City report

Jan 23rd, 2016
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  1. Turn: 5
  4. --
  5. Market report.
  6. --
  7. Amount of resources in the city stock:
  8. Gold : 1572
  9. Ore: 100
  10. Meat: 184
  11. Crops: 106
  12. Buying prices:
  13. Ore: 24
  14. Meat: 11
  15. Crops: 15
  16. Selling prices:
  17. Ore: 17
  18. Meat: 7
  19. Crops: 11
  20. --
  21. This are the current political positions held by the guilds of the city -
  22. --
  24. Crownguild: Unoccupied. The Crownguild is the highest political power governing the city. It has the ability to change any policy of any law.
  26. Lawkeepers: Church of the Purifier is the current Lawkeepers guild. The Lawkeepers shift the tide between justice and corruption. - You can become the new Lawkeepers guild for 40 influence.
  27. Additional info:
  29. Coinlords: Unoccupied. The Coinlords are holding the gates of gold to the city and decide how the gold will be distributed. - You can become the new Coinlords guild for 20 influence.
  30. Additional info:
  32. Castellans: Unoccupied. Castellans use the resources stocked at the city to build and improve the city structures as they see fit. - You can become the new Castellans guild for 20 influence.
  33. Additional info:
  35. Stewards: Unoccupied. The Stewards are mostly regarded as ''lords of samll things''. They control the maintenance and events around the city. - You can become the new Stewards guild for 20 influence.
  36. Additional info:
  38. Trademasters: The Empty Maw is the current Trademasters guild. Trademasters are the idols of merchants. They decide how the 'game' at the markets is being played. - You can become the new Trademasters guild for 40 influence.
  39. Additional info:
  41. Sentinels: The Grey Shield is the current Sentinels guild. Sentinels guild are remarked for their millitary excellence and honor. They manage the garrison and the incomming recruits. - You can become the new Sentinels guild for 40 influence.
  42. Additional info:
  43. --
  46. --
  47. > These are the laws currently implemented at the city:
  48. --
  49. > Current Alliance policies
  50. 'Bloodpact alliance policy' if a guild breaks an alliance with another guild it has to pay 80 influence
  52. > Current Treason policies
  53. 'Execute traitors policy' - If a guild tries to rebel against the throne and fails then the leader will be executed.
  55. > Current Crime policies
  56. 'Punishment by excommunication policy' -If a guild is caught commiting crimes against another guild then the guild will be excomuunicated and lose fame (-2 fame).
  58. > Current Transaction policies
  59. 'Sustained transactions policy' - To prevent dramatic climates at the market, each guild can only make up to 30 transactions in a single turn.
  61. > Current Trade policies
  62. 'Bartering goods only policy' - Guilds can only exchange materialistic resources with each other.
  64. > Current Market tax policies
  65. 'Small market taxes' Guilds sell resources to the market for a smaller value than the base market value.
  67. > Current Loot tax policies
  68. 'Small loot taxes' All guilds must pay 25% of the gold they have gathered as a tax to the city.
  70. > Current resource tax policies
  71. 'High resource taxes' All guilds must pay 50% tax from the resources they have gathered.
  72. --
  76. --
  77. Happiness report:
  78. --
  79. > [Positive happiness effects]
  80. ***
  81. > [Negative happiness effects]
  82. [-] The city has no ruler.
  83. --
  84. TOTAL HAPPINESS: -1(Poor)
  87. --
  88. These are the current adventurers which are awaiting in the garrison to be recruited:
  89. 1)'Iblith' the Elven Warrior
  90. 2)'Hobson Boffin' the Gnome Warrior
  91. 3)'Norabur Brownbraids' the Dwarven Rogue
  92. 4)'Therian' the Elven Warrior
  93. 5)'Lotho Boffin' the Gnome Paladin
  94. 6)'Darla Rumble' the Halfling Rogue
  95. 7)'Wixa Diggle' the Halfling Paladin
  96. 8)'Jeyn Wayne' the Human Warrior
  97. 9)'Sorka Brownbraids' the Dwarven Warrior
  98. 10)'Palarma Dragonbrows' the Dwarven Ranger
  99. 11)'Sengan' the Elven Wizard
  102. --
  103. These are the current missions available:
  104. --
  105. 1)Mine ore at the mountains south of the city (you can only mine if the amount of southern threats is lesser than 4)
  106. 2)Butcher the animals at the meadow outside the city (you can only butcher if the amount of northern threats is lesser than 4)
  107. 3)Harvest the fields at the farmland outside the city (you can only harvest if the amount of eastern threats is lesser than 4)
  108. 4)Pray at the altar on the cliffs above the city (you can only pray at the altar if the amount of purge threats is lesser than 4)
  109. 5)Fight the hobgoblins at the burnt farmlands(Fight type, challenge 16, distance: short, direction: east)
  110. 6)Fight the goblins at the cracking bridge(Fight type, challenge 12, distance: short, direction: east)
  111. 7)Track the bear at the tall forest(Track type, challenge 17, distance: far, direction: north)
  112. 8)Fight the drows at the mountainside outpost(Fight type, challenge 17, distance: short, direction: south)
  113. 9)Purge the ghost from the forgotten temple(Purge type, challenge 24, distance: medium, direction: south)
  114. 10)Banish the fairy from the steward's garden(Banish type, challenge 14, distance: none, direction: inside)
  115. 11)Purge the zombie from the catacombs beneath the city(Purge type, challenge 18, distance: none, direction: inside)
  116. 12)Purge the wraith from the ancient library(Purge type, challenge 24, distance: none, direction: inside)
  117. 13)Track the shadow-cat at the flaming mountains(Track type, challenge 28, distance: far, direction: south)
  118. 14)Track the hell-worm at the crumbling cliffs(Track type, challenge 27, distance: medium, direction: south)
  119. 15)Track the dire-wolf at the scarred desert(Track type, challenge 18, distance: short, direction: south)
  120. 16)Banish the witch from the marbled fountain(Banish type, challenge 21, distance: medium, direction: north)
  121. 17)Banish the tiefling from the silent shore(Banish type, challenge 21, distance: short, direction: east)
  122. 18)Track the dire-bear at the plane of blizzards(Track type, challenge 28, distance: far, direction: north)
  123. 19)Banish the dark-naga from the mirrored maze(Banish type, challenge 26, distance: far, direction: east)
  124. Ore left in the mines: 94
  125. Meat left at the meadows: 16
  126. Crops left on the fields: 194
  127. Total threats: 311/400 (If the amount of total threats exceeds the defensive capability of the city by the end of the turn then darkness takes over the city and the game ends)
  128. Northern threats: 3
  129. Eastern threats: 4
  130. Southern threats: 5
  131. Inside threats: 3
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