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  1. [b]The reunion and introduction to the new desperado goes off without a hitch. As the team are talking shouting can be heard in the building, and then a couple of screams that are quickly silenced. The roof shakes briefly but then settles down once more.
  3. The door to the office splinters open, the woman Gregory hired to be a secretary thrown head first through the door, ironically missing her head. A monster of a man forces his way through, 7 foot of muscle and brawn covered head to toe in metal plates, some daubed with heretical glyphs. On his chest is the mark of an anchor.
  5. He looks at the team arrayed in the room and roars, "HAHAHA FLORH HAS FOUND YOU. FLORH BRING YOUR HEADS!"
  7. As he moves into the room the wall behind him tremors and a crack begins to form.[/b]
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