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  1. duty calls joined.
  2. TehJTag joined.
  3. Format: RU
  4. Rule: Sleep Clause
  5. Rule: Species Clause
  6. Rule: OHKO Clause
  7. Rule: Moody Clause
  8. Rule: Evasion Clause
  9. duty calls's team:
  10. Farfetch'd / Rotom / Smeargle / Crawdaunt / Sigilyph / Entei
  11. TehJTag's team:
  12. Clefable / Medicham / Crustle / Quagsire / Whimsicott / Typhlosion
  13. dynamite shovel joined.
  14. Battle between duty calls and TehJTag started!
  15. duty calls sent out Smeargle!
  16. TehJTag sent out Crustle!
  17. Turn 1
  18. van she joined.
  19. Smeargle used Spore!
  20. The foe's Crustle fell asleep!
  21. The foe's Crustle is fast asleep.
  22. Turn 2
  23. Smeargle used Stealth Rock!
  24. Pointed stones float in the air around the foe's team!
  25. The foe's Crustle is fast asleep.
  26. Turn 3
  27. Phazon joined.
  28. Smeargle used Spikes!
  29. Spikes were scattered all around the feet of the foe's team!
  30. The foe's Crustle woke up!
  31. The foe's Crustle used Shell Smash!
  32. The foe's Crustle's Attack sharply rose!
  33. The foe's Crustle's Special Attack sharply rose!
  34. The foe's Crustle's Speed sharply rose!
  35. The foe's Crustle's Defense fell!
  36. The foe's Crustle's Special Defense fell!
  37. Turn 4
  38. Im Bored joined.
  39. double01 joined.
  40. The foe's Crustle used X-Scissor!
  41. Smeargle hung on using its Focus Sash!
  42. Smeargle lost 100% of its health!
  43. Smeargle used Spore!
  44. The foe's Crustle fell asleep!
  45. Turn 5
  46. mad tehjtag joined.
  47. The foe's Crustle is fast asleep.
  48. Smeargle used Explosion!
  49. A critical hit! It's not very effective... The foe's Crustle lost 71% of its health!
  50. Smeargle fainted!
  51. double01: whirlwind
  52. TehJTag: wow
  53. duty calls sent out Rotom!
  54. Turn 6
  55. Phazon: ello
  56. TehJTag: crit early
  57. Rotom used Hidden Power!
  58. The foe's Crustle lost 29% of its health!
  59. The foe's Crustle fainted!
  60. TehJTag: uh
  61. dynamite shovel: real smeargle set :<
  62. mad tehjtag: that didn't matter lol
  63. double01: it didnt matter
  64. TehJTag: omg
  65. double01: xd
  66. TehJTag: of course it did
  67. dynamite shovel: going boom like a real nigga
  68. TehJTag sent out Typhlosion!
  69. The foe's Typhlosion is hurt by the spikes!
  70. Pointed stones dug into the foe's Typhlosion!
  71. Turn 7
  72. mad tehjtag: nope
  73. duty calls called Rotom back!
  74. duty calls sent out Entei!
  75. Entei is exerting its pressure!
  76. The foe's Typhlosion used Fire Blast!
  77. It's not very effective... Entei lost 33% of its health!
  78. Entei restored HP using its Leftovers!
  79. Turn 8
  80. mad tehjtag: you would have died next turn anyways
  81. double01: hp grass lgi
  82. TehJTag called Typhlosion back!
  83. TehJTag sent out Quagsire!
  84. The foe's Quagsire is hurt by the spikes!
  85. Pointed stones dug into the foe's Quagsire!
  86. Entei used Flamethrower!
  87. It's not very effective... The foe's Quagsire lost 24% of its health!
  88. Entei restored HP using its Leftovers!
  89. The foe's Quagsire restored HP using its Leftovers!
  90. Turn 9
  91. Entei used Hidden Power!
  92. A critical hit! It's super effective! The foe's Quagsire lost 63% of its health!
  93. The foe's Quagsire fainted!
  94. Entei restored HP using its Leftovers!
  95. double01: special entei
  96. double01: strongth
  97. TehJTag sent out Medicham!
  98. Pointed stones dug into the foe's Medicham!
  99. The foe's Medicham is hurt by the spikes!
  100. Turn 10
  101. The foe's Medicham used Fake Out!
  102. Entei lost 23% of its health!
  103. The foe's Medicham lost some of its HP!
  104. Entei flinched!
  105. Entei restored HP using its Leftovers!
  106. Turn 11
  107. Entei used Substitute!
  108. Entei put in a substitute!
  109. Entei lost 25% of its health!
  110. The foe's Medicham used Psycho Cut!
  111. Entei's substitute faded!
  112. The foe's Medicham lost some of its HP!
  113. Entei restored HP using its Leftovers!
  114. Turn 12
  115. Phazon: that medicham really must go
  116. Entei used Flamethrower!
  117. The foe's Medicham lost 61% of its health!
  118. The foe's Medicham used Drain Punch!
  119. Entei lost 50% of its health!
  120. Entei had its energy drained!
  121. The foe's Medicham lost some of its HP!
  122. Entei fainted!
  123. Phazon: the set is kinda bad
  124. mad tehjtag: lose
  125. duty calls sent out Rotom!
  126. Turn 13
  127. double01: g_g
  128. Rotom used Volt Switch!
  129. The foe's Medicham lost 30% of its health!
  130. The foe's Medicham fainted!
  131. Phazon: use the scarfer
  132. Phazon: dammit
  133. Phazon: only good set
  134. duty calls called Rotom back!
  135. duty calls sent out Sigilyph!
  136. TehJTag sent out Clefable!
  137. Turn 14
  138. duty calls called Sigilyph back!
  139. duty calls sent out Rotom!
  140. The foe's Clefable used Cosmic Power!
  141. The foe's Clefable's Defense rose!
  142. The foe's Clefable's Special Defense rose!
  143. Turn 15
  144. Rotom used Trick!
  145. Rotom switched items with the foe's Clefable!
  146. The foe's Clefable obtained one Choice Scarf!
  147. Rotom obtained one Leftovers!
  148. The foe's Clefable used Cosmic Power!
  149. The foe's Clefable's Defense rose!
  150. The foe's Clefable's Special Defense rose!
  151. Turn 16
  152. double01: t bolt crit
  153. double01: lgi
  154. double01: g_g
  155. mad tehjtag: this game is over already zzz
  156. Phazon: well
  157. Phazon: scarfed
  158. TehJTag called Clefable back!
  159. TehJTag sent out Whimsicott!
  160. The foe's Whimsicott is hurt by the spikes!
  161. Pointed stones dug into the foe's Whimsicott!
  162. Rotom used Volt Switch!
  163. It's not very effective... The foe's Whimsicott lost 19% of its health!
  164. Phazon: clefable
  165. duty calls called Rotom back!
  166. duty calls sent out MOLK DESTROYER (Farfetch'd)!
  167. The foe's Whimsicott restored HP using its Leftovers!
  168. Turn 17
  169. dynamite shovel: gg'z
  170. The foe's Whimsicott used Stun Spore!
  171. MOLK DESTROYER was paralyzed! It may be unable to move!
  172. MOLK DESTROYER used Return!
  173. The foe's Whimsicott lost 39% of its health!
  174. The foe's Whimsicott restored HP using its Leftovers!
  175. Turn 18
  176. dynamite shovel: fetch'd got in safely
  177. The foe's Whimsicott used Leech Seed!
  178. MOLK DESTROYER was seeded!
  179. MOLK DESTROYER is paralyzed! It can't move!
  180. The foe's Whimsicott restored HP using its Leftovers!
  181. MOLK DESTROYER's health is sapped by Leech Seed!
  182. Turn 19
  183. double01: bs
  184. duty calls called MOLK DESTROYER back!
  185. duty calls sent out Sigilyph!
  186. The foe's Whimsicott used Substitute!
  187. The foe's Whimsicott put in a substitute!
  188. The foe's Whimsicott lost 25% of its health!
  189. The foe's Whimsicott restored HP using its Leftovers!
  190. Turn 20
  191. double01: cm
  192. double01: lgi
  193. The foe's Whimsicott used Stun Spore!
  194. Sigilyph was paralyzed! It may be unable to move!
  195. Sigilyph used Psyshock!
  196. The foe's Whimsicott's substitute faded!
  197. The foe's Whimsicott restored HP using its Leftovers!
  198. Turn 21
  199. The foe's Whimsicott used Substitute!
  200. The foe's Whimsicott put in a substitute!
  201. The foe's Whimsicott lost 25% of its health!
  202. Sigilyph used Psyshock!
  203. The foe's Whimsicott's substitute faded!
  204. The foe's Whimsicott restored HP using its Leftovers!
  205. Turn 22
  206. The foe's Whimsicott used Leech Seed!
  207. Sigilyph was seeded!
  208. Sigilyph used Psyshock!
  209. The foe's Whimsicott lost 15% of its health!
  210. The foe's Whimsicott fainted!
  211. TehJTag sent out Typhlosion!
  212. The foe's Typhlosion is hurt by the spikes!
  213. Pointed stones dug into the foe's Typhlosion!
  214. Turn 23
  215. dynamite shovel: strong plays man
  216. mad tehjtag: > leech seed
  217. double01: lmao
  218. double01: strong leech seed
  219. Phazon: leech seed
  220. The foe's Typhlosion used Fire Blast!
  221. The attack of the foe's Typhlosion missed!
  222. Sigilyph used Psyshock!
  223. The foe's Typhlosion lost 26% of its health!
  224. The foe's Typhlosion fainted!
  225. Phazon: on magic guarder
  226. TehJTag: ..
  227. duty calls: didn't matter
  228. TehJTag: ohko
  229. double01: it didnt matter
  230. duty calls: you just suck kid
  231. double01: smh
  232. TehJTag: rite there
  233. TehJTag sent out Clefable!
  234. Turn 24
  235. double01: crawdaunt
  236. double01: sweept
  237. double01: ;/
  238. duty calls called Sigilyph back!
  239. duty calls sent out Rotom!
  240. The foe's Clefable used Cosmic Power!
  241. The foe's Clefable's Defense rose!
  242. The foe's Clefable's Special Defense rose!
  243. Turn 25
  244. double01: lmao
  245. Phazon: i played like a dumbass
  246. dynamite shovel: nahnahnah, fetch'd
  247. Rotom used Volt Switch!
  248. The foe's Clefable lost 18% of its health!
  249. mad tehjtag: lol
  250. duty calls called Rotom back!
  251. duty calls sent out MOLK DESTROYER (Farfetch'd)!
  252. The foe's Clefable used Cosmic Power!
  253. The foe's Clefable's Defense rose!
  254. The foe's Clefable's Special Defense rose!
  255. Turn 26
  256. Phazon: double can attest to that
  257. mad tehjtag: y finish it with Farfy
  258. Phazon: and i still won
  259. The foe's Clefable used Cosmic Power!
  260. The foe's Clefable's Defense rose!
  261. The foe's Clefable's Special Defense rose!
  262. MOLK DESTROYER used Swords Dance!
  263. MOLK DESTROYER's Attack sharply rose!
  264. Turn 27
  265. Im Bored: oh shit
  266. Im Bored: it is over
  267. mad tehjtag: get shit on kid
  268. duty calls: because farfy is badass
  269. The foe's Clefable used Cosmic Power!
  270. The foe's Clefable's Defense rose!
  271. The foe's Clefable's Special Defense rose!
  272. MOLK DESTROYER is paralyzed! It can't move!
  273. Turn 28
  274. dynamite shovel: get to +6
  275. duty calls: and he is locked anyway
  276. dynamite shovel: then struggle
  277. The foe's Clefable used Cosmic Power!
  278. The foe's Clefable's Defense rose!
  279. The foe's Clefable's Special Defense rose!
  280. MOLK DESTROYER used Swords Dance!
  281. MOLK DESTROYER's Attack sharply rose!
  282. Turn 29
  283. dynamite shovel: game over
  284. double01: who is mad tehjtag?
  285. duty calls: I also have stick
  286. duty calls: ama
  287. The foe's Clefable used Cosmic Power!
  288. The foe's Clefable's Defense rose!
  289. The foe's Clefable's Special Defense rose!
  290. MOLK DESTROYER used Swords Dance!
  291. MOLK DESTROYER's Attack sharply rose!
  292. Turn 30
  293. The foe's Clefable used Cosmic Power!
  294. MOLK DESTROYER used Return!
  295. The foe's Clefable lost 40% of its health!
  296. Turn 31
  297. TehJTag: nope oh well
  298. TehJTag: gg
  299. Phazon: and then brave bird
  300. The foe's Clefable used Cosmic Power!
  301. MOLK DESTROYER used Return!
  302. The foe's Clefable lost 41% of its health!
  303. Turn 32
  304. mad tehjtag: k BB now
  305. mad tehjtag: faggot
  306. TehJTag: mightve won if no scarf
  307. mad tehjtag: BB
  308. duty calls: you wated my time kid
  309. duty calls: wasted*
  310. TehJTag: OK YOU KNOW
  311. TehJTag: WHAT
  312. duty calls: nope
  313. duty calls: crwadaunt would have won this
  314. duty calls: you just suck kid
  315. double01 left.
  317. duty calls: losing to farfy
  319. duty calls: fucking pathetic
  320. mad tehjtag: lol
  321. dynamite shovel: hey hey hey
  322. dynamite shovel: hey
  323. TehJTag: ok
  324. Phazon: calm down
  325. TehJTag: you know what you are dut?
  326. double01 joined.
  327. mad tehjtag: dut
  328. Phazon: his name is trop
  329. dynamite shovel: that actually isn't a question
  330. mad tehjtag: double
  331. mad tehjtag: TehJTag: IMMA FUCKING RAPE YOUR ASS OK
  332. double01: xd
  333. double01: duty calls vs tehjtag
  334. double01: lets get it
  335. dynamite shovel: and everyone knows you don't ask permission when you rape someone :O
  336. duty calls: come on kid move
  337. • Phazon :O
  338. duty calls: I know you are scared of a joke mon winning
  340. duty calls: but you are that fucking pathetic
  341. mad tehjtag: lol
  342. Im Bored: rofl
  343. Phazon: holy shit
  344. dynamite shovel: i get the feeling that you're upset...
  345. Phazon: calm the hell down
  346. Inactive players will be kicked in 30 seconds. (requested by duty calls)
  347. Phazon: dude
  349. mad tehjtag: GEHENNA
  350. The restart or kick was interrupted by activity.
  351. The foe's Clefable used Cosmic Power!
  352. MOLK DESTROYER used Return!
  353. The foe's Clefable lost 1% of its health!
  354. The foe's Clefable fainted!
  355. duty calls won the battle!
  356. TehJTag: means hell dumbass
  357. mad tehjtag: http://pokemonshowdown.com/replay/ru3992836
  358. double01 left.
  359. mad tehjtag: saved the replay
  360. duty calls: pathetic
  361. TehJTag: just the way jesus uses it in the bible
  362. TehJTag: STFU
  363. mad tehjtag: > jesus
  364. dynamite shovel: so then gehenna hell hole is redundant
  365. • Phazon applauds
  366. mad tehjtag: > bible
  367. mad tehjtag: > 2012
  369. TehJTag: MORE GFS
  370. dynamite shovel: and forcing religion upon others is kinda rude of you :<
  371. duty calls: I'm a blackbelt irl
  372. duty calls: good luck kid
  373. TehJTag: MORE KILLS IN MW3
  374. mad tehjtag: lol
  375. mad tehjtag: MW3
  379. mad tehjtag: manly
  380. duty calls: csb
  381. mad tehjtag: explain the rage
  382. mad tehjtag: did you get touched in the locker room
  383. dynamite shovel: they give out degrees for being a shithead?
  384. mad tehjtag: ??
  386. dynamite shovel: :O
  387. Phazon: should we get a mod to see this?
  388. TehJTag: OK
  389. Im Bored: this is incredibly funny to watch
  390. Phazon: cause this is ridiculous
  391. TehJTag: SO SHUT UP
  392. TehJTag: AND FUCK OFF
  397. dynamite shovel: they're*
  398. mad tehjtag: *doesn't
  400. dynamite shovel: you're*
  401. TehJTag: *YOU'RE
  402. Phazon: one second
  403. Phazon: a few minutes ago
  404. TehJTag: so again
  405. duty calls: god is a fairytale
  406. duty calls: nice try bro
  407. TehJTag: stop talking to me
  409. Phazon: and now-
  411. TehJTag: i dont care ok
  412. dynamite shovel: oh, than*
  413. Phazon: hipocritical?
  414. TehJTag: i really dont
  415. dynamite shovel: can't believe i missed that, how silly of me X_x
  416. mad tehjtag: they leave the battle
  417. mad tehjtag: if you don't care
  418. TehJTag: you dont understand it so you dont play it right
  419. TehJTag: if you had an ounce of common sense youd realize this is a numbers game
  420. TehJTag: so stfu
  421. double01 joined.
  422. Phazon: it is
  423. Phazon: there are numbers
  424. TehJTag: i dont have enough time to make "godlike" teams like you losers do
  425. duty calls: translation: I'm bad
  426. TehJTag: ^true
  427. TehJTag: but i have much better things to do
  428. dynamite shovel: so to clarify, you lose to good players, making them losers?
  429. dynamite shovel: gotcha gotcha
  430. duty calls: raging over a kid's game is such a good thing to do
  431. TehJTag: then sit in front of a screen and burn out my eye sockets
  432. TehJTag: ok seriously?
  433. mad tehjtag: lol
  434. TehJTag: pathetic
  435. TehJTag: youre life is shit
  436. dynamite shovel: we're burning out your eye sockets? we must be magic :O
  437. Phazon: you are seriously raging
  438. TehJTag: and you know it
  439. Phazon: like intensly
  442. TehJTag: youre a fucking 18 year old pedofile who plays pokemon
  443. TehJTag: for god sakes GROW UP
  444. Phazon: umm
  445. TehJTag: GET A CAR
  446. TehJTag: GET A JOB
  447. Phazon: thats a crazy assumption
  449. Feranfell joined.
  450. mad tehjtag: why are you not doing these things then??
  451. dynamite shovel: yeah, now he knows a.pokemon has numbers and b.being good=being a loser, and c.apparently his family is dead and he's a pedophile, among other things
  452. dynamite shovel: I'm learning so much !_!
  453. TehJTag: yes you are
  454. TehJTag: wonderful
  455. TehJTag: id rather play CoD rite now
  456. Phazon: isn't learning fun!
  457. TehJTag: instead im giving brats a history lesson
  458. Phazon: and if you'd rather do that
  459. dynamite shovel: right*
  460. Phazon: then do that
  461. Phazon: now
  462. mad tehjtag: yeah leave
  463. TehJTag: i cant
  464. mad tehjtag: right now
  465. mad tehjtag: if you really don't care
  466. dynamite shovel: wait, there was history involved here?
  467. TehJTag: im getting good grades in school ever heard of it?
  468. Phazon: playing
  469. TehJTag: well its the place where you learn about life
  470. Phazon: pokemon gets you good grades?
  471. mad tehjtag: y, remember we are the nerds
  472. Phazon: umm
  473. mad tehjtag: and you're the manly football player
  474. dynamite shovel: yes, i've actualy been to school before, it's a pretty neat place :O
  475. TehJTag: so you should try it because right now
  476. Phazon: not really
  477. duty calls: itb:maximum butthurt
  478. TehJTag: YOUR FAILING
  479. Wrecker: So basically you are mad because you got wrecked by farfetched?
  480. Wrecker: also you're*
  481. duty calls: >your
  482. TehJTag: *YOURE sorry
  483. Phazon: so you are mad
  484. mad tehjtag: forgot the '
  485. mad tehjtag: nice education
  486. Phazon: because farfetchd and a low-ranked team
  487. Phazon: wrecked you
  488. TehJTag: thank you my gpa is higher than your iq
  489. Wrecker: so no one is answering me
  490. Wrecker: Wrecker: So basically you are mad because you got wrecked by farfetched?
  491. Wrecker: why are you talking about gpa and iq
  492. Wrecker: this is fucking pokemon
  493. mad tehjtag: good joke, did you google it
  494. Phazon: your gpa sure
  495. Phazon: aint showing in this coversation
  496. TehJTag: no i thought of it something most of you never do
  497. Wrecker: "lol i suck at pokemon, you must be stupid!"
  498. mad tehjtag: *of it,
  499. TehJTag: ;*
  500. dynamite shovel: Is it mangel grammar at as a high a frequency as you?
  501. TehJTag: get shit on by english
  502. mad tehjtag: says you
  503. TehJTag: says the english language
  504. RLYMAD tehjtag: get shit on by farfetch'd
  505. Phazon: why would english shit on random nerds?
  506. dynamite shovel: I'm confused what you're trying to say, maybe you should work on your english a bit sir :[
  507. mad tehjtag: :[
  508. TehJTag: none of you are nerds
  509. Phazon: i am
  510. TehJTag: just weird dumbasses with a computer
  511. Phazon: i sit in front of a screen
  512. Phazon: like shitloads of hours
  513. TehJTag: thats not a nerd
  514. mad tehjtag: and you're a manly as fuck football player
  515. dynamite shovel: with computers, as the subject is plural
  516. mad tehjtag: right?
  517. Phazon: i play d&d
  518. Phazon: i play final fantasy
  519. TehJTag: a nerd is a social reject who gets high honors
  520. TehJTag: and you certainly don't do that
  521. Phazon: and that would also be me
  522. TehJTag: no, not at all
  523. double01: i get high honors and im not a social reject
  524. double01: :(
  525. Phazon: that describes me
  526. dynamite shovel: I'm a social reject, does that count?
  527. dynamite shovel: :O
  528. RLYMAD tehjtag: lol how are you deducing his grades from a fucking pokemon match
  529. Phazon: perfectly
  530. TehJTag: I can tell. Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure
  531. TehJTag: ok
  532. double01: what grade are u in tehj?
  533. TehJTag: 10th
  534. double01: same
  535. TehJTag: captain of varsity football
  536. RLYMAD tehjtag: lmao
  537. double01: lmao
  538. TehJTag: and 95 average
  539. RLYMAD tehjtag: i do not believe you
  540. TehJTag: then fuck off
  541. Phazon: 95 average
  542. double01: dont lie
  543. double01: u are not captain
  544. TehJTag: I don't care
  545. double01: of varsity football
  546. RLYMAD tehjtag: LMFAO
  547. double01: unless u mean
  548. TehJTag: what you believe
  549. Phazon: is that, like out of 500?
  550. RLYMAD tehjtag: you care a lot
  551. double01: captain = bench warmer?
  552. RLYMAD tehjtag: if you didn't
  553. Phazon: or 100?
  554. RLYMAD tehjtag: you wouldn't be bitching
  555. TehJTag: 100 dipshit
  556. Im Bored: lmao
  557. Phazon: haha
  558. Phazon: yeah
  559. RLYMAD tehjtag: lol you are so mad
  560. Phazon: i bet it is
  561. RLYMAD tehjtag: over getting wrecked
  562. RLYMAD tehjtag: by a fucking farfetchd
  563. TehJTag: ok well I've worked hard in life
  564. RLYMAD tehjtag: TO GET WRECKEd
  565. TehJTag: and you all have failed
  566. RLYMAD tehjtag: BY A FARFETCH'D
  567. RLYMAD tehjtag: you have failed
  568. TehJTag: ^rage
  569. dynamite shovel: Not in english, apparently, your grammar is atrocious :[
  570. mad tehjtag: > worked hard in life
  571. Phazon: i failed
  572. TehJTag: anyway
  573. RLYMAD tehjtag: lol i'm the one raging
  574. mad tehjtag: > in 10th grade
  575. RLYMAD tehjtag: k
  576. Phazon: how have i failed
  577. mad tehjtag: sure
  578. TehJTag: whatever
  579. TehJTag: i really don't care
  580. Phazon: no you don't
  581. TehJTag: im almost valedictorian
  582. duty calls: csb
  583. TehJTag: so suck on that for a while
  584. Phazon: valedictorian
  585. Phazon: as a 10th
  586. double01: im in calculus right now and im in 10th grade
  587. double01: i have failed
  588. double01: :(
  589. TehJTag: yes
  590. TehJTag: its called being the best in clas
  591. TehJTag: class*
  592. Phazon: i know what it is
  593. double01: thats not valedictorian
  594. double01: lmao
  595. Phazon: i am not a dipshit
  596. dynamite shovel: Well I hope that makes up for your lack of people skills, because your kind of a presumptuous dick :[[[[
  597. TehJTag: highest grades smartass
  598. Phazon: couldn't have put it better myselves
  599. dynamite shovel: you're*, pardon
  600. All Forces joined.
  601. dynamite shovel: bad grammar, 'tis contagious O_o
  602. TehJTag: who got a 2200 on their psats oh me
  603. TehJTag: suck on the facts bros
  604. mad tehjtag: > psat
  605. Phazon: 2200 pstat
  606. mad tehjtag: > hard
  607. Phazon: but you used a typhlosion
  608. TehJTag: yes a perfect indicator of the SAT score
  609. RLYMAD tehjtag: doesn't change the fact you got wrecked by farfetch'd lol
  610. TehJTag: which will be as good or better
  611. TehJTag: which means
  612. TehJTag: yale
  613. TehJTag: harvard
  614. TehJTag: full ride
  615. dynamite shovel: Oh wowie, that's pretty neato, why don't you throw more easily botched numbers at us and see if it makes you less of an asshole :O
  616. TehJTag: master's degrees
  617. RLYMAD tehjtag: i don't think they accept people who lose to farfetch'd
  618. Phazon: master of shitheadery
  619. RLYMAD tehjtag: sorry
  620. TehJTag: amazing jobs
  621. TehJTag: lots of money
  622. double01: tehj makes things up
  623. TehJTag: and set for life
  624. All Forces: lol
  625. RLYMAD tehjtag: lol no shit
  626. double01: so he can feel better for himself
  627. TehJTag: able to help anyone and everyone i can
  628. mad tehjtag: anyways a while back you said you didn't care about all of this
  629. double01: i think thats a psychological disorder
  630. mad tehjtag: you're still here, you must have warmed up to us
  631. mad tehjtag: :)
  632. RLYMAD tehjtag: this kid is probably actually 10th grade socially awkward weaaboo
  633. TehJTag: I dont give a shit about two things
  634. RLYMAD tehjtag: how bad you are
  635. All Forces left.
  636. RLYMAD tehjtag: and how dumb you are
  637. TehJTag: FAGGOTS who think they're alpha when they're omega
  638. TehJTag: and
  639. dynamite shovel: So that whole helping anyone and everyone thing was a total farce?
  640. RLYMAD tehjtag: lmfao omega
  641. haystacker joined.
  642. double01: im delta tbh
  643. mad tehjtag: is your birth certificate being an apology from the condom company one of them
  644. mad tehjtag: ??
  645. dynamite shovel: bro, you're contradicting yourself after just two sentences :[[
  646. TehJTag: WHATEVER it is you all believe about me
  647. RLYMAD tehjtag: you're dumb lol
  648. TehJTag: shovel
  649. double01: you obviously care
  650. Phazon: i know exactly what i believe
  651. double01: because your still here
  652. double01: :(
  653. dynamite shovel: >meaning none of the things you've said
  654. TehJTag: go kill yourself ok?
  655. RLYMAD tehjtag: i don't even believe nigga
  656. RLYMAD tehjtag: i know
  657. TehJTag: you are a waste of air
  658. RLYMAD tehjtag: that you are dumb
  659. RLYMAD tehjtag: and you suck at pokemon
  660. TehJTag: yes i do suck at pokemon
  661. TehJTag: but im doing it as a hobby
  662. dynamite shovel: See, there you go presuming things again :[
  663. RLYMAD tehjtag: lol but you suck
  664. TehJTag: so i don't give a flying shit
  665. All Forces joined.
  666. • TehJTagg sucks at life
  667. RLYMAD tehjtag: apparently you do
  668. RLYMAD tehjtag: if you got this mad
  669. RLYMAD tehjtag: lol you do
  670. TehJTag: not at all
  671. Phazon: yes you do
  672. RLYMAD tehjtag: thanks for realizing
  673. duty calls: tl;dr of all this: csb and random bullshit to sound tough
  674. tummychomp joined.
  676. RLYMAD tehjtag: 95% IN EVERY CLASS
  679. TehJTag: i would take a graceful loss if the person understood WHY they won
  680. RLYMAD tehjtag: I AM ALPHA
  681. duty calls: FIGHT ME RLYMADTEHJTAG
  682. double01: its easy to get a 95% in every class
  683. double01: when ur taking spanish 1
  684. RLYMAD tehjtag: he won because you suck lol
  685. TehJTag: which you all don't
  686. duty calls: I won because I'm better than you
  687. RLYMAD tehjtag: you just admitted you sucked
  688. TehJTag: im in Latin 5 dumbass
  689. RLYMAD tehjtag: TehJTag: yes i do suck at pokemon
  690. RLYMAD tehjtag: LATIN 5
  691. duty calls: lol spanish 1
  692. dynamite shovel: Yeah, it really shows how insecure someone is when they lie this excessively to a bunch of strangers on a pokemon battling site :[
  693. duty calls: that should be a 100%
  694. mad tehjtag: > latin 5
  695. double01: latin 5
  696. TehJTag: and spanish 5
  697. double01: lmfao
  698. RLYMAD tehjtag: ahaha
  699. Phazon: latin and spanish 5
  700. mad tehjtag: lmao
  701. double01: can you say something for me in latin?
  702. RLYMAD tehjtag: you know latin and spanish
  703. TehJTag: but you know whats really funny here
  704. TehJTag: ?
  705. RLYMAD tehjtag: you obv win the argument
  706. RLYMAD tehjtag: lol how dumb you are that's what
  707. ladder noob joined.
  708. tummychomp left.
  709. RLYMAD tehjtag: actually, it's funny how you lost to farfetch'd
  710. RLYMAD tehjtag: i bet you don't even know spanish
  711. till i collapse joined.
  712. till i collapse: hi
  713. TehJTag: you all have nothing better to do then sit here while i rage so go kill yourselves cuz you clearly don't care about doing anything for the rest of your life
  714. double01: hi
  715. RLYMAD tehjtag: you cared enough to stay and rage about getting your ass kicked at pokemon
  716. till i collapse: jesus fuck what happened here do1
  717. dynamite shovel: See? Presumptuous :[
  718. Phazon: that is exactly what i am doing
  719. RLYMAD tehjtag: /pokemon/
  720. Philip7087 joined.
  721. double01: idk
  722. TehJTag: and that is a sad sad truth
  723. double01: i prefer to observe
  724. double01: :)
  725. mad tehjtag left.
  726. RLYMAD tehjtag: lmfao you don't even know latin or spanish
  727. RLYMAD tehjtag: i bet
  728. dynamite shovel: "You make fun of a n00b, your life is meaningless"
  729. TehJTag: so sad....
  730. Phazon: i bet too
  731. dynamite shovel: I feel like there was a jump in thought somewhere :[
  732. till i collapse: oy do1
  733. till i collapse: what happened here
  734. TehJTag: i pray you all will get slapped by you parents or get a wakeup call from God or something
  735. till i collapse: and why are people bitching
  736. till i collapse: about an ru ladder match
  737. Im Bored: all i did
  738. RLYMAD tehjtag: he got mad that he lost to a farfetch'd
  739. Phazon: wasnt even ladder
  740. RLYMAD tehjtag: lol
  741. Im Bored: was get a critical hit
  742. till i collapse: rofl
  743. TehJTag: cuz an 80 year old pokemon master is really pathetic
  744. Im Bored: after like 17 turns
  745. RLYMAD tehjtag: who's 80 lmao
  746. RLYMAD tehjtag: are you this dumb
  747. till i collapse: honko's 80
  748. till i collapse: he's an old serbian pedophile
  749. duty calls: honko is god
  750. double01: honko is like 200
  751. Phazon: honko is arceus
  752. mad tehjtag joined.
  753. Phazon: or arceus is honko?
  754. till i collapse: nop
  755. till i collapse: honko
  756. till i collapse: is honko
  757. till i collapse: #honkotown
  758. Im Bored: honko is better than arceus
  759. till i collapse left.
  760. duty calls: honko is manly
  761. double01: tehj can you tell me something in latin?
  762. double01: anything
  763. double01: pls
  764. Im Bored: Honko [Normal] Multitype|121/120/120/120/120/120|Uber|GK/LK: 120 BP
  765. Phazon: shazam
  766. Phazon: say latin thingie
  767. TehJTag: Te ipsum
  768. dynamite shovel: wait, give him a sec
  769. RLYMAD tehjtag: lol i bet he's using google translate
  770. RLYMAD tehjtag: i BET
  771. dynamite shovel: he needs to find a good translating site :O
  772. dynamite shovel: bs ninja :<
  773. TehJTag: means go fuck yourself
  774. TehJTag: ok
  775. TehJTag: ok
  776. dynamite shovel: well that isn't latin at all :[
  777. TehJTag: how bout this
  778. RLYMAD tehjtag: no
  779. Phazon: umm
  780. Phazon: no
  781. Phazon: it is latin
  782. Phazon: but it doesnt mean that
  783. mad tehjtag: lol
  784. mad tehjtag: excellent google translate
  785. Phazon: it means
  786. Phazon: you should have
  787. Phazon: that's it
  788. RLYMAD tehjtag: like "you should have" skill
  789. RLYMAD tehjtag: enough skill to not get wrecked by farfetch'd
  790. TehJTag: Obsecro te, quod habere dicitur excitare miserabilis vita tristem non.
  791. TehJTag: I implore you to have a wake up call because you will live a sad pathetic life if you don't.
  792. haystacker left.
  793. Phazon: I beseech thee, which is said to have cast a gloom over the life of the miserable, not to wake up.
  794. duty calls: nice google translate kid
  795. Phazon: that is it
  796. dynamite shovel: you don't have a wake up call, you get one
  797. RLYMAD tehjtag: lol so stupid
  798. dynamite shovel: for someone that uses that term in every other sentence, you sure don't seem to know how to use it :[
  799. RLYMAD tehjtag: i bet you're that kinda nerd that rights love poems to random chicks and sticks them in their locker
  800. TehJTag: yea latin is tricky to translate but thats the best i can think of at the moment
  801. TehJTag: oh wait
  802. double01: tehj
  803. RLYMAD tehjtag: can't think of much getting wrecked by farfetch'd
  804. double01: that grammar is really bad
  805. double01: in latin
  806. till i collapse joined.
  807. RLYMAD tehjtag: yaeh i've taken latin 6
  808. double01: i dont even know latin
  809. till i collapse: .
  810. dynamite shovel: nbd, i've taken latin 8
  811. double01: but google translating a whole sentence
  812. double01: gives u bad grammar
  813. double01: js
  814. till i collapse: not always
  815. till i collapse: only in languages w/ complex verb conjugations
  816. dynamite shovel: and i'm valedictorian, and fuhrer of my school
  817. RLYMAD tehjtag: my dad works for PS and has taken latin 17
  818. Growlithe joined.
  819. RLYMAD tehjtag: gg
  820. TehJTag: Diligo Deum pro me et omnibus mihi amandumque fecit.
  821. DTC joined.
  822. dynamite shovel: really, i mean it .-.
  823. till i collapse: why hasn't anyone
  824. TehJTag: I love God for all He hath done for me and everyone I love and cherish.
  825. till i collapse: left
  826. Philip7087: who's duty calls
  827. till i collapse: fgs
  828. Growlithe left.
  829. Phazon: and another google translate
  830. dynamite shovel: it's too funny, can't help it ;-;
  831. Phazon: oh hello dtc
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