Xenos Hunters Session 23

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  1. #XenosHunters
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  9.         antoine Navarre stands in a room with a released prisoner while Omniel stands in the control room.
  10.         Omniel  ++Brother Navarre, what is your status? I believe we should attempt to liberate the rest of the prisoners.++
  11.         Navarre ++I have a civilian, looks like they were trying to indoctrinate him via some form of insidious propoganda. He may have some information..."
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  13.         Omniel  ++I am in the control room, although it is unfortunately damaged. Is the civilian still functional?++
  14.         Navarre ++They're alive.++
  15.         Omniel  steps back out of the control room to check on one of the other cells, curious to see if the system seems to be functioning still.
  16.         antoine In each cell is a chair with a "participant" sitting in it being subjected to a loop of propaganda being projected onto a wall in front of them while headphones pump xenos lies into their head.
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  19.         Navarre would join Omniel in checking on the rest.
  20.         Omniel  scowls and heads back in, getting out his combi-tool.
  21.         Navarre ++As soon as we get them unhooked, I can check their vitals.++
  22.         antoine You work to disarm the stations, some people thank you, others give you blanks stares as their minds are too ravaged by the constant barrage.
  23.         Navarre As soon as everyone is free, the apothecary would give everyone a once over. Checking to see if they're alright and remain untempered with, physically. As for the ones that stare. "I suggest reinforcing upon them that the lies of the xenos are just lies."
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  25.         Bellerophon     ++I agree. But we have not the time nor the facility to begin that.++
  26.         Bellerophon     ++There are more pressing concerns at the moment.++
  27.         Navarre ++The Coroner... she is a doctor and trained to deal with mortals. We'll leave them in her care for now.++
  28.         Bellerophon     ++A wise course of action.++
  29.         Bellerophon     ++Now we must regroup with the rest of the Kill-Team. The Tau strike force is no doubt on its way. We must be ready.++
  30.         Navarre ++We'll lead them to her, then regroup. I will have no civilian casualties on my watch, Brother. Especially those that have been subject to insidious mental torture by our xenos quarry.++
  31.         Bellerophon     ++It is far too late for that, Brother. Anselm saw to it quickly.++
  32.         Bellerophon     ++However I share your sentiment. Shepard the peoples to the doctor, then we move.++
  33.         Navarre With that decided, the civilians would be ushered to the morgue and the coroner given instruction.
  34.         antoine Navarre leads the ragged group of survivors to the morgue, a horrified look on the face of the coroner as these husks of human beings are brought in.
  35.         Bellerophon     ++This is Bellerophon, come in. O Brothers, where art thou?++
  36.         Navarre would leave the coroner with instructions to look after the leaving, before meeting up with Omniel and Bellerophon and the other.
  37.         Omniel  ++I am here, Brother.++
  38.         Omniel  looks up from one of the Xenos cogitators. ++They are barely functional once more.++
  39.         Bellerophon     ++What is their purpose? The indoctrination of Man?++
  40.         Omniel  ++It would seem so.++
  41.         antoine You hear gunfire and screams from the morgue.
  42.         Omniel  ++Perhaps we should investigate that?++
  43.         Bellerophon     squints so hard his helmet frowns
  44.         Bellerophon     ++Verily.++
  45.         Bellerophon     clomps off to the morgue once more
  46.         Navarre is... rather cross. He just LEFT there.
  47.         Omniel  takes the lead, sprinting down the hall with bolter at the ready.
  48.         Navarre would probably get there first, because he had just left there.
  49.         antoine You run in to see flashes of gunfire coming from thin air, cutting down the civilians in bursts of rapid fire.
  50.         Omniel  raises his bolter, confused, as he initiates a scanner sweep with his auspex.
  51.         Navarre ++I was just there! What happened!?++
  52.         Bellerophon     ++I believe the Tau happened.++
  53.         Omniel  ++Visual camoflage, as I suspected. Five signatures, near the stairs. Do not trust your eyes, Brothers.++
  54.         Navarre ++Blasted tau. Visual camoflage, you say? Do they pick up thermically?++
  55.         Bellerophon     ++Excellent thinking, Brother.++
  56.         Bellerophon     ++Perhaps our Preysense can identify them.++
  57.         Bellerophon     cycles into his Preysense through his Autosenses
  58.         Navarre would do like wise.
  59.         =-=     antoine has changed the topic to “Omniel, Navarre, Belle, NPC's”
  60.         Omniel  raises his bolter, working with his auspex to try and triangulate the Xenos' positions and send a hail of bolterfire downrange.
  61.         antoine The shots don't seem to hit anything
  62.         antoine But it is hard to tell
  63.         Navarre would like to do the same, following the same firing pattern that Omniel did.
  64.         Bellerophon     tries to follow the path of Omniel's bolt rounds, and doe shis best to approximate where they were meant to go.
  65.         Bellerophon     moves his bolter from left to right, trying to cut down the entire group at once in a single fan of fire
  66.         antoine The heavy bolter clatters as it spews rounds into the invisible enemy. The shots blow away chunks of armour and each of the enemies become revealed to you in quick succession as their stealth generators fail under the fusillade and they fall to the ground dead.
  67.         Navarre is rather upset. ++Omniel, can you tap into their communications suite?++
  68.         Omniel  ++I am not sure they utilize a system anywhere like our own. One moment.++
  69.         Omniel  pauses, then sets up his vox to relay the unusual signal to the others: The Asp is here! prepare the harrowing, The Asp is here! prepare the harrowing, The Asp is here! prepare the harrowing, The Asp is here! prepare the harrowing, The Asp is here! prepare the harrowing--
  70.         Omniel  ++I am not entirely sure what to make of this, but it seems important.++
  71.         Navarre ++That does not sound like any that the Tau would deal with.++
  72.         Bellerophon     thinks about it but decides it's all jibba jabba.
  73.         Bellerophon     ++I am unfamiliar with what they could be discussing.++
  74.         Bellerophon     ++I would presume, however, it somehow relates to us.++
  75.         Omniel  ++If I were to hazard a guess, I would assume the signal is clandestine in origin. It is not in the Xenos tongue, and appears to be looping indefinitely.++
  76.         Navarre would be silent in his thoughts, listening to the looped message.
  77.         Omniel  ++Brothers, I believe if we spread out slightly, I may be able to use our vox units to triangulate the signal's position.++
  78.         Bellerophon     ++how far?++
  79.         Omniel  ++The further the better. To the limits of the room, I should say.++
  80.         Bellerophon     ++I see.++
  81.         Bellerophon     paces over to a corner of the room
  82.         Navarre +That may be a good idea. However, this sounds... The Harrowing is some sort of ritual, perhaps related to the Dark Powers.++
  83.         Omniel  ++All the more reason to investigate.++
  84.         Navarre ++Agreed.++
  85.         Omniel  quickly finds the opposite corner and gets to work.
  86.         Navarre would take his position for Omniel's triangulation.
  87.         Anselm  ++Brothers, beware: the Tau encroach.++
  88.         Navarre ++Brother, we may have something worse then the Tau to deal with.++
  89.         Anselm  ++Who is that I hear?++
  90.         Omniel  ++One moment, Brother Anselm. From my calculations, this signal originates within the spire itself, perhaps 30 levels below our current position.++
  91.         Bellerophon     ++Then we will move to investigate.++
  92.         Navarre ++I am Brother-Apothecary Navarre. Asigned to you by the Watch Captain, and to make sure you stop killing civilians.++
  93.         Bellerophon     ++We must tend to our more mortal fellows, however.++
  94.         Bellerophon     ++They may be wounded instead of dead.++
  95.         Navarre ++We can only hope.++ He would do just that.
  96.         Anselm  ++There are no civilians in the battle for survival, Brother Navarre. I will move to assist you with... whatever this matter is, once I have dealt with the xenos approaching here... and take note: I appear to have forced the submission of the Planetary Defense Forces stationed here. Look into that while you can.++
  97.         Bellerophon     ++And, perhaps, Brother Omniel, you should examine the fallen Tau and their equipment. While the Codex paints a negative light I find success more readily when certain ...liberties are exacted upon his words.++
  98.         Omniel  ++As soon as I have the opportunity, I intend to.++
  99.         Navarre would see who he could save, leaving 1/3rd of the original group alive. Amongst them the Coroner. "I would suggest that you take the group to some place safe. The xenos was a fluke and mistake that I will not make again."
  100.         Omniel  takes the time while Navarre is diverted to get a few samples of the Xenos stealth armour, if possible.
  101.         Bellerophon     tries to contact Oriel. Perhaps he has some insight into how truly destroyed this situation is. ~~Oriel?~~
  102.         Navarre would then turn to the others. ++30 levels down, Brother Omniel? Then that is where we are going.++
  103.         Omniel  ++Agreed. Are we ready to move out, Brothers?++
  104.         Bellerophon     ++There might be a more pressing concern.++
  105.         Bellerophon     ++A more immediate threat is, perhaps, more appropriate.++
  106.         Bellerophon     ++It appears that Brother Anselm has somehow found his way to the Parliament Building. A building the Tau are about to siege with the combined might of their skimmer attack craft.++
  107.         Navarre ++I wish him luck. As well as the civilians.++ They should've left by now. ++Still, I am ready to make our egress.++
  108.         Omniel  ++Should we link up with Anselm, or investigate the signal first?++
  109.         Bellerophon     ++The signal first. Oriel and the defense forces will be able to hold for a time.++
  110.         Bellerophon     ++We cannot stop one menace only to let another fester.++
  111.         Omniel  ++Then let us make haste.++
  112.         Bellerophon     ++Verily.++
  113.         Navarre ++Lead on Brother.++
  114.         Bellerophon     leads the pack back to the elevatus and hits the [30 Levels Lower] button
  115.         antoine You go up the stairs, Omniel grabbing a few choice piece of Tau tech before you go. Finding an elevator you descend further into the spire into the subbasement.
  116.         Omniel  checks over his equipment on the ride down, inspecting magazines and so forth.
  117.         Bellerophon     ++There are defense force elements throughout the spire, and at the base with vehicles. We will move when this matter is resolved.++
  118.         antoine The doors open to reveal a claustrophobic tunnel, rusty metal pipes run along the walls and a single flickering illuminator shows you the way forwards.
  119.         Bellerophon     engages his Low-Light vision and moves forward
  120.         Navarre would do the same, following behind the devestator.
  121.         Omniel  does likewise, bringing up the rear.
  122.         antoine With Omniel providing you directions you head down several tunnels and stairs. The echo of nails across a blackboard and an incessant tapping sound reach your ears.
  123.         Bellerophon     ++Perhaps we are interrupting before their foul ritual is complete.++
  124.         antoine A baleful red, purple, green and blue light reflects down the subbasement tunnel you are walking down.
  125.         Omniel  ++I would certainly hope so.++
  126.         Navarre ++One could only hope.++
  127.         Bellerophon     moves carefully, keeping his heavy bolter in a firing position
  128.         Omniel  remains on alert, sweeping with his Auspex every so often as they march.
  129.         Navarre would have his bolter out. ++This place is too sinister...++
  130.         Omniel  ++I have faint life signatures nearby. The structure is impeding my Auspex greatly.++
  131.         Navarre ++Human or xenos?++
  132.         Omniel  ++Indeterminate.++
  133.         Bellerophon     ++Does it matter? They are engaged in the profane and heretical.++
  134.         Bellerophon     continues moving
  135.         antoine As you turn the corner before you is a nightmarish scence a space marine is standing in the middle of an eight pointed circle drawn on the ground with various runes superimposed on it. Around him is a group of eight humans chanting. The Space Marine is enveloped by the wild flailing colours of the warp breaking into reality.
  136.         antoine The Space Marine suddenly disappears, the eight humans are raised up into the air by the warp currents.
  137.         Omniel  raises his meltagun and prepares for combat. ++Brothers, look out!++
  138.         Navarre would open fire on the heretics!
  139.         Bellerophon     gets ready!
  140.         antoine Omniel tosses a grenade in which wound but does not kill the humans.
  141.         antoine wounds*
  142.         antoine Navarre cuts down half their number with his bolter, the twitching bodies still levitate, their bodies blood now being sucked directly into the warp anomoly in the center of the room.
  143.         Bellerophon     aims his heavy bolter at the floating heretics. This isn't even a challenge.
  144.         antoine Bellerophon obliterates what was left of cultists, all that is left is a sea of blood suspended mid-air.
  145.         Navarre ++That is only mildly unsettling.++
  146.         antoine Suddenly the blood is sucked into the center of the warp rift and five red skinned daemons appear, their veins filled with lava and long whip-like tongues waggle in the air. They wield huge axes and swords with brass hilts, they thrash their heads from side to side, showing off their horns as they relish the slaughter that just took place.
  147.         antoine The daemons charge forwards intent on slaughter
  148.         antoine All but Omniel stay out of the reach of the blood-devoted daemons.
  149.         Omniel  rocks back and unfolds his servo-arm in response, giving the daemon a mighty cybernetic uppercut.
  150.         Navarre deftly parries the attack! ++Daemons. Why is it always daemons...?++
  151.         antoine Navarre plunges his combat knife in one of his two opponents, as he retracts the knife a smokey trail of warp matter leaves with knife before it is blown away by an unholy wind being conjoured by the warp anomoly.
  152.         Bellerophon     kicks himself back with a push from his servoagus in his armor to gain distance, the need for seperation outweighing any potential tragedies that could occur, and opens up on the bloodletters, attempting to destroy them all in a single salvo
  153.         antoine The devestator sends three of the five daemons back into the warp, one is left fighting Navarre and one is fighting Omniel. As they die they blink out of existance in whifs of black and red smoke that is soon sucked back into the warp anomoly.
  154.         Omniel  twists to avoid the daemon's blade, before bringing his servo-arm down on the foul creature's skull one more time.
  155.         antoine The blow crashes into the daemon's head, ripping it off before the now seperated body and head vanish into nothing.
  156.         antoine Navarre runs his knife through the gut of the last blood daemon, sending it back to the warp. As he does this the warp anomoly receeds, the various hues lose their Lustre and slowly dissolve into nothing. Leaving you in an empty room with chaos runes on the floor and a baleful feeling left behind by the daemonic presence that was just here.
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