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Nov 24th, 2018
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  1. 東方人哀篇 ~ Uncreatable Idea. - by Burnyuho
  3. Extra Mode - Elixir Level
  5. Player - Reimu Hakurei, The Shrine Maiden Unrestrained by Science
  7. Shot: Infinite Needle
  8. Spell Card: Phantasm "Undying Dream"
  9. *prefix is 夢幻 (mugen, "fantasy/illusion/phantasm/etc.") as a pun on 無限 (mugen, "infinite")
  10. --> the spell card does nothing other than give you infinite lives.
  11. basically the author's way of saying "i didnt want to program in deaths but didnt want to bother doing a perfect run of both cards either lol". the hakurei shrine maiden is eternal and undying!!
  13. ---
  15. Extra Stage - Humans Cannot Create Perfection, But Youkai Can ~ Perfect Crime
  16. (Sky Above Gensokyo)
  18. BGM: Eastern Postscript Story ~ An Utterly Unchanging and Stimulating Daily Life
  19. *first half of the song title is in "Touhou _____" format, as with all the game titles & a few songs such as DiPP's "Touhou Kaikidan"
  21. Following the incident, both the youkai and Reimu have all gone back to business as usual!
  22. The Extra Stage is an utterly ordinary day in the life of the mysterious flying shrine maiden: we head out for the day, casually beat up a youkai, and that's about it.
  23. Since the main game was an exercise in making an "un-Touhou-like Touhou", it's only fitting that the super-special bonus stage is, conversely, as "run-of-the-mill Touhou" as you can get.
  25. Midboss: The Wild Shooter of Magic Bullets, Hekiko Alexandria Kabino
  27. While she and Philippa have given up on their youkai domination plans (and gotten their names into the youkai community's bad books for basically ever), Hekiko herself has settled for the next best thing: regular old youkai hunting!! She'll be a shoe-in for a playable character if the creator ever makes another one of these.
  29. Magic Bullet "The 1/7 that the Devil Chose"
  30. Magic Bullet "Commission Exhibit 399" *reference to the so-called "magic bullet" that killed Kennedy
  31. "No Silver Bullet" *reference to "No Silver Bullet", a paper on software engineering by Fred Brooks
  33. ---
  35. Boss: A "Perfect" Redcap, Theophilia Cinnabar
  37. With the incident over, Theophilia's returned to her usual self as one of Gensokyo's most dangerous and bloodthirsty residents.
  38. In Gensokyo, the powerful youkai aren't the ones you need to worry about. The *really* dangerous ones are the small fry like Rumia-- the ones who are too dumb to hold back from outright killing.
  39. And while a human may not be able to pull off a perfect crime... a youkai certainly can!!
  41. While she serves to represent all the generic, low-level youkai hanging out in Gensokyo, she also serves as another example of "un-Touhou-like Touhou", since actual, serious discussion of youkai murdering people is usually relegated to subtext in the print works rather than the games themselves. ("A bit of mischief on the author's part," in their own words.)
  43. BGM: Can the Corpus Delicti be Proven?
  45. Blood Sign "Elizabeth's Bath of Blood" *reference to accounts of crimes committed by Elizabeth Bathory
  46. Wine Blood "Bloody Mary"
  47. Meat Trampling "48 Cannibals" *reference to folklore of Sawney Todd and his 48-member family of cannibals
  49. *the above two cards' prefixes are kanji puns on 酒地肉林 ("sumptuous banquet, lit. "wine lake meat forest"). each prefix is pronounced the same as the first and second halves of the idiom, respectively
  51. Arsenic "Aqua Tofana"
  52. Bluebeard "Forbidden Room" *reference to the folk tale of Bluebeard
  53. Detestable Song "The Butcher and the Robber are a-Coming" *reference to... i don't know?? it looks like it SHOULD be something
  54. Detestable Song "A Penny for a Pudding" *ditto
  55. Cyclical Calamity "Second Coming of Jack the Ripper"
  57. "The Corpus Delicti Cannot be Proven"
  58. *reference to Melvilele Post's short story "The Corpus Delicti", from "The Strange Schemes of Randolph Mason". it's an old story and Pretty Weirdly Racist Actually??, but the cliffsnotes version is that the titular shady lawyer coaches a guy on how to have his wife murdered, have the body destroyed, and then rules-lawyers the hired killer out of any conviction based on the fact that the body was never found. criminal law in 1980s new york had some holes that needed patching, clearly.
  60. "A Youkai's Vivid Perfect Crime"
  62. ---
  64. Stage Clear!!
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