Apr 17th, 2013
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  1. If there was one thing about being a Princess Twilight didn’t like, it was the constant demands on her free time. When she was just a student of the Princess, she had managed to fit everything neatly into a schedule, but now that she was herself a Princess, there simply wasn’t enough time in the day. Celestia was trying to teach her all she could, but there was a limit to how much even Twilight could learn in any given time. Yet, perhaps because of some prideful streak in her, Twilight refused to take a break until she was satisfied she was making real progress.
  2. It was for this reason Princess Luna had stepped in, saying she, too, had a lesson for the new Princess. Twilight Sparkle had never studied under the Night Princess, and she was a little anxious about what Luna would have in store for her. All her worries had vanished, though, when she saw Lunas surprise.
  3. “Like you, Twilight Sparkle, I have gathered quite a collection of books.” Luna had told her, as they arrived at a library near the Everfree forest. “There are many books here that haven’t seen the light of day for thousands of years.” Luna fixed Twilight with a stare, then, a stare that reminded Twilight that while the moon may not be as bright as the sun, its power was not to be discounted. “I would like you to spend no less than one week here, learning what you can.”
  4. “But…my duties! My friends! Celestia wanted to-“
  5. Luna cut off Twilights protests with a single hoof. “I have already arranged things with my sister, Twilight Sparkle. She is in agreement that the education of a Princess must be well rounded, and respects my judgment in this matter.” Her eyes sparkled with mirth. “And it is a simple matter to send for your friends, though I’d like you to spend at least one day in solitude.”
  6. Of course, she figured out what Lunas plan was not long after she was left alone. Perhaps it was suiting of the moon to not be direct in her plans. Still, Twilight certainly appreciated the time off. Once her friends arrived, Twilight would spend some time with them…and keep up with her studies, of course. Cover story or not, Twilight Sparkle was going to complete the task Luna had laid out for her.
  7. And goodness, there were so many books. Some of them had been penned by Starswirl the Bearded himself! Twilight was just about to sink into one when something caught her eye. A door, with the personal Seal of Princess Luna, and it was slightly ajar. Twilight smiled to herself. “Oh, Princess, you’re so clever.” She murmured, headed through the door.
  8. Around the room, lamps lit with purple flames, revealing rows upon rows of books. From the glances Twilight got of the spines, they seemed to deal mostly in old, old magic, things Twilight would have thought impossible. She stepped over a white line on the floor, approaching a podium on which a book lay, already open. “A spell, but not like any I’ve ever seen before.” She said to herself, scanning the pages “It’s structured like a long range teleport, but there’s more…” she read the words out loud, feeling the familiar tingle of magic surrounding her as the spell took shape. The magical energy of the spell flowed down her hooves and around the lines of the floor; a magical diagram, she should have guessed. She couldn’t turn around and look at the shape, though, the spell was taking all her focus and magic to maintain. But she was almost done, there were just a few more lines, these ones in the old pony tongue. Luckily, she had been studying it with Celestia, so she could pronounce the words, but she didn’t know enough to know what it meant. The final words spoken, the magic released with a powerful thrum. Twilight breathed a heavy sigh, her energy drained by the powerful magic. So what had the spell done…? She turned around to examine the magical runes on the floor, and discovered she wasn’t alone. There was a pony there, but not like any she had seen. This pony was a deep, deep purple, almost black, which she appeared to be in this dim light. Next to her ears, horns curled up, and her wings were batlike. Her tail was long and ended in a spade, rather than being furry like a normal tail. Then she opened her eyes, and for a moment, Twilight forgot about the other details. They were a glowing red, and they sent a strange warmth through Twilight. No white, no iris, no pupil, just a red glow. The pony blinked, and her eyes became normal, though her irises were still a deep crimson.
  9. “Ooooo, I didn’t think anypony would ever come to read that book…mmm…” she said, stretching. “What a looooong nap…” she looked at Twilight Sparkle, grinning. Did she have fangs? “And you must be the new Princess~ They certainly picked a tasty one this time.”
  10. “…how did you know who I am? Who are you, and where did you come from?” Twilight looked back at the book for a moment. It was still just sitting there. The strange pony laughed, almost like a purr.
  11. “You don’t know me? You didn’t know what the spell did?” she smiled at Twilight, licking her lips. “No, I can see it clearly, you’re quite surprised at my appearance. My name is Lilith, my dear. And what is your name, Princess?”
  12. “Twilight Sparkle, and I know now. I just found this book when Princess Luna sent me here to study…” Twilight said, examining this Lilith. There was this way that she carried herself, it was strange and reminded her of…private things. Her cutie mark was a magical circle as well, but she was a Pegasus…of sorts?
  13. “Like what you see, Twilight Sparkle?” her eyes widened slightly, and she hummed. “…your true name…” she whispered, a sly smile crossing her face. “Princess Luna…and Princess Celestia, I presume, still rule then?” she asked, before Twilight could ask about that name thing.
  14. Twilight nodded. “Of course they do. They’ve ruled for thousands of years…just how long have you been asleep, anyway?” she asked, eyes narrowed. Celestia had ruled since casting out Discord, and several…dark creatures had been banished in a similar manner since then. These books were hundreds, if not thousands of years old themselves.
  15. “I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have, Twilight Sparkle-“ Lilith placed a gentle pressure on her name, and Twilight felt an odd shiver go through her “But if you could do me a favor, first. The book on the pedestal, could you turn the page for me?”
  16. Twilight turned in confusion, going back to the book and turning the page. There were more words in the old tongue on that page, though not nearly as many.
  17. “What does it say?” Lilith asked, a note of curiosity in her voice.
  18. Twilight squinted a bit, reading from the page. Once more, magic flowed through the room, though it was much less prominent. Twilight didn’t notice as energy dissipated from the magical sigil on the ground, and Lilith grinned darkly.
  20. “It’s just another spell…” Twilight said, looking up and nearly jumping back. Lilith had come up behind her. “Gah, don’t do that to me!” she said, her heart pounding.
  21. “So it is, Twilight Sparkle…” Lilith said coyly, her tail coming up and stroking the Alicorns chin softly. Her tail was warm and smooth, and sent warm pulses through Twilights body with each pass. She inhaled slowly, licking her lips. “Delicous…so young…”
  22. “What do you mean?” Twilight asked, gathering her magic into her horn just in case. Liliths eyes flashed red again for just a moment, sending a stronger, distracting wave of warmth through Twilights body. Her tail traced down the Alicorns slender frame as her face drew closer to Twilights.
  23. “Don’t worry about that. For now, I need to thank you properly for freeing me, Twilight Sparkle.” Lilith said coyly. She closed the gap, pressing her lips to Twilights. Twilights eyes widened in surprise, then fluttered closed as a strange warmth flowed over her body, making it hard for her to focus. Her body relaxed as she kissed Lilith deeply, the other pony tasting her eagerly. All the while, her serpentine tail stroked Twilights body lovingly, sending tingles down her body.
  24. It seemed an eternity and all too soon when Lilith pulled her head back, a trail of saliva connecting her mouth to the Princesses for a moment. “Mmm, you really taste good, Twilight. So sweet and innocent, and so full of…magic…” Liliths tail traced around the star on Twilights flank.
  25. Twilight blinked, shaking her head to try and dispel the fog in her mind. What…was going on? She felt amazing, warm and aroused, but it was so hard to think. She looked up at Lilith, and another wave of arousal hit her, hard. Lilith was exotic, and so attractive, she…
  26. “Twilight Sparkle.” Lilith said firmly, drawing her attention up to her face. “I think it’s time for a change of locale, don’t you?” Her tail moved under her chin again, and Twilight nodded, confused. “I guess…but…”
  27. Lilith merely grinned, her eyes glowing a deep red once more, as the sigil on the floor brightened and the room faded, replaced with another one…no, it was a cave, magical runes inscribed on the walls. In the middle of the room was a throne, which Lilith sat on in a strange fashion, hind hooves on the floor and forehooves resting on the side, which had the unusual effect of exposing her pussy. Twilight looked at Lilith in confusion, startled to find her eyes still glowing red. The glow seemed to fill her mind, filling the spaces between the fog, making it all but impossible to think now.
  28. “Don’t look up at my face, Twilight Sparkle.” Lilith said, her voice echoing in Twilights head as she spoke. The mention of her name sent a strange chill down her spine. “Look down, at what arousal your taste has brought Me.”
  29. Twilight lowered her head, looking between Liliths legs. Her pussy was wide open before her, and glistened softly in the low light (dimly, Twilight wondered where that light came from). Just seeing it made her feel warm…needy. Liliths tail wrapped around behind her head, pushing her closer to the honeypot. The scent that came off it was incredible, numbing what little of Twilights mind was aware. Her mouth open all its own, her tongue extending to taste it. It had a warm, sweet taste that sent waves of arousal through her.
  30. “Serve me, Twilight Sparkle, and drink deeply of my pleasure.” Lilith said, her voice dripping with lust.
  31. Twilight lowered her head further, placing her mouth over that glorious mound. She ran her tongue over the outside lips, kissing the nub at the top softly. Liliths tail left the back of her head, tracing down her spine as Twilight kept lapping at the warmth, slowly worming her tongue inside the other pony. Sexual fluids flowed freely into her mouth, which she eagerly drank down. As she did, the feelings of arousal and submission to Lilith grew ever stronger.
  32. “Yes, let the feelings of lust flow through you…open yourself to me…” Lilith whispered, as Twilight moved closer, burying her muzzle in her. Her tail stroked over her plot slowly, heightening all the sensations before plunging deep into her pussy. Twilight moaned into Lilith, but the batwinged pony was relentless. Her tail pumped into Twilight, seeming to push deeper with each thrust. As her tail pushed into her pussy, Twilight felt as if Lilith was pushing into her mind, filling her head. Lust flowed freely through her, her body filling with warmth.
  33. “Cum for you Mistress.”
  34. It was hard to tell if that was a thought or a order. Maybe it was both. Twilight pressed into Lilith harder, moaning as her body trembled, a powerful orgasm filling her. Liliths tail pushed into her deeper still, and her pussy overflowed with juices which Twilight drank up, bringing the orgasm to new heights. Her tail seemed to absorb Twilights orgasm, and the Alicorn felt a powerful drain as the orgasm continued on impossibly. New thoughts filled her mind
  35. Let go. Let go of it all. Lose yourself to pleasure, and serve me for eternity.
  36. Twilight Sparkle moaned deeply, pleasure filling her body. There was nothing but that pleasure. Serving Mistress Lilith was pleasure. Her juices, her tail, her body, her pleasure. Nothing else mattered…
  37. Liliths tail continued working Twilight in her endless orgasm, not one drop of juice spilling. Twilights eyes glowed red, and Lilith grinned down at her. The star on Twilights flank faded slowly, appearing on Lilith and absorbing into her skin. On flanks of the Alicorn, a magical circle formed.
  38. Lilith pulled her tail from the Alicorn with a little pop, bringing it up to her mouth and licking it. “Stop.”
  39. The Alicorn stopped, looking up at her, eyes still glowing red. Liliths tail caressed her cheek. “What is your name.” she said simply.
  40. “I don’t have one.”
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