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Jun 18th, 2013
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  1. // Personality: Nihilistic survivalist, combination of Quake III quotes and Lovecraftian cynicism
  3. [IntroStrings]
  4. "Ranger leads the way."
  5. "Special orders, here...time to remove all hostiles."
  6. "You get up, I'll knock your ass right back down."
  7. "You'd think I'd learn not to hop into any strange portals anymore."
  8. "I'm going in. You guys are going out."
  9. "Time to return shit to dust."
  11. [FragStrings]
  12. "Lemme guess. That was a headshot."
  13. "I'm goin' slow 'cause I like the look on your ugly face."
  14. "That's your lot in life. That's all you'll amount to!"
  15. "I'd say you almost got it right...but I don't feel right lying."
  16. "Surprise. No more paintballs."
  17. "Quit your crying. It's shameful."
  18. "I don't use blanks. Live ammo, here."
  19. "I'd take your dog tags, but I don't deal with baby bracelets."
  20. "Informing your next of kin would be pointless."
  22. [KilledStrings]
  23. "In a blaze of glory! Oh, hell, at least it's a blaze."
  24. "Best trophy you'll ever get, scumbag."
  25. "I hate taking point."
  26. "I'm so used to ugly things with claws and swords, forgot about the ones with guns."
  27. "Mama always said there'd be days like this."
  28. "Stop waving that thing at me. I'll let you off easy this time."
  29. "Nope. Still hate dyin'."
  30. "Guess I should've ducked my head down lower."
  31. "Gotta correct my aim for windage."
  33. [RoamingStrings]
  34. "Failure is not part of a Marine's vocabulary."
  35. "Go! Go! Go!"
  36. "I'm used to killin' ugly shit."
  37. "So, I take it I'm leading the charge again?"
  38. "Let's get the juices flowing. Yours."
  39. "Aren't the dreams of poets and travellers all bullshit?"
  40. "Ia ia fhtagn, motherfuckers."
  41. "Searching for the truth is always more joyful than findin' it."
  42. "I'm loving this dive into the unknown abyss."
  43. "We're haunting strange and far places, now."
  44. "I'm a horror beyond horrors. Come and get me."
  45. "You'll see what goes on beyond the midnight. It ain't pretty."
  46. "The smart kids know there isn't really a line between fact and fantasy."
  47. "Kind of nice, seeing all the shadows all over the place. Just like old times."
  48. "My reality's right in front of me. Gun. Barrel. Your body."
  49. "It's too easy to call strange shit 'supernatural'. Gotta think harder."
  50. "What do we know 'bout the world and the universe around us?"
  51. "When you actively search for the terrible, you find it. And it sucks."
  52. "Memories and possibilities are always worse than reality, I've learned."
  53. "You ever just look up at the stars?"
  54. "Gotta get one with your savage self. Show me your ol' primal beastly rage."
  55. "Gotta fight, kill, die. That's what we do. Bring it."
  56. "Don't get excited. Get your ass down. Wait, that's your head."
  57. "All sorts of dark and lonely places here. Let's light it up."
  58. "Even death itself can be slain. Gets pissy if you do, though."
  59. "I've brought the shadows with me. What's your backup?"
  60. "The strongest emotion's fear, and the strongest fear's of the unknown. You fear me, kid?"
  61. "With enough gunpowder, you can open up the whole universe."
  62. "I'm gonna remove all wonder from that brain of yours."
  63. "They were, they are, and they will be. Then I shot them. Whoops."
  64. "Lemme tell you. Some parts of Earth's dead, dark corners? You leave the hell alone."
  65. "Oh Earthling, more fortunate than you'd ever realize..."
  67. [RareRoamingStrings]
  68. "Y'know, heard the damndest thing. Apparently there's a gun that shoots portals, now. The hell?"
  69. "I'm no stranger to this Wheel. Been in an eternal arena once before."
  70. "I'm disillusioned enough to know that nobody's worth a damn unless they can back it up."
  71. "I've seen the memories and dreams of time itself, shit beyond the scale of the universe."
  72. "Gotta be honest. My mind's a little scattered now. And I think that's a mercy."
  73. "Been having a hard time really caring about anything after going toe to toe with...them."
  74. "I'm fantasizing at least 20 different ways to kill you. Probably ain't healthy."
  75. "Disintegration's pretty painless, lemme tell you. You curious about that?"
  76. "I don't care about your job. I care about your mind. That's what's important, in a man."
  78. //[LosingRoamingStrings]
  80. [WinStrings]
  81. "Good thing we don't have any of you fighting against eternity."
  82. "Semper fi, do or die! Semper fi, I did, you died!"
  83. "What a freakin' waste of time!"
  84. "And this is why it pays to pay attention."
  85. "My high ground isn't just a high horse, kids."
  87. [LoseStrings]
  88. "Son of an ass-smellin' momma's dog!"
  89. "Damn. Just...damn."
  90. "Nice shooting, first-class private wise-ass."
  91. "Sure, whatever."
  92. "Okay, that just wasn't acceptable."
  94. //[FrustratedStrings] // Spammer!
  96. //[EnragedStrings] // You fail it!
  98. //[DemoralizedStrings] // Your skill is not enough!
  100. [PissedStrings] // Llama!
  101. "I wasn't mad before. Then you just did that shit."
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