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  1. cube>  cube v1.6 by fri  ::  Gamemode: CTF  ::  Current settings:
  2. cube>  Exclusion  =  0 (everyone is included in balance)
  3. cube>  Method     =  4 (player with the worst k/d ratio will be moved)
  4. cube>  Interval   =  3 min (time between automatic balances)
  5. cube>  ImmuneTime = 20 min (player won't be moved again until 20 min pass)
  6. cube>  LockTime   =  2 min (locking team of moved player for 2 min)
  7. cube>  Balances this run: 0 (0 on prev map)
  8. ctf_Ash by chakapoko maker
  9. cube>  Balance won't work until there are at least 3 players.
  10. cube>  Balances this run: 0 (0 on prev map)
  11.  Server IP: Port: 25140
  12.  Connection for file server started. Port: 25150
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