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TriCk & MLT DoX'd - TeaMp0isoN Arrested - @_t0x1c @TehWongZ

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  1. This PasteBin was deleted... so here it is again :) - @TehWongZ
  3. So, 3 days after this was posted (remember we got MLT & TriCk here:
  4. http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2012/04/13/teampoison-anti-terrorism-hotline-hacking-west-midlands-teen-scotland-yard_n_1422678.html
  6. 2 Teenagers get arrested in the UK :) - This is the end of TeaMp0isoN, they ended LulzSec and RIP Trolled people, we just put you to your graves.
  8. http://oi44.tinypic.com/25sy3rl.jpg
  10. hey guys i haven't had a lot of time to my self lately, but _MLT_ and Tr1CK talked shit about my wife before her demise and i haven't forgot anything u said. and yesterday a friend texted me telling me he had put together tr1cks dox and pieced the puzzle. he gave me all he had, and its funny teampoison chocked themselves. lemme explain, trick doxed him self basically like a fucken idiot, and mlt logged into skype with his real ip and as he was talking shit i snagged it LOL he denied it but after i posted it to twitter he disappeared for more than 30 days. and he thinks i have forgotten, well faggot i didn't. so after a friend texted me i went and saw tricks timeline he DOXED HIMSELF LMAO. he has been doxed since January but it wasn't confirmed till he confirmed it for us. this is HIS REAL DOX http://pastebin.com/YdpSPr5y notice the date the dox was posted and the city. so now u that saw that lets see what Mr trick has in stock for us!while he was messing with a skid j35t3r he posted a snapshot of his screen that showed j35t3r was blocking him.... HE LEFT HIS PERSONAL FACEBOOK TAB OPEN AND CRAIGSLIST TAB IN HIS CITY! he took that picture and tweeted it to j35t3r on April 6 2012 i re uploaded the pic because i know he will delete it. http://imageshack.us/content_round.php?page=done&l=img814/6621/71329639.jpg LOL http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/854/71611136.png/ even more LOL. so trick you are VERY kind for providing us your dox. i told you i would  fucken get you and you laughed and talked shit about my wife. and as for u BLT whoever doxed you is a fucken tard ur a britfag and we haz j00r ip! logged onto skype with his real ip and talked shit to me, as he was talking shit i grabbed his ip and learned it wasnt being spoofed i LOLED then told him, he took a minute to reply then attempted to deny it, when i posted it on twitter he left for more than 30 days. _BLT_ AKA _MLT_ ip is i honestly find it pointless to sit there and dox instead of working together to help cause 10* the mayhem but tr1ck asked for it, their carelessness lead to their doxes all i did was piece HELP piece the puzzle together. MLT was most likely raided and has turned informant.
  12. http://dark.path.to/robw93
  13. http://downloadgooglechromeall.blogspot.com/
  15. 02476443340 TR1CK be doxed!
  16. ps. i have a whole new view towards islam, its hard to fight for rights of muslims when they feel that there religion gives them higher rights and to kill people. have some FUCKING PATRIOTISM and FUCK sharia law thats why countries in the middle east are no where near as advanced as us, they still havent left dark ages and want to destroy freedom of speech which is VITAL AS AIR. but we will NOT let this shit happen, u want a holy war? bring it motherfuckers. we will not bend over backwards because youre "offended" we will take a stand and obliterate you. RIP theo vangough! we will not islam kill free speech!
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