Oct 10th, 2017
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  1. >what are we going to do on the bed, Anon?.jpeg
  3. " 'Anon'? Where's 'Daddy'?"
  4. >You quip as you sit down next to her
  5. >Her smile instantly drops, her expression changing
  6. >Obviously thinking she did something wrong
  7. >"S-sorry, I didn't mean to say that..."
  8. >She mumbles as her eyes evade yours
  9. >You keep your smirk on, even if a part of you tells you you could've handled that better, and you reach for her hairband
  10. "It's okay kiddo, I'm just teasing you,"
  11. >You say as you carefully remove the piece of cloth
  12. >But seeing that your words weren't enough to lighten up the mood, you reach for her head once more after having placed the annoyance on the commode next to the bed and ruffles her mane
  13. >And she giggles as her little hooves shoot for the invader, instantly trying to push you away
  14. >You comply, of course
  15. "It's only been a couple months, I know this is still kinda new to you,"
  16. >Not that this isn't new to you too
  17. >But she did caught you by surprise by calling you daddy earlier
  18. >It took you a whole two seconds to realize she /was/ addressing you, and another couple to answer
  19. >And she seemed just as surprised as you were
  20. >And you both 'ignored it'
  21. >Neither of you obviously knew how to handle this development
  22. >Not that you didn't expect her to start calling you that at some point but still...
  23. >But you were happy
  24. >And you've been happy for hours now, giddy, even
  25. >Couldn't push that grin off of your face
  26. >Having this cute little filly calling you daddy
  27. >This kid, calling you daddy, telling you what she really thinks of you, that she considers you as being oh so important to her
  29. >You haven't felt so alive in a long time
  30. >Not that your wife does a poor job at it
  31. >But that was just so new and fresh and different
  32. >And really unexpected
  33. >You wouldn't mind if she kept calling you that
  34. >A tug at the end of your sleeve derails your train of thought, only now making you realize you've been lost and staring at nothing for a while
  35. "Mmh?"
  36. >"Is Twi... Is mommy coming home soon?"
  37. >Her voice is low and her tone is testing, as if she wasn't even sure about the words she used
  38. >Hhnngh
  39. "You don't have to force yourself to call us that, you know? You can take all the time you need,"
  40. >You push a wild strand of her mane away, stroking her cheek in the process to try and give her some physical comfort
  41. >You got used to living with ponies over the years
  42. >She thinks about what you said for a moment, before she nods
  43. >"Do you think Twilight would like it if I called her mommy?"
  44. "I'm sure there's nothing she'd love more than that, squirt,"
  46. "And... I don't know, I would've thought she'd be back by now but you know how she is if the Princess is involved,"
  47. >She nods again as a smile forms on the corner of her lips
  48. "Anyway, it's getting really late, and... mommy's going to kill me if you're not sleeping when she gets back,"
  49. >You'll have to get used to that too
  50. >You think you'd like to get used to that
  51. >"Uhm..."
  52. "What is it?"
  53. >"Can you read me a story?"
  54. "Uuh..."
  55. >You wouldn't mind to do that at all, if what you said wasn't half true
  56. >You really don't want Twilight to find out she was still up this late
  57. >You scratch the back of your neck for a moment, trying to find an excuse to get you out of here
  58. >"Please daddy?"
  59. >Wow
  60. >Is that the power that little girls have over their father that everyone talks about?
  61. >That's not fucking fair
  62. >You let out a sigh in defeat
  63. >Guess it's story time--
  64. >"Of course he will,"
  65. >Both your heads jolt up at the voice coming from the doorstep
  67. >You have to stop yourself from rolling away and jumping out of the window, not only because of the sudden appearance of the mare, but also because of the sudden appearance of your wife discovering that the little one lying next to you isn't asleep
  68. >Meaning you didn't follow her instructions to the letter
  69. >"Here, we stopped at page 252,"
  70. >The rather heavy book hits your chest with a little more force than necessary
  71. >You know that means she's pissed, even if she's hiding it behind her beaming smile
  72. >And you know that means you'll have to 'discuss' later
  73. >"Oh yes, I love this story!"
  74. >"I know you do,"
  75. >Twilight says as she trots up to the bed
  76. >And uses your knee as support for her lips to reach yours
  77. >"Hey hun~,"
  78. >That leaves you blinking
  79. >Wait, isn't she mad?
  80. >She doesn't wait for a response though, and jumps up on the bed, before shifting on the other side and nestling next to the filly
  81. >"Did you and Anon had fun today?"
  82. >"Oh yeah! The cutie mark crusaders came by earlier and he taught us how to play poker!"
  83. >Your wife's eyebrow rises so fast you fear it's going to fly right off
  84. >"Did he, now?"
  85. >You gulp
  87. "H-haha, you see, I, huh--"
  88. >"Yeah! It was super fun!"
  89. >Nyx's voice somehow catches your wife's attention
  90. >And you sigh in relief when you see her feature softens when she notices the filly's grin
  91. >"I don't really remember anything about 'teaching her poker' in that list I gave you, but I did write about having fun so..."
  92. >"You're off the hook, this time,"
  93. >Thank Celestia
  94. >Better change subject before she tells her about that new word you taught her that starts with SHI and finishes with T
  95. "S-so, about that story..."
  97. __
  99. "And the dragon said; 'Who goes there?!' using his mighty voice. The little filly turned towards--"
  100. >A nudge to your arm cuts you off and you turn to see your wife's gentle smile
  101. >And you follow your wife's gaze down to see Nyx has her eyes closed, her small frame heaving in rhythm with each calm breath she takes
  102. "Oh,"
  103. >How long has she been out?
  104. >Damn this story really got you going
  105. >You take note of the page, 274, and close the book before carefully pushing yourself off of the mattress
  106. >And you turn around just in time to see Twilight doing the same, before using her magic to tuck the little filly in and readjusting the covers
  107. >You simply stand there, watching your wife's content smile and loving gaze as she makes sure everything is in place and that she won't be cold tonight, making sure everything is perfect
  108. >It really is
  109. >And you can see that your wife shares the same thought as her eyes find yours
  110. >You keep your eyes into each other's for a moment, both your smiles widening ever so slightly as the situation dawns on the both of you
  111. >That's what having a kid is like, right?
  112. >It's so simple and at the same time so fulfilling
  113. >Doing something as simple and innocent as reading her a story until she falls asleep, with your loving wife at your side
  114. >But the blissful silence has to end, unless you count on sleeping in Nyx's--in your daughter's bed
  115. >Your daughter
  116. >You thought you'd be more weirded out by the fact that you consider a little filly 'your daughter', but it barely even crosses your mind
  117. >Twilight is the first one to move, turning around and taking the first few steps towards the exit as you lean down to turn the bed lamp off
  118. >And you follow suit
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