Kick Pacer

Feb 7th, 2018
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  1. >Kick Pace sighed and looked at the gold pocket watch dangling frim her neck.
  2. >She was a free pony, a once was slave, but still as punctual as she had been trained.
  3. >Sadly, even now masters still ran on their own time.
  4. >Pace was a corrections officer, a fancy way of saying that she disciplined the slaves of those too squeamish to do so otherwise.
  5. >It was something she never thought she could do, she knew what it was like at the other end of a shock collar.
  6. >But then, she did know.
  7. >She knew just where a pony any pony, needed to be touched, cajoled, or beaten to work again.
  8. >It was better than the heavy handed methods of other humans.
  9. >There were also much fewer taboos of using sexual persuasion, promises, showing some tail, even sex to convince a pony
  10. >Something some people didn't realize how close they were.
  11. >The door ahead unlatched and she stood upright, horn flashing as she cast a quick glamour spell to look decent
  12. "Its about time you showed up you damn nag, where's your master, I've been waiting for hours to get this wretch working again."
  13. >Pace just ignored her and walked in, a clipboard of forms shoved in the meat mountain's face.
  14. >"Read and sign these release forms while I get set up. Where do you want me to work?"
  15. >Anon indicated a door.
  16. >Kick opened the door, white magic twisting the knob.
  17. >It was the stairs to the basement, a typical place to store a slave.
  18. >She went down to find the slave and see what room she had to work with.
  19. >It wasn't hard, the skitter of hooves started at the first squeak of wood.
  20. >A pink maned yellow pegasus with bugs on her butt came and sat at the bottom.
  21. "Oh, you aren't my master, are you a new friend?"
  22. >She looked a bit sickly, band aids covered some large areas of a leg.
  23. >They were plastered on like Anon never heard of gauze, or thought he had to cover the blood drips.
  24. >Her hooves hadn't been cut in a long time, the tips were scuffed and craggled from the cement.
  25. >Her eyes were innocent though
  27. Are we a friend?
  29. >>31768606
  30. >Friend?
  31. We would like it if we could be, but we came here to do a job that will probably make it impossible. Let’s dodge that question for a while until we know more about the relationship between Flutters and Anon. Why are we here, exactly?
  33. >>31768727
  34. >>31768606
  35. >"Are you bleeding?"
  36. >Kick didn't want to answer the friend question until she knew more.
  37. >It was a good way to work between ponies, friendship meant a lot.
  38. >"Do you know why I'm here?"
  39. >That earned another shake from her muzzle.
  40. >"Well that makes two of us, do you mind if I come down?"
  41. >The slave backed away and down Kick went, her metal shod hooves weighing on the wood.
  42. >It was a typical open basement.
  43. >Light came in from recessed glass blocks near the ceiling, showing a couple of storage box racks, some utilities, and a slave cage, complete with litter box.
  44. >It was a big cage though, more than enough fir the pegasus to move her wings.
  45. >"So you get to just roam around down here alone?" Kick sat back, fraternizing with the patient.
  46. "Oh no, master gave me a friend a long time ago to replace my little Angel bunny, but they have been real sick lately. Master had to take him away. Will you stay with me?"
  47. >You didn't want to say yes or no, fortunately Anon called her away.
  48. >Kick went back up stairs ready to chat with Anon on what he needed.
  49. >"So, mister Anon, what do you need?"
  50. "You"
  51. > The baseball bat slammed into Kick's muzzle, sending her reeling down the stairs.
  52. >The return swipe splattered blood on the wall, Kick out of it.
  53. >her body landed at the base of the stairs moaning in pain as Fluttershy walked up.
  54. "Friend"
  56. >>31768890
  57. Well, that settles it, we are officially friends!
  59. >She was a free pony, a once was slave
  60. So what is kicks status? If she is a full citizen Anon just bought himself a heaping helping of legal trouble!
  62. >you damn nag, where's your master, I've been waiting for hours
  63. Kick does not have any master since she won her freedom, but who did Anon contact to book the appointment? Does she have an agent or dispatcher who will notice her missing?
  65. >>31768890
  66. Seems like u are fast frienda now. Unless she was supposed to trick Pace.
  67. >>31768913
  68. Im thinking this too. There must be someone who knows where she is. But, maybe the man can talk his way out of it.
  70. >>31768913
  71. >>31768955
  72. >>31768890
  73. >Kick came to, eyes swollen near shut.
  74. >There was no light where she was, and a call to her horn left magical feedback coursing in her brain.
  75. >She cried out, cursing at Anon for this.
  76. >She wasn't some peice of property he could just abuse and do with as he pleased, she was
  77. >Kick was alone, she was back as a slave again, her life out of her hooves in an instant.
  78. >She didn't know if Corrections even cared enough to get her back.
  79. >She'd gone in a slave, but had she really stopped being one.
  80. >tears fell on burn scarred flesh, Pace just another abused slave in another house
  81. >she shivered, broken muzzle filling with snot
  82. "Don't cry, shh shh, everything's going to get better. You'll see, Anon is a great master, he just loves his slaves. Mostly me, but I mean he will love you to, I'm sure of it."
  83. >there was a soft tearing sound and Kick felt a bandaid being put on her bleeding spots
  84. >This mare,
  85. >Kick lashed out, trying to get the tricky bitch.
  86. >All she did was pull the springs holding her legs together apart a little
  87. >Her own work tools had been used on her, she was now at the mercy of a man that she had no idea of what he might do.
  88. "Hmmph, well if you dont want my help fine, be that way."
  89. >"Buck off."
  90. " haah, language! A mare like you shouldn't have such a potty mouth."
  91. >"What are you going to do about it bitch?"
  93. What does Fluttershy punish Kick's pottymouth with?
  95. >>31769057
  96. Ah, so Fluttershy was assisting this. Well, you could go the normal route of kicking and whipping and such. But what if Fluttershy kisses her and lies to tell her how good her new master is. He will make he feel good. Maybe brushes her mane and nuzzles her.
  98. >>31769125
  99. > nuzzles her
  100. Nice moment to bite her ear off
  102. >>31769125
  103. >>31769178
  104. >>31769057
  105. "I'm going to love the bad words out of you."
  106. >"Crazy horse say whaa"
  107. >Fluttershy simply pushed into Kick, her soft yellow fur rubbing on the leathery burnt flesh of the unicorn.
  108. >Don't let her get to you, this isnt friendship, Pace steeled herself at the nuzzling.
  109. "My Master is good and kind, you'll like him."
  110. >She whispered gently into Paces ear, sinistet or sultry depended on who you chose.
  111. "But don't make him angry or anything."
  112. >Fluttershy had the ear in between her teeth, the pearly whites nibbling.
  113. >Pacer jerked away, but not all of her left.
  114. >Her badly notched and scarred ear had finally goven in, the leathery flesh scrap dangled from an aghast Fluttershy
  115. >The sweet pegasus's eyes shrank to pin pricks at the sight of the twitching bloody stump
  116. >her body just locked, terror at what she had done giving way to a sudden keening wale
  117. >there was a sudden thump from upstairs, then rapid footfalls down the floor to the door
  118. >Anon came to protect his precious
  120. What happens to Pace?
  122. >>31769410
  123. > rape
  125. >>31769410
  126. >What happens?
  127. Anon kicks Pacer out because she is obviously not suitable for the role he and Fluttershy want her to play. Pacer makes a bit of a fuss with her employer and Anon might find it harder to get the next slave trainer booked, but she doesn’t push it too hard. That ear was kind of a lost cause anyway, and just because she’s free does not mean she can afford justice. She just walks away from it all.
  129. OK, I was kinda trolling, but the motivation here does not make any sense! Pacers employers care enough to file a missing persons report, right? She is a person, under the protection of the law, right? The cops will care even a little bit about kidnapping, right?
  131. Slavery is not something one person does to one slave; it’s a society-wide phenomenon with all sorts of laws, customs, institutions, and interests. Anon did not buy Pacer, cannot sell her, is not making a profit on her, might not even be able to let her leave this basement alive. I don’t see any slaves in this SPG story!
  133. >>31769416
  134. >>31769710
  135. >>31769410
  136. >Pace shrank back in the dark, trying to find something to hide in.
  137. >it was for nought though as harsh flourescent lights buzzed on
  138. >the flickering tubes framed anon as he came down the angry stairs
  139. "What the fuck did you do to my
  140. >Fluutershy still had Pace's ear, the twitching stump bleeding
  141. >Pace trembled as he opened the gate, fear sending her heart spasming
  142. >Anon bent down, and embraced Fluttershy
  143. "Now now, you can't be to rough with this one sweetie. Its not as durable as the company said, so be gentle with it."
  144. >Fluttershy just nodded before gingerly presenting Pace's ear.
  145. >Anon just looked disgusted at it and flicked the flesh scrap onto a pile in the litter box.
  146. "Now come along, daddy is going to need some help falling asleep again."
  147. >Anon grabbed his slave, and carried her back to his bed.
  148. >Kick was left alone in the darkness, trying to understand anon.
  149. >She trained slaves, she worked for Corrections, they couldn't sell her, she was a free employee.
  151. Now what?
  153. >>31771982
  154. Anon and Fluttershy just left Pacer unattended in the basement, out of the cage! She of course investigates and looks for any way to remove the horn ring, get a message out, or escape. This might be the last opportunity for some time. Of course they will have planned for this, might be watching her right now, but she can hardly just sit around waiting for them to come back. She's running out of ears, and time.
  156. >>31772039
  157. >>31771982
  158. >Kick held her place as the foot thuds went away.
  159. >She shrunk away from the heavy falls, but perked when she heard the springs of a bed compress.
  160. >Anon was occupied, even better, he'd left the gate open.
  161. >Pace looked mournfully at her ear, but the words from Fluttershy made her afraid
  162. >The little pegasus might be a psychopathic murderer, or Anon just doesnt care, either way Pace wasn't waiting if Corrections would come for her.
  163. >Her legs were in a spring hold and horn blocked.
  164. >she wasnt sure how to get her horn free, the blocker was a screwclamp model
  165. >but the legs were a different story
  166. >All she had to do was bash the plastic center hard enough and it would fail
  167. >on her back, Pace scooched around worming for something to use
  168. >There were plenty of pipes down here, but they would easily carry noise to the house
  169. >if she looked, he was bound to have a mallet, but she had no idea if Fluttershy would be slept with after sex
  171. Find a mallet or bash it open on a pipe?
  173. >>31776957
  174. > concrete walls and floor
  175. > bash it on a pipe
  176. If she's not that agile to try and unscrew the horn blocker with hooves or with other stuff, that is
  178. >>31776957
  179. Use the pipe, and rush the door.
  180. Not sure how the mechanics of using a mallet would work, but speed is more important than stealth. Right now, this very moment, Pacer is the strongest she will ever be under their captivity. She will have the rest of her life to employ slower and more careful strategies.
  182. >>31777223
  183. >>31776996
  184. >>31776957
  185. >time was too important to work out how hooves on anon was with tools
  186. >Pace wormed and shimmied her way over to an exposed pipe by a water heater
  187. >From the smell ot was a gas model, making Pace shrink from the fire
  188. >She pushed back, she'd lived through the burns before, she could get awat from the hissing snap when she was free
  189. >Kick started flipping her body, twisting to bring the plastic puck slamming into the pipe
  190. >The plastic donking noise didn't carry far, but she didnt know if it was audible
  191. >the plastic whitened, stress marks formed where it was slowly loosening the pipe
  192. >Pace paused and slipped the contraption be hind the pipe
  193. >She yanked back hard, putting her weight into it
  194. >The cracking ring was defenitely audible
  195. >again and again pace hit, the plastic splitting and gouging, until sudden ly tje pipe gave and she was on her back
  196. >looking straight at the little pilot light
  197. >one last try, she pushed up and held the shackles puck on the fire
  198. >black smoke fountained out instantly going to the ceiling
  199. >plastic bubbled, gasding out as it charred, until Kick pulled the puck in two, legs free to walk
  200. >she went for the stairs, no point in working on her horn
  201. >the door at the top was open, a way out
  202. >she came out as Anon reached the 2nd story balcony
  203. >their eyes met, Anon shocked, Pace snarled
  204. >She bolted for the door, Anon scurrying to stop her
  205. >Pace gave a slam, hooves scrambled to try and grip the knob as Anon came closer with the bat
  206. "Fuck you doing slave!Youre mine now, and ill break you to prove it."
  207. >the bat swung and caught a box by the door
  208. >a brief spark came from it as the bat ripped it off the wall
  209. >Pace had wuit the door and raced for the opening of the kitchen
  210. >She could try and play keepaway and have him race around his house until she came up with something
  212. Can Pace play tag well?
  214. >>31777847
  215. >Can Pace play tag well?
  216. Pacer is the fucking sensi of tag! She can keep this up all day long, and keep an eye out for Flutters as well. But her goal is escape, not to play silly games with these two.
  218. >>31777897
  219. >>31777847
  220. >Pace could keep this game going up for a while.
  221. >Anon had all the rooms in the house interconnect, there was no place he could block her off from both sides.
  222. >He didn't care though, the bat just swung, slapped, and grand slammed anything in the way.
  223. >Whatever happened, he would need to do a lot of repair work.
  224. >He bunted a toaster, the carcass spraying apart from the impact, but the base shattered a large bay window in the kitchen.
  225. >A cold breeze came in, but more importantly, the sounds of a siren.
  226. >Anon chased Pace away, the bat thuping his hand as he waited for her to jump it
  227. >Kick backed away, head low as she eyed him
  228. >She crept out, as long as Anon guarded the window he couldn't chase her
  229. >The phones in the house chimed, someone calling in late at night
  230. >A scratchy robot read it off, "ADT"
  231. >Pace flipped, lunged and ran for the phone cradle behind her
  232. >Just as she reached it, a yellow blur tackled her, screaming at her to stay and not go.
  233. >Pace was knocked over, body slamming the stand the phone was on, sending the corded thing skittering on the floor.
  234. >She flipped upright, the pegasus latched on her back, grabbing at mane, horn, anything her hooves found
  235. >"Get off you crazy bitch!"
  236. >Pacer bucked and kicked, rearing around as she tried to keep focussed on anon and his bat.
  237. >The yellow slave didn't help, grabbing and shoving her away, trying to push the larger unicorn into a timeout corner for her own good she sobbed.
  238. >Kick screamed bloody as a hoof gashed her back
  239. >Anon made a bold move, advancing to try and break one of Kick's legs with the way he swung the bat low at her.
  240. >His wild swing missed, and he cursed, swearing to once more break the slave trainer, that he'd rape her to death if that's what it took
  241. >He swung overhead, chopping down and shattering the phone on the floor
  242. >But he didn't dare hit his precious slave, Fluttershy
  244. Bold move Cotton, does Pacer risk the window, using Fluttershy as a shield?
  246. >>31779333
  247. Trips confirm the window is the obvious escape route. Flutters can serve as meat shield on the way out, and crash pad on the way down. She's so soft and gentle! Pacer also makes a note to herself that even if she doesn't make it out of here alive, she looks so fucking boss right now. It's like one of those human action movies!
  249. >>31779554
  250. >>31779333
  251. >Pace looks at the window back to Anon, and flips around presenting Fluttershy to the bat.
  252. >Anon flips, arms clench, and the bat swerves to the ceiling, slamming into a joist.
  253. >Pacer darts past him, the bat on the floor, his left arm held as he rages.
  254. >Shy keeps trying to stop her, but doesnt get off the back
  255. >the window still has plenty of glass, sharp and rending
  256. >Kick vaults and flips, the pegasus catching any glass before the pair are outside
  257. >Rolling on the grass, blue and red lights come barreling down the road responding to a break in at Anons house
  258. >Kick runs for the cop car, restraint springs skittering as she hits pavement and tries to wave him down
  259. >The car stops and shes busy beating on the glass, pleading to be let in
  260. >Before she can speak to the officer in a calmer tone, Anon has gotten his door open and is shouting for his slave
  262. What convinces the copper that Pacer isnt a rogue slave that attacked her master?
  264. >>31781857
  265. Nobody should convince anyone, she just has to scream autistically to them "take me into custody I'll explain everything just get me into safety". Even if cops think she attacked him, they will take her to police station, run the check, ask her what the fuck and contact her company for confirmation of what she told them. In worst case she can just bit the officer to the leg and thrash around without actually hurting him, they'll just take her in before Fluttershy's owner even gets to the car.
  267. >>31781857
  268. Ya, what previous said. All Pacer has to convince the cops of is that SOMETHING just happened, and that she should go downtown with them. Sometimes cops aren't good at listening, but they're are always willing to hear that argument.
  270. How exactly is it that Pacer is free and other ponies are not? Is there some central registry, individual papertrails, a physical token she carries, or what? And how much shit is Anon in here; does Pacer enjoy full rights and protection under the law, or is she some sort of second-class citizen he can assault and confine with impunity?
  272. >>31781857
  273. >>31781931
  274. >>31782142
  275. >the cop got out of the car, Pacer nacking away as he kept a hand near his belt
  276. >"please you need to arrest me i can explain at the station"
  277. >he pivoted the spotlight over, critically looking at the broken bonds on her legs and clamp on her horn.
  278. >he looked back torward Anon, the broken window and broken body of the yellow pegasus
  279. >Eyes went around the scene, looked like an owner who underestimated their slave to him
  280. >He keyed the radio on his lapel, ready to call it off
  281. >The dispatcher jumped from her chair as the scream came over the air waves
  282. >Pacer panicked, and went for what she knew would get her arrested
  283. >the leg of the officers pants hung in her mouth, shed grabbed and yanked hard enough to split it on the pleat.
  284. > the officer just turned and raised his taser
  285. >the probes sank in Kick's flesh, dropping her jerking body to the ground
  286. "Motherfucking, dispatch, I'm bringing in a suspect, get a kennel ready. And a new pair of pants. Fucking hell."
  287. >Anon was by the cop car now, watching.
  288. "I'll make sure she's punished for that."
  289. "Sir please step back, you can follow me to the station.This is now police business."
  290. >Pacer saw Anon ball his fists as the cop was futilely trying to cuff her
  291. "Alright, Ill be right behind you."
  292. "Ugh, you know what."
  293. >the officer reached behind him and pulled out a plastic clover
  294. "Welcome to the rodeo."
  295. >Pacer was hogtied and hefted with some help from his partner into the back of the car.
  296. >her mouth wasnt muzzled for what she did, and Pacer had to bite her tongue to keep from complaining proffessionally.
  297. >As the trio pulled away, the deputy spoke
  298. "Do you want to explain why you just made my partner's sun screen bottle modeling career take off?"
  299. >>31782583
  300. >"Do you want to explain?”
  301. Boy, does she ever! She’s got nothing to hide here, so she starts at the beginning and leaves nothing out. The important thing is to identify herself, create a record of this incident, and contact her lawyer. You bet your ass even the poorest of free ponies has a lawyer on retainer, it’s not a luxury!
  303. >>31782729
  304. >>31782583
  305. >"Im sorry, im soory! I needed to get away from him."
  306. >A face so stony that it was ready to be an Egyptian tomb just looked back.
  307. "Name?"
  308. >"Kick Pacer"
  309. "Occupatio, slave"
  310. >"trainer. I train slaves."
  311. "But you're still a slave."
  312. >"No, I'm a human, my job is to train slaves. I'm employed by Corrections."
  313. "Corrections, hey arent they across the lot? I dont know of any ponies there."
  314. >"They're called Corrections, like Apple."
  315. >he just wrote more in his notepad, officiating a testimony.
  316. >"I want my lawyer"
  317. "If your case needs a lawyer youll get a public defendant."
  318. >"No, I have a lawyer."
  319. >Pacer gave his name and number, before clamming up.
  320. > She refused to say anything more until her lawyer showed.
  321. >She did complain though when she was placed on her back into a dog box from the k9 units
  322. >she was still hogtied and the thing smelt like wet dog
  323. >She tried to remain calm, all she had to do was wait for her lawyer
  324. >she was a human, not a slave
  325. >she wasnt a slave, the more she said it the more dread came back to her
  326. >tied up, left in a box, the buzz from the PA
  327. >She was right back in an auction house
  328. >grown mares dont cry, just keep it together
  330. How well does Pacer handle the night before her lawyer decides he has some time for her?
  332. >>31783314
  333. Like somebody who just excaped a dangerous weirdo: just bear through the night.
  335. I am actually surprised that she went silent after lawyer number. She could at least tell them contacts of her boss, I think that would get her out of the box in minutes instead of a day. Loss of a token and failed task is still better than back to slavery, only thing she'd risk would be a part of her salary for that day.
  337. >>31783314
  338. >How well does Pacer handle the night?
  339. Poorly.
  341. She kept herself together really well in Anons basement, when her life was on the line. Now she's done everything she can do and the die is cast, she lets herself go. Crying, begging to be untied, calling out for her mother like a little filly; she couldent care less who sees her like this. She also really needs to take a dump; that lawyer (and the cops) might be earning their pay come morning.
  343. >>31783314
  345. Like >>31783347 said. This is basically a limited detainment before her lawyer comes and deals with shit. A free pony should have an enormous paper trail proving her freedom, so this is a nuisance. An unpleasant one, but there's absolutely no reason why she should have to actually fear for herself.
  347. >>31785399
  348. >>31785386
  349. >>31785116
  350. >>31783347
  351. >>31783403
  352. >Pacer shivered in her crate
  353. >She was free, sort of.
  354. >There was the lingering fear that Anon might get her, maybe she would be in trouble for injuring her charge, but then Anon hadn't ever given her the papers to countersign
  355. >All she had to do was hunker down in her crate, she'd made it through before in the past in much worse
  356. >It didn't help though that she needed to get a drink
  357. >She bashed and rattled the door until a duty officer stopped and looked at her
  358. >"Can I get these cuffs off?"
  359. >He looked at her, scowling before popping out a utility knife
  360. >Pacer pushed her hooves to the grate and felt the sawing motion before she was freed
  361. >"Do you know when my lawyer is coming, and don't I get a phone call?"
  362. "Lawyer?"
  363. >"Yes, I'm a citizen, I should be given a lawyer and a phone call"
  364. "Do you have ID?"
  365. >"Yeah its back with my pants in evidence if someone did their job. Now my phone call."
  366. >The officer just massaged his forehead, debating the paperwork versus just getting it done.
  367. >He pulled up a phone from a desk, and took a seat.
  368. "2 minutes"
  369. >Pacer gave the number for Corrections and extension for her manager
  370. >She quickly explained what happened and where her equipment and chit were
  371. >She felt it went well, her boss just felt that she could wait for someone to fish her out of the tank in the morning.
  372. >Kick didn't mention the assaulting the officer part or her missing ear
  373. >That was where she needed her lawyer.
  374. >Said lawyer seemed to not care and was asleep
  375. >Something that came fast On Kick, any bit of energy quickly vanishing now that she felt safe.
  376. >Her sleep was dreamless, but restful.
  377. >She awoke in an interrogation chamber, her lawyer busy shifting through some documents in a folder before her
  378. "So, I see you assaulted an officer from his report. While Corrections says that you were kidnapped, assaulted, and denied due process"
  379. Does the lawyer advise she plea bargain?
  381. >>31785484
  382. >"Yeah its back with my pants."
  383. She wears pants?
  385. >plea bargain?
  386. If the prosecutor offers a GOOD bargain she should take it, but that's up to them not her. If they offer to just let her walk in return for not making a fuss about denying her rights as a citizen, that would seem like a good deal to me. Anon is a whole separate issue, but should be discussed here as well.
  388. >>31785484
  389. >>31785550
  390. >The lawyer motioned to the officer.
  391. "Could you get that off my client before i have to add on a deprivation of human rights charge?"
  392. >The officer just looked dumbstruck at him.
  393. "The thing on her horn, she isn't under charge for usage of illegal magicks."
  394. >The officer just looked freshfaced, he had never had to deal with an alien before.
  395. "Look you got a philips screwdriver? Leatherman?"
  396. >He shook his head
  397. "Then go get one from the janitor. Shoo, go."
  398. >An ushering hand sent the officer from the room.
  399. >The pony and her lawyer were alone now.
  400. "You wear pants now?"
  401. >Pacer blushed at that.
  402. >"So sometimes. I like feeling like I have fur again."
  403. "Interesting, its not scandalous or anything like that?"
  404. >"NO! I mean, its just a pair of sweat pants from Target."
  405. "Okay then, what did you do?"
  406. >"I went for his pants, I panicked and was trying to keep him from getting near Anon. He kidnapped me."
  407. >The lawyer simply wrote down in his note sheet as Pacer retold the short version with the cop.
  408. >Anon and his crimes would have to wait if she wanted to avoid being seen as a dangerous pony
  409. "Alright, I see a couple of ways this goes. Simplest is they make you plea bargain assault and take whatever punishment they give you. I cannot professionally recommend against this. I can however say that you should try to draw it out. If we can get Anon brought up on charges, it falls on his head not yours for felony assault."
  410. >Pacer perked at that, all she needed to do was get Anon brought up on what he did.
  411. "But, the officer failed to collect testimony from Anon, which complicates matters. Do you know of anything that could have survived at the house as proof?"
  412. >Pacer thought, there was the blood, her ear, all of her equipment, plenty of stuff at the house she could use.
  413. >Before she could speak, the officer returned with a screwdriver and took her out of the cage
  414. >Soon the clamp was removed and Pacer felt the familiar magic return to her
  416. What does Pacer do with her magic?
  418. >>31788966
  419. Dabs for her haters
  421. >>31788966
  422. >What does Pacer do with her magic?
  423. Absolutely nothing. She is still in police custody, and giving them even the slightest reason to be afraid of her is the last thing she needs. Cops can become afraid amazingly easily. If she needs to do something magical she explains that need in detail, and asks permission before even lighting her horn. She’s not a slave, but if she wants to stay free she needs to put on her very best “safe submissive slave” act here.
  425. >>31788966
  426. Can Pacer file a civil lawsuit against the police department for unfair arrest and incarceration? I mean, legally she have the same rights as a human and could create a legal precedent
  428. >>31789103
  429. >>31789081
  430. >>31788979
  431. >>31788966
  432. >Pacer slid back into her cage when the officer finished.
  433. >slowly, measured as not to let him think she would do something with her horn
  434. >She really wanted to test it though
  435. >The giddy feeling of being made whole again teased at her, but she fought through it for the calm and rational part
  436. >She was still a prisioner, and one who wasnt quite able to explain away her actions yet
  437. >"Do you mind if I make sure that Anon didn't do anything else? I just want to try a small spell. Just pool a bit of magic and see if it works."
  438. >Her lawyer interceded before the officer could speak.
  439. "Please do, we have an official notary here to see that there was nothing wrong."
  440. >Pacer summoned a bit of eldritch energy and raw arcana to a small pool at the tip of her horn, the cyan energy forming a small ball
  441. >She let it drop quickly, cradling it in the crook of her foreleg before looking at it closely
  442. >Her tongue flicked out, and she ate it, the ball vanishing down her throat
  443. >"Don't feel like he did anything"
  444. >The cop relaxed, his hand quietly pulling from his holster.
  445. >"So Page, can I go now?"
  446. "No. You are still detained for another few hours, while I finish your paperwork. Then you should get a court date. After which you might get released."
  447. >"A court date for what?"
  448. "Assaulting an officer."
  449. >"But I was denied due process, doesn't that mean it doesn't count? I mean he never read me my rights."
  450. >Pacer gestured to the officer.
  451. "uhhh"
  452. >Page turned like a shark finding out the bloody chum came with a free Jaws theme
  453. "Do you have the paperwork showing you treated my client, appropriately?"
  454. >The way Page put a tick on that word ended in a very sincere way.
  455. >The sort that was heard by many ponies on their first day as a slave.
  456. >But for Pacer, it was as though the Princesses had descended to aid her.
  457. "I, uhm"
  458. ````
  459. >Pacer walked out triumphantly, the check she was promised didn't matter, she was free
  461. How does Pacer celebrate?
  463. >>31794901
  464. >Celebrate?
  465. Fuck ya.
  467. Pacer does not drink much, or often, but this would be a really fantastic night to get drunk. There’s lots of work to be done day after tomorrow, but if anypony deserves a mid-week weekend it’s this one! Question is where and who with? Time for a ‘slice of life’ chapter where we see Pacers home and friends.
  469. But first: the SPG mandatory bath scene! Seriously; her stench is coming right through my screen. She needs to patch up what’s left of her poor ear too.
  471. >>31794901
  472. >How does Pacer celebrate?
  474. Yeah
  476. With Cider and Sex
  478. >>31794901
  479. >hot steamy shower
  480. >cold sweet cider
  481. >hard steamier sex
  482. All these sound like good ideas! But she also drops by work, or better yet a pony auction house. After this big scare she needs to reassure herself that she’s on the right side of bars, that she’s still human after all. And who knows: it might be a slow day and there might be a bargain there she just can’t pass up... Sometimes a skilled trainer (like her!) can make a quick buck buying, re-training, and selling a troubled slave pony. Corrections frowns on moonlighting like that, but they will understand.
  484. >>31795378
  485. >>31795272
  486. >>31795002
  487. >>31794901
  488. >The door to Pacer's house was a simple arcane lock.
  489. >And by that, it was a large bar of metal you need to use magic to pull back from the outside, in a specific pattern.
  490. >It felt good to do so to the unicorn, something so simple and yet so profoundly relaxing to the walking scar mound.
  491. >The first thing she did was find an ID box and pull a new tag out and put it on the door.
  492. >She might work for Corrections, but Enforcement wouldn't care if they got the wrong address, again.
  493. >She did not want to go back to a cell, even if this time it would have been a nicer one from the start than the doggie hutch.
  494. >On that, she gave her self a sniff and blanched
  495. >No fur and yet she smelled like she was soaked and coated in mud
  496. >A shower was what she needed.
  497. >Her apartment was tiny, but she still had a private bath, she didn't dare go near a public one
  498. >Not since someone tried saying he wanted to cum inside her
  499. >Her being Dash, but there were enough cases out there to make her leery ever since she had pointed out she looked like the autists warty member after it had been in the easy bake oven too long
  500. >Self depreciating humor that
  501. >Saddening too
  502. >Cider first, the unicorn thought
  503. >A mild beverage compared to beer, but something that worked better from all the spices in it
  504. >And that was if you bought the store stuff
  505. >The real stuff had a magic to it only an earth pony could do
  506. >That Kick was clever enough to test her earthen charges with making proper cider wasn't condoned, but no one really could fault her for the effective test
  507. >The small goblet was drained quickly, her nerves steadying just enough that she could get back to the shower, no bath she wanted.
  508. >A nice hot bath with caraberry petals and an energy bath bomb
  509. >The mirrors fogged quickly and the room turned sauna like as the robed Pacer finished her work, the bath ready
  510. >Her bathroom clothing dropped to the floor and she swiveled over the edge, sliding in sideways gently
  511. >Her hissed protest was immediate, her ear
  512. >Fuck, that fuck
  513. >The stump of her ear burned from the soapy water and she scrambled a towel up to dry it
  514. >Anon was going to pay for that, literally from his hide if she had her way
  515. >She got out of the tub, stump smarting as she polished the glass and took a look at herself for real
  516. >He'd left her quite a few presents
  517. >Her jaw was swollen, the flesh there puffed ut from the bat
  518. >Blood was all over the strike and her teeth still felt sore
  519. >Eye were coated in gunk, blood, dirt and saliva it looked like
  520. >and her ear was just gone
  521. >Hooves clopped on tile as she spun around and flagged her tail, fearing she might be marred there
  522. >She wasn't, mercifully, nor had he gotten clever there
  523. >Her body had plenty of new bruises from going down the stairs though
  524. >You never knew how well scars could bruise until someone tried burning you to death was all she could muse
  525. >Some toliet paper was rinsed and gunk scraped away, Pacer found a fresh towel to support her head on
  526. >Not much of a pleasant bath now, but at least it was still a bath all the same
  527. >Kick floated a medical case out, she didn't trust doctors to help her anytime soon, and she expected any vet would simply sell her into slavery as an abandoned pet
  528. >She'd become quite good at healing herself, albeit of the stitches, staple and stypic pen type than of the arcane flesh renewal that was rumored to be given to heads of state
  529. >Peroxide fizzed and needle stitched, but she soon had he ear tear looking less like it would bleed any time it flicked
  530. >All that was left was her time to relax in the bath and feel her muscles slowly unwind
  531. >Her mind drifting away as her muzzle laid awkwardly on a towel, keeping away from the water
  532. >Legs tucked under her, she nodded off in her little pool.
  533. >An alabaster unicorn, feathers stretching out like fine spun milk glass to just above the ground trotted into the bar
  534. >Her teal eyes and shock red combed over mane provided a stark contrast to the walking sheet of paper effect her body had
  535. >Most people though were looking at the yoga pants she was wearing, unsure if it made it more or less obscene on the pony
  536. >Pacer had chosen an alehouse recommended by Page
  537. >She could see why first and foremost, they had a small sign on the door, a broken set of shackles
  538. >The sign that nonslave ponies were accepted to come in and be themselves in the restraunt
  539. >Of course, it didn't always work out when a pony brought a slave into such a place, but it meant keeping your muzzle down meant food.
  540. >Pacer just wanted to drink, lots and lots of hard drink from this.
  541. >And a gut bursting burger.
  542. >She walked up and took a stool on the bar, she was practiced at actually sitting upright, though for reasons that were not genteel.
  543. >"Fireball whiskey and your burger menu please."
  544. "Shot or cup?"
  545. >"Box"
  546. >Bartenders had learned that ponies were weird with their drink long ago.
  547. >There had been many mistakes from when some couldn't stand a shot of schnapps to others actively draining a bar in a way that a frathouse elected the pegasus permanent mascot, he still had to clean the place though.
  548. >The box of whiskey and a large water glass were provided, Pacer wasted little time in starting her night
  549. >The place offered an eclectic mixture of chicken, turkey, and beef patties with various cheeses and toppings.
  550. >There was also a build your own ship to sail the griddle option
  551. >Pacer chose a beef patty, brioche, mushrooms, chipolte aolie, bacon, smoked gouda, Chesapeake bay swiss, A1 sauce, and fried onion straws
  552. >Her order complete, she took some time to look around the restaurant, her back on the counter
  553. >Lots of people, a few looking to her exposed tummy
  554. >And one lonely stallion waiting for his master to return
  556. Solo dinner or talk to the slave?
  558. >>31799116
  560. Talk to him, you need that fuck and a stallion cock would be better than a human one after this whole shit
  562. >>31799116
  563. I must have missed the part where Pace is all fucked up from being burned. I imagined she had some scars from her time as a slave, but nothing as bad as she describes. Also, she is going to eat beef? Why not like an oily hashbrown burger if she wants something greasy.
  565. Wave to the stallion first to see if he is completely broken. No sense in wasting time with a pony who won't be able to talk to you. If he is receptive then wait until the Alabaster Unicorn (with wings apparently, therefore is probably Celestia) comes back to see if she will let you speak with her slave. If not then don't worry about it. Another free stallion will probably come in at some point.
  567. >>31799116
  568. >talk to the slave?
  569. Yup. Even if she does not get what she’s really after, just some chit-chat would be nice.
  571. > find an ID box and pull a new tag
  572. Don’t get it. Does Pacer keep a box full of spare IDs in her house? Does she loose them that often? Do they replace that token Anon took from her?
  574. >She might work for Corrections, but Enforcement wouldn't care.
  575. “Corrections” is the name of the company Pacer works for. They help owners of misbehaving slaves with off-site training like Gentlehoof or in-home assistance like Pacer provides. Is Enforcment a competitor in the same line of business, or something else entirely?
  577. >Not since someone tried saying he wanted to cum inside her, Her being Dash.
  578. So she was at a public bath, and someone propositioned her pegasus companion, Rainbow Dash?
  580. >test her earthen charges with making proper cider
  581. Good for you, Pacer! I do hope you at least share a little with them though; even slaves need some rewards, and some respect too. Good trainers know this balance.
  583. >someone tried burning you to death
  584. We will need a flashback or something eventually. How did Pacer get her freedom, and her scars?
  586. >any vet would simply sell her into slavery
  587. And HOW is she free? There must be some robust beurocratic system for identifying and protecting free ponies. At the very least she could call Page again.
  589. >An alabaster unicorn
  590. And do we get to see more of this vision? She walked into the bar and disappeared somehow.
  592. >”Box.”
  593. LOL.
  595. >Pacer chose a beef patty.
  596. Say wah?! Pacer might be a human, but nopony is THAT human. She might have an upset little pony tummy in the morning...
  598. Great story, but your writing leaves me behind sometimes.
  600. >>31799116
  601. Why not take audacity after having spent such an experience with the agents of order? First drink in silence, enjoying the drink and the sensation of lividity, then look for the pony, with a bit of luck it will be one that does not know of your work
  603. >>31799514
  604. >>31799208
  605. >>31799592
  606. >PAcer waves to the stallion, her feathers not shifting from the glamour spell
  607. >She should work on that, but that took effort, effort not spent on drinking!
  608. >The glass was empty again and she was pouring herself more, the patty of hers sizzling away on the grill as the mushrooms and onions were sauteed in beef juices
  609. >Why so many ponies believed they had to eat only starches, she didn't know
  610. >Maybe she had hippogriff ancestry?
  611. >Forget this, the poor thing looks sad, she can always claim professional conduct and business
  612. >There was a patch coated biker's jaket on the seat, and a clear spot in front of him.
  613. >The owner must be in the bathroom or something
  614. >Stallion wasn't going any place soon, he was chained down tight
  615. >Too much actually
  616. >"Hey, hey there, your owner know that's not good on the neck? Too musch weight."
  617. >Kick was slurring some of her words, but it didn't matter, she simply slid the glass back torward the box, a man timing his bites with the glass's travel to the point this must be normal to him
  618. >The stallion looked at her, looked at the jacket and the n looked around
  619. "He's uh, not around"
  620. >"Oh's so you are all alone you big stallion. Big handsome stallion"
  621. >Pacer invited herself over, taking a seat next to the jacket.
  622. >Her box came over, and she looked from it to the glass and back
  623. >The stallion stopped the madness from happening by putting the glass under the spout.
  624. "Well uh thank you but this was a private party"
  625. >"A party? I love parties. Can I come to your party? I could really use one."
  626. >Kick's glamour spell wasn't doing well with her binge drinking, the face mask was stuck in a rictus grin
  627. >The stallion to his credit had simply turned stoney faced, sitting up on his haunches and watching her
  628. >"I have free drink?"
  629. >The waiter broke the tension when he came out with the burger, the clicker for the stallion stuck in his hand
  630. "Oh my, you actually found a mare to talk to on this day?"
  631. Does remembering stallion accept us?
  634. >>31800811
  635. No. This stallion has his own issues to work out, and can't help us with hers. She does not have any nostalgia for her own captivity.
  637. I DO know where this stallions owner is, and why the waitress has his collar remote, but you can't expect everyone here to pick up on that obscure little story. You need to write more words; we often can't follow what you're thinking. The cross-over is cool, though!
  639. >a man timing his bites with the glass's travel
  640. What's this?
  642. >>31801162
  643. >>31800811
  644. "No. No I haven't, she just came over and started talking."
  645. >The stallion seemed quite Huffy to Pacer, like trying to be friendly was wrong.
  646. >"Well shorry mishter, I'll go now."
  647. >Her drunken state had led to the failure of her glamor spell, the scarred pony underneath showing.
  648. >The stallion just recoiled in disgust at that show, his tastes in mares too high to accept how she looked.
  649. >Pacer just took a seat at the bar again, her food and drink whisking away to back in front of her.
  650. >She reached a hoof out and caught sight of her naked self.
  651. >Her horn spocked and she began changing colors, even glowing briefly as she tried to focus through her haze
  652. >It was successful as an attention grabber, and if a pegasus had been around, she may even have landed a mate for the night on the spot
  653. >Unfortunately, it just turned into a garish display of her overindulgence, a sight that served to show she was inebriated
  654. "You need some help there?"
  655. >The man at the bar near her looked up, the bill of his stetson turned to hide most of her from his sight
  656. >"I'se gouda, just need to thank here."
  657. >He just chuckled at her words
  658. >"Its no trouble, let me help, Rebel."
  659. >What had looked like a large shaggy dog at his feet turned out to be a shaggy shire unicorn
  660. >The white streaked on black spell chucker stood up obediently, his convex muzzle pointing at his master.
  661. "Make her look nice if you could."
  662. >A parting lips and snort of understanding had the steroid fueled looking brute clop over.
  663. >Pacer gave a whistle through her unset teeth, she could get down with him.
  664. >He looked like what made brick shithouses, a long curved horn, and fine shaggy feathers showed just how potent he was in magic.
  665. >The mystical heritage was strong in him.
  666. >His horn lit to an auburn orange the color of the autumn sky, and the field grabbed at Kick
  667. >It rippled and flowed over her, the alabaster look she had before returning quickly
  668. >He even put the grey freckles on her cheeks
  669. >all 4 of them
  670. >His job finished, he whinnied approval and shook his head in pleasure before retuning to his master's boots
  671. "Oh that's no way to act, you could at least say hi to her. I thought I raised you better son."
  672. >Kick could only stare in confusion at the two, her hoof wiggling as she tried to understand the ability for a human to beget a pony
  673. "Oh don't mind him, he just gets shy around mares all the time. Think he's gay except for how much he ogles them."
  674. >Pacer just turned back to her burger and went for a bite, the feathers on her fores shifting as she went.
  675. >It was a wet and squishy bite, juices and shrooms sliding out, the red sauce clipping to the dangling unreal fur
  676. >Pacer just looked at this in the same way a child first foundglass
  677. >"How?"
  678. >Rebel gave a snort from his nose, a heavy breathe that steamed.
  679. "Oh go tell her, that's an order. Now git."
  680. >The unicorn got up, reared as he stretched and took a seat on the floor.
  681. >THe vibrant orange collar on his neck made it clear he was a slave.
  682. >A low glow came from his horn as arcane symbology sprung into the air, his eyes closed as he focused on the intense mechanics to make his spell work.
  683. >Whirls that meant little to any other race, motes of arcane powers that would be considered as mundane as cross multiplication passed into the air
  684. >And then funneled straight into Pacer's horn, mixing with the glow there
  685. >The spell passed, a better glamor spell than she had before
  686. >It was animated, responsive, almost like a polymorph rather than an illusion
  687. >Rebel sat there, winked his horn and left Pacer sitting in her yoga pants
  688. >He stopped, and walked around her, getting a good look at how tight on her toosh they were, his tongue flicking on his lips as he looked deep into her
  689. >He stopped and gave a cough as he ushered, nigh implored Pacer with a hoof
  690. >The spell she had learned, he wanted a demonstration
  691. >Pacer, focussed, thought, and with all her might took another bite of her burger
  692. >"Ish getting cold."
  693. >Rebel just looked at her, mouth dropped and eyes wide.
  694. >Behind the pair, his master's hand slapped his leg laughing
  695. >The bar tender looked up briefly and back down at the site of Pacer, his short cropped ginger face grimacing at the glimpse he saw
  696. >Pacer just kept eating, ignoring as Rebel seemed to suffer a panic attack at whether he should go to his chortling red faced master or just stay there
  697. >His hooves grabbed and pulled at his face, eyes becoming exaggerated as he showed frustration before sinking to the floor in defeat as Pace chugged another glass of fireball
  698. >There he lay until her meal was done
  699. >"Sokay, I got this"
  700. >Pacer lit her horn, the spell coming out as >Rebel clapped his forehooves together, eager at what was seeing.
  701. >Pacer returned as she had been born, the alabaster mare that had been stolen from her
  702. >Regal, if not royal in look, truly fit to be a graceful unicorn
  703. >And promptly feel back on her little unicorn back from the stool
  704. >Her horn was still lit, the glass of whiskey floating
  705. >"Not a drop"
  706. >She lay there drinking as Rebel panicked and grabbed a napkin, desperately fanning her in an attempt to recover his new student.
  707. >"Sstop you're making everything blinky."
  708. >The bartender came over, a pay machine in hand.
  709. "Miss, I'm going to have to stop you now. Please pay, you can stay until you can walk."
  710. >"Oaky dokey loki."
  711. "Credit or swipe?"
  712. >"Horn!"
  713. >Pacer grabbed the machine and brained herself before anyone could stop her.
  714. >The machine whirred and chimed as it fell, reporting a successful transaction as it spat out a receipt
  715. >Pacer simply fell unconscious to her success.
  716. >Rebel's owner stood up and took control.
  717. >He passed some cash for his tab and scooped up Pacer.
  718. "I'll take care of her, don't worry."
  719. >With a tip of his hat, he was out the door before the bartender could find out more.
  720. >Rebel just left, a quick wave of hiss hoof in goodbye before he was out the door following
  722. Get home or go to the auction house?
  723. Both are safe.
  725. >>31805782
  726. What would they even do at auction house? Home of course.
  727. >>31805782
  729. Home of course
  731. >>31805782
  732. >Get home?
  733. Ya, Pacer seems done for the night.
  735. I suggested the auction and I still like the idea, but she's in no shape for it. If you say it's safe, having Rebel and his master carry Pacer home and tuck her into bed sounds like a good idea. And if Rebel gets tucked in there too and something happens, so much the better.
  737. >"I thought I raised you better son."
  738. >"he just gets shy around mares"
  739. Rebel has been raised, perhaps even imprinted, by his master and has trouble socializing with ponies. For all of Pacers pride in her human-ness this slave might be less of a pony than her. Wonder if his master deliberately engineered that or took in a random orphan? He obviously cares enough either way to get him a fine magical education and help him make friends.
  741. >as she had been born, the alabaster mare
  742. Oh, so that's not just an arbitrary look? Seems like Pacer and Rebel could make beautiful foals together, but would they be slaves or free?
  744. Good update, but as usual you need to slow down and describe things more.
  746. >>31808390
  747. >>31805839
  748. >>31806320
  749. >>31805782
  750. >The man walked out the establishment and got to his car, keyfob popping a door as he went.
  751. >Pacer was laid gently in the worn sedan's passenger seat.
  752. >Rebel nosed open a rear door and laid across the back, horn buckling himself in as he waited for his master to realize their grand mistake.
  753. >They had no idea where this mare lived.
  754. >He covered his mischievous grin as he waited for this realization.
  755. >He would get a night with the mare, even if all he would do was spoon her.
  756. >maybe a bit of nuzzles as well.
  757. "Well now, missy I hope you can tell us where to go. I'm Doug by the way, owner of the slave dome. You are?"
  758. >The white hatted man introduced himself as he got into his car.
  759. >Pacer was completely out of it, her soft snoring and whistle as air went through her peaceful, adorable.
  760. >And all too useless to work out any help.
  761. "Well I suppose I'll have to call you beauty then. Rebel, pass me the scanner."
  762. >The unicorn frowned, he wasn't getting any tonight, but picked up the handheld device anyways.
  763. >What were the odds she would even be a slave being so brazen.
  764. >Doug lifted her head a bit and held the scanner to the base of her horn.
  765. >It chirped and pulled out the data from her tag tag.
  766. >Age, sex, name, blood type, magical specialties, employer history, home address, and her history of owners.
  767. >It even had her work, home and mobile numbers.
  768. >All one had in their life, enough to say exactly who she was.
  769. >It was an identity theif's dream, but then ponies had no privacy.
  770. "Huh, Patogonia Apartments, and look it that, a Corrections officer. Huh, you wanting a mare to rule over you Rebel? Bet she could teach you some tricks alright."
  771. >The stallion just buried his muzzle in the seat, tunneling into the grey fabric at the embarrassing comments.
  772. >A muffled reply came back, the stallion not wanting to talk about it.
  773. >The car was started and the trio sallied forth.
  774. >The apartments were a typical incity affair.
  775. >A brick and concrete patio garden in the center of a U shaped red brick 11 story building.
  776. >It wasn't very upscale, the patio tiles had bits of low growth coming out of the cracks, and some of the lights weren't too bright.
  777. >bits of litter from its denizens was scattered about, crushed Starbuck's cups, Subway wrappers, and clear plastic films were caught on planters or stuck amongst the black patchmarked ground.
  778. >Doug grimaced at the sight, disdaining such non genteel accommodations.
  779. >He pulled into a visitor slot and hopped out, Rebel getting himself out from the back seat.
  780. >He'd gained a dopey smile from the talk with his father on the way over.
  781. >He waited as Pacer was drooped on his back, his first contact with a free mare in a while.
  782. >He didn't walk to the building, he was bouncing on his hooves with a happy horse whinney
  783. >It sounded like a cuban steel drum band had challenged a machine gun demolition derby as it echoed about.
  784. >Doug pressed the buzzer at the door, and waited for the guard.
  785. "Package or guest?"
  786. "Drop off, returning a miss Kick Pacer from a night of drinking."
  787. "You can leave her in the coat check, please come in."
  788. >The door buzzed as the magnetic interlock disengaged, Doug held it open as Rebel shifted in by him.
  789. >They were stuck in an antechamber, sparsely fournished.
  790. >There was a sign for checking with a clerk lazily watching his screen.
  791. "You have a package for a Kick Pacer? May I see some ID?"
  792. "No I have a Kick Pacer."
  793. >Doug stressed the alst parts through his mustache, pointing his denim sleeved arm to Rebel.
  794. "She can pick up her package when she likes, i will tell her a Doug dropped it off."
  795. >He finished writing off the note, and placed it on top of the counter.
  796. "Now I do need to see, oh. You mean you have her. Huh, didn't take her for a drinker. Room is,"
  797. >His keyboard clacked as he pulled up a building map to show Doug.
  798. >Door reached, they hit the hardest part of this.
  799. >How to actually get in.
  800. >Pacer's pockets had been empty, not even lint in them.
  801. >The door itself lacked even a keyhole so it didn't matter.
  802. "Maybe its one of them keyless doors."
  803. >Doug started feeling around for a groove or plate to push, looking for all the part like a bleached out John Wayne as Indiana Jones.
  804. >Rebel got in as well, busy holding Pacer up n his magic and waving her horn around the door like a dowsing rod.
  805. "Maybe its not her horn?"
  806. >The unicorn flipped her around and slapped her bum first at the door, a scooching sound as flesh dragged and released on it.
  807. >He repeated this again twice more on the door sill seeing if it was anywhere else.
  808. >It failed leaving the pair to look dumbfounded at what to do.
  809. "Take her home with us?"
  810. >A door down the hall opened up, an Asian man coming out.
  811. "What's with all the racket? Some of us are trying to sleep here. Don't you have some place better to be than waking up simple business owners."
  812. >Doug took off his stetson as he looked to implore the man.
  813. "Now I don't mean to interfere with a business man's livlihood, we're just trying to drop her off."
  814. >Rebel waved the still sleeping Pacer at him, her tail flicking like a clock's pendulum under her.
  815. "Oh police pony. her door special, only she can open it, use her horn every time to be special. Stupid choice, tell her that no one can clean for her if she keeps it that way. You go, somewhere else now. Good night."
  816. >With that, the two were back in the sterile carpeted hall, knowing a bit more.
  817. >Doug grinned and his bowie knife was unsheathed.
  818. "Bet you she did."
  819. >Rebel just nodded, horn lowing as he started feeling behind the door.
  820. >Doug slipped the blade at an angle, and caught sight of the dead bolt.
  821. >He directed Rebel to open it, the lock pattern rendered irrelevant by the simple mirror.
  822. >Pacer's door slid inward on its hinges, weighted to stay open otherwise.
  823. >Doug lead the way, Rebel having returned his little cuddle mare to his back.
  824. >It was sparse as ever, Doug just whacking around on the wall for the light switch before clicking it on.
  825. >Thatwas all it took to wake Pacer, much to her regret.
  826. >She rolled off Rebel and curled in a ball, eyes covered.
  827. >"Aggh, turn off the sun."
  828. "Miss Pacer, we got you home.We were wondering,"
  829. >Rebel opened his mouth and shut it, head shaking as he tried to speak again.
  830. >He really couldn't, his throat just wouldn't put anything behind it.
  831. "We were wondering if you would like some accompaniment for the night. You don't seem to well right now."
  832. >"Sure, whatever, just get me some place dark and quiet."
  833. >Doug just winked to his slave, and walked off, tugging the door behind him as he left Rebel and Pacer together.
  834. >Well for a moment.
  835. >The door just slid back open, quickly revealing the businessman fisting pumping in the air and doing a victory dance in his boots, singing about his boy becoming a man.
  836. >Rebel's jaw just dropped, and he sealed the door as the hip thrusts started.
  837. >Pacer's bedroom was as utilitarian as the rest, made of a IKEA kit ware with a design choice heavy on white,black, and glass blasted steel.
  838. >Rebel gleefully tucked his charge under her white striped blankets, before trodding around and tucking himself into the protests of the mattress.
  839. >He didn't so much as hog the sheets as steal the softness of the mattress, Pacer rolled into him from the angled bedding.
  840. >Not that Rebel would have had it any other way as he spooned the frazzled mare
  841. >Pacer rolled with it, literally as she snuggled deep into a pillow.
  842. >Outside a clock tolled the time, barely 7 PM.
  844. What happens with the two?
  845. Chaste cuddles or furious fucking?
  847. >>31812183
  848. >"You wanting a mare to rule over you, Rebel?"
  849. You know he does.
  850. >>31812467
  851. >What happens with the two?
  852. I don't think Pacers in any shape for furious fucking any more than that auction trip, but Rebels cuddling might not be totally chaste either. If Doug and Rebel have any sense they'll get some water into her now, or they will have a very unhappy pony in the morning.
  854. Tomorrow is a whole other day, though. Pacer needs to confirm her status as a free mare, some pony companionship, and the services of a willing stallion. Rebel can provide all three. Also curious about Dougs history and relationship with him. Master / slave, of course, but there's a lot more there as well.
  855. >>31812467
  856. He should insist she have water. Maybe she is annoyed at this, but wakes up around midnight lightly less drunk. Then she checks to see if rebel fucked her. Maybe she is annoyed that he didnt, so she has to wake him up and get what she wants. Shes pissed when she finds out hes a virgin, but what the hell. Bad sex is better than nothing.
  858. >>31812467
  859. Pacer is dead as fuck and Rebel is not seen into it right now. Cuddles and shame for his master expectation
  861. >>31812610
  862. >>31812655
  863. >>31812733
  864. >>31812467
  865. >Rebel paused, his desire to spoon the mare pushing a kindness from him onto her.
  866. >He fidgeted, working his shoulders as he pulled away and got out of bed quickly.
  867. >Pacer was drunk, well and truly she had left herself under the table in a contest of one.
  868. >And she hadn't taken anything else beyond her box in liquid.
  869. >This was easy for Rebel to know as very bad, not dangerous, just stupid.
  870. >Like as he found, wandering through an unknown apartment in the dark, and learning the furniture floor map by throwing your whole body over a couch.
  871. "Ow"
  872. >Commotion and racket accomplished, he did the smart thing, glow his horn.
  873. >The room came in on the orange light, his path putting him away from the bathroom he now saw.
  874. >He got up, walking out from the coral of pillows and upholstery to the place where Pacer had bathed not too long ago.
  875. >She had a drinking glass on her counter, a crystal cup with an oversized handle meant for hooves.
  876. >Rebel filled it with water quickly, debating of poking through the cabinets for an aspirin.
  877. >But he was a good boy and didn't think it would be worth finding anything else he wasn't meant to in those cabinets.
  878. >The stallion returned to the room, the light leaving Kick to cover up with a pillow as he came in.
  879. >He didn't bother speaking, the act of putting the glass on the night stand enough to indicate his point.
  880. >Pacer's horn lit, faltered, and faded as she rubbed her temple in pain.
  881. >This was what handles were for, or perhaps for those who did not know the mystic arts.
  882. >Which was most actually, Pacer reminded herself.
  883. >Rebel stood stoically, waiting for her to glug it all down before returning the glass to its proper place.
  884. >His mission of mercy done, he retreated from the mare's bath and rejoined her in the sanctum of the bed.
  885. >It may as well have been a monastery, for in it Rebel was chaste.
  886. >Though he clutched tightly to the smaller Pacer, he did not go further.
  887. >Rebel simply wanted companionship
  888. >Not another pony that was there to teach him a trick, or a slave that was to be broken in Doug's dome.
  889. >He wished he could speak to her, but any time he tried, it may as well have been through a gag.
  890. >But around stallions, he had no issues, he could talk all he needed.
  891. >As soon as he saw a mare, it was all over for his tongue.
  892. >The best he did to express his feeling to Pacer was to rest his head on hers, the gesture as close to intimate as he dared.
  893. >It wouldn't be right to take more from a mare than she gave.
  895. >Pacer was cross eyed.
  896. >No not cross eyed, you could at least understand the world that way like the Ponyville mail mare had.
  897. >Here the world simply flowed all over, redirecting and wavering itself even with her eyes closed.
  898. >This was why she hated drinking so much.
  899. >Yet she still did it, rarely, and it always went bad
  900. >She just hoped she didn't vomit again
  901. >The stallion was clutching her like a teddy bear, she may as well have been from the size difference between the two.
  902. >Worse, he was a sheet thief
  903. >His bulk simply leaving her no choice but to cuddle if she wanted any
  904. >What a way to get a date
  905. >Or better a lay
  906. >Pacer pushed her butt upagainst him, responding to his cuddles with some prodding
  907. >He could share the bed, if he would pay the price
  908. >He better as well, she thought, sleep coming over her.
  909. >"Thanks for the wat
  910. >And she was out, leaving Rebel alone with his thoughts
  911. >The smaller mare snoring softly in his hugging.
  912. >Rebel just looked at her wondering what to do
  913. >The only option he took brought shame to his master
  914. >He did nothing with the mare, simply whiling away the time before sleep came to him as well
  915. >There the pair were, in bed together, a mare wanting, needing sex, and a virgin stallion, but he chose chastity.
  916. >Not even as a sleeping pacer pushed back, a wet dream of her own leaving her needy and winking did Rebel stir.
  917. >Pacer awoke the next day, if one could say that day meant much when the moon still fought to get up in the sky.
  918. >Behind her the deep barrel of Rebel pushed her about, his chest inflating deep with each breath
  919. >Its motion leaving her supline in the spoon, her hind right on his crotch
  920. >She swished her tail, and saw that he hadn't even dropped.
  921. >Nothing, she left herself for him and he had done nothing to her
  922. >Worse, her wet dream and the alcohol left her horny, needing to have a thick stallion cock in her
  923. >She needed to have Rebel in her, she didn't want another silicone toy when the real deal was right there.
  924. >She pushed out of the bed, and gotten down on the floor.
  925. >She could deal with the fact she was on a boat, it just meant he better rock her world all the harder from this.
  926. >The best place to start this was the first place, his balls.
  927. >He cyan magic cupped the pair, stirring them out as she took in his scent.
  928. >Rich, musky, and all too clear needy, a deep ochre to it of how he had tried to get off
  929. >She smelled herself on them as well, from where she rubbed earlier to get him to fuck her
  930. >She pulled one of the eggs up, close to her jaw and licked
  931. >her tongue lapping saliva, heat and more onto the balls, affection
  932. >She kept at it, paying attention enough to put herself under them, when finished with one, it rested on her face, the other getting the same treatment as she worked to get Rebel to rut
  933. >It didn't do much, his sheathe remained still
  934. >Rebel slept soundly, unaware of what she had been doing.
  935. >Pacer just laid there under the balls, waiting, hoping for something that wasn't cumming
  936. >Drunk, she considered what she could do
  937. >She would have sex, and Rebel would rut her stupid until her horn sparked
  939. How does Pacer get Rebel ready to rumble and rut her?
  941. >>31817813
  942. >Not another pony that was there to teach him a trick.
  944. Pacer gave Rebel some well deserved pony companionship. She gave him a chance to take the lead. Now it’s time to put on her ‘Slave Trainer’ hat, take the lead herself, and teach him some fun new tricks! To literally “take the lead”, the first thing is to get him fitted with a halter and lead rope. He does not need to be awake for that, she quietly straps one of her collection around his sleepy muzzle and secures him to the headboard. An adjustable horn ring completes the look, he will have plenty of opportunity to earn his magic back one percent at a time. She will also use a light riding crop to help him understand his place here, she gently taps him on his delicious silky flanks, and makes the taps less and less gentle until he wakes up. He deserves a brief explanation: she has needs, and he is going to meet them.
  946. Things will proceed naturally (very naturally) from there. She’s taught much harder lessons to more “resistant” colts before: she does this sort of thing for a living.
  948. Put him through his paces, Pacer!
  950. >>31817813
  951. And I'm also not sure such gentle measures can wake up anybody. Just work him with your hooves, girl, clearly he's a heavy sleeper and needs more firm touch tjan tongue on balls.
  952. Or just wake him, it's not like a stuttering virgin would say no.
  954. >>31817813
  955. >>31818117
  956. While i find this appealing, im not sure that enslaving/dominating this guy right off the bat is the best option. It might even scare him off. Maybe just poke him a few times or climb on top of him so he has to wake up. Like this guy says. >>31818903
  957. Then try to initiate sexy times. If hes nervous, maybe she pulls out her tools and teases him. Then she realizes he wont do anything unless she trains him. But he isnt her slave, so she asks if he wants her to train him. He sheepishly nods while looking away. Pacer is annoyed, but what the hell. As long as she gets laid its fine. Then she uses her tools on him.
  959. >>31817813
  960. >>31818117
  961. >>31818903
  962. >>31819293
  963. >Pacer had needs, and Rebel had the equipment.
  964. >Equipment!
  965. >Pacer knew just what the big scaredy stallion needed.
  966. >She always kept some gear at the house from work, just in case someone decided she needed to help them.
  967. >That and she did enjoy a good tack dance still.
  968. >She pondered, chewing on her lip.
  969. >Nah, Rebel seemed too much a good boy for her to try seeing if he would do anything to her tied vulnerable body.
  970. >But she wasn't a good mare, not by the long crack of the whip.
  971. >Pacer had a halter, a crop, an actual bridle and harness, and some jangling bits of leather and clips.
  972. >Just what every filly needed to feel when they grew up.
  973. >For herself, she simply donned a pair of thigh high socks on her hinds.
  974. >She needed them, with no fur the place was quite chilly, and socks were always fashionable.
  975. >She returned to the bed, , her spot now sporting the arrayed equipment.
  976. >She stared at her charge, debating as the crop idly swatted a hoof.
  977. >Rebel was supposed to be devirginated, or at least fucked tonight, but was it really right to just treat him as a sex toy?
  978. >Actually sex toys were a good idea as well, Pacer went to get some of her own from the bathroom
  979. >Set as sure as she could be, she went for the gentle approach to waking Rebel.
  980. >She shimmies her socked legs on the floor, a small charge building as she went.
  981. >Pulling the best sort of doe face she could, she climbed over to him in bed, and gave him a kiss
  982. >There was a spark, a good crack, and Rebel just twitched his white streaked nose, gums flapping in displeasure
  983. >Kick held the pose waiting for more.
  984. >Nothing happened, and she really was needed to be bucked.
  985. >Kindness was abandoned, now she was just going to take what she wanted.
  986. >The ceiling lights were flicked on, the haltar was added to Rebel's face, tied lightly to the head board.
  987. >She didn't trust him to not flip the bed over with both of them on it if it was secure.
  988. >Pacer climbed over and on top top of him, she rode the pony.
  989. >Well she tried, but it was not so easy with out a saddle.
  990. >Pacer improvised the point by simply clacking her hooves into his sides a few times until he woke up.
  991. >His stirring brough the line taught and his muzzle still.
  992. >Pacer just hovered her crop over and placed it right at the end
  993. >"So there buck, I was told you were going to hold tight to me and make love to me all through the night. It a good deal past that, so we have something to make up for. You do know how to rut?"
  994. >Rebel was ashamed, bashful even but he nodded.
  995. >"Oh really, how many times?"
  996. >Rebel held up the highest number a pony could count.
  997. >"Oh good so you know what you should do then to me? What does this mean?"
  998. >Pacer humped his straddled belly, her seated position making it easy to see the marks she left on his belly fur.
  999. >Rebel just shrugged, shifted, and got a riding crop pressing him back into position.
  1000. >"You're not a colt cuddler are you?"
  1001. >He shook back and forth with a small niggering from the throat
  1002. >"Okay this is getting old, speak to me or I'm going to just bit you so I stop expecting something."
  1003. >Pacer just hovered the head piece forward menacingly, waiting for something to come from his mouth
  1004. >Instead she was greeted with his magic flaring and something from her collection coming up to block it
  1005. >A large fascimile of a stallion's cock was being wielded by Rebel to protect his mouth
  1006. >Every shift Pacer made, he cock blocked her
  1007. >When she tried bringing out the crop, he parried, the silicone base flexing to hold against the bridle
  1008. >The improptu sword fight turned into a tussle, Rebel working lose the rope on the bed as he tried to speak, to stop this madness like a proper wizard.
  1009. >The words kept dying in his throat, his only chance to save himself to simply defeat Pacer in a battle of sex toys
  1011. Brief pause, who do you want topping here?
  1012. Does Rebel get a Pacer package or will Pacer rut Rebel?
  1014. >>31822510
  1015. >Does Rebel get a Pacer package or will Pacer rut Rebel?
  1016. Um, aren't those the same thing? In any case: even though Pacer is in charge, Rebel will be on top. She did not do all this work just to stick a dildo in his butt or something, she needs real sex!
  1018. >>31822670
  1019. >>31822510
  1020. >"Here, I'll make this easy. I want to fuck, I don't care about working on you. Beat me and you can tie me up in all the tack you want. But I beat you, I'm putting that dildo up your ponut and having my way with you."
  1021. >Rebel's eyes went wide as he clenched his ponut.
  1022. >The only time he'd had sex was from some sodomizing medical play at the auction house.
  1023. >There was no way that human had been a doctor, he just knew it.
  1024. >His vigor, and his desire to be able to sit while reading, pushed him forward, and Pacer back.
  1025. >The might phallic sword clashed and dashed, probing and faking.
  1026. >His blows were heavy, the dick quivering as it collided with Pacer's defenses
  1027. >He was relentless in his poundings, each mighty hammer blow leaving a quivering after effect
  1028. >Rebel could see that finishing was nigh, each long stroke of the dick knocking Pacer back
  1029. >Closer and closer he got her to the edge of the table, soon he would be able to release from the relentless pressure he was building
  1030. >Kick was against the table, bridle barely holding in place as the flared head of the stallion dildo came close to her lips
  1031. >Rebel was close, he could see her panting under the relentless devestating assault of his dick
  1032. >And then all at once, there was nothing
  1033. >The dick flopped loosely to the ground and he was left steaming, all pressure gone.
  1034. >Pacer just stood there, panting from the brief bout
  1035. >She stuck her tongue out and waved a little box, Rebel's eyes went upward.
  1036. >There on his horn was a magic blocker, his abilities sealed as tight as his bum at the fact he had lost.
  1037. >"You should know this, a master will always win a fight. Though, I kind of would have liked to not have. Tell you what."
  1038. >Pacer pushed off the table, her magic grabbing the large dildo and a bottle of lube.
  1039. >"The more you make me feel better, the more I'll let you have your magic back. But this is still going in you."
  1040. Pacer just held up the stallion cock menacingly in the light, its whole surfaces nicely lubed
  1041. >Rebel blanched, his ponut quivered as Pacer walked behind him, the drooling fake cock now ready to make him its mare
  1042. >But, fair was fair, he could have refused her game.
  1043. >Maybe, he was still the slave and she was the master
  1044. >Pacer placed it at the puckered ponut, pushing past the pockmarked pert black flesh
  1045. >She was gentle, taking the time to let Rebel knicker in displeasure at his punishment
  1046. >She had won though, and he had chosen to use the tool so sadly
  1047. >She didn't push it all the way int though, she had more plans.
  1048. >A harness was floated over to keep it secure, partly in but mostly out.
  1049. >It was a clever device, the straps could ratchet closed, any time Rebel backed up, the dildo would sink in further
  1050. >Her teasing done, she walked alongside him, her flesh rubbing in his fur as she slid along his side
  1051. >"Now then my slave stallion, let's start this in a better way shall we?"
  1052. >Pacer's tail flicked his nose as she plodded over to the bed.
  1053. >Her tail hiked and she showed her wet mare pussy.
  1054. >"Lick."
  1055. >The command was simple, an easy task.
  1056. >Rebel shifted over, each step reminding him of his awkward punishment
  1057. >But he was faithful to his master, and pressed his tongue against her slit like one might sample if a morsel of food was too hot.
  1058. >"Oh come on you got to do better than that. Long licks, like its a popsicle. Or maybe you are a little homo horsie and its a dick."
  1059. >Pacer was whimsical at that, she was pretty sure he wasn't from the way he kept staring at her flanks
  1060. >Rebel stepped back to try and get a better sniff, only to hear a ting and feel a small bit of pressure in his gut
  1061. >He stopped mid walk, his hooves frozen at the sudden invasion
  1062. >"Oh come on, here let me help you."
  1063. >Pacer pushed back from the bed, her wet folds planting against Rebel's nose, her fluids mussing with his fur
  1064. >The smells of lust and desire, and a copious drop of pheromones pushed a thought into Rebel's mind
  1065. >he was getting some fuc tonight
  1066. >His vigor renewed, he plunged his muzzle into Pacer's ass, grabbing her under her hinds and holding her up off the floor a little as he buried his tongue in her pussy
  1067. >Pacer eeped as she felt his limy tongue not lick but stick into her tunnel like it was, well a screwhole and he was the bolt
  1068. >His tongue flexed and flicked, lapping deep into her and squirming around
  1069. >Saliva mixed within her, the mixture frothing at the entrance where Rebel was busy pressing his lips
  1070. >""Augh, oh, yeah do that, that's a good boy."
  1071. >Pacer tried grabbing the control box, missed and pulled on the lube
  1072. >She cast her magic again, getting the box and dialing the power up a little
  1073. >Not eough to glow a horn, ore really be known, but she was true to her word
  1074. >It was the only way a trainer could get compliance from a slave, honesty
  1075. >Rebel kept up his oral ministrations, his tongue finally being used around a mare
  1076. >And it was well for Pacer, even as she felt Rebel start lifting her off the bed, his haunches relaxing to the ground
  1077. >Until the toy touch first and slid into him putting a sudden stop to his mouthing as he grimaced and whinnied
  1078. >Yet the pleasure was good for the stallion, the feeling of his anal ring stretching and his tail hole being backfilled
  1079. >He unsheathed finally, the first little bit showing how much he was getting into the times
  1080. >He held there, unsure of letting himself land in the toy or letting it come out
  1081. >Pacer chose for him as she pulled forward and off him, ready now for something more
  1082. >"Well now that you got that ready, I think its time for the bridle and some thrusting. Don't you?"
  1083. >Pacer wanted him in her and now was he time
  1084. >She pulled off the haltar, swapping it out for a bridle with reins
  1085. >"Now then my little pony, are you ready to show me some friendship?"
  1086. >Pacer gave the reins a bit of a tug, pulling Rebel so he had to straddle her
  1087. >Their game had moved to the floor, the bed not at the right height for this part of the training
  1089. Anal or pussy for Rebel?
  1091. >>31827709
  1092. Never not in the ponut.
  1094. >>31827709
  1095. >Anal or pussy for Rebel?
  1096. Pussy, but that ends outside, to the mare's displeasure because she will have to take a bath
  1098. >>31827709
  1100. >Back door, or in the front?
  1101. Both!
  1103. Rebel is filling holes tonight like an Alabama road crew, but let's keep it sanitary: Pussy first, but then when his harness ratchets to the last tooth he switches it up and shows her how he feels.
  1105. >only time he'd had sex was from some sodomizing medical play
  1106. Heh, was wondering about that when he held up one hoof last update. It's still his first time like this. It's a good thing we choose for him to be on top, poor guy.
  1108. >on his horn was a magic blocker, his abilities sealed as tight as his bum
  1109. >"master will always win a fight."
  1110. >but she was true to her word: It was the only way a trainer could get compliance
  1111. Clever wordplay on your part, and a masterful fakeout by Pacer. She is really good at her job, teaching him several important lessons at once.
  1113. >"are you ready to show me some friendship?"
  1114. Yes Please! Super hot clop, all three (including this anon) are close to climax.
  1116. >>31828056
  1117. >>31827774
  1118. >>31828041
  1119. >>31827709
  1120. >"come on and plow me like I'm a fresh field here buck."
  1121. >Pacer gave the reigns a sharp tug, Rebel's front brought in contact with her back
  1122. >She shoved her rump into his crotch, hinds briefly shifting before she managed to snare Rebel between her firm flanks.
  1123. >She took a few jounces, enough to get Rebel to work out sloppily his choice hole
  1124. >He'd bent, the tip of his glans trying to find a place to go in, flaccid enough to defelct from her folds to her ponut and press up into a wet sloppy kiss on her dock
  1125. >The draft unicorn got the idea, his instincts kicking in as his hinds start to shift
  1126. >A push back earns a click, but Pacer would still get something for that little bit of fun
  1127. >His head, a drooling frosting of ghostly white cum seeping from it, found Pacer's lower lips, her camel toe a soft pink leaking enough to make a small puddle on the floor, more than Rebel's bits had thus far
  1128. >The black spear of fuck, spread her open, the experienced unicorn taking Rebel's viriginity then and there
  1129. >It was passionate moment for her, this slave had learned quickly, she hadn't needed to encourage him to continue, a fine stud that knew his palce
  1130. >The glans pressed, paused and Pacer feared she had misjudged her toy, the stallion not meant to breed
  1131. >His ragged breath spewed from his muzzle, the heated air clouding in the cold room
  1132. >Pacer held there, a soft clamp to make him stay as he felt the inner warmth of a mare for the first time
  1133. >"just relax, stay like this a bit."
  1134. >Kick cooed gently, her lit horn nuzzling the underside of Rebel's jaw as she craned up for a kiss
  1135. >Her magic crept along his shaft, a gentle pressing back and forth from her pert ass to his medial
  1136. >Mottled pink and black flesh was covered in mare juice, soaked in a tangy olive musk from the mare
  1137. >The glowing cyan cloud kept going back and down, tracing along before she cupped his balls once more
  1138. >They had dropped, become heavy with his hot seed
  1139. >"Rut me"
  1140. >Rebel needed no more words from the breeding stock under him
  1141. >He pushed in, hips pushing forward with a cushing pace as his cock vanished into Kick's pussy
  1142. >Half in he stuck, his hinds adjusted, teeth gritting as he repositioned himself
  1143. >Forelegs gripped alongside Pacer's, straddling her turned into a gripping hug
  1144. >He thrusted forward then, face gritted and contorted as he was ring deep in her crushing trap of a breeding tunnel
  1145. >Pacer clenched, muscles taut as she trapped him there, the rippling cords of muscle undulating and kissing his length
  1146. >Rebel tugged, pulling back in her long and slow, yet still feeling the click of the toy invading him
  1147. >He gave pacer more than she had, going back in with a single thrust
  1148. >Still slow, the work of the virgin as he had never used the muscles this way
  1149. >His head parted flesh, smeared his precream in with her juices
  1150. >Back he came, head barely in, edges tickling the fuzz of Pacer's ass before he pushed in, faster
  1151. >Rebel's sack swung, the balls looping up and missing Pacer's crotch tits, just barely giving them some heat
  1152. >Rebel went back with them, the toy sinking more to stop him from leaving Pacer
  1153. >The clenched thrust smacked Pacer's tits, a sharp tsk coming from her at the stimulating
  1154. >Rebel got the idea, and a wicked grin from the devious dominating slave gave Pacer just enough time to brace as he pulled and hilted again
  1155. >His concept of rutting was to breed her fuck hole in a quick series of thrusts, smearing and scattering ejaculate under them as he slapped her bits with his coin purse
  1156. >Pacer grunted, jaw on a fetlock as she grunted and pushed back against the virile stallion
  1157. >"Th-that's it, keep doing that"
  1158. >Sweat damped her mane, but Rebel poured it
  1159. >His chest was soaked to curling, the hot salty fluid carrying his musky smell as he gave Pacer a coating
  1160. >His hips tremored, knees wobbled as he stopped rearing back, just see sawing now on his legs
  1161. >Glans swelling he felt the toy hilt him, pushing into his prostrate
  1162. >Grunts, cries, and slapping flesh came from the pair
  1163. >Rebel was shifting his hips now just inches, his crotch swaying madly as he clutched Kick
  1164. >His hooves had come to her chest and neck, pressing her fores to the floor under her as they locked lips
  1165. >Their tongues twirled, tasting each other, but more in the passion of the moment than love
  1166. >Rebel's glans swelled, locking him deep in Pacer for his last set of thrusts
  1167. >His chest cramped, knees wobbled and went stiff as he gave a snarling whinny
  1168. >Pacer felt the last hard thrust
  1169. >"Do it, cum for me"
  1170. >Rebel didn't need to hear his master, he could hold off as he twitched and clamped, ponut milking the dick in his ass as he finally came in Pacer
  1171. >Balls tugged up, dick pulsed, and the first shots of seed pulsed into Pacer
  1172. >Hot sticky and fertile they filled into her tunnel before being shoved back to her pussy as more came
  1173. >Tears filled Rebel's eyes, the feelings burning into his mind from overstimulation
  1174. >Pacer held, her walls calmping on him, coaxing more from her stud muffin to giver her a cream filling
  1175. >Rebel rocked, his hips pulsed and he clenched the dick deeper into him than the medial
  1176. >He briked in Pacer, his flesh pulsing in her as he saw stars, vision tunneling
  1177. >Rebel's head loolled, breath heaved as he just held onto pacer
  1178. >His throated burned, his everything was hot and sticky from sweat, and he could barely move his rear, Pacer's own flesh too much for him as he just clung there.
  1179. >He was a virgin no more
  1180. >Pacer shimmied, wanting to cum, but the nickering plead from Rebel made her stop
  1181. >Her belly just warmed from his seed, the floor getting the occasional but constant drip from their fun
  1182. >Clear with white mixed in, the cum puddle the sign to the outside world of their lust
  1183. >Rebel had lost feeling in his legs and fell on Pacer
  1184. >She relented and sank to the ground for the pair as Rebel just nuzzled alongside her face
  1185. >Happy
  1186. >but he had another hole to fill tonight, and Kick wasn't going anywhere
  1187. "Buck"
  1188. >Rebel had finally spoken in the prescence of a mare
  1189. >The statement worked for the both of them on what just happened
  1190. >"You did good, for a second timer"
  1191. "Ffirst. Never did a mare before"
  1192. >Pacer fumbled, the control box somewhere on the bed as she tried to slap it with her magic
  1193. >Something got hit, she didn't care of the setting, just something to be right for what had happened
  1194. >Rebel was flustered, he had just done something he had seen,but never felt before
  1195. >His head was still clouded from after glow, but more Kick's arousal and smell of desire got into him
  1196. >His own musk certainly made him horny still
  1197. .Rebel wobbled on Pacer's back, before licking her from behind
  1198. >From the base of her neck to the top of her head he lapped
  1199. >Each time getting closer to his target as he stopped feeling prickles in his groin
  1200. >Hot breath fell on Pacer's ear as he lapped, licked and pulled out, slowly from her
  1201. >A wet sloshing suck came as the fluids inside were tugged back
  1202. >The hot spot in Pacer turned into a string as he scraped back, his flare only partly gone
  1203. >She clenched, wanting to keep him in her
  1204. >He would be back in her, just not in her pussy
  1205. >Sloppy seconds were going for her ponut, to let her feel what it was like to be anally ravaged
  1206. >He got as far as he could, and with a tug, popped his dick free
  1207. >The remains of their sex slopped out, puddling to the floor in a few heaving clenches as Kick winked, desperate for something in her
  1208. >Rebel eyed the table as he pushed up a little, tongue mussing on Pacer's mane
  1209. >He could grab something there, his magic back
  1210. >It was time for the master to understand what the student felt
  1212. What does Rebel grab for some flavor with Pacer before he pummels her ponut raw and cummy?
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