probably weird and gross by my standards. Go back to... doing whatever it was you were doing down on the ground."
  67. >Discord wrapped the arm ending in his paw around your body, squeezing you close to his chest, while lifting his talon to his forehead in anguish
  68. >"Oh, Rainbow Dash! You wound me so with your words!"
  69. >you are coming dangerously close to grinding your teeth away
  70. "What. A. Shame. Let go of me, Discord!"
  71. >he brings you up closer to his face, smiling down at you with lidded eyes
  72. >uh oh
  73. >"Now, Dashie... can't you at least give friendship a chance?"
  75. >you sigh
  76. >maybe if you play along, he'll piss off
  77. "Fine, Discord. I'll 'give friendship a chance'."
  78. >the draconeqqus seems to light up almost immediately
  79. >"Oh, JOY! Let's get right down to it, shall we?"
  80. >your brow furrows
  81. "Woah, now just hold on a moment."
  82. >nope
  83. >not a single moment was held on to
  84. >Discord has dropped you, thrust you on your back, and is now towering over you
  85. "Now, just hold on a moment—"
  86. >before you can say anything else, he straddles your upper torso
  87. "Ah! The hell, Discord!"
  88. >something pink and blurry is right in your vision
  89. >your eyes cross as you focus on it
  90. >oh, for fuck's sake
  91. "Discord, put your smelly cock away before I rip it off with my teeth!"
  92. >he can't be serious
  93. >he can't be
  94. "Seriously, if you even THINK about putting that in my mouth—"
  95. >Discord chuckles
  96. >Chuckles?
  97. >that deranged fuck is CHUCKLING?
  98. >"Oh Dash, don't be absurd! I'd never try something so mundane to try and solidify our friendship!"
  99. "Wait, mundane?"
  100. >Discord thrusts his hips forward, and a blinding pain shoots through your skull
  101. "AAAAH!"
  102. >that fuck just stuffed his cock in your nose!
  104. >"Mmm, yes, Dashie... you are quite fine..."
  105. >whatthefuckwhatthefuckwhatthefuck
  106. "Dig-gord! Tah fug! Geg it oug!"
  107. >he simply ignores you
  108. >and grabs the side of your head, thrusting forward with little impunity
  109. >hell, one might even say with glee
  110. >your head is pounding from the pounding
  111. >your sinuses are going to be so fucking rekt after this
  112. >grr
  113. >focus Dash
  114. >ignore the fact that Discord is LITERALLY skullfucking you
  115. >you're stronger than this dope
  116. >fighting back should be no problem
  117. >you coil your limbs in preparation to buck him off of you
  118. >but the pain is too intense
  119. >the throbbing cock in your nostril is sending aching waves through your head and chest
  120. >oh dear sweet Luna what the fuck
  122. >as you flip and flop on the cloud, struggling under Discord's weight
  123. >you have to admit to yourself that it actually felt...
  124. >weirdly good
  125. >the way his throbbing length slid in and out of your nose hole with utter grace
  126. >almost like it was meant to be placed and fucked there...
  127. >oh shit
  128. >what are you thinking?
  129. >Discord must be clouding your mind or something!
  130. >there was no way his cock was meant for your nose!
  131. >you kick and thrash, but Discord merely closes his legs around your neck
  132. >with a gasp and a sputter, you feel the wind being blocked from your throat
  133. >fuck, now you can't breathe
  134. >the strength of your thrashes declines rapidly
  135. >oh fuck no
  136. >you are not dying like this
  137. >with some perv's cock in your nose
  138. >you can't go out this way
  139. >sadly, with the death grip on your neck
  140. >you don't see any easy way out of this
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