Domoths and Disappointment

Apr 17th, 2021
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  1. Synl of the Stormcrow Tribe says, "A little quiet in the forest. The might of Celest grows daily,
  2. judging from those gathered here."
  4. Synl gives Caleb the once-over, eyeing him suspiciously.
  6. Synl of the Stormcrow Tribe says to Caleb, "How did you come to be blessed by the Mother of
  7. Spiders?"
  9. Gurashi stares at Synl, eyes wide.
  11. Sir Caleb Luminare says to Synl, "I spoke to Her, met Her for the first time the other month at the
  12. Mother Ravenwood."
  14. He is an ordinary human crusader demigod and his masculine charm is accentuated by an argent,
  15. flowing hair. Standing above six feet, he cuts an imposing figure with his sinewy muscles visible on
  16. the unprotected parts of his armour. Pepper gray hair of past shoulder-length with a pronounced
  17. widow's peak frames his well-chiseled face, adorned by a pair of piercing golden eyes and semi-
  18. concealed ears tucked under the sides of his silvery crowning glory. One striking feature of his
  19. visage is a large scar that runs from his left eye down to his cheek, which vaguely tells of a
  20. fearsome encounter he had during his younger years but miraculously did not affect his sight. His
  21. nose is slightly hooked in shape and his lips, together with a cleft chin, are partly hidden by the
  22. full beard he maintains. He has broad shoulders and his limbs are well developed because of his long
  23. training with athletics. A shifting pearlescence graces his skin as he walks with the truefavour of
  24. Carakhan, Sculptor of Waves. Soothing mists of water and light weave about him in a sparkling white
  25. veil, marking the truefavour of Lantra, the Empyreal. Wyrden flames flicker across his form like a
  26. shadowy cloak, the sweet scent of roses trailing in his wake.
  28. Gurashi blinks incredulously at Caleb.
  30. Surprised, Gurashi, The Heart's Friend asks Caleb, "Met the Mother of Spiders....?"
  32. Fillirriqili Skydrifter, Crest of the Aerie says, "The who?"
  34. Synl of the Stormcrow Tribe whispers, "I believe you are quite familiar with her, Gurashi."
  36. Sir Caleb Luminare says to Synl, "She saw my guise and my scythe and was curious what I was doing
  37. there."
  39. Synl ponders for a moment and says "Hrm..."
  41. Sir Caleb Luminare says, "We spoke for a good half a day."
  43. Gurashi nods once, lowering their voice. "The Lady Viravain, yes," They explain to Fillirriqili with
  44. a polite nod of their head.
  46. Synl of the Stormcrow Tribe says, "What WERE you doing there, in any case? Do not often see you at
  47. the Ravenwood."
  49. Gurashi tilts their head and listens intently to Caleb.
  51. Bright and clear, Gurashi, The Heart's Friend asks Caleb, "Were you talking to the guards to tell
  52. them they were goodly...?"
  54. Comprehension flashes across Synl's face.
  56. Sir Caleb Luminare says to Synl, "I am there often, I empower your guards, as allies, I feel it is
  57. also a responsibility of mine. And my heart lies in Glomodring."
  59. Avaris's head turns slowly to Caleb, the bloodied, curved plumes of his antennae
  60. curving down and forward into sharply pointed sweeps. A faint, thrumming pulse of red flickers
  61. through the eye-like markings of his wings as he studies Caleb intensely. "Your heart should lie
  62. with the Lady Lantra, not...There."
  64. Sir Caleb Luminare says to you, "My wife is from the Glomdoring, I am a follower of the Empyreal,
  65. yes."
  67. Gurashi briefly looks towards you at the statement, furrowing their brow as they study the kephera.
  69. Synl of the Stormcrow Tribe says to Caleb, "What the Whole see in us, we shards cannot understand. I
  70. will trust Her judgement, and await to see what She weaves."
  72. Gurashi slowly returns their attention to their feet, scuffing the ground with the heel of their
  73. boot.
  75. Gurashi glances askance at you.
  77. Caleb gives Gurashi the once-over, eyeing them suspiciously.
  79. Gurashi stretches languidly.
  81. Avaris's fingers tighten almost imperceptibly upon the grips of his weapons, the
  82. chitin creaking upon the leather faintly. To Caleb, he says, "I do not think She will be pleased to
  83. have that stench within Her presence."
  85. Sir Caleb Luminare asks you, "Stench? Have you even Met her?"
  87. Looking over, Gurashi, The Heart's Friend says to you, "Favors that the Divines give to us, cannot
  88. always be helped."
  90. Gurashi just as quickly trails off, blushing and scuffing their boot again on the ground.
  92. Synl ponders for a moment and says "Hrm..."
  94. Synl of the Stormcrow Tribe whispers, "Though their ire certainly can."
  96. Gurashi blinks.
  98. Gurashi blushes furiously.
  100. Gurashi idly plucks at the Mantle of Starlight, bobbing their head side to side.
  102. Avaris's voice is cool and tight with displeasure. "I have no desire to. I have
  103. been in Her forest, and seen what it is." His left antenna flicks to Gurashi, and he responds, more
  104. cordially, if still coolly, "Going to the heart of Her power, speaking with Her at length, and
  105. empowering Her guards is unlikely to draw Her ire. He was not acting in ignorance."
  107. Gurashi smiles sadly at you, sympathy shining in their eyes.
  109. Sir Caleb Luminare asks you, "You do know we are allies with them, yes? and the Glomdoring is not
  110. tainted?"
  112. Synl of the Stormcrow Tribe says, "The Glomdoring has never been touched by the destructive touch of
  113. Kethuru. It is the very pinnacle of evolution, guided by Her hand."
  115. Executor of Logic, Yilan Skydrifter smiles and says, "The Empyreal has been generously kind with Her
  116. favour, though I've never met her so far. What is She like in person, if I may ask?"
  118. Gurashi puffs their cheeks, looks down at their feet again, then back up at the kephera. "We are
  119. allies - friends, and allies, yes. In the Glomdorings, they keep us as safely as the City does for
  120. thems. For now - our alliance says so. Political peoples say so..."
  122. Gurashi looks at Yilan, face lighting up as they smile brightly at them.
  124. To Yilan, Gurashi, The Heart's Friend whispers, "She is so nicely...!"
  126. Gurashi timidly taps their fingers together.
  128. Sir Caleb Luminare asks you, "Also, it maybe a bit bold to assume what the Empyreal would feel,
  129. yes?"
  131. Gurashi glances askance at you.
  133. Synl of the Stormcrow Tribe whispers, "As I said, we shards cannot fathom the visions of the Whole."
  135. Avaris regards Caleb with an expression that is difficult to read, given his lack
  136. of facial features - but his stare is not a comfortable one. "Not tainted," he echoes, the layers of
  137. his voice flattened. "Forgive me, but are you blind?" To the statement on the Empyreal, he waves a
  138. hand through the air in a short, sharp gesture. "I know how She feels towards certain elements,
  139. enough to know that She will not be overjoyed to see that favour upon you." He turns, then, to
  140. Gurashi, facing them in full. "I had thought you would know better than to trust in mortal politics,
  141. over knowing what is right, and just, Gurashi. But this is, perhaps, not the best venue for this
  142. discussion."
  144. Gurashi tilts their head, gaze softening as they frown.
  146. Caleb grins mischievously at you.
  148. Sir Caleb Luminare says to you, "One of our tenets is Knowledge, you may want to read up to add to
  149. yours. Or at least listen."
  151. Synl nods his head affirmatively.
  153. Avaris's tone is cold, as he responds, "No. It is /Wisdom/, Caleb. Not knowledge.
  154. The pursuit of knowledge without Wisdom to guide it leads only to folly, and worse."
  156. Synl of the Stormcrow Tribe says, "On that we agree - mortal politics are a matter of convenience
  157. above all."
  159. Gurashi opens their mouth to say more, but is caught instead by silence and a blush. Eventually,
  160. they return their attention towards the Crystal Crown of Subtlety and the task at hand, though there
  161. is clearly more thought brewing behind their gaze.
  163. Sir Caleb Luminare says to you, "By all means, do pray to the Empyreal, and let us is if she would
  164. agree on how you perceive Her treatment of such."
  166. Gurashi shuffles their feet uneasily.
  168. Caleb gives Gurashi the once-over, eyeing them suspiciously.
  170. Caleb grins impishly at Gurashi, eyes lit with mischief.
  172. Gurashi blinks, looking at Caleb, furrowing their brow and blushing more. "....Eh?"
  174. Gurashi frets over everything that might go wrong.
  176. Avaris shifting his attention to Yilan, his manner reserved, but significantly less
  177. frosty. "Pardon - I would be happy to describe what it is like to be in the Empyreal's presence,
  178. from my brief experience, after this matter is concluded."
  180. Gurashi bites their cheek, furrowing their brow as they glance in Yilan's direction, listening to
  181. something unheard.
  183. Executor of Logic, Yilan Skydrifter smiles and says, "Is the Lady Lantra open to gifts besides
  184. offerings at Her shrines?"
  186. You think to yourself: Anger, slow, but steady and strong as deep currents, intermingled with
  187. disappointment and faint sorrow.
  189. In a smooth harmony of buzzes, you say to Yilan, "So long as they are respectful, I believe She
  190. accepts them at Her Fulcrux, at least. Perhaps Her other shrines as well, though I cannot say for
  191. certain."
  193. Yilan nods their head at you.
  195. Executor of Logic, Yilan Skydrifter smiles and says to you, "Thank you."
  197. Avaris dips his head to Yilan in a courteous nod. "Of course."
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