Stop that Ritual! Patrolling Southern Deep woods snowy eve

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  1. Stop that Ritual! Patrol in the Southern Deep woods on a snowy eve.
  4. Hjalmar has send word to some of his friends to join him on patrol today. And thus he is waiting for those he summoned at the staging grounds. He is standing tall and proud, a massive axe sheathed at his waist. Those able to sense gnosis stuff would be able to sense the power poured into the weapon. He is smiling broadly and looks around with his blue gazers of eyes.
  7. Jillian has come! but then the young bear was looking for ways to prove herself, The snow? She loved it.. the woman however was wearing multi layers of mismatched clothing.
  10. Ildar would of course show up as called. He has on a rather typical winter jacket, white camo so blotches of white and grey to it. Walking up tot he others, he'd nod to Hjal in greeting, then looks to Jillian curiously. "Uh.. Hello. I don't think we've met?"
  13. Jillian shifts in her space as Ildar wanders right up to her, and she smiles brilliantly "Hi! Am Jill." she says as she looks to him rather cutely. Her eyes move back to Hjal and she smiles his direction.
  16. Ildar nods a little to Jill, glances to Alek and bows to him, then looks between Jill and Hjal. "I am Ildar Solokov, Grandfather was known as Fights-the-Dark, Great great grandfather was Fangs-of-Justice. Great great great Grandmother was Luna's Claws. Rite Name Honor's Keeper. Cliath Silver Fang, born to a full moon on two legs, member of the Sept of the Enduring Spirit. It's nice to meet you, Jill." He looks over to Hjal then. "I'm ready to go."
  19. The woman of the crew grins a little to the very long introduction by the Cliath, "Jilly-bean sees you at kinfolk camp. Am.. Bear-cub." she says with a little roll of her shoulders as if to apologize.
  22. Unfortunately, if Jillian thinks Ildar's is long, she's in for a surprise. Still, the Theurge blinks a little at the Bear cubs more formal introduction. He's Silver Fang though, so he probably finds a lot wrong with so many things. Either way, he stands straighter and bows his head to Jillian."I am Aleksandr Vladislav Grigory Alexeyev the fourteenth, Fostern born on two-legs under the Crescent Moon to the Silver Fangs of the Sept of the Enduring Wind, under the Lodge of the Moon and rited Lights the Darkness. Son to Walks in Shadow, Elder Crescent Moon of the Silver Fangs of the Sept of the Cold Wind, Scourge of the North. Grandson to King Luna's Blade, Elder Ahroun of the Silver Fangs, the White King of the Sept of the Cold Wind. Great Grandson to Claws the Spirit, Elder Crescent Moon of the Silver Fangs of the Sept of the Cold Wind. Great-Great Grandson to Rends the Flesh, Elder Ahroun of the Silver Fangs and King of the Sept of the Cold Wind. Great-great-great Grandson to Stalks the Wyrm, Ragabash Elder of the Silver Fangs of the Sept of the Cold Wind. Great-great-great-great Grandson to Luna's Might, Elder Ahroun of the Silver Fangs and King of the Sept of the Cold Wind." A small pause when he's done. "It is nice to meet you." Then his attention is going to the surrounding area, perhaps indicating he is also ready to go. The other sign is, with that done, the man starts to transform into a wolf. He always patrols that way, always.
  25. Hjalmar looks to those arriving. Grinning as Aleksandr shows up as well. It was told to him by the Warder that he would. A smile is given to Ildar and Jill both. A smile that is being shared to Alek as well. He awaits all the introductions and nods. "Aye. Jill. Or Jillian. Is a very dear friend of mine. And we share a story by now. I help her learn things as requested by Ouray and as I already were doing so before introducing her to him. I asked her to join us on patrol tonight as I felt she was ready for this." He nods and looks everyone over. "We will patrol the southern deep woods today." He then turns to Ildar and grins broadly. "And today will not only be a lesson for Jill. It will be one for Ildar as well. For he is going to lead the patrol today." He places a hand on the man's shoulder. "Are you up for it?"
  28. Ildar looks to Alek at his introduction, then nods a little as he'd shift to wolf. Looking between Hjal and Jill, he smiles a little, then looks to Hjal curiously. A moment's hesitation has him finally nod. "Ready? Maybe. But I am willing to try, ready or not. I shall seek to do my best." He glances to Alek, then looks to Jill. "Can you shift to travel with us at speed as wolves? Otherwise we'll need to figure out travel.. ShieldBrother-rhya, please do speak up when we've reached the edge of the range we're to patrol, ok?"
  31. Jill looks over to Ildar as he is deemed the lead, and then she smiles as the other changes into a wolf. "Bear not run as fast as Wolf, much more larger and lumbering."
  34. <<Wyrm does not ask if ready. Just ready or not and die. Simple.>> The silver wolf barks over towards Ildar in the wolf tongue. Not exactly encouraging words, but that's sometimes the advice you get from the Silver Fang. Especially to another Silver Fang. He doesn't seem to have any objection to following Ildar, or he doesn't express it, if he does. <<Will take rear. Watch Bear cub. Watch all.>> His eyes are already scanning the area, his nose sniffing at the ground and air. Ready to go.
  37. Hjalmar nods to Ildar. "I shall do so. But when the forest becomes less dense. That would be the edge of the patrol area." He then closes his eyes and wills for the change to happen. After he has shifted he dips his head to Alek. <<It does not.>> Then to Ildar. <<We go.>> And then to Jill. In a tongue that might surprise the other two Garou. >>We go. Honor's Keeper leads. Lights-The-Darkness takes up the last. We go in middle.<< He then looks back to Ildar and dips his head again. <<Ready.>>
  40. Ildar nods a little to Hjal. "Very well." He'd study Jill as she shifts, then Hjal joins in. Finally, Ildar focuses himself and shifts to his own massive white wolf form. Shaking himself out afterwards, he chuffs at Alek. <<Agreed. That is why I accept. Forge by fire and show Falcon I am worthy.>> With the others set, Ildar turns his attention in the direction Hjal said they were to go and he'd take off, leading the group as he keeps alert for what may be coming. He makes sure to pace himself to not out distance Jill though. They're a group, so no leaving anyone behind.
  43. Lights-the-Darkness brings his head back around at the strange noises Hjalmar makes. If he's unreadable in Homid, he's even more so now, no body language, no facial expressions, obviously. It's hard to say what he thinks about that. Eyes scan again, even as he speaks to Ildar, or perhaps everyone in general. <<Or die honorably. Most can ask. Will try keep you alive, though.>> No promises. It might even be a joke, though anyone that knows Alek, knows he's never told a joke, right? So he's probably quite serious. When they start moving, the silver wolf hangs back, keeping an eye out on the group ahead, the surroundings around them, and particularly the scope behind them, as he's watching the rear. Any ambush would likely come from his side. Every pack as a wolf back there for such a purpose.
  46. Hjalmar lopes alongside Jill as they advance behind Honor's Keeper's lead. Shouting out to the lead as they depart the Caern. <<Speed seems good. Keeping up.>> He watches around him. Watching for any signs of things amiss. Even though they have barely left the Caern. Always stay on your guard! For being such. Keeps one alive.
  49. Ildar keeps ahead of the others as he'd move along in that patrol, keeping alert as he'd sweep the area ahead visually while listening for what trouble may be out there. The white wolf actually goes really well with snow around them, blending in as that natural camo for being in a snowy area helps him while he searches. Hearing something off to the side, he slows a little, pitching his voice lower to huff to the others. <<Left. A bit out. Sounds on other side of snow.>>
  52. Forward motion stopping when your over 300 pounds and have been going fast for your kind... causes its own avalanche of snow as the Bear stops and she shakes the snow out of her fur, her tongue lulling out a bit. >>Snow walls!<<
  55. Like Ildar, the silver wolf's fur lends itself to a snowy environment. It makes sense, Silver Fangs are usually from Russia. Or most were at one point. Ears perk in the direction of the sound, followed by eyes and then nose as he sniffs that way at the oddness of what he hears. That's what patrols are for though, sometimes you find nothing, but one must always be aware. His paw prints are light in the snow and he makes an effort to keep his tracks as light as possible. A light snow would cover them.
  58. Drey is 'supposed' to be a lot of things. She has failed, repeatedly, in several of those departments. So really, should it be much of a surprise that the Child of Gaia transformed into a pitch black wolf? Well, save a small patch of white on her chest. Not the expected coloring, to be sure... but at least she ends up a wolf. All four legs.
  59. She's keeping to the perimeter of the patrol to start, only to move inward when that voice is heard. <<Human?>> Thank you, cannabis.
  62. ShieldBrother had not heard the voices all others seemingly have. But he stops as all others do. He cants his head and tries to listen to what the others hear. But so far, nothing. In a low voice. <<What is it?>> And then to Jill he speaks as well. Albeit in the tongue of the Gurahl. >>Little more quiet Jill. Not let others hear us.<< He then goes to watch Ildar and all others. <<Not used to snow. What you all hearing?>>
  65. Ildar winces a little as Jill plows to a stop. Tilting his head at the voice, he'd huff slightly. Glancing to the others, he motions to Drey and Alek. <<Go right. Flank around. Find source.>> Ildar looks to Hjal and Jill then. <<Go left. Bring bear. I'll go up. Seek to find out what's going on. If benign return here.>> He makes sure everyone gets it and agrees with the plan before he'd focus himself to shift to that Crinos form and once complete, he'd go up the tree to get some height, while moving silently as he can!
  68. Rolly'polie nudges Hjalamar and she speaks softly then, >>Jill can carry ... climb wall with person on back.<< she says then she pauses flickering her ears >>Sounds like..chanting<<
  71. <<Voice. Human likely.> Both seeming to be an answer to Hjalmar and Drey at once. The silver wolf does not seem overly concerned, not yet anyway. <<Should look. Could be nothing. Could be something. People in woods sometimes.>> Yes, the Silver Fang Theurge outranks the other one, but he agreed to follow Honor's Keeper's lead, so he does not even object. Then again, maybe he finds it an acceptable course of action. . A glance at the loud bear cub, but he doesn't say anything, she can't understand anyway. He leaves that to someone else. His muzzle drops a little in what might be a bowed head and he looks back to Drey, motioning her with his head. He's been moving quietly around, but this time, it's like a hunt. He starts to make his circle around right, to flank whatever it is. To give it no escape but the one way a wolf wants whatever their prey is to go.
  74. Still unfamiliar with many of the others, Drey -- or Two-Souls, as she should likely be recognized -- betrays a moment of caution before moving closer to the silver wolf. She pauses briefly beside him, mirroring that slight tip of her muzzle, before loping forward at quick but quiet pace.
  77. Hjalmar dips his head to Ildar and turns to listen to both Jill and Alek's report. He dips his head again. <<Good. Will see then.>> Then to Jill. >>No need. Wall not high. We go left and stay ready for when needed. We keeping quiet.<< And with that and a gesture of his head, he goes off to the left. >>Come Jill.<< And with that he would use the snow walls to keep out of sight and flank left. The walls work to keep prying eyes out. But also to keep watching eyes in!
  80. In the meantime it seems as if the canting grows louder. And Ildar sees the man hold the knife higher as if to ready himself to strike at the bound woman naked woman on the ground. She starts to scream and tries to get free. With no luck. Her arms and legs all point towards another one of the star's points and take away any strength that she would/could use to get free. Were she not so firmly bound.
  83. Jillian can be quiet! just not when running it would seem. The bear lets her paws rest on the snow as she keeps her eyes out for traps. There was a sudden shift in her demeanor as well, less playful even.
  86. Ildar climbs up silently into the tree in that Crinos form to take a perch on one of the branches. Silent as he went, he'd crouch slightly, staring down at the ritual below. A low growl starts in the pit of his chest, raising in volume as that bow is pulled. Embracing that rage, he'd howl out one word that rips into the chilled air. <<ATTACK!!!>> Even as those three arrows would be notched, drawn and fired on the ones below. The leader who was trying to kill the woman of course got the first shot, but those next two arrows would take the two people on either side of the leader. His shots are accurate enough for him to aim for the throat, disrupting whatever chanting they were doing at least, if not out-right killing them with the massive arrows from that war bow.
  89. Have you ever seen a Crinos bear? is the craziest thing! The white polar bear /cub/ 6 feet in height, and weighing up to 1200 kg. White fur of death! was once a cuddly derpy bear at one time. Jillian was following the attack on the ritualists
  92. As much as Lights-the-Darkness hates to forgo formal introductions, now is certainly not the time. The others know Two-Souls, so that's all that really matters to him in the moment. He works with a lot of new wolves, quite often. He does keep a bit of an eye on her, while simultaneously watching ahead, and trying to get a view of that he is flanking and who. Every having the presence of mind to keep his footfalls as light as possible. You never want to spook or alert your prey. Then there is the whizzing of arrows, he doesn't know that sound necessarily, but the smell of blood following it, the sudden sounds of choking, it doesn't make for a good sign. Followed by a call to attack and the lupus starts to grow into a massive sized wolf, and makes a beeline for a leap over the snow. Not quite the warning he would have liked, but he can talk to Ildar about that later.
  95. The arrows flying, and the larger male beside her already transforming, Two-Souls is quickly doing the same. Where there stood an average wolf is now... significantly larger. With some pretty hefty teeth. She offers a wordless snarl as she runs forward, attempting to close her jaws around whatever human body part in nearest. Unfortunately, none are near /enough/. The black Hispo bites air, and snarls even louder with irritation.
  98. Rolly hears the words, and though she does not understands them. She does understand the meaning of them! She wills herself in a change by channeling her own rage. And there she is. A Gurahl in Crinos! Big bad and damn mean! She does not take a way around and just punches through the snowy wall in order to attack the nearest target. She swipes the target from behind and gets him good! Blood flies everywhere. But the man is still standing....
  101. Hjalmar sees Jill shift into war form and does it as well as the words Ildar roared, still echo through the snowy woods. He changes into Crinos and pulls out his axe for the first time in battle.. He attacks the same target Jill attacks. But misses! Damned!
  104. The ritual is harshly disturbed as the bass voiced man is suddenly gargling down breath past an arrow stuck in his throat. The same goes for two of his minions. And as he looks up, holding the massive arrow piercing him.. He sees that they are being attacked from up close as well now! A Crinos bear, a Crinos wolf and two goddamn Wyrmforsaken Hispo wolves are attacking them. No one bearing arrows though... And instead of trying to pull the arrow out, he points towards those attacking and moves in for the attack as well... Quelling the chaos on their side quickly.
  107. One by one, the minions die. 2 are left standing, one being heavily wounded. The boss too, still stand. Wounded as well, but healing slowly. He quickly shifted and went in for the attack as one of his minions gets decapitated by some giant fucking axe. Another being mauled and dragged down to his death by a Hispo wolf. He himself was about to lunge in as his sixth sense warned him to duck. It did not work and he got hit in the eye... A miracle! He sees still! Another arrow to his other eye! And this time... He is less lucky. The arrow might not have killed him. But it did hurt like hell. He grasps to his eye with one massive claw as a third one bumps him on the nose. His eye though.. Makes sure that he does not give a fuck for the last one. When he opens it again. His sight is blurry, needing time to clear up again. Ildar though... Is seemingly in a problem as well! As suddenly a massive spear flies past, and a second spear hits him squarely. Seems that there were some patrolling BSD's after all!
  110. Hjalmar goes to swing his axe again, using the last attacks momentum to come in faster and even harder this time. He chops of the head of the bastard being attacked by him and Jill and turns to see whom else is still standing... He raises his axe high and roars. <<For Gaia!>> His axe tasted first blood..... And how lovely it was!
  113. Ildar, up in that tree, growled his frustration when his shots don't seem to connect on that BSD garou that he'd shoot at. A sudden shift, a change in the wind and he's twisted slightly to avoid anything serious from a javelin that came way too close to hurting him. Glaring down at those below, he'd give another howl. <<Spiral backup has arrived!>>
  116. They have the surprise. The huge silver wolf leaps over the snow bank, or practically, as it charges into the fray. Silver on white and it's basically a blur of nothing until it bites the nearest target, clamping down and soaking it with blood. It has no chance for a second attack as Two-Souls downs his prey in a joint effort. There's no congratulations coming, nothing more than for Lights-in-Darkness than to move on, there is only murder now, questions later. The instincts of the wolf have taken over. His second attack misses as one of the others near him spin just as his bite tries to land, and he grazes the man or woman across the stomach. But the huge wolf is so fast, faster than anything that size has right to be, and it wheels quickly, turning back to the prey and sinking teeth into its side, attempting to bring it down. There is nothing but blood, his maw now stained crimson. What was once silver and white is now, very red. His ears perk, and he glances the way of Honour's Keeper's howl, deciding. To Two-Souls, << Stay or help Honour's Keeper?>> As if asking her a question. Making her decide.
  119. If you thought incurring the wrath of a woman was bad, you should meet one with the jaws of a Hispo. Already infuriated by her initial lunge and miss, Two-Souls is making a /very/ determined second attempt, leaping at the poor soul that the silver wolf has already mauled. Teeth close down on the human's flank, and the giant wold tosses her head about as if she were a pup savaging a rag-doll. Only rag-dolls don't scream. When her jaws release, the savaged human falls limp to the ground, a good portion of his torso shredded, and the angling of a few of his limbs... not quite right. Maybe a /tad/ of an overkill, but one does get tired of biting fur and air. The black of her fur masks the blood somewhat, but there's a definite gleam across her head, chest, and forearms. <<You go. Help. Not leaving her with them.>>
  122. Rolly'polie got herself into the middle of the Frey this bear who loves life so much, wanting to protect the Garou that was stuck in a tree... She lumbered in there and struck the BSD attacking him but her claws all but dig deep and he was healing once over.
  125. Ildar was stuck up in that tree and watched as the boss over the woman got taken down. Honor satisfied in his mind, he'd growl in pain as one of the spears gashed his chest. Glaring down at the ones below him, those arrows are released down at him, managing to blind one of the BSD Garou to make them stumble around, he'd howl at them. <<My name is Honor's Keeper! For your transgression against that woman and Gaia, you are going to DIE!!!>>
  128. The BSD leader is about to attack, but gets no chance for it as the Crinos of this attack, comes for him. He feels a burning pain and looks down at the massive gash in his chest before toppling down. This wound is too big for him even to heal... The two other BSD Kinfolk are not faring much better! One being mauled and ripped to pieces. The other having her head caved in by the Crinos's axe. The two BSD attacking that idiot in the tree, continue throwing their last spears. One receiving an arrow in the eye before being able to do so! A howl of agony follows before he throws the spear, hitting weakly and receiving another arrow to his OTHER eye! Blinding him fully now! He cries out again and starts slashing around him. The other one throws and hits well, impaling Ildar with his spear.. Giggity... He then turns to the bear in their midst as targets keep presenting themselves!
  131. Hjalmar lets the rage fuel him, and lunges at the BSD Crinos. Swinging his axe at the wounded bastard and finishing him as he makes a huge gap across the enemy wolf's chest. He turns then, attacking another one of the last two BSD Kinfolks after soaking a grazing cut from her, this one is female it seems. Caving in his head before turning to look at the woman there, looking up at Drey. <<Can heal? Or need I heal?>> He cocks his head at the Hispo, an asking look in his eyes.
  134. The woman tied to the ground could almost be forgotten in the flurry of fur, blood and gore that destroys the cult that has previously surrounded her. As she tosses what remains of the last cultist to the ground, Two-Soul's gaze is flickers between the split scene. It's Hjalmar's question that has her looking back in earnest. <<You heal.>> She moves quickly then, using a careful claw to each of the bindings until the woman's limbs are freed. A split second later, the massive wolf disappears, leaving a scrawny black-clad teenager in its' wake, crouching over the injured woman. "You're okay now," she's speaking softly, her English colored with a Spanish accent, going so far as to place a gentle hand against whatever part of the other woman's shoulders, head, or head remains uncut. Attempting to comfort, not agitate.
  135. "We're gonna get you safe, yeah?" Even as she requested ShieldBrother heal the woman, Drey is once more stripping off the black leather trench coat that she lost the /last/ time she decided human empathy was a good idea. Alas. The coat is draped over the woman then, and Drey is settling to her knees at the victim's side. It seems she trusts the others to take care of the remaining foe... for better or worse.
  138. Rolly'polie swings back after getting hit, claws slash red against her white fur. The Bear moves to hit back, but once again the creature before her heals yet again. The large creature looks to see if the wolf is alright before looking back at the creature she was fighting. Maybe Jill just lost the drive to really harm these guys? Either way she was drawing the attention away from the one stuck in the tree... and she tries to at least defend herself against the prey.
  141. The fighting is done as Ildar throat shots the BSD dodging the arrows aimed for his eyes, not wanting to follow his packmate's example. The shot impales his larynx and rips it out through the back, letting him choke rather quickly on his own blood before collapsing on the ground. The other one, which is raging and slashing wildly, hitting something big and furry before soaking other hits and eventually sagging down to his knees and sighing deeply before his head is pulped from two sides. Both Bear and Wolf smashing it as if it was an overripe pimple. Now that the fighting is over, there's a clear thickness noticed in the air.. A sense of dread spreading from the drawn pentagram on which the girl was bound. The girl Drey is now taking care off. There's some good and proper cleansing needed here. Something strong and powerful to reverse the energies spreading around.
  144. Hjalmar shifts back quickly after dispatching the last of the foes and runs up to Jill, seeing how she is before closing his eyes to heal her. A glance to Alek. "See to that girl." Knowing he's probably better at this than he is. A tired looking Hjalmar looks to the massive Crinos bear and closes his eyes as he places his hand on her. >>Allow me? I heal.<<
  147. Rolly'polie shifts down, slowly shifting from one form to the next. >>Ok....but Jill will stay, heal and clean lands... proper bury dead.<< she says in a very sad sad rumble.
  150. Hjalmar looks to Jill and nods. Warmth spreading from his hands, and through Jill's body, knitting the wounds she has received. And leaving her as new... He looks into her eyes and gives a warm smile as he places his hand on her shoulder. "I will help you. And I am sure that the rest will help as well. As far as possible at least."
  153. Lights-the-Darkness returns to his Homid form and shakes his head taking off his backpack. "No. Careful of Veil." He says before anyone tries to heal the woman with their gifts.
  156. With the BSD's and their kin taken care of. It leaves just the polluted area and the young wounded girl. Naked and hurt. She's cold and shivering. Hypothermia surely having set in. She needs medical care soon or she might gain some real damage.
  159. Hjalmar is healing Jillian and then Ildar as the man comes down from the tree. And then moves to the others. Ildar has led well enough for a first time. But now time is of the essence. "We need to get her to an hospital. And soon." He pulls out a phone. "I can contact Rhea and her family in order to have her brought there, or to their homestead in order to heal up. But we need to bring her to the edge of the woods. Their car cannot come here. And we need to fix this place. Something Jill and I will do. We might need some help later. But first priority for you three, is to get her to safety. Alright?"
  162. [To be continued!]
  163. --------------------------------------------
  164. [Continuation!]
  166. The Cleansing.
  169. The air is cold, and the wind blows. It is starting to snow again as well. And this is not helping with the already dread filled, thick air. There are BSD Kin corpses laying around the pentagram. As well as one BSD Garou, with two more BSD Garou corpses a bit further away. The group already made sure that they were in fact. Dead. And with Alek having returned, and Ildar having gone back to report. And Drey having gone to the Logos estate in order to check up on the woman they have saved.. And.. To make sure, she's getting her jacket back! So it comes to Jillian, Aleksandr and Hjalmar to go and cleanse this area.
  172. Hjalmar is busying himself with the collection of the bodies, laying them down next to each other. A grim determination set in his eyes whilst keeping check to the surrounding area to prevent any possible ambush by stray BSD assholes.
  175. Jillian was there, she had come in the large bear form, larger then the normal bear, she looked more prehistoric as a cave bear of old might. The bear begins by digging graves and saying prayers as she arrives on sight. She is somber as she works, the bear did not like having to take life... and with every careful shovel a prayer was issued for the departed.
  178. Aleksandr has to make sure the young woman was taken care of. Convince her, as best he could, that anything she saw was simple nightmares or hallucinations, but he has returned. He has also replaced the clothes he lent the woman, apparently allowing her to keep whatever he gave her. It's not much, but it's something. He moves to help Hjalmar with the bodies, nothing, in case it wasn't obvious. "Need to burn them all." Might be obvious, but never hurts to state the obvious once in a while. There is no remorse from the Silver Fang, no compassion for the departed. Really, he's very rarely emotional at all.
  181. Jillian nods as she digs the graves, she looks to him the large bear chuffles in her bear language.... >>Can you build fire... I will bury ash?<< she asks as she pauses in clawing out the earth that was going to be used to put the bodies within.
  184. The woman had been taken care off. By both Drey and Alek. And after them, the Logos. She will get well sooner rather than later. They will also make sure that nothing much is to be remembered by the whole ordeal. Something made easier by the fact that the woman was barely conscious at the end, when the battle was over. And as for the area. It is easy to judge the place tainted. And with the passing of time. It seems that the tainted area grows. Slow, but growing.
  187. Hjalmar puts the corpses in the graves dug by Jillian after she's finished making them, and looks up at Alek. "Aye. Before their Kin dig them back up to be referred as Martyrs and whatnot. We need to cleanse and then burn them. Then close the earth upon them." He looks to Jillian then. >>I hope you understand the necessity of this...<< His voice is soft and soothing. He nods to her as she asks this. Showing her understanding in the matter. >>Can use the pits to burn them. Wind cannot take ashes then. Easier to bury after.<< He gives her a wry smile. "We will make a fire to burn them with Alek. We will use the graves to burn them in."
  190. Giving a nod of her large bear head, Jillian watches as she prays, - it was her kinds job to revere all living things. So she does her best in prayers over the fallen as she waits for the fire to be added into the pits.
  193. "Well, I meant more practically, to burn the taint away. I would not put them into the ground like this, if at all. They carry in them disease and more. Quite physical taint, if you will." Aleksandr nods, glancing at the bear, but having no real idea what was said, or if it was words at all. "I would burn them completely and leave them to the wind." It's all rather matter-of-fact from the Theurge. "In truth, they cannot be cleansed, even in death, not like that. They are not simply tainted, but of the Wyrm. That cannot be cleansed. Some times, I wish, perhaps, it was that simple. But where we burn them is of little concern. The graves will do." Some people might mourn the deaths of the enemy, but Aleksandr does not seem to be one of those.
  196. Ildar came racing back to that spot they had been fighting at in that massive white wolf lupus form. As he'd get closer, he'd shift into that Homid form, still in his winter gear as he'd look about, then approach the others with a small frown. Ildar makes sure to gather up the arrows that had been used, keeping them ready so they could be cleansed too before he'd put them back in the quiver of his Crinos form. "I've reported the incident. Can I help out here?"
  199. >>Tell the wolf.... my ritual, will take out any impurity's...<< She eyes the wolf as she chuffles and her eyes land on him for a moment longer then she should. The bear was in the dire bear form as she stood there chuffling to Hj. >>Rite will take out anything not meant by nature... please put body in pit<<.
  202. Hjalmar nods slowly at Aleksandr. "Hmm.. Your words do ring true. It does need acceptance from Jillian as well though. For her kind has different rites and customs as we do. And she too, took part in this patrol." He looks to her. >>Do you accept.. Burning and scattering in winds? Leave graves empty after?<< He asks in the tongue of the Gurahl. >>Taint may spread from ashes in ground otherwise.<< He turns to Ildar then. "Aye. You can. We are burning the corpses. And then we will proceed in a cleansing. As you can feel." And it is easy to do so. "The air is thick with dread. And it is spreading. This place is tainted. And so far, we are lucky that nothing comes poking through the veil." He proceeds making a fire, and hands out torches to all after having it well lit and burning. It being one of the few things in this cold night, bringing warmth... He looks back to Jill as she says this. >>It will? Hmm..<< He turns to Alek. "She explains that she has a rite that would cleanse this taint as well.. And.. I think we should allow her this try. We too. Might learn something from her kind." He nods. "I think we should honor her wishes in this. We will keep a check on this area to see if there is any more taint springing up from the place afterwards. I will do so personally if must."
  205. Aleksandr does not understand the Bear cub, but the words from Hjalmar have Aleksandr's brow raise. This is where someone gets to see the Silver Fang being what most expect. Not all stereotypes are completely wrong. "I was really not offering it up for debate, ShieldBrother. Either we do it, or I do it, it matters very little who was involved. The taint must go and I will be sure we are rid of it. I don't need consensus." He lets the two of them talk, but his determination to follow through is no less. It might make Aleksandr seem like an asshole too, but then again, maybe he is in some ways. Either way, he's very serious about this. Ildar gets a nod as he shows back up, but Aleksandr starts to go about getting a funeral pyre of sorts, started, help Hjalmar do it, really. Grabbing dry wood where he can find it and building it up. He's rather adept at this sort of thing. "I have no issues with our Bear cousins and we serve bear, but my duty is to the Nation, ShieldBrother, not to the Gurahl." He shakes his head. "She can try, but as I say, she cannot cure this taint, if this were so, she could convert a Spiral Dancer away from the Spiral, can this rite do that? You can not turn one back once they have danced the Spiral so simply. It is not taint, they belong to the Wyrm. This is my meaning." The Theurge looks up a moment, to the sky and then back. "She can try, but if we have found the miracle to cure those who dance the Spiral, I am certain we would have known about this before now. I will check the taint after, but I assure you, there is no way she can cleanse they physical transformations they have received, the soul rending changes that have occurred. And if she can, then perhaps we have won the war."
  208. The bear moves as if to challenge Aleksandr her shoulders shift back, her hackles raise and she moves forth with a snarl. >>This young wolf knows nothing of my rite, knows not how it can heal pollution, can restore the bond between Gaia and the land, It will take out sickness, and Wyrm taint, it will heal Toxins, and restore the balance. I may only be cub but I knowing what bear can do<< She listens to his words about converting a spiral and she chuffles a little >>older bears can... do this, and also heal Fomor.<<
  211. The bear looks between them and she grumbles adding >>Wolves like this started war.<< she growls a little huffling though she does not move to attack Aleksandr just challenge him.
  214. Ildar frowns, glancing between the body language of the bear and Alek. He'd look over to Hjalmar for translation, then steps forward, moving to step between Jill and Alek. "Look.. I don't understand the huffing.. But I do understand the posture. We're on the same side here. You have your rites, we have ours. How about instead of us trying to demand one way or the other, you do your thing? ShieldBrother-Rhya said you can clean the land? We'll preform our rite on the body." He looks back at Alek. "Light-the-Darkness-Rhya, We can focus on the body while she does the land and we'll see the results. We combine the cleansing we can do to make it stronger for Gaia, right? I don't want to see us fighting.. We did good together here. I feel we can continue on that path to make it better all the way around."
  217. Hjalmar looks at Alek and sighs. "Aye... Alek.. You speak words that ring true. I know.. But what if there's a chance for her to succeed?" He shakes his head and then quickly looks up at Jillian as she most certainly does not like this turn of events. >>Jillian. Remain calm. Please...<< He cocks his head at the next words she speaks. Looking intrigued. >>That so?<< He looks between Alek and Jill. >>Jill.. You say older bears, do this.. You are not Elder... Is Rite you use, the one Elder uses to do this?<< And then there's Ildar as well, trying to calm the situation. His words sound good. And Hjalmar hopes that these may even ring to satisfaction between the two. >>That sounds like a compromise as well... Will you accept Jill?... We must not act angry to one another! We friends of Bear.<< The last words, being those he learned as one of the first. >>We do it the way Ildar offers. And after. When you shift into Human form.. Explain them what is possible for Gurahl?<<
  220. Aleksandr still can't understand the bear, but the body language is clear enough. He reads that better than he does human emotions, to be sure. If he recognizes it as a challenge, he seems wholeheartedly unconcerned, though for a moment he does meet the Gurahl's eyes. As if briefly meeting the challenge. There's nothing as of yet to respond to. The fire ablaze, the man rises back to his feet. He looks toward Ildar and the man's words. "I already told her she can do her Rite, Honour's Keeper. I will simply ensure the work is to my satisfaction at the end. And if it is not, I will fix it." Yep, calm. There's no convincing him needed. "And if I am wrong about her ability to purify a Spiral Dancer, I will, of course, offer an apology, but I am very rarely wrong about these things. She might take it as a slight, but it is not meant so. I am practical, and I understand the workings of the spirits and even the Wyrm to some degree. If it was easy for the Gurahl to cure the condition upon which they find themselves, then I am quite certain we would have learned a method similar to this." A shrug, and he moves to the side, motioning to the Bear. Her court, apparently.
  223. Jillian scoffs at Alek's words, though her elders did tell her to expect as much, she listens to the words of Illdar and she bobs her head gruffly then, though a grumpy sort of bear now... She moves to begin her rite around the land... changing her form into that of a large woman.
  226. Ildar nods his agreement and understanding to Alek. He glances at Hjal as he'd talk to Jill, then Ildar backs up as she shifts. Stepping to the side of Alek, Ildar nods just a little and would watch on, holding his torch to the side to not interrupt Jill. "Thank you, Light-the-Darkness-Rhya. I'm seeking to embrace all parts of being the leader for this patrol. That is the only reason I stepped in."
  229. Hjalmar nods gratefully at Jill. >>I thank you Jill. Do not blame what they not understand. But teach. So they can. I.. Would like to learn these things. I already know there is much I not know.<< He gives her a warm smile before turning to Ildar. A nod of approval is given, and a hand is placed on his shoulder. No words needed here. "Let us.. Proceed. Aleksandr. You know the most of this. Perform what duty is needed. I will help both you and Jillian." He looks to Ildar again. "Do you know how to cleanse as well? If not. Watch closely."
  232. Aleksandr goes to actively ignoring the Bear and her attitude towards him. It's a specialty of a Silver Fang, especially one like Aleksandr who grew up around privilege and nobility, like he did. Like certain conduct is beneath him. He may never truly act it, but there are certain things that attack his pride, and he does not brook those very lightly. A glance at Ildar and a slight nod. "You walk your own path, Honour's Keeper, you are no longer a cub. I can guide as I am able, but ultimately now Wisdom is yours to accept or reject, and I know this. You will do what you think best, as will I, as do any of us." There's no chastisement, no objection to what Ildar says, just understanding. He glances at Hjalmar, a little surprised. "You wish to perform our Rites simultaneously? Is it not easier to assist, can we not assist? I do not imagine ours and hers will mesh in such a way as to work like that." A glance, briefly to Jillian and back.
  235. Jillian was easy to calm, her rage was not as in the forefront as her wolf cousins. She was walking away from them in the large human form. "You can not assist me, friend." she says to HJ before she picks up some dirt in her hands rubbing it in her palms, "anyone have a blade I can borrow?" her words are gruff and she murmurs softly "the rite I do now, is one older bears knowing." she nods her head to what Hj had asked her. "Sky teach .. Jill, one thing." she murmurs as she looks to the clouds then back
  238. Ildar bows his head in acknowledgement of Aleks' words. He looks over to Hjalmar and nods. "I know the Rite of Cleansing. Part of maintaining my weapons and learning how to make my own arrows.. I'll be happy to assist in our Rite." He looks over at Jill, nods, then looks to Alek and Hjal. "Then we let Jill do her Rite. We will do ours and we will see the result when it is all complete. Agreed?"
  241. Aleksandr removes a blade from his belt, but when Hjalmar beats him to it, he flips the knife in his hand and re sheathes it. A nice little hunting knife. If nothing else, he's very curious about the Bear's rite, especially now with the boasts. A nod then though at what Ildar says, watching Jillian, but speaking to the wolves. "We cannot assist, so we must either find a way to divide what is being cleansed, or, I am unsure, without seeing how her ritual works, it is difficult to suggest a method of cooperation. I would recommend she does what she can first, and we cleanse whatever she cannot after, yes." He glances down at the bodies, and then back. "If our responsibility is the bodies, simply burn them, then we will cleanse what is left and ourselves." He looks to Ildar and Hjalmar directly then. "Because we all need cleansing, too." He gives a slightly disgusted look at one of the corpses, and then motions to the fire pyre they have built.
  244. And so it begins, the bear slices her hand with the blade... her blood wells to the surface of her skin. She does not wince as she mixes earth to blood .. holding the earth as she bleeds. The purification starts with a circle one mile around, she mixes and drops land bit by bit, with every step, the paste of blood and earth around the perimeter.
  245. After a little time it is apparent that she is dancing .. in small steps as she moves, lumbering and ritualistically.
  246. Something was happening to those that could sense it, the pollution, the sickness, the destruction caused by the taint - restores itself. As the bear dances, and sets herself to the sacred task of purifying and re-balancing Gaia's creation... it would appear as if it were first created.. the bond between Gaia and the land.... remade.
  249. Hjalmar open a small packet from his satchel and takes out of it a few items he uses for his own Rite of Cleansing. He looks to both Ildar and Alek again. "Shall we?"
  252. Aleksandr's gaze doesn't waver from Jillian, watching her as she starts to perform her ritual. The only real reaction is the slow but steady rise of one brow. Since no one truly answered Aleksandr and now Jillian is offer performing her rite, true to his word, he's doing it his own way, regardless. He starts hefting bodies and tossing them onto the fire. It's going to stink and smell a little like bacon. One body, then the other. "I'm burning these first, then yes." One body, and then the other. He's not taking any chances, nor does he obviously believe anything said so far.
  255. A mile, is a long way to dance, when one is mixing there blood with the land as they go.. slowly the woman circles, chanting in bear tongue.. The ritual shall continue until she is done the full circle around the tainted area. The wolf do there ritual, of burning bodies and when the last one has been charred... the dance is done.
  256. No one could deny the healing of the bear, upon her finish.... the land even looks bran-new.
  259. Ildar will move to help Alek with his actions, more than willing to listen to and follow him in doing the Rite. It does seem that Ildar knows how to do it as well, so this isn't brand new to him, but it's not his place to be lead for doing such things and he's definitely not going to try to usurp that spot!
  262. Hjalmar helps Alek pile the bodies on top of the fire. "When we are finished with the bodies and performed our rite over the ashes. I think, Jillian will be done with her own rite." He nods to Ildar, having piled up the last of the corpses. "Now... Let us wait for the fire to consume their flesh. And then perform the rite."
  265. Once the bodies are in the fire and successfully burning and crackling, he moves to remove his backpack and places it on the ground. He pulls out a leather bound pouch and a small stick. Setting it on the ground, he starts to draw a circle in the snow and dirt himself, around the burning pure and a little more, to allow people to step inside and be cleansed. At intervals, he draws runes in the dirt, Garou runes for cleansing and purity. He's very meticulous about both his circle and the runes, drawing them at great detail and effort. Slow but purposeful. Once he is satisfied, he stands , looking down at it and nodding, then looking to the others. "Unless one of you wished to lead, stand inside the circle, and howl when I say?"
  268. Jillian will join in the personal cleansing circle once everything as commenced. This rite she did not know and so she watches and learns... watching the wolf now with open curiosity in her eyes.
  271. Ildar nods solemnly to the others. Staying relatively quiet as he watches the bodies burn. Ildar makes sure each arrow used is also bundled together within the cleansing circle, having very carefully cleaned them off of the blood spilled with them, he would step into the circle with the others and gives a bow of his head to Alek, waiting for him to lead that ritual.
  274. Hjalmar stands in the circle with Alek after the man is done drawing it, his axe cleaned and re sheathed at his side. A solemn nod to Alek is given upon the man's question. "Go ahead Alek. This is mostly your domain." He smiles at Jillian upon her return and waits for Alek's signal.
  277. Aleksandr can't join in the cleansing, he has to run it, though he likely has other ways of cleansing himself. Or he will perform it later. Once they are all in the circle, he picks up the sticks and lights it with the fire of the pyre. Letting it burn as he reaches into that leather pouch and produces a large container of clear liquid. Water, one might assume, but likely not just any water. After a moment, he douses the burning stick in the water with a sizzle, letting the smoke rise before pouring the water over the stick and drenching it. The he walks widdershins around the circle, beginning a chant in the Garou tongue and flipping the not steaming water at the three inside the circle and any other items. The chant starts to rise, first low, words of power and might to scare away Wyrm spirits, then it grow in both volume and intensity and he makes threats and promises of great death to those of the Wyrm and who server them. As he goes, he gives them the signal finally to howl, or to do as he is, to scare away the spirits of the Wyrm. Once they do, they can feel it, as well, the cleansing of all that is within the circle.
  280. Jillian does not howl but she offers a yell... she was in her human form after all, and the yell was indeed as such. "Arrrrrrah!" Well.... she tried to participate.
  281.  Once the howling has died away she shakes her body from the sensation of water, air and spirit brush over her.
  284. Ildar would join in at the proper point, following along in the cleansing and while he might be in human form, he's still quite capable of releasing that howl as directed, letting it ring out in the chilled air to aid in the warding off of the Wyrm's spirit. Once complete, Ildar would check his arrows to make sure they're clear as well, nods his head in thanks to Alek and gets them stashed away.
  287. Hjalmar does so as well, howling alongside Jill's yell. And Ildar's howl. A deep resonant howl emanates from him. He could feel the taint lift.. And well.. With Jill's rite complete as well. They all will sense how the air starts to clear up. It still snows. But the heavy, thick air of dread.. It is lifting. And rather fast as well.
  290. That was it! Thanks for reading!
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