MGK - Ophy and bad writing

May 11th, 2015
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  1. The sun shines brightly in the clear blue sky above a small town Kindergarten.
  3. "Okay Jimmy! I want you to catch me!" A small Apophis shouts at a young boy from atop a small slide.
  4. "Ophy, are you sure this is a good idea?" The small lad, Jimmy, shouts back even though he's not even that far from her.
  5. "Of course! I saw this done a ton of times on TV during wrestling week!"
  6. "Alright then! Jump!"
  7. "Would you two quit shouting and hurry up? I want to use the slide already..." A small Lich holding a teddy bear quietly and flatly mutters out.
  8. "HUP!" Ophy makes a noise while hopping off the side of the slide. She crashes down onto Jimmy, who manages to catch her but can't hold her up, and the two crash into the ground. The two begins laughing heartily despite their injuries and pains.
  9. After all, they're still playful kids.
  10. Ophy and Jimmy help each other up while brushing off dirt. Before even 3 seconds pass the two of them move onto other things to do before recess ends. After doing a few more idiotic things, including replacing their Pharaoh classmate's lunch with dirt, the bell finally rings, signalling they have to return to the classroom.
  11. Before they do though, Ophy looks at Jimmy with eyes full of excitement and wonder. "JIMMY! I FORGOT! After school I need you to come over and watch some wrestling videos I found!"
  12. "Alright! My parents would be okay with that! ....Where did you find them?"
  13. "Huh?" The young Apophis cocks her head in confusion.
  14. "The tapes? Where did you find them?"
  15. "Oh! I found them under my parent's bed while looking for my one toy wand that went missing again."
  16. "Oh. Well anyway let's head to class. It's almost lunch time!" Jimmy and Ophy rush back inside and try their best to beat others as if it were a race. A young Wyvern is left crying in the wake of their stampede, as well as a Kikimora who was pushed into a pile of dirt.
  18. Hours later, Jimmy head over to Ophy's house. Upon entering the house, he is greeted by Ophy's mother.
  19. "Jimmy, it's been a while since I last saw you. You've grown taller." Ophy's mother warmly smiles while patting him on the head and almost shoving him into her chest.
  20. "H-Hello..." Jimmy sheepishly responds to her petting and close proximity.
  21. "Now now, Jimmy, there's no need to be so-" the full grown and lewd Apophis licks her lips devilishly, "-shy~ You know, you remind me of my Husband when he was younger-"
  22. Before she can continue, Ophy quickly slithers by while waving around a few tapes in her hands, "HERE THEY ARE!"
  23. Ophy's mother backs away from Jimmy a bit and giggles, "Oh, you two plan on watching something together?"
  24. "YEP!" "Y-yep" the two kids respond at the same time to the mature snake.
  25. "Ufufu~ Maybe I should watch something too while waiting for my Benny Ben?" A bit of droll leaks from the corner of Ophy's Mother's mouth before it is licked away by a forked tongue, "Hmm, anyway have fun you two~" She waves at the two before slithering into her bedroom and shutting the door. A few seconds after that she slightly opens her door, for some reason...
  27. Ophy and Jimmy plop down onto the living room couch after jamming one of the video tapes into the VCR and hitting PLAY.
  28. The videos show some pretty shoddy openings, and lots of them.
  29. "What are these called anyway?" Jimmy turns to Ophy while waiting for the video to get past the long opening sequence.
  30. "I can't read any of them." She shrugs. "I think these are homemade wrestling videos my parents make though!"
  31. "Homemade wrestling videos?! Your parents are awesome!"
  32. "I know, right?"
  33. As the two shout loudly, the video immediately cuts from poorly made cardboard signs to what looks like Ophy's parents on a bed going at each other. It shows Ophy's mother on top, dominating her Husband Ben. The two look at what's going on with eyes full of wonder and begin cheering at the snake, thinking this is some special form of wrestling they haven't seen before.
  34. "Wow, your mom is good!" Jimmy speaks up as Ben is violently crushed in many different ways.
  35. "I know! Go mom!" Ophy cheers her mother in the video on after she smothers Ben with her breasts. This continues for a few more hours.
  36. "Y-You know, I'm starting to feel funny watching this..." Jimmy squirms around.
  37. "M-Me too." Ophy squirms about. "Y-You want to try out that type of wrestling?"
  38. "Right now?"
  39. "Yeah!"
  40. "I-I don't know..."
  41. "Don't be such a baby!" Ophy jumps Jimmy and coils around him, perfectly copying what's happening on the TV. The two wriggle and squirm around a lot, trying to copy everything else happening on the TV, before a man in a suit walks through the front door. "Honey I'm home!" He walks into the living room and sees his daughter coiled around her friend while porn is playing on the TV.
  42. "What is going on here?" He stares at the two of them with blank, lifeless eyes.
  43. "W-Wrestling!" Jimmy and Ophy shout out in unison.
  44. "Oh, carry on." Ben shrugs before tearing off his shirt, grabbing a nearby toy of Ophy's, and racing for his bedroom.
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