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Nov 7th, 2017
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  1. Shizumi Konoha's Weakness
  3. 1.1
  4. *I, Shizumi Konoha, grew up in the Azalea House.*
  5. *Together with Yusa Hazuki and Mikuri Ayame, we became magical girls.*
  6. Hazuki: "Nothing can stand up to you, Konoha."
  7. Ayame: "As expected! Konoha can do anything!"
  8. *I am the oldest of the three of us.*
  9. *I manage our finances.*
  10. *I've made the decisions about fighting and how to live.*
  11. *It's one thing saying so myself, but I think I'm pretty good at everything.*
  12. *I will devote my entire self so for the sake of the three of us.*
  13. *That's how much resolve I have.*
  14. *But...*
  15. *Even with that much resolve and hard work, there is something I was unable to reach...*
  16. *This is a wall that I, Shizumi Konoha, must overcome.*
  17. *A story of conquering myself...*
  18. [the phone rings]
  19. Konoha: "Hello, who is it?"
  20. Hazuki: "Ah, Konoha?"
  21. "Sorry, but you should eat dinner before I get back."
  22. "The class representative meeting is going long and I can't duck out of it."
  23. Konoha: "Is that so? I should have dinner with Ayame then?"
  24. Hazuki: "Yep, go order some takeout or something!"
  25. Konoha: "But that'll cost more money..."
  26. Hazuki: "Take it out of my share for the day! It's my fault, after all."
  27. "I'm sure Ayame will enjoy it."
  28. Konoha: "Alright. Take care coming home."
  29. Hazuki: "Yep! Well then, see you later."
  30. Ayame: "Was that Hazuki on the phone?"
  31. Konoha: "Yes, today Hazuki will be coming home late."
  32. Ayame: "Ehh? Then what'll we do for dinner?"
  33. Konoha: "..."
  34. "...I will make it."
  35. Ayame: "You will make dinner?"
  36. Konoha: "Yeah, you haven't tried my home cooking, have you?"
  37. Ayame: "That's right, I haven't tried it before..."
  38. "But have you ever cooked before?"
  39. "Hazuki told me 'Don't let her cook'..."
  40. Konoha: "Uhh..."
  41. Ayame: "But now I'm curious about your cooking."
  42. "Let's eat Konoha's homemade food!"
  43. Konoha: "Thank you! I'll try to make it as delicious as possible!"
  45. Part 2
  46. starts off with Ayame whimpering
  47. Hazuki shows up: "I'm home! Wait, Ayame!?"
  48. Ayame weakly says "welcome... home..."
  49. Hazuki: "Wait, did she really..."
  50. Konoha: "Well, she... said it tasted good."
  51. "She ate it all! But after she ate it she started feeling sick..."
  52. Hazuki: "All of it!??! She ate everything you made!?"
  53. Ayame: I... ate it...
  54. Hazuki: (No way she'd tell Konoha that it tasted bad...)
  55. "That's why I told you to get take-out!"
  56. Konoha: "That's why you recommended it!?"
  57. Hazuki: "Uh, yeah..."
  58. Konoha: "Ayame! Was it really not good?"
  59. Ayame: "I'm sorry, Konoha... W-water..."
  60. Hazuki: "Konoha, why did you try again at something you knew you weren't good at?"
  61. Konoha: "I thought this was a great opportunity, though..."
  62. "I thought that maybe for once it would turn out well..."
  63. Hazuki: "We knew this already and this is why I'm in charge of food, though."
  64. "Leave the cooking to me, you don't have to try so hard at it, okay?"
  65. (There will be casualties otherwise!)
  66. "I'll handle dealing with the food, you can feel free to give up on it!"
  67. Konoha: (Give up, she says!?)
  68. "No, I won't give it up."
  69. Hazuki: "Huh?"
  70. Konoha: "I will go any lengths so we can keep living together, I will never give up!"
  71. "I will definitely make food that you two will find delicious!"
  72. Hazuki & Ayame: What!?!?
  73. Hazuki: "You're making us into your test subjects!?"
  74. "Even though my cooking is just fine?"
  75. Konoha: "It costs 1.84 times more to order out in comparison to home cooking."
  76. "That's the problem! What happens if you are unable to make food for us?"
  77. "That's why I must also be able to cook!"
  78. "Hazuki, Ayame! Sit tight and wait for some delicious food!" [this line has a typo; it originally says Hazuki, Konoha]
  79. Ayame: (We might die before you get to making good food.)
  81. Part 3
  82. *Since then, I have put all my effort into cooking research.*
  83. Hazuki: "Huh? Why do we have so much cookware? What happened?"
  84. "It might be silly to ask you since you manage our funds, but are we alright on money?"
  85. Konoha: "Don't worry, they were incredibly cheap so in total I kept it to below 3% of our monthly budget."
  86. "If we skimp for one day, we should be able to cover this."
  87. "There are three cooking knives, and we have six sizes of measuring spoons."
  88. "We have 6 bowls and a colander. A peeler, a cutter, a grater..."
  89. "We should have enough stuff for cooking when combined with the stuff we had before."
  90. "And then I've been studying the theory of food from some books..."
  91. Hazuki: "I never needed to learn that!"
  92. Konoha: "'The interplay of flavors using contrast, control, and enhancement'"
  93. "'Tongue-satisfying mouthfeel, otherwise known as Texture Choices'"
  94. "'The effect of color'... The appetizing caramel color"
  95. "If I use all of these, I should definitely be able to make delicious food."
  96. Hazuki: "Is that really what cooking's all about?"
  97. Konoha: "You probably just are a prodigy at it."
  98. "Even without studying the theory, it comes naturally to you."
  99. "Unfortunately, I'm not such a genius."
  100. Hazuki: "My genius, as you call it, aside..."
  101. "It's pretty cut and dry that you are not one."
  102. Konoha: "..."
  103. Hazuki: "Ah, I'm sorry!"
  104. Konoha: "It's alright, Hazuki. I understand that perfectly well."
  105. "But now that I'm taking this opportunity, I have to give it my best shot!"
  106. Hazuki: (Man, she's got my hopes up now!)
  107. "Today, I'll try the food you make, Konoha!"
  108. Konoha: "Really?"
  109. "Thank you, Hazuki! I'll do my best!"
  110. "Well then."
  111. "Let's go for contrast first, so let's add in salt and sugar..."
  112. [fade to black]
  113. "Here it is, it's done! Sweet bonito omelettes!"
  114. "I added purple yam powder to turn it blue, and red ketchup to turn it brown."
  115. "On top I have white cauliflower pickled in sugar."
  116. "The eggs were cooked to be a mix of crispy and fluffy so as to have many textures."
  117. "As a finishing touch, I drew an arc with a splash of French cooking inspired Worcestershire Sauce around it."
  118. "...Beautiful. It's perfect."
  119. "I've incorporated each theory of cooking."
  120. Hazuki: "..."
  121. (This is bad. I wanna run away...)
  122. Konoha: "This was the first cooking I've ever done with such complete research and preparation."
  123. "Hazuki, have you never put this much thought into your cooking before?"
  124. Hazuki: "Um, well..."
  125. "Did you try how it tasted while you were cooking?"
  126. Konoha: "Yes, I tried each individual ingredient."
  127. Hazuki: (You didn't try the dish itself!)
  128. Konoha: "Now then, let's eat up!"
  129. Hazuki: "Okay..."
  130. Konoha: "Say goodbye to the Konoha who couldn't cook!"
  131. there's a flash, and then Hazuki collapses
  132. Konoha: "Hazuki! Was it really that bad?"
  133. "...ugh!"
  134. "My eyes are watering..."
  135. "D-disgusting... Why!?"
  136. "I can't even comprehend how I made this flavor..."
  137. Ayame: "I'm home!"
  138. "Konoha! Check this out!"
  139. Konoha: "What's this flier? 'Cooking classroom'? A teacher will show you how to cook?"
  140. Ayame: "Yeah, that's what it looks like. So Konoha, you could... Wait, Hazuki collapsed!"
  141. Ayame: "Aw man, I was just a bit too late..."
  142. Konoha: "..."
  143. ---
  144. Konoha: "'Cooking Class Notice'... A store is holding a class..."
  145. "'Youshoku Walnuts'... Walnuts, it says?" (note that Walnuts is Kurumi Manaka's restaurant)
  146. "That's a famous restaurant in Kamihama."
  147. Hazuki: "I had some of their food at the girls' meeting before, and it was so good I had tears rolling down my face..."
  148. Konoha: "You're awake, Hazuki!"
  149. "But Hazuki, Ayame, what do you think?"
  150. "Would someone like me, who couldn't improve even after poring through this book..."
  151. "Could I really get better from taking a class?"
  152. Ayame: "Finally you seem to be timid for once, Konoha!"
  153. Konoha: "Huh?"
  154. "Of course I can be timid."
  155. "With that much studying and all my effort, I couldn't make my cooking even the slightest bit better."
  156. "I had hoped that at least people wouldn't faint anymore..."
  157. Hazuki: "The Walnuts person who will be teaching you is amazing!"
  158. "You don't get a chance like this every day."
  159. "You get to see how they cook with your own eyes, get instruction..."
  160. "And if you mess up when cooking, a pro will teach you how to fix it right there!"
  161. "If you really, really want to learn how to cook..."
  162. "Then you have to try everything you can! Isn't that for the best?"
  163. (At least at a cooking class, it won't be us doing the taste-testing!)
  164. Konoha: "I see... I wanted to learn how to cook."
  165. "No matter the method, no matter how long it'd take."
  166. "I must learn to cook delicious food."
  167. "We have to consider our finances too..."
  168. "This is part of our promise."
  169. Ayame: "Umm... We promised something?"
  170. "I think it's a good idea, though, a cooking class!"
  171. (After all, I won't be the one eating it!)
  172. Konoha: "Thanks, you two..."
  173. "I'm going to take this cooking class!"
  174. Konoha, aloud: "The basic flavors of cooking? Uh... No comment."
  176. The Suffering of Kurumi Manaka
  178. 2.1
  179. Konoha: (I've finally come to the cooking class...)
  180. Manaka: "Hello everyone, over here!"
  181. "My name is Kurumi Manaka and I will be your cooking instructor today!"
  182. Konoha: (Oh, the instructor is a child.)
  183. (Around the same age as Hazuki? Older than Ayame, I think...)
  184. (But Ayame is more childish than her age would suggest...)
  185. "My name is Shizumi Konoha. Please guide me well today, Manaka-sensei."
  186. Manaka: "Konoha-san! Nice to meet you! Do you normally cook much?"
  187. Konoha: "No, I decided I should learn, so I just started..."
  188. "I've only ever made shockingly disgusting dishes before..."
  189. Manaka: "I'll show you the ropes, don't worry!"
  190. "I'm sure you'll be able to make delicious food, Konoha-san!"
  191. Konoha: "Yes, I hope so too!"
  192. Manaka; "Then to begin, let's start with the basics:"
  193. "How to properly use a knife."
  194. "In order to prepare fresh, delicious food fit for the table, you must be able to make beautiful, waste-free cuts!"
  195. "Food changes depending on whether you cut with or against the fibers."
  196. "It also affects the texture!"
  197. Konoha: "Ah, that's 'Texture Choices', right?"
  198. Manaka: "Yes, that's one way they call it..."
  199. "But for now, please just mimic the way I handle the knife!"
  200. [knife-wielding-sounds]
  201. Manaka: "..."
  202. Konoha: "Like... like this?"
  203. [vicious slashing sound]
  204. Konoha: "...!"
  205. Manaka: "That's not right! You're going to shred the fibers like that!"
  206. "More carefully, steadily line it up..."
  207. [vicious slashing sound]
  208. Konoha: "Hah!"
  209. Manaka: "!"
  210. "That's no good, like that."
  211. "Why don't you try something else instead?"
  212. "First, crack this egg."
  213. Konoha: "Hah!"
  214. "Oh no, all of the shell fell in!"
  215. Manaka: "Why don't you try striking one egg against another?"
  216. "If you do that, the one with the thinner shell will just barely crack..."
  217. [smash]
  218. Konoha: "Hah!"
  219. "Oh my, I broke both of them."
  220. Manaka: (Huh!? That's the first time I've ever seen both eggs crack when doing that!)
  221. "What should I do? How should I begin to teach you..."
  222. Konoha: "Sensei, I don't have any confidence in myself..."
  223. Manaka: "It's too soon to give up!"
  224. " I will definitely help you raise your skills!"
  226. 2.2
  227. Manaka: "I've got it!"
  228. "Let's move on to making practice dishes!"
  229. "It's all about practice! Then we can figure out where you have problems."
  230. Konoha: "I think that's a good idea."
  231. "I'm the type who's good when it comes to the real deal, so I think I'll do better than with the foundations."
  232. Manaka: "Ah, confident, are you?"
  233. "Confidence is vital to cooking!"
  234. "Confidence in your food is the best spice!"
  235. "Good luck!"
  236. Konoha: "Yes!"
  237. [screen wipe]
  238. Konoha: "..."
  239. "..."
  240. "Sensei, even when I turn down the gas, the fire won't get any smaller."
  241. Manaka: "K-Konoha-san! The oil in your pan has caught fire!"
  242. "I'll put out the fire, so put your ingredients in a bowl!"
  243. [screen wipe]
  244. Konoha: "Sensei, I accidentally made the rice all black and crispy."
  245. Manaka: "Ehhh!? You put in too much dashi!"
  246. Konoha: "Yes, I see."
  247. Manaka: "Like this, the dashi got burnt and and the rice isn't fluffy anymore!"
  248. "I'll prepare more rice from you, and you can take over starting with adding the dashi."
  249. Konoha: "Yes, I understand."
  250. (...But it should be okay if it gets just a little dark.)
  251. [screen wipe]
  252. Konoha: "Sensei!"
  253. Manaka: "What is it now!?"
  254. Konoha: "The miso soup exploded."
  255. Manaka: "I can't even imagine why that might have happened!"
  256. "I'll make the miso soup, you can... uhh, perform the arranging."
  257. [screen wipe]
  258. Manaka: "...sigh... Somehow we finished the food..." [she looks pretty deflated here]
  259. Konoha: "That's right! I did it, sensei!"
  260. Manaka: (Well I had to help...)
  261. "But we sure did finish! All that's left is..."
  262. "Seeing how it tastes."
  263. Konoha: (I can't wait.)
  265. 2.3
  266. Manaka: "Now, I'm going to taste it!"
  267. Konoha: "Yes!"
  268. Manaka: [chew chew]
  269. [chew]
  270. "..."
  271. (G-gross! This is ridiculously bad-tasting!)
  272. (With one bite, it blows away the historical era I just spent learning about!)
  273. (But this is Manaka's Cooking Class.)
  274. (If something turns out not to be delicious, as her instructor my reputation... no, the whole restaurant's reputation will suffer!)
  275. Konoha stares at her.
  276. Manaka: "Huh?"
  277. Konoha: "How is it, sensei?"
  278. Manaka: "Uh, right!"
  279. "..."
  280. "It tastes good!"
  281. Konoha: "Really!?"
  282. (Somehow, she seems like she's restraining herself...)
  283. "I'll have some too, then!"
  284. Manaka: "Ah! You can't do that! I will eat all of it!"
  285. "Man, it was so tasty that even I learned from it!"
  286. [chew chew... chew chew...]
  287. [chew... chew... ch....]
  288. "..."
  289. Konoha: "Sensei! Manaka-sensei!"
  290. "She passed out!"
  291. "What should I do... Wait, before that..."
  292. "How did the food turn out?"
  293. "There's some left, I'll take just a small strip..."
  294. [chew]
  295. "!!!"
  296. "I knew it..."
  297. "I knew it wouldn't work out..."
  298. [battle]
  299. witch: "....!"
  300. Ayame: "Let's do this witch hunt! Let's go, Hazuki, Konoha!"
  301. Hazuki: "Yeah!"
  302. Konoha: "..."
  303. Hazuki: "Are you all right, Konoha?"
  304. "You seem quiet, or dispirited..."
  305. Konoha: "I'm fine, you don't have to worry about me."
  306. [she attacks the witch]
  307. "..."
  308. Ayame: "That's Konoha for you!"
  309. Hazuki: "She seems to be fighting fine..."
  310. Konoha thinking while fighting the witch:
  311. (Sigh... I prepared all the tools, red the books, and studied up.)
  312. (I even went to a class to learn, and I still didn't get any better.)
  313. Ayame: "Ah! Watch out, Konoha!"
  314. Konoha: (No matter how hard I try, will I never be able to learn to cook?)
  315. [meanwhile she keeps attacking the witch]
  316. Hazuki: (It's amazing that she can fight while so deeply lost in thought...)
  317. "All right, Konoha, Ayame! Let's finish this!"
  318. "Let's use our usual pattern!"
  319. Ayame: "Hai Hai Sir! Take this!"
  320. Hazuki: "Here we go! Konoha! Finish it!"
  321. Konoha: "Yes..."
  322. [they beat the witch and the labyrinth dissolves]
  323. Ayame: "Yes! We beat it! We were in perfect form again today!"
  324. [they transform back into street clothes]
  325. Konoha: "..."
  326. [Mao Himika shows up, not in costume]
  327. Himika: "Aw, I didn't make it in time!"
  328. Konoha: "Who are you?"
  329. Konoha, aloud: "For me, my greatest enemy might be cooking..."
  331. The Teachings of Mao Himika
  333. 3.1
  334. Himika: "How do you do?"
  335. Konoha: "Might you be..."
  336. Himika: "That's right, I'm also a magical girl! My name is Mao Himika!"
  337. "Are all three of you also magical girls? Sisters?"
  338. Hazuki: "We're not actual siblings, but we've lived together for a long time."
  339. "My name is Yusa Hazuki."
  340. Konoha: "And I am Shizumi Konoha. Himika-san, how old are you"
  341. Himika: "I'm 13 years old!"
  342. Ayame: "13? We're the same age! I'm Ayame, nice to meet you!"
  343. Himika: "The same age? This makes me happy for some reason!"
  344. Ayame: "Do you have any sisters, Himika? Or are you an only child?"
  345. Himika: "I'm the eldest sister, with five younger siblings!"
  346. Ayame: "Ehhh? You've got a super huge family! Wow!"
  347. "That sounds great... What's it like being an older sister?"
  348. Himika: "Well, it's all sorts of trouble! But every last one of them is cute."
  349. "If we ask Konoha-san, she'll say the same thing, right?"
  350. Ayame: "Ah... yeah..."
  351. Konoha: "Hehe"
  352. Hazuki: "You sure look the part of an older sister, Himika-san."
  353. "Compared to Ayame you look so responsible."
  354. Ayame: "Hmf."
  355. "But anyway, I'd really like to meet your family, Himika!"
  356. "It'd be like becoming an older sister!"
  357. Himika: "Then want to come over to play now? It's really cramped and dirty, though."
  358. Ayame: "Wow, really? Yay!"
  359. Himika: "I was about to go home and make dinner, so why don't you eat with us?"
  360. "I'm so glad that I've made new friends!"
  361. Konoha: "You make the food for your family, Himika-san?"
  362. Himika: "Yep! I always make enough for everyone."
  363. Konoha: "...And everyone finishes their food?" [she's looking kinda jealous here]
  364. Himika: "Well of course! And rather than making them finish it, it's actually a scramble for seconds!"
  365. Konoha: (Himika-san... is probably really good at cooking!)
  366. "C-Could I come along as well, as Ayame's guardian?"
  367. "I'll make sure that she doesn't do anything rude..."
  368. Himika: "Don't worry about being rude! I guarantee you that my family is way more rude."
  369. "But go ahead! Feel free to come as well, Konoha-san!"
  370. Hazuki: "Then, I'll go home ahead and prepare dinner."
  371. "If you two don't eat it, I'll save the leftovers for breakfast tomorrow."
  372. Himika: "Huh, I've never done that before. We've never had enough food for there to be leftovers!"
  373. Ayame: "Then, see you later, Hazuki!"
  374. Konoha: "Sorry about this, suddenly the two of us imposing on you all of a sudden."
  375. Himika: "It's fine! Don't worry about it."
  377. 3.2
  378. [at Mao Himika's house]
  379. Himika: "I'm home, everyone!"
  380. all the kids: "Welcome back, nee-chan!"
  381. Ayame: "Wow, it really is a huge family! They're all over in your house, Himika!"
  382. "It reminds me of the Azalea House..."
  383. Konoha: "It certainly does. It has this nostalgic feeling."
  384. Himika: "Wait just a bit, everyone, I'll have dinner done in a flash!"
  385. all the kids: "Yay! Dinner! Dinner!"
  386. Ayame: "Hi, Himika's family! I'm Ayame! Nice to meet you!"
  387. "Everyone, make sure to wait quietly!"
  388. Konoha: "Stop that, Ayame, don't tell other people's families what to do!"
  389. Himika: "That's okay, Konoha-san. They're all used to this!"
  390. "Well then, let's start cooking! Here we go!"
  391. Konoha: "Hey, what is this ingredient? At what store can you procure it?"
  392. Himika: "This? What was it again... It's some kind of blend of meats..."
  393. Konoha: "Huh!?"
  394. Himika: "It was left over at the supermarket, and they were about to throw it out..."
  395. "The old man who works at the store was behind the shop."
  396. "I think he's probably the guy who deals with disposing of leftover food..."
  397. "So I don't ever really know the details about what I'm getting."
  398. "But as a result, it's super cheap!"
  399. Konoha: "I-is that really okay? You won't know how it tastes?"
  400. Himika: "I'd love to make stuff that tastes good, but our family is really poor."
  401. "In any case, it's cheap enough that we can feed everyone!"
  402. "And that's how I stock up on food!"
  403. "Once I get it, then I do my best to make it taste good!"
  404. Konoha: (That's right, she doesn't have much cooking equipment or spices...)
  405. Himika: "So I think... it's... beef and pork?"
  406. "But with soy sauce and butter it'll turn out fine."
  407. "Ah, we don't have enough. Maybe I'll try something else..."
  408. [screen wipe]
  409. all the kids: "Thanks for the food!"
  410. "munch munch munch! munch munch munch munch!"
  411. Konoha: "Wow, look at them eat!"
  412. Himio (Himika's brother I guess): "Hey you, I wanted that meat!"
  413. Himimi: "I don't care! I got it before you!"
  414. Konoha: (The dining table is like a battlefield!)
  415. Ayama: "Ohhh! munch munch munch! Yum-my!"
  416. Konoha: "A-Ayame! Hey..."
  417. (But it looks like everyone's having a great time eating.)
  418. "Hey everyone, is Himika-onee-chan's food tasty?"
  419. Himiji: "The taste? I wonder."
  420. Himeka: "Come on, onii-chan!"
  421. Himiji: "But I don't really know..."
  422. "She's always doing her best to cook it, so I've never once thought it was bad."
  423. " yeah, I think it's tasty!"
  424. Himeka: "I *know* that it's tasty."
  425. Himiji: "I know that too! I just said so!"
  426. Konoha: "'She does her best, so it's tasty'..."
  427. *That reminds me, when we were in the Azalea House...*
  428. *The director's food was really delicious, every single day.*
  429. *I don't know how it would compare to a restaurant, though.*
  430. *The director always did her best cooking thinking of us, so for us, the food was truly delicious.*
  431. *I see... I was too focused on theory and that stuff...*
  432. *Did I cook while 'thinking of who I'm cooking for'?*
  433. Konoha: "Himika-san, we'll be leaving soon. Thanks so much for the food."
  434. "Today, I learned something very important."
  435. Himika: "?... All right, I don't really get it, but I'm glad!"
  436. Ayame: "Ehhh? There's more left! I want to eat more!"
  437. Konoha: "That's food for Himika-san's family. And anyway..."
  438. "When we go home, there will be more good food waiting for us."
  440. 3.3
  441. Ayame: "K-Konoha is cooking again!?"
  442. "Uhh, I think she might not need to bother..."
  443. Hazuki: "Konoha, don't push yourself too much, okay?"
  444. "If I can't make food, we can just have cup ramen or something."
  445. [they both look concerned]
  446. Konoha: "Please! Give me just one more chance!"
  447. "If this doesn't turn out... I'll give up on cooking!"
  448. Hazuki: "I-I got it. Just once, okay?"
  449. Konoha: "...Thank you. Well then, sit tight."
  450. *For the two of them...*
  451. *Put my heart into it, not technique.*
  452. *Make it with all my might.*
  453. *All three of us know that cooking...*
  454. Konoha: "Ayame, Hazuki, thanks for waiting!"
  455. Ayame: "Huh? This smells like...!"
  456. Hazuki: "Oh yeah, it smells like the standard menu from the Azalea House!"
  457. Ayame and Hazuki: "Oyakodon!" [chicken and egg over rice]
  458. Ayame: "The director's oyakodon was always reliable..."
  459. "I've never had a better oyakodon since then!"
  460. Hazuki: "But for Konoha's cooking, it looks and smells pretty good."
  461. "Ah, sorry, sorry!"
  462. Konoha: "That's alright. Now, eat up!"
  463. Ayame: "Thanks for the food!"
  464. Hazuki: "Th-thanks for the food!"
  465. [they both look concerned]
  466. Ayame: "..." [she looks surprised]
  467. Hazuki: "..."
  468. Konoha: "...How is it?"
  469. Ayame: "Umm..."
  470. "It's bad... munch munch"
  471. Konoha: "sigh..."
  472. Ayame: "munch munch... But..."
  473. "At least it's edible."
  474. Konoha: "!"
  475. Hazuki: "Honestly, the taste isn't good..."
  476. "But... I can tell from it that you tried your hardest to make it."
  477. Ayame: "I think so too! It's not bad enough to upset my stomach!"
  478. Konoha: "Oh, really? I'm glad..."
  479. (I did it! Yes! Yesss!)
  480. [battle]
  481. Ayame: "I'm home! Is anyone else here already?"
  482. "Ah, Hazuki and Konoha are both here!"
  483. "sniff sniff"
  484. "Ah, I smell dinner!"
  485. "Hazuki, what's on the menu for tonight?"
  486. Hazuki: "Ah, welcome home, Ayame..."
  487. Ayame: "Huh? You're not cooking, Hazuki?"
  488. Hazuki: "After we finished her meal the other day, Konoha seems to have gotten a taste of the joy of cooking..."
  489. "So today she took over cooking duty..."
  490. Ayame: "Ehhh!?"
  491. Konoha: "Ayame, welcome home! Dinner will be ready soon!"
  492. *And that is a glimpse of the story of how I, Shizumi Konoha, overcame my poor cooking skills.*
  493. *'Cooking is heart'... When I learned that, my cooking became good enough for people to finish their food.*
  494. *Since then, cooking has become even more fun... Though from time to time, Ayame and Hazuki's screams still startle the neighbors...*
  495. *But at least my oyakodon garners no complaints from them.*
  496. Konoha: "This is the first time I attempted beef stroganoff!"
  497. Ayame: "Hazuki, what exactly is... beef stroganoff?"
  498. Hazuki: "...It's a super difficult dish. I've never made it before..."
  499. Konoha: "Ayame, you like meat, right?"
  500. Ayame: "I like it I like it! It has beef in it, like the name says?"
  501. Konoha: "That's right, I decided to make a new meat dish for you."
  502. "Well, here it is!"
  503. [Hazuki looks concerned]
  504. Hazuki: "I-is beef stroganoff supposed to smell like that?"
  505. Konoha: "I've never had it before, so I don't know!"
  506. "But, it's probably edible, so eat up!"
  507. Hazuki: "Thanks for the food..."
  508. Ayame: "Thanks for the food..."
  509. both Hazuki and Ayame: "!!!"
  510. "GYAAAHH"
  511. [and they both collapse]
  512. Konoha: "Are you two okay?"
  513. "I'll try redoing it, so wait just a bit!"
  514. Konoha, aloud: "Well, the experience is what's important. So, what should I try making next?"
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