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Nov 25th, 2012
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  1. pick 7e968cf Add script to turn players into meshes, ticks every 1 second
  2. s f6b38ff Trigger the player.lua file in init.lua
  3. s 1972639 Commit the ugly and temporary test model and texture. We'll get to a real animated player mesh once the code for that is ready
  4. s c805953 Use pure file names instead of full paths now that data is being written to / read form memory
  5. s 50c4cf3 Set visual_size accordingly so the player model doesn't stretch vertically (default of the sprite player)
  6. s 207183a Attempt to use the b3d model format, although it doesn't seem to work so far
  7. pick 4e1a2db b3d, you have failed me. x model format, you're in
  8. s 3c7651d Get rid of the old model files
  9. s b75be08 Entries for the newly added animation features
  10. s 70bee7c Update player script to work with the latest code
  11. s d8c998a Match latest code changes again
  12. s c925819 Reflect latest code
  13. s b1d1e4d Add a test case for attachments. A LUA entity is attached to the player with a specified name 10 seconds after the server starts
  14. pick aa51b5f Fix attachment test script and unregistered entities. Thanks jin_xi for this
  15. pick a399f64 Emtpy bucket
  16. pick e5502c9 Move falling to builtin
  17. pick e5e62f9 formspec changes
  18. pick e0fe1a0 Fix slab -> full block transformation
  19. pick 4a68126 Add animation for water
  20. s bb039e1 Add a detachment test case (5 seconds after attaching)
  21. pick ff9e2a7 Update default_water.png to the new water textures
  22. pick 30d5822 Follow the naming convention and make the first letter Bucket capitalized
  23. s 274d4f1 Update function names, plus add a test case for both player to player and lua-entity to player attachments
  24. pick 68020d2 Dont allow the bucket to replace nodes that are not buildable to
  25. pick df3a694 Swap out pixel-perfect nyan cat by request of Chris Torres
  26. pick 91ee23d Add Calinou's improved default textures
  27. pick 2768d49 Add VanessaE's selection box for apples, saplings and papyrus
  28. pick 4813c6f At last, we have a player. Consists of a simple standi animation currently being looped. Compatible with any MineCraft skin, no texture included on GIT for licensing reasons.
  29. s e7ae00c Walk animations for the player (forward, backward, strafe left and strafe right). This commit removes other test cases from the default script, so that player.lua can be brought to what it's intended for
  30. s 9b9b04a Punch / mine animation, and some consistency improvements to the player script
  31. pick d27ecd2 Remove segmentation of limbs, because I don't like how the arms appeared to shrink during some deformations. This makes the player mesh exactly like the one in MineCraft, and gives people more reasons to complain that we're copying it :P
  32. s 968a328 Rename player to character, to avoid conflicting with the default player sprite
  33. s 16b6595 New skin by Jordach
  34. s b7df987 Add licenses to readme for the model and skin
  35. s 8c86970 Fix bad mirroring of left arm for player model
  36. pick 6f8abd0 Updated texture from Jordach, and fix the licensing confusion
  37. s b60e4d9 I forgot frame range definitions need to be per-model, since each model could have its own animations. Specify current ones as being player.x's
  38. s 1b8e779 Add death animation, and correct many mesh issues I didn't notice last time
  39. pick 97adce6 Important improvements to the player script. Instead of setting model and texture every X seconds, only do it when the player joins (so far)
  40. s 586d657 Add a function which allows registering different frame ranges for different player models
  41. s 9fa4257 Cosmetic improvements to the player script
  42. s 240c5ab More progress on the player animation functions, this commit adds useles code currently
  43. pick f14139a Get player walking and standing animations working! The player will play the proper animation when walking or standing.
  44. s 5b91d0e Also get the mine animation working when holding the left mouse button. Walk animations have priority over it, and sadly you can't play both at the same time
  45. s 90316f9 Set initial player animation to stand
  46. pick c56ff7b Model - Get rid of the 4 walk animations and only leave one, which looks good for all directions. Also add a Walk + Mine animation, since Irrlicht doesn't support blending the two animations otherwise
  47. s 2776c74 Update player script to match the animations in the previous commit
  48. s ed7d9a6 Shorten the still mine animation so the hand matches the speed of the walk-mine animation
  49. s 93533d6 Reduce animation speed to half when sneaking
  50. pick ac4c959 Implement death animation, but it currently loops constantly after the player dies (the player gets up and falls to the ground forever)
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