I can't move! (glim, random, oneshot)

Oct 4th, 2017
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  2. >"HI anon,"
  4. "Uhm... are you okay?"
  5. >"I can't move!"
  6. "I... can see that...?"
  7. "How did you even--"
  8. >"S-spell misshap. But that's not important, the important part is that I can't move!"
  9. "Do you... need help?"
  10. >"Yes! Help!"
  11. "Okay, sure, uh, let me grab a shovel or something--"
  12. >"B-because I can't move,"
  13. "Yes, I know that--"
  14. >"A-and I'm at your complete mercy,"
  15. "What?"
  16. >"You could do literally anything to me right now and I couldn't defend myself,"
  17. "...what about your horn? Why aren't you using your magic--"
  18. >"L-like p-p-pet my mane or even boop me,"
  19. "Uhm... You're kind of freaking me out right now glimmy--"
  20. >"O-or you could even stroke my horn and kiss me and I couldn't do a thing to stop you!"
  21. "Okay, is this a dare? Where is she hiding..."
  22. >"And then you could... d-drop your pants and rub your thing on my face while calling me a good girl and then push it down my throat as I--"
  23. "WOW OKAY I'M OUT!"
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