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  1. <h1>K I A I</h1>
  2. <main ng-app="KIAIApp" ng-controller="MainCtrl">
  3.   <header>
  4.     <div class="session">
  5.       <div class="breakCtrl">
  6.         <p>break length</p>
  7.         <button class="minus" ng-click="breakLengthChange(-1)">-</button><span class="time">{{breakLength}}</span>
  8.         <button class="plus" ng-click="breakLengthChange(1)">+</button>
  9.       </div>
  10.       <div class="sessionCtrl">
  11.         <p>session length</p>
  12.         <button class="minus" ng-click="sessionLengthChange(-1)">-</button><span class="time">{{sessionLength}}</span>
  13.         <button class="plus" ng-click="sessionLengthChange(1)">+</button>
  14.       </div>
  15.     </div>
  16.   </header>
  17.   <section ng-click="toggleTimer()">
  18.     <div class="timer">
  19.       <p class="title">{{sessionName}}</p>
  20.       <p>{{timeLeft}}</p><span class="fill" ng-style="{'height':fillHeight, 'background':fillColor }"></span>
  21.     </div>
  22.   </section>
  23. </main>
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