Henric and Alex Part IX (v1.6)

Feb 21st, 2014
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  1. Version 1.5
  2. Tags: Villainous male knight/virtuous female squire, reverse-trap, rape, acidplay
  5. The knight and his squire approached cave well before dark. Henric hopped off his horse and looked up to Alex, "Come now young one. It's almost dark. There's no fun if we get in there while the beast sleeps."
  7. She nodded and got off of Ian's back, following after Henric. He hadn't been especially abusive for the last few weeks and had been cold to her instead, as if he were bored and she were an annoyance. She preferred it this way, and had been completely obedient to him lately, saying almost nothing to him lately except "Yes sir" and "No sir."
  9. "I should hope you can stand your ground and fight." Henric wasted no time tying Ian to the ground and walking to the cave. "If not you will certainly make you a wonderful distraction."
  11. Alex bit her tongue. "I'd rather kill it from afar," she said, removing her bow from her back and drawing an arrow. "I've been on bear hunts before, it's easiest to kill them with arrows at a distance... and, this thing is supposed to be bigger than a bear."
  13. "It's also faster and much better armed, but not as hard to kill as a bear, I think. Keep your wits about you or I'll be saving you from that thing’s stomach." Henric drew his blade then checked his belt for his dagger.
  15. He pulled a torch from his pack and lit it by striking it against a tree. The friction was enough for the thin coating on the wooden rod to ignite. The small flame illuminated their path for them. Alex worried it would draw all the attention that she didn’t want. She followed after him at a short distance, staying within the range of his torch but keeping ever on her toes. She kept her bow out.
  17. The cave was a long and narrow one. The walls were so close together that Alex had to walk behind Henric to walk comfortably in the cave. Not that comfortable was something you could really be in a cave. Especially this one. It reeked of death, like rotting eggs. Henric either didn't notice or didn't care about the smell. Alex tried not to notice the scent, but she gagged as they walked a few times, silently flinching and heaving forward. She pulled the turtleneck of her tunic up to cover her nose and mouth.
  19. "Stop." Henric held a hand back, grabbing Alex's shoulder roughly to give her a shove back down the hall just as the cave’s tunnel fanned out into an open area, "He smelled us."
  21. There was a sudden hissing sound and soon a long serpentine beast rushed past the two of them. It clung to the wall on too many legs and pushed Henric aside with a thick tail before landing behind the two adventurers. Alex sat between the two monsters.
  23. "Here to kill me, no doubt." Hissed the creature. Its voice was so deep that Alex almost missed the fact that it was speaking and not just making noise. It's many legs folded close to his body and he began to slither closer to Alex. "I'd like to see you try."
  25. She looked at it and it looked at her. She was stunned into stillness--again--but not by its horrific appearance. It had the face of a snake, if someone had grabbed the snake and pressed its face to a rock until it became flat like a pig. Alex was most surprised that it spoke.
  27. The girl got over it when the creature flinched towards her. In one smooth motion, she raised her bow from where it had been lowered at her side, drew back an arrow, and launched it directly at the creature's face at point blank range as it lowered its head. It was a solid hit, the arrowhead sinking deeply into the flesh above its nostrils.
  29. Henric saw both her initial hesitation and her instinctive response. He swooned, in his own sick way, as he watched his squire loose another arrow into the face of the reeling beast. This one sliced and ruined one large bulbous eye.
  31. It was more than ten feet long and stumbling forward toward Alex, shrieking and bellowing. Henric took a few steps back in sync with Alex, and he had already sheathed his sword.
  33. The girl could only wonder what he was doing. Nothing, it looked like. What, was he scratching his balls? Was he insane?
  35. "That's it, get close and personal." The knight egged on his apprentice.
  37. She looked at him, foolishly, over her shoulder like he was mad and was snatched when the monster yanked the arrow out of its eye, tossed it aside, and pounced her. Alex felt a confused indignation more than fear when she hit the dirt, angry that the monster had interrupted her. Such emotions were completely illogical, but the squire had the sense to discard her bow. She pulled her sword as the creature stepped over her to pin her, and in the enclosed space she sliced them both, raking the side of her blade against his scales and her forearm because of the way it had folded over her when she fell. Alex felt no pain as she squirmed and claws dug into one of her thighs--her focus was only on trying to maneuver her sword so she could stab.
  39. Henric watched but didn’t interfere. Monster blood dripped from an empty eye socket onto Alex, and then her sword arm slipped free and she thrust up, up through the jaw and into the skull. The thrashing death throes followed, and Henric stepped in only then to grab his squire and rip her out from under the flailing serpent. She grabbed at him, nearly hyperventilating as he pulled her to her feet, spattered with blood.
  41. He brushed her short hair out of her wide, shocked eyes while her mouth hung open and she breathed a mile a minute and began to rattle.
  43. “Good,” The knight said, and clapped one hand down on her shoulder.
  45. Pulled back into the present, Alex stumbled back from him into a wall. “You didn’t do anything!” she screamed at him.
  47. He opened his mouth to reply but never got the chance; she kept going. “You were calling me a coward, you gave me so much shit about the fucking goblins, and here I killed this huge, this huge fucking thing!”
  49. She gestured at it aggressively where its black-purple body lay dead. “I killed it and you did fuck all! You coward!”
  51. Henric backhanded her, both in response to her insult and how loud she was being. She spat at his feet rather than lunge for him because she had finally realized that she was injured. Her arm was cut. Her leg was punctured in a few places by claws. She felt like she’d been punched many times from being stepped on so much.
  53. “I don’t feel good.”
  55. “You should feel excellent,” Henric commanded. “You killed a monster several times your size. You proved to me that you are not a completely worthless piece of shit. Come. There’s one last thing to do.”
  57. “What?” she asked, but she was already limping after Henric deeper into the cave.
  59. “I’m looking for treasure,” he said, and they reached the end of the tunnel and met a mound of unidentifiable items that wafted stench. “Bigger monsters like this one, you know they tend to keep trinkets.”
  61. “I don’t give a fuck about trinkets,” Alex said when she saw Henric squatting to look through a pile of fabric and bones with rotting flesh on them. “This thing only just came out here, Henric, it’s barely been here a week.”
  63. Henric pulled an enormous sword from the pile and Alex shut up. The metal was dark and splotchy with different shades, but it seemed sturdy enough. The crossguard was barbed like antlers on a deer, but they couldn’t see much more than that by the torchlight.
  65. “You know if you were the knight and not the squire,” Henric said, flashing a smile to the girl before he turned and began to walk out, holding his new sword. “This would have been your prize.”
  67. She didn’t have any way to use such a big sword... yet. But it looked marvelous and hand-crafted, surely it was one of a kind. She wanted it. “I killed the monster!” she said. “You stood back and watched, what gives you the right to take it?”
  69. He shrugged. “I do whatever I want, Alex. There’s no one to stop me.”
  71. Angry tears bit at her eyes. Her panic-driven adrenaline rush was wearing off and she was hurting badly. There was too much anger and hatred for her to fit all of it in her body, and not enough space in the cave for her to let it all out. She tried to calm down and walked out like one who is dead to the world, slowly plodding behind her knight while her mind rested elsewhere and replayed the scene of impaling the monster again and again.
  73. It had killed two villagers that they knew of. She didn’t feel a sliver of remorse.
  75. Alex took her sword from its body on her way out, and had to pull with both hands while she braced her foot on its jaw to reclaim it. It was much faster leaving the cave than it had been going it. He pulled her up onto Ian and for once she didn’t fight it. Better to ride like a child than walk home tonight feeling like she did.
  79. Henric parted ways with her at the barracks to speak with Sir Cuthbert on his new sword.
  81. Alex went back to their quarters and smeared her every injury with the salve Yorick had left her. She had used this openly around Henric in the last few weeks on other injuries and and had lied to him, explaining that she’d brought it with her from the beginning. He’d believed her because she was rich.
  83. He came back to the room with the sword (now clean) and a scroll. “I knew Cuthbert had a few of these laying around.”
  85. In spite of herself, curiosity compelled Alex to get up and investigate. Henric was looking at the strange letters on the scroll and muttering gibberish as he read along, his low voice sending shivers up Alex spine until he stopped reading and grinned broadly.
  87. “Well,” he said, looking at Alex to his right side. He leaned forward and planted both hands on the table while he looked at the blade lovingly. “I know what it does now.”
  89. “Were you using magic just now?” she asked, leery.
  91. He nodded. “Nothing much, the sort of thing anyone can learn. Ah, one more thing, yes.”
  93. The squire watched him go to his closet, full of books and tools and things that were off-limits to the girl but that didn’t interest her anyway. He came away with another scroll, and went to the door, leaning with his back to the wooden portal while he read the paper and muttered softly.
  95. “Henric, what are you doing?” she pleaded.
  97. “Ensuring some peace and quiet tonight. But, dear Alex: the sword.”
  99. She asked in a nervous tone, feeling as though he was setting her up for a trap. “What does it do?”
  101. He walked back to the table and picked it up and Alex stepped back uneasily. “Corrosion,” he purred, and beads of green liquid began to bleed out of the fuller, dripping down to the edges and the point. Alex watched it drip to the floor and hiss and smoke on the ground.
  103. Henric seemed mesmerized by the sight, then asked, “Just what do you think acid would do to gorgeous skin like yours, hm?"
  105. There was nothing but despair in Alex’ heart hearing that question. She didn’t know what kind of reaction he wanted from her, or what she could say to respond.
  107. He spoke calmly. "I've never seen such a thing, have you?" He swung the blade through the air and a few droplets of thick green acid sprayed off the blade and toward Alex.
  109. She held up her arm to protect her eyes and felt a burning there as it ate through her sleeve and hissed against her skin. Thankfully, after it had gone through her sleeve it was quite weak and only hurt a little. "Be careful!" she pleaded. More of the droplets hit the floor.
  111. With the blade still in his hand he grabbed her shirt and pulled it from her awkward body, throwing her off balance. He wasn’t surprised that she didn’t put up much of a fight against him. He knew she was tired after her performance earlier. He knew she was used to resisting him in general and used to being punched and slapped now, used to his abuse. This would be the night where, thanks to his new sword, he hoped to be able to teach Alex that she had nothing to gain by going against his wishes. And he did want to play with his lovely new toy.
  113. Seeing her without her shirt made him hard but he’d been primed for that erection since watching her take a life--it had taken all of his self control to keep himself from taking her in the cave and kissing her pink lips. Henric stepped forward to pull down her wraps as well, brandishing his wicked weapon as it bled acid to keep her from throwing punches.
  115. She wanted to fight him. She always wanted to fight him.
  117. She wanted to not look back on tonight with shame. Other memories of times he’d molested or raped her were tolerable to her soul only because she felt confident that she had tried to resist. Alex needed to feel like a hero who would stand up to her villain.
  119. Henric splashed her with another flick of the sword, a streak of green spraying her chest in a vertical line between her breasts. She couldn't help it. She outright screamed, just as he had predicted--the reason he had cast a silencing spell on the door. Ensuring peace and quiet, he’d said. But for everyone outside of their room.
  121. The acid burned into her skin and stung like dozens of wasps had pumped their venom into her.
  123. She stepped away in shock and he admired the vertical chemical burn with horror. “Why?” she asked.
  125. “I’d really like your help in understanding this delightful magical weapon," He looked at the sword again, examining the green liquid. Clearly he wasn’t speaking the whole truth.
  127. "No," she said. "If you use that on me, you don't know what it might do! I could die, Henric!"
  129. "Oh, no no." He shook his head as he let a few droplets fall to his hand. As long as he held the sword, it would not burn him. He gave Alex a smile. "I'd never let you die."
  131. He gathered quite a bit of the dark green liquid in his palm and smeared it around to his fingers and thumb, then admitted, "You may come close, however. This will be the night to end things, Alex. Not your life, just your need to fight back when I try to take what I want from you."
  133. She didn't know what to do. More and more she felt like an idiot, a drowning person, a rat trapped in a cage. He’d just made it clear that fighting wouldn’t bode well. Under pressure she ceded some of her ground and lost some of the heroic status that she held in her mind. "Will you hurt me less if I come over there?"
  135. She felt cowardly.
  137. "Your pain is partly a gauge of how well this sword works. And it will partly be a nice lesson that I think you need to learn about obeying me." He stepped to her and pressed his acid-covered hand to her shoulder as though he were trying to comfort her, though he clearly had no intentions of doing so. Henric felt the effects immediately under his hand, the liquid searing his squire and evaporating after a few layers of skin. He pushed her to the ground. "So, kneel before me."
  139. She screamed again, unable to keep herself from making the sound as she fell forward. Her skin melted under his hand and the acid faded, sizzling against her body, replaced with the blood that came from underneath. For Alex, the sensation seemed to spread much farther than just where his hand had touched her. The pain had spread in deep, deep through the muscle there to the bone, and all the way even to her heart and lungs, a feeling of burning, cooking pain. She blinked and found tears in her eyes as she looked up at Henric with the purest look of hatred that she had ever been able to give him.
  141. "If you would like special treatment you had best earn it." He pulled his hand, the acid now gone from use, from her and pulled down his pants. His cock emerged at her eye level, already a bead of precum at the tip.
  143. "Perhaps I may hurt you less tonight, but that choice is up to you." He clenched the blade's hilt tightly and it seeped more and more acid. “You need to start playing smart rather than trying to be the hero that you imagine yourself as.”
  145. Alex was putty until she saw his cock. Her posture fell from furious but accepting her defeat to defiantly proud, and she tried to get back on her feet despite the tingling pains that were spreading out from the red seeping wound on her shoulder. "Put your disgusting dick away," she managed. After all her screaming, her voice was hoarse.
  147. Before she could get to her feet he gave her a swift kick to the chest, launching her back to the ground. He sliced through the air with his blade and large droplets sprayed her nude body, leaving blotches on her stomach. Another pained cry rushed from her. He stepped out of his pants entirely.
  149. "They'll hear us," she choked. Tonight she couldn't control her sounds.
  151. “They won’t hear you scream, young one,” he said with a beatific smile. “I took care of that at the door. It’s beautiful what magic can do.”
  153. She listened to the sizzling of her own flesh, of the stone floor, of the furniture, but not to what Henric said. She snarled, her voice weak now. "I'm not just going to give you head. I am not your whore even though you want to treat me like one."
  155. Having her stand up to him was as infuriating as it was sexually exciting. Here he was making her bleed to try to teach her never to talk back to him, and here she was, oblivious to his intended lesson.
  157. He reached down grabbed her neck, his hand was warm and it seemed to tingle as his fingers constricted around her. She had impressed him so much today, she had shown him her strength and aroused his interest in her again… but he was angry as well.
  159. "You're nothing but a wretched whore. You want to be a knight but you lack the guts to do what it takes," He lifted her by her slender neck and pinned her to the wall. "Why don't you just sit where you belong." He released her, nearly tossing her back to the ground. "Beneath me."
  161. She laughed, a horrible cackling sound by now that made her throat and lungs ache and caused searing pain in her wounds. Her voice was almost gone from her shrieks.
  163. "Oh? I lack the guts and you have the guts? To do what it takes? And it takes giving head?" she asked, laughing almost hysterically where he’d dropped her. "Did you give many blowjobs as a squire? I'm sure the knights loved you, passing you around between them until you'd finally proved that you had the guts to be a knight?" The image amused her as she knelt at his feet.
  165. "I was not a foul mouthed little slut like yourself. I proved myself in battle. Something you failed to do when we faced the goblins." He pointed the blade to her neck, the point of the blade singed her flesh. "Last chance. Do you want to be my guinea pig or my whore?"
  167. Presented the question, she stopped laughing at once. "I just want to be your squire and have the chance to prove myself the way you did," she said, refusing both of the options he had presented. It wasn’t fair. "That was all I ever wanted. And I proved myself tonight, didn’t I? I killed the monster, I did it by myself!"
  169. "Prove yourself as I did? Oh, young one." He smirked. "Today you fought that beast with pride and skill. You have proved yourself to me. You have proved you can handle any pain that I inflict upon you, shown me that I can do as I please and you will have no fear of me in the end just as you had no fear of the beast.”
  171. She almost asked him if that was his way of admitting to being a disgusting monster. "That sword should be mine," she said. "I killed the beast, not you."
  173. He slammed the blade just between her knees where she was kneeling. "Your blade will do you fine for now." The acid began to form a puddle beneath the tip and burn a hole in the rock. "This blade is worthy of my use, it is fit for a king--not a slut squire like yourself."
  175. She looked at the pooling acid, and forced herself to shift her position, going from kneeling to crouching. Last chance, she thought to herself. Last chance. Alex lunged, jumping at Henric now that he had embedded the sword in the floor. She lifted a foot over it and leaped right for the knight with her head lowered, and collided with his chest. Alex wasn't tall, but she was as strong as any boy, maybe stronger, and she was very sturdy for it. Henric stumbled back and released the sword, the acid remnants vanishing while their damage remained.
  177. Having expended the last of her energy, she fell to her knees again. Blood was running very gradually down her arm from the handprint, and leaking from other acid wounds. The shirtless girl was a complete mess, a body full of agony and disorientation.
  179. "And you never cease to amaze me, Alex," He seemed relatively calm even after dropping the sword and being headbutted, calm enough to reach for his erection and stroke himself thoughtfully as he regarded the squire. “You are driven, you fight tooth and nail when there is something you want.”
  181. She wished she could hear him say things like that to her when they trained. She wished they were friends, that he could have been like a brother to her instead of the monster that he was. She wished she could understand how he could have the throbbing erection he did when he was torturing her with acid and she was fighting him. She wished she understood his emotions, understood why he flip-flopped between insults and admiration as fast as she switched between misery and rage. Nothing made sense except how much she hurt.
  183. "Do what you're going to do," she whispered, vividly blue eyes meeting his and then glancing up at his bed sadly. She didn’t want to, but she would choose rape over the torture of acid. Rape on its own wouldn’t leave scars covering her. "I won't help you, but I can't fight anymore."
  185. That was exactly what he wanted to hear. He snatched up her wrist of her cut arm and dragged her to her bedding, nearly tossing her onto the furs.
  187. "You usually have so much fight left in you." He crawled over her and he pulled away her trousers and his tunic. "I’m glad you see that it’s not worth your while to put up too much resistance."
  189. Her blood smeared the furs and she was nearly silent when he pushed into her and grabbed her jaw for kisses. Henric was head over heels. She was his, all his. His squire, his whore, his property. She was so strong (or was it stupid?), and every time he thought back and saw her impaling the monster it made his engorged member throb as he pushed it in and out of her. His tongue was ruthless in hunting hers down and winding around it as if he were trying to pin it like he pinned her body.
  191. She was strong of will but he was so much stronger. Alex lay under him utterly destroyed by the power that he commanded. Henric kissed her cheek and held her hair in his hand. He could do anything to her that he wanted, no matter how resilient or rich she was, no matter what. His.
  193. He moaned, “Alex…” in between thrusts, and hearing that was its own kind of acid for the girl. Her body was responsive to him and had been wet almost immediately as soon as he started to push into her, his thick cock stretching her far and making her gush her own lubricant. Better wet than pain.
  195. "Atta girl." He smiled down at her. His fingers rolled over her short hair. "Such a good little squire. Following your knight's orders." His hand slid down her face and wrapped around her neck lightly.
  197. She moaned at his words. She wasn't following his orders, she just wasn't disobeying him! The squire tried to buck him off weakly, but all she managed to do was press back against him and help him reach more deeply inside of her. At once she regretted this.
  199. "So eager, are we?" He chuckled softly as she pushed back on him. "Your knight has one more order for you." His fingers dug into her neck as he pulled her close and his harsh voice whispered. "Come for me."
  201. Only when he could completely dominate the girl could he be truly happy with Alex, only when he was between her legs thrusting and grabbing at her breasts to make her scream when he aggravated the burns. He looked into her blue eyes with his own, gazing down until her body went against her wishes and exploded with wetness around him.
  203. “You came for me,” he murmured as her insides spasmed and squeezed his shaft and drew him in more deeply. With a gasp and a grunt he thrust one last time to ejaculate as deeply into his squire as he could. “Oh, Alex.”
  205. He kissed her one last time while he was still buried to the hilt inside of her. All his. She would be a great knight someday and it would be all because of him. All his. He had marked her as his own and she could have no one close to her but him. He withdrew his tongue finally from her mouth and looked at her with glowing pride. All his.
  207. "Henric," she breathed, still sputtering with confusion. She coughed. "Just promise you'll make sure I don't die tonight," she found herself whispering. "Please help me put the salve on the burns, please, gods, Henric...."
  209. "You won't die tonight." His hand lingered around her delicate flesh. "And tomorrow the salve will wash away infection and pain." His feather-light hand suddenly fell hard on her burned shoulder, where there was red handprint now from his grab. "But tonight and every night from now on, you will remember that you belong to me. You will remember that you are my squire and I will do with you what I please."
  211. It was nearly a scream that tore from her lips, but so quiet because of her weakness that it was almost nothing more than the sound of air rushing out of her. He took his hand from the wound and wrapped her in his arms. Tonight they would sleep in her furs. As he pulled himself from her the extent of the damage that his rage and lust had caused dawned on him and he realized that he shouldn’t move her. There was a brief flicker of self-doubt in his mind as he considered if perhaps he should reevaluate what he thought of his actions. Perhaps he had allowed himself to become carried away?
  213. "Sleep, child." His words were hypnotic as he rocked her lightly. She whimpered and cried and wondered what Ellis would say if he ever saw the handprint on her shoulder.
  215. No one would ever want me now, she thought. Henric’s just making me hideous with scars all for himself.
  217. But she dreamed that Ellis was the one holding her instead of Henric anyway, because dreams were all she had.
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