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  1. [b]Background:[/b]
  2. The day after we was robbed each member of CAF got a PM telling them that a new work work would have to be put in place to get things rolling again due to the fact we didn’t have any money for supplies.I was personally asked my Daster to set-up one up on the Monday for the Thursday.After a good deal of work by myself and a few HC members it was ready to be implemented on the Saturday.After a week or so there still wasn’t a Rota in place although I was ready co-ordinate it (no work for HC).
  4. [b]The last few days:[/b]
  5. I was told danster was off for the week so PDP was in charge.I spoke with PDP and explained the finer details, once we was both happy I asked for Pm’s to be sent out by Jsboutin for theses whom wanted to sign up.I woke up the next day to find I had a PM all is looking good.The PM from PDP states that after a discussion in the HC the Rota wasn’t going to be put through..........Hold up a few days ago we was good to go.
  6. [b]
  7. The reasons why:[/b]
  8. It would take a lot of hard work and time  to organise and then set-up
  9. We don’t have time to be updating more goggle docs
  10. Supplies would have to refer to these docs to see who should get supply.
  11. [b]
  12. Why theses are lies:[/b]
  13. I and a member of HC have already done the ground work in terms or organising and setting up
  14. I have stated many times that I will update the extra goggle docs
  15. Suppliers would only have to look at profiles to see if they are in a SPP company(which they already look at for str)
  16. [b]
  17. So why should I care??[/b]
  18. Well by having a rota in CAF if will benefit you in two ways:
  19. You will get better supplies by at least[b] 10-15CAD [/b]
  20. You will get your training gold (0.19)
  22. Yes you will have a lowered wage but overall you will be better off for it.Not only that but more supplies means your Rank will raise faster and your training gold will boost your str.
  24. Sign up for the CAF Rota below  before HC finalise there decision.
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