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  1. ''When Sau and Amakir reaches New Bark Town, he spots a familiar figure standing near an abandoned building...''
  3. ;Walkrin: No matter how many times I see it, I feel like my heart breaks every time.
  5. ''The Consortium woman's pose is dejected, lacking all of her usual questionable passion. She is dressed casually in a t-shirt and slacks. She sighs heavily, sits down on the steps that lead to the entrance and takes out a sandwich from her backpack.''
  7. ;Walkrin: You don't mind if I take a break here, right?
  8. :Spam and cheese. Your favourite. I can almost pretend I'm sharing lunch with you.
  9. ;Amakir: You! Evil-doer! What nefarious plan are you up to here? Are even sleepy towns not small enough for your schemes?
  11. ''Walkrin drops her sandwich.''
  13. ;Walkrin: Oh. It's you.
  14. ;Amakir: Yes! Prepare to face-
  15. ;Walkrin: Mind going away? I'm on holiday.
  16. ;Amakir: I highly doubt that.
  17. :Tell me what you're doing here!
  19. ''Whilst Amakir interrogates the depressed researcher, Sau busies himself investigating the building. There is a sign in front, mostly covered in ivy and spiderwebs. He brushes it aside gingerly and reads the sign aloud.''
  21. ;Walkrin: What does it look like I'm doing? I'm visiting my hometown.
  22. :Now, shoo.
  23. ;Sau: "Professor Elm's Laboratory"
  24. ;Walkrin: Yeah, my father was Professor Elm. So this is my property and I'm telling you to buzz off.
  25. ;Amakir: Like that ever stopped you from stealing Pokemon from their natural habitats.
  26. ;Walkrin: How many times do I have to tell you? The Consortium bought all that land through perfectly legal venues and are in fact responsible for transforming large areas of it into natural reserves for research on- ''*sighs*'' I shouldn't even bother.
  27. ;Sau: You're way ruder than normal today. And you haven't even tried to steal my Magnemite.
  28. ;Walkrin: Am I? I suppose so, yes yes.
  29. :We all need time off.
  30. ;Amakir: I don't understand how you can sit here so calmly. How could you face going back to your father's place of research when you've committed so many atrocities - you've perverted the name of science. How could you do that to his legacy?
  32. ''Walkrin's face flickers through several expressions. For a moment she looks like she's going to cry. Then she freezes, mask-like, her face at odds with her usual honeyed tones.''
  34. ;Walkrin: Tell me, dearie, do you think Pokemon possess a conception of the idea of home? How about family? Or property? Do you think they own themselves, sweetie?
  35. ;Amakir: Of course they do!
  36. ;Walkrin: Then tell me where your Pokemon come from. Where did you catch them, hm? This cute little Morgrem? Your Raboot would have had many siblings as a Scorbunny. Do you think it misses them? I'll even let you check your Pokedex before answering. Go ahead, oh yes yes, I'll wait. What I want to know if you've ever brought them back. Do they want to join your little mission? Do they ever get to ''choose?''
  37. :My father made sure I knew exactly where each Pokemon we took came from. Even now I do.
  38. ;Amakir: That's completely different. My Pokemon are happy with me.
  39. ;Walkrin: How do you know?
  40. ;Amakir: It's obvious. We love each other.
  41. ;Walkrin: How do you know they wouldn't have been happier living naturally in the wild?
  42. ;Amakir: You're only saying this because your greed blinds you to the fact that humans and Pokemon are capable of working in harmony!
  43. ;Walkrin: I suspect I've seen a lot more of humans and Pokemon than you kids have, dearie.
  44. :Everything comes with a cost. Pokemon are eaten by humans and other Pokemon. Pokemon are hurt in the battle and the wild. They lose choice when they are owned. They are given to 10 year old children - how many of them do you think are perfect owners. They are...
  46. ''Walkrin glances at the windows on the side of the Laboratory. One has been noticeably repaired. Her hand reflexively squeezes one of her own Pokeballs.''
  48. ;Walkrin: ...stolen.
  49. :All we can do is try to make them happier than they would be. Overall.
  50. ;Magnemite: <small>This unit is happy.</small>
  51. ;Sau: It's okay, Magnemite. You can speak up.
  52. ;Magnemite: This unit is happy! With Sau!
  53. ;Walkrin: Is that so?
  54. :...
  55. :I'm glad, Magnemite.
  56. :I only hope all Magnemites will be as happy as you, one day.
  57. ----
  58. ''If Sau comes back to talk to Walkrin whilst she is still in New Bark Town.''
  60. ;Walkrin: I'm trying, Dad. I'm trying so hard.
  61. :Hm, Sau? And dear Magnemite! Have you come to your senses about giving it to me? Oh, yes yes yes...!
  62. ;Sau:
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