Walnut - Moth Ponies: Murky Spirits (WIP)

Apr 29th, 2014
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  1. Prologue
  3. In the beginning there lived a kingdom above all kingdoms ruled by a breed of ponies known as Moth Ponies.
  4. This kingdom was glorious possessing, & completely wielding magic beyond all recognition in the world thanks to their goddess Saturniidae.
  5. But far from this glorious kingdom to the south lied another kingdom who wasn't living in prosperity, and lived under a hard iron hoof.
  6. These ponies who lived under the iron hoof of a Maleficent Queen were known as Bee Ponies.
  7. Seeking the power, land, and life the moth ponies had the Maleficent Queen of the Bee Ponies tried to recreate the magic Queen Saturniidae had used to launch her kingdom into prosperity, but instead had failed for she filled her copy of Saturniidae magic with jealousy, lust, hunger, and sin creating a rift.
  8. And then from this rift a certain darkness came. This darkness filled with negative emotions then took the Queen, then her entire kingdom plunging it despair.
  10. When the despair of the bee pony kingdom started to spread Saturniidae sent her best lords, and knights to vanquish it all of whom never returned. Then upon the despair reaching her kingdoms outskirts Saturniidae could see why her best of lords & knights had failed for out of the despair their came a monster who had no name, no words to describe it except only that "It.".
  11. Fearing for her kingdoms survival Saturniidae herself faced "It." hurling all bolts of magic, disease, death, and fire to bring it down.
  12. After 100 days & nights of fighting "It" fell, and the blood from it spilled pouring into the streets, and land of Saturniidae's kingdom transforming her subjects into abominations.
  13. Filled with rage, hate, and despair herself Saturniidae endlessly sought for a way to undo the curse to her kingdom, and one day she did by figuring out that if she stole enough life energy from a civilization of ponies she could temporarily undo the curse of "It's" blood.
  14. Trying it out Saturniidae was able to undo the curse of the blood "It." had done to her kingdom, but for how long the curse was to be undone nopony knew... as Saturniidae was the only one to know, and she withdrew herself from her own kingdom after temporarily lifting the curse.
  16. Now a thousand years later on the outskirts of the moth pony kingdom rumors of the return of the curse, and abominations have resurfaced, and to make sure that the rumors are not true those towns & cities that are rumored to be infected have been sealed, and cut off from the rest of the moth kingdom.
  17. You however just so happen to be one of the residents of one of the rumored cities trapped inside it like a rat with your friends trying to figure out a way to get out...
  19. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  21. Act I: Rotten
  23. Choices:
  24. Name: Nyx
  25. Gender: Female
  26. Race: Moth Pony
  27. Build: Average
  28. Class: Rotted
  29. Covenant: None
  30. Starting Items: Your Heart
  33. >You were tired, your hooves shaking from exhaustion your breathes thin as
  34. >Looking up you found yourself in what appeared to be a golden cathedral with a white rug on the ground, stained glass windows of a pure white moth pony, and in the back a golden throne chair.
  35. >Hearing a few hoof steps come up behind you turned to face a familiar mare moth pony you somehow knew wearing a raggedy cloak, a blonde bold cut mane, crystal blue eyes. Talking to you she said "Now that she's out of the way its time to permanently end the curse. Take the throne Nyx, and release the life gathered so it all may come to an end." which made you take a step towards the throne before the world started to shift, and you found yourself at the golden cathedral door.
  36. >Hearing a voice come from your side you turned your head to see you were standing next to a mare moth pony with a rusty red coat you somehow recognized, but didn't know her name. Listening to her she said "Your making the right choice Nyx. Your no pawn of Sphingidae's descendant. You already know you can't save everypony from their fate of the rot. It's better to just walk away with the life gained from this adventure" which made you raise a hoof up to the cathedrals door, and push it open where a wave of darkness overtook you.
  37. >Standing inside the darkness you had nowhere to go, and closing your eyes you started to hear the voice of a stallion yelling at you "Hey Nyx are you going to play?"
  40. >Opening your eyes you found your self at a wooden table with a pair of cards in your hooves. To your right was a white stallion moth pony claded in iron armor, and to your right was a dark brown moth pony claded in the same thing both who you quickly identified as your best friends Pepperdust & Virgo who worked with you as the city you're living in security guards. Shaking your head left, and right you didn't know if you fell asleep or not as what just happened felt too real.
  41. "Nyx are you alright? This is the fourth time you've fallen asleep while playing." Pepperdust asked you. Looking at him you didn't know how to answer him.
  43. First choice:
  44. Notice: Choices in Murky Spirits are fatal. A simple yes, or no can result in the death of one or multiple moth characters you run into, and you never know who it could be. For best possible results go with the option that you would choose if you were Nyx.
  46. Choice Number: Choice: Choice Description
  48. 1)Yes I'm Fine - Don't talk about your dream, and keep it to yourself.
  49. 2)No, I'm Not Fine - Talk about your dream, and the two mare moths along with something about a curse.
  51. -------------------------------------------
  53. 2) "No. I'm not fine." has been chosen.
  54. (You have ensured PepperDust's survival.)
  55. (You have ensured Virgo's death.)
  57. >You look at your friends before placing your cards down. Taking a deep breathe you then started to explain your short, but complex dream to them which ended in them awkwardly staring at you.
  58. >Asking them what was wrong a smirk came across both their faces before they started laughing.
  59. "So you're dreaming about two mares. One wanting you to be a queen, and the other something?" Virgo asked.
  60. >Becoming discouraged from continuing the conversation you tried to shift it before two large bangs from the door.
  61. >Backing away from the table, and trotting towards you asked who it was, but before you could finish the pony cladded in a full iron set swung open the door saying "You three Something big is going on downtown. One of you go find the others guards who might be sleeping, and tell them to get their ass moving, somepony go unlock the weapon arsenal as we are going to need it, and somepony go on & head down town."
  62. >Saying "Why? What is going on down town?" the moth pony replied with "No time to explain." before darting off down the hallway.
  63. >Turning around you could see Virgo & Pepperdust throw their cards down on the playing table, and getting up Pepperdust asked you & Virgo which job are you going to do out of the three options.
  66. 1)Go find the other guards, and get them to go downtown.
  67. 2)Go unlock the arsenal.
  68. 3)Go directly downtown.
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