Dadonequus Discord Part 318

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  1. >So the class was moved
  2. >The setting was an open field just outside town.
  3. >If it's one thing you could appreciate about Equestria. It was it's nature sprawling all across the land.
  4. >During the trek there however. Spoiled had called the butler, Randolph, to hold her parasol for her. And set up a may for her to sit on instead of having to sit on the ground. She had one set up for Diamond as well. But Filthy seemed fine sitting on the ground.
  5. >As Mrs.Muffin Top took a moment to sit and enjoy the landscape. Chrysalis walked over to your side and whispered "I really like your choice in fillies Anon, even the mother is fairly tolerable"
  6. >Hrn, you almost tensed when she spoke to you at all. You still had it in your head that something was up. But you held back, and tried to keep it casual.
  7. "She can be scary at times. Trust me, you would have liked her more before she was reformed."
  8. >"Reformed? Ugh, now I've lost interest."
  9. "Really? I mean, you just found her tolerable before I mentioned it. How could you be so against it anyway? Discord is reformed and he's still a major dick to Twilight. Yeah, I mean. Why not? You could just renounce your evil ways and still mess and fuck with everyone. He got away with it. Hell, he betrayed them with Tirek and he's still here."
  10. >That was actually a good point you brought up. It's not like she had to change her personality.
  11. >But of course....
  12. >"That's him. And as enticing as you make it sound.There's the fact that he's ball and chained to that yellow ball of fluff and Twilight Sparkle can influence him now due to your existence. You mess up. He gets punished. Miserable, Especially since I got roped into it"
  13. >She counters it
  14. "...I guess, still. It's better than nothing"
  15. >"I'd rather have nothing"
  16. >Oy
  18. >Mrs.Muffin Top ended her meditation and greeted everyone. "Good morning everypony! And let me just say how proud I am to be your teacher. Yesterday, you all demonstrated that my services will not be needed for long. Because, well..." Her smiles beamed across to all of you "You all care so much for one another. I tell you, in the big cities, all my students are usually troublemakers or they just have all these problems with each other. It's very refreshing to have such a small and well mannered class, don'tcha know"
  19. >"Oh my, that sounds terrible." Fluttershy didn't like the sounds of that. Problem parents? She was thinking that they must have been abusive or mean.
  20. >"Hrn? Now, I don't consider myself a bad parent by any means. But this sounds like a challenge to my existence. Are you saying there's parents out there more chaotic than I?" Discord however, refused to believe anyone could be more of a problem than him.
  21. >"Oh, Mr.Discord. It's not like that. It's just the class I usually have aren't too agreeable or they complain or yell and scream at each other and their foals. You haven't done anything like that at all. It's actually relieving considering all I've heard about you" Mrs.Muffin Top told him with a cheerful smile on her face.
  22. >"All you heard about me, hrn? Well, you'd agree then that I'm the most chaotic being around. Right?" Discord really wanted to make sure there'd be no one else that can top him.
  23. >"Well, yes. I'd rather not mention your past crimes. But based on them. Yes, very much yes...erm. I didn't insult you did I Mr.Discord?" She didn't want to insult him. But to her, it seemed like he wanted to hear that.
  24. >"Not at all! I'm happy with that answer." Discord said with a smirk.
  25. >"Discord, you shouldn't be too happy about it you know. What if Anon thinks being overly chaotic is ok? A little if fine I guess, but not that much" Fluttershy looked up at him. having some dismay for him after he was accepting of such "praise"
  27. "Oh no no, I know Aunt Fluttershy. I know being overly chaotic is bad. But I also know Dad is the spirit of chaos. It's his thing. I just want to use my chaos to make everypony happy. Like...erm"
  28. >You slap the horn onto your forehead. You had two charges, so why not show off just a little.
  29. >You VERY CAREFULLY plan this spell out. Not wanting it to become nightmare fuel like when you became that chameleon.
  30. >OHHHHH. You had it. It'd be cute and...
  31. >You look over to Diamond Tiara.
  32. >It'd be cute. and she'd love it.
  33. >You aimed your horn down. You noticed Thunderlane was the only one looking worried, Muffin Top was tense, as was Fluttershy. The rest just looked on.
  34. >The field of grass was blasted by your magic and in an instant. the field became a field of beautiful flowers. Inspiring awe amongst the class.
  35. >But it wasn't over
  36. >many of the flowers in the distance blasted upwards and exploded in neon pollen. So vibrant even in the morning sun that everyone noticed. Especially when they started to spell out a set of words.
  37. >Words Diamond Tiara started to say out loud "" Diamond smiled and put her hoof to her heart. And she looked to you with tearful eyes "A-anon...That's so sweet."
  38. >Fluttershy found it utterly romantic and cute "That's adorable."
  39. >Filthy, who you thought would spaz out, was wiping his tears "Now that's how ya twist such an old fashioned work of love."
  40. >Spoiled looked like she was softening up just from looking at it. But she kept her mouth shut.
  41. >Chrysalis just stared. Then she whispered to you "I admit, that's pretty good"
  42. >Oh man. Even Chrysalis was impressed. She probably hated it. But impressed nonetheless
  43. >"Oh my, it's very pretty. See, this is what I mean. Despite being a foal, it's very very romantic. I never see any of the parents even mention anything like this in my typical class."
  44. >Diamond couldn't contain herself anymore. And dove right into you. cuddling
  46. >Mrs.Cake just put her head on the side of her husband's neck. "It's heartwarming"
  47. >"Kind of makes you wish you were young again. serenading the one you love" Mr.Cake said as he returned his wife's affection.
  48. >You didn't care if this was public or not. This was for everyone. To show that Discord wasn't a bad parent. To show Fluttershy how good you were. And to be more romantic than some fuck who attracted Sweetie Belle just by existing. That fucking loser
  49. >So you just gently hugged onto Diamond as she whispered "I-I love you too"
  50. >Course she did.
  51. >Spoiled looked back to Mrs.Muffin Top to ask "Tell me, what kind of parents do you usually deal with? Can I have an example?"
  52. >"Oh" Muffin Top turns her attention to Spoiled. "Well" She tilted her head cutely as she pondered "There was this mother who were forcing her twin daughters to be like her and see the world as she sees it. Anypony beneath her was beneath them and she wanted them to treat them like trash so they can focus on what was "important". That was a real toughy to work out, don'tcha know. Turned out one of fillies didn't like being mean so much and ran away." Muffin Top sighed as she continued to recollect on the memory "Which wasn't too bad. Because funnily enough, she ran right into little ole me. After she told me what happened. Well, I had to watch over her for a few days. There was no way for me to contact her mother until I could get on a train. And I used that time to learn more about her and her mother. And well, the rest is muffiny goodness. I figured out why her mother was that way, spoke to her when she got my letter and showed up for her daughter, and helped her realize that her mean and aggressive behavior wasn't really a good thing to have when raising a couple of foals. There's a little more to it, but that's the gist of it, don'tcha know."
  53. >Spoiled's pupils shrunk when she made a connection to it sounding sort of like how she used to be "You...don't say"
  55. >"I do say, one of the worst cases of bad parenting I ever had to deal with. I'm just glad everything worked out in the end and....oh my." Muffin Top giggled "I'm supposed to be teaching a class, aren't I?"
  56. >Spoiled was in deep thought. Feeling the creeping feeling of regret come over her for what she had done. "Y-yes. you are"
  57. >Rumble and Thunderlane didn't really know how to react to all of it. Hell, you sometimes forgot they existed. Rumble just found the whole thing to be a little too mushy.
  58. >Muffin Top took out a bag of warm muffins from her bag and held it out "Alright everypony. I don't mean to spoil puppy love, but we do have a class. But, before we start. It's time for morning muffins! Their blueberry this time,don'tcha know."
  59. >everyone took one. Including Chrysalis and Discord. Though Chrysalis stealthily handed it over to you. Not actually wanting to eat it for herself.
  60. >and then the class began.
  62. >"Welcome once again class." Muffin Top said with a smile as she looked at everyone's faces. "I have to say, that yesterday was amazing. Well, relatively speaking, don'tcha know. Part of me doesn't even know why I'm here aside from taking Princess Twilight's request to come to help Mr.Discord and his family in specific. But me oh my. Despite being the spirit of chaos, I can see that he's fit to be a father as anypony can be"
  63. >Discord, not skipping a beat, bows as he rolls his paw forward in a gentlemanly fashion "Such kind words, thank you Mrs. Muffin Top for your very accurate observation."
  64. >"Now hold on there, are you saying we're a cut above the rest of all your other classes?" Filthy asked, already pleased with what he was hearing.
  65. >"Why yes, yes, that is it exactly. Now, I am not saying my other classes have any bad parents because....well..." Mrs. Muffin Top hesitated as she cringed at the thought of how things usually go. "B-but, I will say that Ponyville, in the short time I've been here, is a wonderful and friendly place." She then giggled "There was even a nice pink pony who immediatly wanted to be my friend when I first arrived. And with that said. I don't think my services will really be needed after today. Well, for the most part." She then eyes Rumble and Thunderlane "As I do believe I still need to do some brotherly counseling. But, as for today's class itself. I'd still like to resume as normal. Who knows.." She then takes a glance at Chrysalis, as she once again gets an off feeling "There might be something new for us all to learn today, don'tcha know."
  66. >"What is today's first lesson Mrs. Muffin Top? Oh! Are we going to talk about our feelings toward each other?" Fluttershy gave a very happy and even whimsical smile "I'd very much like that"
  68. >"Actually Miss Fluttershy, that's exactly it. I usually save today's entire lesson plan for the end of the class regimen. But in this case, it might be best just to roll it out now. I will be calling each of the foals individually. I want them to express themselves on how they feel about their parents without fear of retaliation. Celestia knows many foals would be scared to talk bad about their parents, don'tcha know. But this is a safe place, so no matter what is said. If it causes a problem, it just means I'll have to stay a little longer."
  69. >Mr.Cake seemed rather confused. "S wait, we're not going to learn anything more after this? I mean, I coulda sworn there was more to that then just yesterday."
  70. >Muffin Top shrugged and giggled "Like I said, my class is actually for the worst of the worst . I thought that's why Princess Twilight called me. Not everypony realizes that since everypony comes out of my class completely reformed. But that's the truth."
  71. >Spoiled then looked to her husband with a twitchy eyebrow. "So, you signed us up to a counselor who handles the worst of the worst?"
  72. >Filthy gulped as he backed off, nervous "W-well, like she said. It was fairly hard to tell how exactly she wrangles things up. Ah didn't even realize why she was here sweetpea. Entirely my fault."
  73. >"Hmph" She then smirked as she gave a small peck to her husband's cheek "I would be more angry at you. But we've just proven that we are stellar, top notch, and amazing parents. In fact." She looks down to her daughter and points her forward. "Diamond, be a dear and volunteer first." She felt confident, confident that her daughter would have nothing but nice things to say.
  74. >"Yes Mother" Diamond said with a smile, she knew EXACTLY what she was going to say as she bounced forward next to Mrs.Muffin Top and looked at her with a big ole smile "Mrs.Muffin Top, can I say anything I want about my parents?"
  75. >"Yes indeedy, and don't worry. Nothing bad will happen" She assures her with a smile
  77. >Diamond turned to face everyone with a wide smile "Well, then I don't have anything bad to say about my parents at all. Mother is beautiful and smart and Daddy is super nice and great! In fact.." diamond began to rub her chin as her smile became more devious, then her eyes shifted towards you "They already approve of my future husband. So, how could I say anyhting bad when I'm just so so happy!"
  78. >Filthy let out a heavy breath as Spoiled whispered a "That's my filly"
  79. >Fluttershy just smiled and giggled "Awww, that's so cute"
  80. >That caught you a little offguard. But at this point, it was par for the course...right? If anything, it was Filthy who seemed affected more than anyone else.
  81. >So, you got a little cocky yourself. and blew her a kiss.
  82. >Diamond most certainly approved as she sighed and smiled as she rejoined her parents. Saying nothing more.
  83. >"Ahrm, that certainly was a way of putting things." Mrs. Muffin Top said, feeling a little awkward with that last bit. But then, after she regained her composure. She looks to Nymous. "Nymous, perhaps you'd like to say a few words?"
  84. >>Now, you tensed up. Hell, Discord tensed just a little as he prepped himself for something.
  85. >She was going to say something negative. You knew it.
  86. > thought you did.
  87. >But as Chrysalis silently agreed and stepped forward and turned to face the class. She did a curtsy and shook her head as she said in an elegant tone "I have nothing truly negative to say about my new father and aunt. How can I even say anything really? they have accepted me despite my sudden appearance in Ponyville. And while I don't see eye to eye with my new father all the time. He treats me, and especially my little brother with care and utmost respect."
  88. >Wut?
  90. >Discord's mouth dropped to the floor, he had to manually pick it up and set in place because he wasn't expecting such a "perfect review"
  91. >Fluttershy was simply delighted "Oh Nymous, you really are too sweet"
  92. >Chrysalis does another curtsy "You're too kind Aunt Fluttershy". She then returns back to your side. She didn't even have a devious smirk on her face.
  93. >You lean in, to whisper and ask what the fuck that was about.
  94. "Ok, I know it sounds counterproductive, but not one subtle insult? Really?"
  95. >She simply whispers back "And risk having this last one more day? No, I'll just suck it up and give that buffoon a good word and that will be that, and I suggest you do the same."
  96. >Well, it's not like you weren't going to do that. But yeah, Chrysalis had a good idea going. You didn't like the way Muffin Top had been eyeing Chrysalis. So getting it over with fast was probably for the best.
  97. >In fact, that's how your speech pretty much went. And considering the only other foal that could talk was Rumble. Well, actually. Rumble's speech didn't go so well when it ended up with him arguing with Thunderlane.
  98. >Mrs.Muffin Top, she still felt something was off about Chrysalis. But after all that? Maybe, to her, she was just getting older. As for the class itself. She felt she had to spend the day with Rumble and Thunderlane to sort their shit out. But for the rest of the class? She had something special.
  99. >She would have the foals take on different parents for the day. Although you didn't understand her reasoning for learning to appreciate others lifestyles or whatever. If it got things over with. Then fine.
  101. >But also, in reality. The only swap that was possible was you and Chrysalis switched with Diamond. And thats exactly how it went.
  102. >The Cakes were ok with this. In the end, happy to know that while quick. The class showed they were already well on their way of being good parents.
  103. >As for the swap? It made you feel tense. Especially since Spoiled wanted to take on Chrysalis. While she left Filthy to you. They weren't too worried about Diamond. Well, Spoiled only threatened the worse if anything happened to her.
  104. >Yeah, to you? This whole thing seemed rushed and pointless. Way to go Twilight. You didn't understand diddly crap. Whatever. At least it'd be done soon.
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