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  1. INSERT INTO `drinking_water_supply_and_sanitations` (`id`, `Contaminants`, `Affected_Districts`, `created_at`, `updated_at`) VALUES
  2. (1, 'Arsenic', 'Begusarai, Buxar, Darbhanga, Katihar, Khagaria, Lakhisarai, Munger, Samastipur, Saran, Patna, Bhagalpur, Bhojpur, Vaishali (13 Districts)', '2019-02-13 05:46:10', '2019-02-13 05:46:10'),
  3. (2, 'Fluoride', 'Aurangabad, Banka, Bhagalpur, Gaya, Jamui, Kaimur, Munger, Nalanda, Rohtas, Sheikhpura, Nawada (11 Districts)', '2019-02-13 05:46:10', '2019-02-13 05:46:10'),
  4. (3, 'Iron', 'Araria, Begusarai, Katihar, Khagaria, Kishanganj, Madhepura, Purnia, Saharsa and Supaul (9 Districts)', '2019-02-13 05:46:10', '2019-02-13 05:46:10');
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