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Sep 8th, 2022
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  1. From a subscriber. I want to tell a story about the 107th mobilized regiment of reservists (I want this story to reach and have a continuation in the form of a real punishment for all those responsible). This 107th regiment is currently divided into different regiments and brigades, but I want to focus on that part of it, from which the 3-MSB was formed as part of the 9th regiment of military unit 08819 (commander call sign "Grozny"). The battalion commander of this 3-MSB was "Baltiets", but his deputy was Lieutenant Colonel Yuri Leonidovich Gagarin, from the Russian Federation, who from the beginning of hostilities was engaged in humanitarian aid. This post Deputy he received the battalion commander for giving the regiment commander and his deputies cars and much more. Having acquired this post, he developed his stormy activities in the conduct of blunt military operations. I would like to clarify the situation a little, since this battalion consisted and consists only of mobilized, and only of shooters, then from this battalion they made 3 motorized rifle battalions, consisting of non-working BMP-1s, put reservists on these BMPs, taught them a couple of days and threw them into battle . As a result, due to the stupidity of Gagarin, Yu.L. the call sign is "Angel", and the battalion is called "Angel", he sent one of the BMPs forward and the crew, not knowing the terrain, flew straight at the enemy, was hit, the wounded driver crawled out to his own, the commander was killed, the gunner was captured (there is a video of dill on exchange). Then there were repeated and stupid orders to go and take Krasnogorovka, the first streets, then landings near it, while Arta practically did not work, but the dill aimed at their own positions earlier, where they smeared ours. The last result of stupidity was to go forward with two infantry fighting vehicles from the landing and take the fortified area of ​​ukrov. As a result, the Ukrainians missed 1 infantry fighting vehicle, the landing force landed, the infantry fighting vehicle turned around and was immediately hit, the second infantry fighting vehicle was hit when leaving for the first one. The landing force that landed from 1 BMP consisting of 7 people died. After some time, 2 more infantry fighting vehicles came to the rescue, but without landing, they were also hit. Then, another 1 infantry fighting vehicle with ammunition on board tried to break through to help the landing, but was also hit and exploded. And such moronic landings and assaults continued every other day or two about 9 times, and before that, 7 of our tanks were burned in the same place. Seeing this and how people are being driven as if to be slaughtered, many began to go to work, some began to refuse, a few days ago 6 people refused to obey the order to go and die, they were arrested and taken to the pit of the 9th regiment, and everyone was told that they were being taken to commandant's office and the MGB. On the trail. The next day they were brought back, and they told their comrades that they had been beaten and tortured with a tapik and demanded to obey orders and go into battle. I ask that this information become public, I ask you to distribute it.
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